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4.2 out of 5 stars33
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 10 April 2011
We get a new Dynasty Warriors game every couple of years and, as a rule, they generally get better. I'll say it now -- Dynasty Warriors 7 is the best one yet. There's loads of improvements and changes that complete the Dynasty Warriors package.


The story mode in Dynasty Warriors 7 is the best yet. As with all other previous games, you can choose to play storylines from the Wei, Shu, Wu and the new Jin kingdoms but this time around, the storylines are KINGDOM bases, not character based. Whereas in the other games you picked a character and played through their own storyline, in Dynasty Warriors 7 you play through the story learning about how the kingdom was founded and helping to rise in the world.

Because of this, each level is much more detailed and the actual story is there. In each level you'll play as a pre-defined character (you cannot choose who to play as in story mode) but the developers have focused much much more on the storylines of both the characters and the kingdoms so it's much more believable. As a nice little extra, there is now seamless interaction between cutscene and action. The cutscene will end and fluently put you in the battle. NO LOADING TIMES (aside from the main menus and such.)


The Dynasty Warriors series have never been one for pushing graphics to the limit. In each addition to the series, the graphics are improved slightly but you'll quickly remember that this series isn't dressing anything up. It knows it's not the prettiest game around but it doesn't try to be. The levels look great but if you stop and actually look around, of you'll see cracks appear in the scenery and the like. That's not laziness or poor design, it's just that with everything going on around you and the sheer amount of enemies on-screen at any one point, you'll forget what you were even complaining about. These games aren't the prettiest but they know it.


You know how it is in Dynasty Warriors. Grab a weapon and charge head-long into 200+ enemies and unleash stylish combos. In Dynasty Warriors 7, you can still do this but the weapon system has been given a massive overhaul. Now, there are LOADS of different weapon types to choose from including:

-Sword and Shield
-Samurai Swords
-Flying Swords
-Arm Cannons

New weapon types are unlocked by defeating the officers who wield them and creating them in the various cities you can explore. During the battle, you can switch at any time. Getting bored of wielding a spear? Switch to Flying Swords then! Bored of those too? Change to an Arm Cannon then! The combos you can pull off with these new weapon types are insane and are tons of fun. You'll be entertained for ages. To top it off, ANY character can use ANY weapon type! No matter who you play as, you can wield any weapon type you want. Never thought you'd see the mighty Lu Bu using a War Fan to defeat enemies, did you? Well, now you can!

Remember Free Mode from the older games? That's gone now but Conquest Mode has taken its place. In this new mode you choose who you want to play as (and you can switch any time you want) and you choose the level you want to play. There are TONS of levels to select from and in order to unlock more, you have to beat various stages and advance through the map of China, hence the name "conquest" mode. A great new addition.

The addition of the new kingdom Jin gives you EVEN MORE playable characters, bringing the overall total to 64. A lot of old favourites return such as Lui Bei, Cao Cao, Guan Yu and, of course, Lu Bu. The sheer amount of characters adds a lot of replay value, especially seeing as how you have to unlock them all! To start with, you only have a few characters to play as. You unlock more by playing the Wei, Shu, Wu, Jin and Other storylines.

It goes without saying that if you've ever played a Dynasty Warriors game, you'll know what to expect in this one. However, with all the new changes and the overhaul the series has been given, it'll be like playing it anew. Fans of the series will not be disappointed. If you're new to the series or want a great game where you can slay countless enemies, look no further. Dynasty Warriors 7 has everything you need.

+ Fleshed out story mode
+ More characters than ever
+ More customization than before
+ Formula is the same (you can take this as a good thing or a bad thing)

- Combat is fun, but enemy AI is still poor
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on 11 April 2011
I've been a die-hard Dynasty Warriors fan since the third installment was released, and I can say that this one is the best yet.

- Story
The biggest addition to this game is the new 'Jin' kingdom - The newest kingdom to the Dynasty warriors series. Instead of each character having his/her own story mode, each kingdom has its own story mode consisting of battles using fixed characters. This is so much better than the old story mode because it promotes longevity and has a deeper sense of the story than it did in previous installments. Free mode has been replaced with 'Conquest Mode' - A mode in which the player picks a character (that they can swap at any time) and battles through sections of a map of China, until you win all of the sections and effectively 'Conquer' China. Overall a major improvement to the story; however, the lack of 2 player story mode really put me off wanting to play this, but after playing it for more than five minutes I really couldn't care less.

After the disaster that was Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce,

- Battle System
They've scrapped the recent 'renbu system' and returned to the old one - Which is a shame, I liked the renbu system (but I preferred it in Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires) No character has a fixed weapon anymore, the player can choose from an array of weapons to choose and can equip two at a time on one character and switch between the two in battle. However, each character has a proficiency with a weapon, either being fast or slow with a weapon.

- Evaluation
Despite the disaster that was Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, the developers seem to have taken some good qualities from it and put it into this. Mainly being the weapon system and the whole 'talk to soldiers, buy weapons' walk a bout scenario before a battle starts. I'm not saying I hate it, I love not having to wait ages for a battle to start, so I was relieved to find that it seamlessly flows from break to battle! As soon as the gates open, enemies swarm in! It's good to know that they could make the best out of the bad situation that was DW:SF
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on 25 June 2013
There is a new system where each character has a 'power' move available to them when chaining together regular combos. Each character also now has 2 musou attacks which are much more powerful than their regular blows. These changes as well as the wide range of weapons available (but each weapon has only one moveset) is a good change to the series. The bow attack has been done away with which was in DW5. Now the player can attack with Juggernauts and ballistas (a lot of fun). The controls are as repetitive as ever and the character cannot be chosen during story mode. I think this is why only DW fans regard the games highly and the critics never love the series and this is no exception. Conquest mode is where you unlock the rest of the playable characters not available in story mode. The mode feels slightly pointless though because of the random objectives and you ally with the most unlikely people in the game to make things even stranger.

There is now a map and a narrative (if these things were not in DW6?) which was needed long ago. Now I can understand why each battle takes place and where e.g. Cao Cao controlled Northern China after the fall of the Han and Yuan Shao. The Story mode battles are interesting when the odd betrayal or surprise attack gets thrown in and you were not expecting it.

The best in the series so far, they are nice to look at simply put.

The tracks can be changed at will, 'assault' is a good one. Listening to electric guitars while roaming the battlefield will put a smile on many fans' faces.

A must-have edition to those who follow the series. Newcomers could try it too though because the story mode is easy to follow and starts from the very beginning of the franchise. The game is very long and will sponge up much time if you have it to spare.
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on 12 April 2011
It's the best Dynasty game so far, without a doubt. There are 2 huge modes here that will sap your time - Conquest and Story. In Story you choose an alliance, and play through the story as different characters, levelling up as you go. You don't pick your character so that might annoy you, but they usually only last a mission, sometimes more. In Conquest, it's set out on a huge map with the choice of unlocking levels in whatever order you like to. Simply choose a hexagon, fight that battle and unlock the next hexagon next to that battle, acculuminating points, weapons and upgrades along the way. This will take up most of your time, and it can also be played Co-op online. Matchmaking is quick and simple, never taking more than 30 seconds to find a partner, with the battles typically lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. It will take up most of your time because it's addictive, unlocking new levels and weapons. Truly befitting of the 'one more go' saying.

Oh, also, you will want to know this before you start the game in Conquest, in order to unlock the higher level weapons, you need a Seal called Smithing. Only 3 characters can learn that Seal and they're below:

Zhuge Liang
Lu Meng
Guo Hai
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on 2 November 2011
Dynasty Warriors tends to provoke one of two reactions - love it or hate it. The new additions of Dynasty Warriors 7 go at least a little way towards trying to convert the hate, with it's more in depth Kingdom Mode, breathing new life into the story, and also gives the characters incredibly moving death scenes and invoking of the tragic grandness of the source novel "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

That's not to say the game doesn't have it's faults. In Kingdom Mode you are restricted to what characters can be played, and the challenge of then maxing all characters in the new Conquest mode is not for casual gamers as it will start to feel tedious.

Luckily, Koei Tecmo have also released multiple DLC packs to extend the play time, and overall these do help make the game last longer. It also helps that music and costumes, as well as all stages from Dynasty Warriors 2, have been released, allowing the user to personalize their warriors a little.

Overall, I'd say this is a solid effort, and although the same basic formula for a Warriors game hasn't been touched or changed in any major way, it's still a very enjoyable game, and let's face it, sometimes you do just want to play a game where you can mow down mooks and feel like a one man army.

Just don't pursue Lu Bu.
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on 23 February 2013
Dynasty Warriors 7 is like revisiting the earlier games (i.e. not 6). It reignited my passion for the Warriors series. The story mode is amazing this time round and although you are given the character you play as it makes a change from the older titles and makes you branch out and test a greater range of characters. The story flows really well and you can end up playing for longer than intended if you're not careful. They also finally got round to taking the story further than Wuzhang Plains so it ties up nicely at the end of Jin's story.
Conquest mode is an interesting one, and although some of the starting levels are extremely simple there are some really great ones like the Battle for Supremacy which I think every Warriors fan has always dreamed of. The scholar in town is also a nice little addition.
I only wish that free mode was still around so that Story Mode's levels could be replayed with whoever you wish.
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on 4 February 2013
Those who found the older Dynasty Worriers (3?) the best one, will love this, guaranteed. Sure, it looks a bit old-fashioned (graphics could be better), but they are better (not much, just enough) and you will feel super mowing down all these enemies. There are many more weapons and tt's still challenging enough, you can't win em all, but you don't get punished if you lose, you can save a fight just before you match up with the next big general. Love it, will play it for years to come. As far as I'm concerned they've done everything right and there are so many battles. Beef up all your characters to top grade will keep you busy for a very very long time.
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on 28 February 2012
I have followed the Dynasty Warrior series for a number of years now, since dw4 was released for the playstation 2, and while i enjoy playing the games i began to find them repetetive. So I was lad when i saw the trailer for dw7 and decided to get it as there is so much more in. Conquest mode is for players who like co-op modes or if your more go it alone solo type then the story mode is there also. the story pans out so realistically too, for when Lu Meng battles Guan Yu despite his illness and the way Sun Ce reacts to his fathers death, it's like watching a film. Dynasty Warriors 7 is a 5 * from me i think it's original and generally just awesome
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on 17 July 2014
It is a well executed game in it's genre, combat is fast, dynamic and badass especially the music. Personally, that's the problem, it seems when DW increases the number it becomes more of an anime-like joke. I preferred the old PS2 DW series but that's just me. Although it is awesome, the 3-D as you can expect gets very jittery because of all the units the console needs to process which is understandable.

When you're playing Battlefield 6 or something in the future just remember what games (like this one) pioneered to achieve fluent 3D gaming.
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on 14 May 2013
not bad, they tried to make the game less linear and ended up making it more linear. Re-play value is a lot less than previous games even though the actual gameplay style is pretty good. Some improvements and some disappointments, not really worth it in my opinion. Will think twice before buying another one of the franchise, thanks to this game.
Diehard fans only
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