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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 11 March 2011
Hyperdimension Neptunia, the next Jrpg up from NIS and Compile Heart, in all im just glad someone is kind enough to be bringing these games over here to Europe in the first place.

If you have ever played Trinity Universe, i think your pretty clued up as to what to expect with Neptunia. Relying mostly on its characters, skits and humour, these are not the RPG's to recommend to anyone bothered by anime cliches or by limited gameplay/plot development.

A good deal of your time in this game will be spent watching skits between the character portraits as they attempt to amuse you with thier banter, anyone familiar with Disgaea's humour will be right at home here. The one, unique thing this game does have going for it though is the fact that is one big **** take at the current console wars and full of gaming related jokes in general, if your a big, and long term collector/gamer you will only appriciate this more.

The gameplay doesnt differ all too differently from Trinity Universe, the battle system is simple to start with, but eventually becomes quite involving by use of long button combos and exagerated attacks as your girls obliterate whoever they mean to.

Its an all female cast, heavily anime inspired and does a perfect job at mocking almost everything game/anime related, if your up for having a good laugh, arent a sourpuss and put off by its style and want some addictive, dungeon grinding gameplay, this is the game for you.
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on 20 November 2015
I would probably give this game 2.5 as I got some enjoyment out of it but this is not only the first but also the worst Neptunia game. It is rough around the edges and unpolished particualrly in relation to the battle system. Luckily there is a remake floating around on vita and Steam with a much better system and experience overall.
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on 1 February 2015
A new way of gaming for me, as a friend of mine got me into it a while ago. Wanted to try it out and see if it would be my cup of tea. Getting there, from time to time. Soon enough, will I play it more. Apart from that though, it is in my good books. No negative reviews.
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on 4 September 2011
This game has been mauled by critics and I don't know why. Its a great and crucially fun game with some obvious set backs that prevent it from glory.

The story follows you Neptune one of the goddesses from Celestia who overlook the lands of Gamindustri. The lands are Planeptune (Sega Neptune), Lastation (Playstation 3), Lowee (Wii) and Leanbox (Xbox 360). You Neptune are banished from Celestia by the other goddesses and lose your memory. You then partake in a quest to save a Tome called Histoire with a party of characters you meet along the way. As stories go I think its pretty original due to the Console War concept of the game. There are plenty of references to notable games throughout the game from Mario, FF, Resident Evil and an array of Sega franchises. Some parts are quite humorous with mixed voice acting. There could be more though considering what the scope of the concept would allow looks wise.

As a JRPG there are conventions from the past that appear such as heavy reams of text and random battles. I had no particular problem with random battles apart from the few occasions when trying to leave a dungeon and running into them which was the only issue. This is an outdated mechanic in modern games though and has been removed from the sequel. Also the game will take anywhere from 40-80 hours for main story completion and extra quests.

The battle system itself is quite unique. It works around the concept of combos which you can alter anytime outside battle. You have a AP system and each move and combo cost a varying amount of AP. Once you run out its the next characters turn. You can link moves together to gain a slight boost in AP and the main objective of this system is to find out what works best with the AP you have.

A downside however is the magic system. You can only heal when a certain criteria that you can upgrade has been met. For example when Neptune has below 15% health she will heal herself by 50%. You need items for this but they are plentiful. The downside of this is that depending on your upgrades you could be weakened for large amounts of time including boss battles. This is enhanced further by the inability to heal yourself outside battle. This can be infuriating to a large degree when you are low on health about to take on a boss.

A final negative to draw upon is the repetitive nature of the game. Dungeons are repeated throughout the game meaning looking at the same backgrounds for a large amount of time. It doesn't help that the graphics are not exactly pushing the hardware. Texture appear bland and while the anime styling does look great on occasion, the Wii could push much more than this. A real letdown.

Overall then not the best JRPG but one worth checking out for yourself when seen for below £20.

+ Great story and concept
+ Actually pretty fun
+ Good amount of content and length
+ Unique battle system
- Graphics very much last gen
- No healing outside battle
- Quite repetitive
- Random Battles

Score: 58%
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on 13 March 2012
Game is simply fun :)

Check it out on Youtube before you buy it. Cause it's most likely not what you're hoping for :P
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on 30 July 2011
Hyperdimension Neptunia can be approached in two ways. Objectively, as an offline Japanese RPG, and subjectively, as a huge fanservice for a specific group of people.

If you expect this game to be anything like the Grandia, Star Ocean, or Final Fantasy series and you're looking for a "traditional" J-RPG, objectively you should simply know that this game gets a 2/5 score at best for its structure, gameplay, graphics and the whole package, and probably you should move along and not even bother with it. This game is objectively mediocre at best.

Subjectively though, if you are the kind of person who enjoys all the anime shows that everyone else is calling "sub-par" or downright "insulting" for their overuse of moe archetype characters, cliches and stereotypical situations, if you are called an otaku by everyone around you, if you love fanservice situations and you enjoy parodies and scenarios that don't take themselves too seriously, then this is something you must have. The 5/5 score I gave this game is in my subjective point of view based on this content and reasoning. Let me explain further.

Hyperdimension Neptunia is set in the world of "Gamindustri" where we witness the battle of four "CPU"s (as in Console Patron Units in the form of sexy young girls) do battle to decide who is best. We have Planeptune's Purple Heart, Lastation's Black Heart, Lowee's White Heart and Leanbox's Green Heart. If all this doesn't ring any bells already, this game's story is a parody of the current console generation's console war, adding an imaginary Neptune console in the mix, presumably a joke reference to the canceled Sega Neptune, and all the characters appearing in the game are personifications of such consoles and game companies. Infact if you've enjoyed obscure j-rpgs from Gust or NISA (Nippon Ichi/ NIS America) or Idea Factory, you'll immediately recognize said characters in game. Everything is full of references to other franchises and games, and it's full of parodies of other games and even of itself. This game even jokes around with the typical RPG stereotypes like the hero having some special ability or being chosen and special, or about how certain characters are "flagged" for death and no in-game spell or mechanic can revive them if they die in such a manner.

The game has an all-female cast and that in itself is fanservice already. Every girl follows a very obvious moe archetype (the tsundere, the airhead, the clumsy good-hearted idiot, the silent scary loli and so on and so forth). There's even sexual innuendo and implied "dangerous" situations at parts, and the fact that half the DLC for the game are (mainly) accessories and a few alternate costumes for the girls should say something. The game's storyline is presented in a visual novel style approach with cutscenes being basically the 2D characters with simple mouth and facial animations conversing with eachother. I should warn you about bad English dubbing but I would probably be wasting my time as you would probably play the game with its original (and excellent) Japanese voicing.

So, if the idea of an all-female cast game with lots of fanservice and a story that parodies the whole of the gaming industry sounds fascinating to you, you should get this game immediately. If however repetitive dungeons, choppy animations and below average graphics turn you off, stay away from it.
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on 21 May 2014
This is the first JRPG I,ve ever played and ever since I have started to buy other JRPG games which i love.
Love the funny stuff. The dungeon exploring, The battling, Story and the events are brilliant.
Excellent music, Excellent graphics, Excellent english voice acting and love the cute characters.
Level up, learn new skills, get costumes, love it.
I would recommend to JRPG fans.
I enjoy this a lot, keep up the good work Nisa.
I hope they continue to bring these JRPG games and more to europe
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on 11 May 2014
Good game with beautiful colorful graphics. The writing is good and humorous and the characters are very cute. The english voice acting is also really good. A bit rough on the edges, the sequel is much better:)
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on 29 July 2013
I had high hopes for this and it did not fail to excite me. Brilliant game well worth picking up if you love a good JRPG
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on 11 June 2012
So many people have criticised this game because it's "not serious" I will agree this game isn't for serious gamers but it is a laugh and if you don't want to play a serious game go for hyperdimension neptunia you will be in stitches from all the jokes and crude humour
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