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on 22 September 2012
I bought the Panasonic RC-DC1 clock radio/dock as a replacement for a failed Pure Siesta and was amazed by the improvement, particularly in sound quality, for around the same price.

The Panasonic is a compact unit with a relatively small footprint. The construction standard seems good, as expected from Panasonic. The unit is quite easy to set up (setting the clock and radio presets) following the instruction manual (although the clock froze the first time I tried).

The outstanding feature of this unit is the sound quality, which is extraordinary for a clock radio of this size - I found myself judging the sound quality in Hi-Fi terms. The sound is well-balanced, covering virtually the whole frequency range (yes, this small unit does have bass). The mid-range is smooth, giving voices a silky quality, and there is a sparkle to the treble, which adds a sense of space and detail to the sound. The upper bass is quite punchy, but you can't expect much deep bass from a unit like this and it does sound rather boxy on bass-heavy music. The overall effect is a warm, dynamic sound that is highly listenable - I found that you can use this unit for serious bedroom listening (so it merits more than just casual background listening). The sound is well suited to Pop, Easy Listening and Classical music.

The auto-tuning on the FM radio locates stations well, and the reception is excellent and very stable. My only criticism with the radio is that there is sometimes a crackle when I bring my fingers close to the buttons (perhaps the unit is susceptible to static).

The buttons are well laid out on the front and sides of the unit, which makes them easy to remember. However, when pressing a side button, the unit tends to move, so it's necessary to grab both sides. Also, the 'Alarm Off' button on the side is difficult to pinpoint when groggy, although the large 'Snooze' button on the front is easy to hit.

The alarm options are good, with two separate alarms. Each alarm has a flexible set of options, such as weekdays-only and weekend-only. I have only used the radio alarm (so have not tried the buzzer and iPod as alarms), which allows you to preset the radio station and the volume for wake-up - I think that the radio alarm gently increases to the preset volume, rather than coming on suddenly. If not silenced manually, an alarm will shut off automatically after an hour.

A minor niggle is that the unit requires a battery to be purchased and inserted to allow settings (time, alarms and FM presets) to be retained while the power is disconnected - for example, during power cuts.

The clock display is nice and big, and it has three possible brightness levels. I found the lowest level to be the most suitable, making the time clearly visible in the dark without lighting up the whole room.

The iPod/iPhone dock works well and benefits from the excellent sound quality of the unit. A limited amount of control over iPod operation is available from the buttons on the unit. No iPod/iPhone plastic adaptors are supplied (but can be optionally fitted), as I think Panasonic expect the iPod/iPhone to be secured using a prop at the back of the docking bay.

I feel very enthusiastic about this product - to me, it is such a successful design (especially in terms of the sound) that I hope Panasonic will continue to make it for a long time to come. They could perhaps enhance it by making a DAB version. I can strongly recommend this unit, particularly to people who are fussy about sound quality.
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on 2 June 2011
I was looking to replace an old Sony Dream Machine Alarm Clock and after looking at most of the Alarm Clocks on Amazon and elsewhere decided on the Panasonic one. It only had one review so I can't say that swayed me but it was a good review. The trouble with ones that have loads of reviews is that sometimes it can put you off when there are a few 5 stars but also some 1 and 2 stars. Anyway back to the review, the Panasonic has way better sound than most I have listened to. It has great treble and also really great bass. If someone played it without you knowing you would swear the sound was coming from something a lot bigger. The clock display can be dimmed three ways which is also good. If you do have an iPhone you can can download a free App and by using the App on the iPhone allows you to easily set upto 5 FM pre-sets and also some Alarm time settings. Obviously these settings can be done on the unit itself but it makes it a bit easier. It is no problem though to set them on the unit. It also looks very good and is quite compact ideal for the bedside cabinet. Overall I am impressed with this item and I am very fussy when it comes to things sounding good so I can highly recommend this to others.
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on 25 January 2013
Having read all the mixed reviews on this dock i was a bit sceptical about ordering it, but being from Panasonic i thought i couldn't go that wrong.

The buzzer is very load, the wife thought the smoke alarm had went off the first morning. So if you're a deep sleeper then you'll have no worries about sleeping in again.

Might not suit ipod nano's....but all touch and phones should fit nicely (if you've the new iphone 5 with the smaller connector then you'll need the adaptor which isn't included.

Setting the alarm with the app is a breeze....first time i docked my gen 2 ipod touch it asked if i wanted to download the app, the took me dirctly to the apple store.

Sound quality is great for the size.....and it is only an alarm clock after all, if you want terrific sound then buy a dedicated dock.

In general i'm a bit confused about the issues people seem to have setting the alarms and switching them off, seems straight forward to me.

The only improvement i'd like is to be able to set the buzzer volume like youcan for the radio and ipod/phone....or even better a buzzer that gets gradually louder.

I bought this to replace a philips unit which had very poor ergonomics and had the snooze button and alarm off button side by side and both were flush, so it was far too easy to hit the off button rather than the snooze.

I had marked this as a 4 star but have now down graded this to 2 star due to the quality.

I have had to return this item after just over a month of use.
As mentioned above the buzzer is very loud so I had been using the radio to wake up. However I noticed that the volume of the radio varied greatly, so some mornings I would get woken up with a reasonably loud radio while on other occasions it was so low that you couldn't even hear it. So even though the alarm volume was set the same (which is easily achieved with the app) it wasn't consistent, luckily I had my phone set as a backup alarm which woke me up in time for work.
I'm a big fan of Panasonic products so for me this was a big disappointment.
So I've now had to modify my old Philips alarm to prevent me from inadvertently switching the alarm off rather than into snooze.

Just a note to say the Amazon refunded me for this without any issues.
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on 29 October 2013
After reading the reviews, I can only assume the product is built for a market (maybe this is the case in the US) where radio frequencies don't use even numbers. In the UK, that is definitely not the case and therefore the prodcut simply does not work.

I unpacked the device at work. Size wise, Perfect. Plugged it in. Switched on. Decided to tune to my favourite station at 105.8 FM. Problem.

You can't tune to 105.8 FM. 105.7, yes, 105.9 yes, in between no!! Totally and utterly useless. So I thought, maybe it's me and I am not doing something right. As a male, I went against every urge in my body and did read the manual. No mention of this design feature!

So I thought the app I need will allow me to do it. No - again, it ONLY allows you to select XX.odd number (.1, .3, .5, .7 or .9). Called customer support, they didn't seem to understand either and told me it should, on auto seek, still find an even number frequency. I politiely informed them it doesn't. I could even ear them shrugging their shoulders on the other end of the phone :)

Took it home and tried just in case it was a reception issue. Nope, nothing wrong with reception, just cannot tune to an even frequency.

So, what a useless device. I wish I could comment on the sound, useability etc but it has to go back, which is such a shame.

I am one very unhappy customer and despite that, completely baffled as to how a firm such as Panasonic can design a device in such a pointless fashion that makes it unuseable. I'm an inellignet person so this is not a usability issue - it simply doesn't work, or Amazon have sold me a device design for the US market (I am making an assumption that US frequencies only go on the odd increments) in the UK, which if they did, would be most upsetting!
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on 3 March 2011
Great little bedside clock with a dock for your iPhone. Been looking out for one for a while and this was worth the wait. Nice and compact, good design, speaker quality is good as is expected from Panasonic.
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on 9 June 2011
Brilliant alarm clock, 3 diming levels for the display as well as being able to set 5 radio stations, play music from iPod/iPhone and it charges your device into the bargain
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on 2 June 2011
Although this product claims to be compatible with most ipod models, my ipod touch will not work on it. Panasonic claim this is due to firmware updates from apple itunes - which they say can affect compatability with ALL ipod models- and say that this is in the small print so, effectively, tough luck. I would avoid purchasing this item unless you have been keeping it in a box and never connected it to itunes for updates..... I am now stuck with a completely usless item!
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on 17 October 2013
Purchased for the wife, I already have one, excellent product can be overpriced but found this one on Amazon for under £50 good price. Came with foreign plug on power supply contacted the seller, immediate response and a suitable plug was sent. Would recommend Orange as a good supplier of Amazons. Well done
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on 3 December 2014
This is a terrible product. While the use of a phone app appears to make setting easy, the machine will often select stations randomly regardless of the station set. it has let us down on any number of occasions. panasonic UK will also not support this product.
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on 7 April 2013
lightweight so easy to travel with, charges, has 3 dimmers for clock and sounds great for a small device. great for bedroom or kitchen.
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