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on 28 October 2014
It's attractive enough, and delivery was efficient but I have a couple of issues. First and foremost its _much_ too bright. On mains supply at night it lights up half my bedroom (on batteries it doesn't do the job I bought it for). This is a clock specifically for bedroom use, and we've heard recently that sleep is poorer if there is too much stray light. It needs the power to the backlight regulated, maybe on the basis of an ambient light detector but a knob would do. Currently I'm turning it to the wall at night and even then there's more light than I want.

In common with a lot of electrical products these days the lead is too short. This one is about a meter. By the time its reached up from the socket there are only inches left on the tabletop.

There's also something wrong with the focus. Focused on the ceiling (which was the whole idea) the projection is definitely fuzzy. I think the lens is a little too strong.
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on 12 August 2012
product arived in quick time and turned out to be better than descibed.the projection
clock was bought for the specific reason to be able to see time during darkness.from
what i read i understood this would be the case only if i pressed the light button on
top of clock.this is correct if only using battery power.but if using the supplied
adaptor the projection is continuous,a big plus for the product and so made it an
excellent buy for content and price.
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on 23 July 2012
After spending quite a while looking for a suitable alarm clock, this product caught my eye straight away. It looked nice, had a projection feature, weather station and it had a screen which wasnt just one colour, and it could be plugged into the mains.

I read reviews others had made about the alam clock and the overall thoughts were that it wasnt that good. I however took the plunge and bought one.

Good points:

The build quality on the outside was reasonable.

The projection feature performs well for me despite other reviews to the contrary. It does not have a focus bezel / wheel which seems to have been a matter of debate with other reviews. It does not need a focus though. When I project on my ceiling approx 7 feet away, the image is crisp and clear and it is still crisp and clear pointing at my wardrobe 4 feet way.

The original duracell batteries are still going strong after a few months.

Bad points:

ac power, light and temperature;

When you connect the alarm clock to an ac power adaptor (which was one of the reasons why I wanted this alarm clock), the projection and the backlight for the time etc stays permanently on. It is a bit bright at night but that didnt bother me that much. The thing which did cause me an issue was that when the ac power is connected, the temperature increases by about 7 degrees so my partners alarm clock would be reading an accurate 21 degrees and mine would be showing around 28 degrees. Removing the ac adaptor and putting in batteries sorted this temperature issue out. I assume that the backlight in the alarm clock was heating up the temperature sensor and thus giving an incorrect signal. When only the batteries are connected, the backlight and the projector do not illuminate so when you look at the screen during the day, it is virtually impossible to see anything on the screen. At night it is completely blank.

Weather station;

I have been using this alarm clock for the last few months and during this time we have had the wettest May and June for a very long time. It has rained almost every day. My cheery alarm clock has been telling me it is sunny outside almost every day and occasionally sun with a few clouds. The pressure bars don't mean anythiny either. If you want a weather station, I suggest you buy an alarm clock which has a sensor you can mount outside for accurate readings.


In my opinion this alarm clock is verging on 'not being fit for purpose'. The ac power causes issues with the temperature sensor and the light is permanently on in this mode. The weather station does not provide you with information that is of any use at all. When you choose to use batteries to power the unit, either because you cant do with the lights being illuminated at night or you actually want to know the the temperature in your room, you cant read the display until you press the light button on top; this gets annoying. I was tempted to send the alarm clock back but I decided to carry on with it, mainly because I liked the style of it compared to others alarm clocks. Would I buy it again after a couple of months of use? Not at all. Would I recommend the alarm clock? I would only recommend that you dont buy one. A real shame actually. If these issues were sorted out on a newer model it would be perhaps worth buying. I just dont know how the manufacturers have tested this alarm clock and agreed it is a 'finished' product. Do bear in mind however that I may have a faulty unit (regarding the temperature and weather station issues) but other reviews seem to come to similar conclusions to me!
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on 13 July 2015
Plastic feels quite flimsy.

The weather forecaster is for joke, it has internal hygrometer or said unit to detect room humidity and lights up sun, windy or rain or cloudy based on room temperature. Its as said on the manual. Temperature and humidity though is quite near the actual. Detects correctly depending on air conditioning, fan and other unit operation in the room where it is used in.

Out of the box we get the clock unit and a AC adapter.

Easy to set-up time, alarm, calendar and stuff.

5 stars if build was good and price was less.

Attached pics. Projection is a flimsy lens but does the job. Sharpness of the projection is dependent on a knob which can be rotated to sharpen the image.

I have checked in a 30 ft ceiling, it works well. Pics attached with ceiling height (with light turned on, look at the smoke detector for reference height) and a pic with projection.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 5 March 2015
These are brilliant - my boys love them, other comments say they are too bright but I don't find that. This has stopped my boys coming in to my room at night or too early in the morning to see what time it is. It's also great for giving them a bed time when they are reading in their rooms. We don't really use the weather information - it's all a bit confusing but as a clock it is perfect and would recommend. My only slight negative is that the lead is a bit short but that's a very minor thing.
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on 10 January 2014
I purchased this alarm clock as I specifically wanted a clock with the projection facility. The clock is a bit cheap looking and when switched on the display looks like a set of Christmas tree lights. The weather station function is (I feel) a bit of a gimmick and you can get more info by looking out of the window. The unit is powered via batteries (not supplied) or the mains adapter which is supplied, this raises my one major gripe, the power supply lead is very short and means that the unit has to either be placed near a mains supply or be attached to an extension lead. All this aside the clock works well, the digital readout is clear and throws a clear visual display onto the wall or ceiling and it comes at a good price. If your not too fussed about the cheap look and you have a mains extension lead this is good value for money.
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on 22 January 2014
Just got this. I found setting it up weird in that the buttons are on the back and its awkward. It comes with a power lead and you can fit 2 x aaa bats if you dont use the lead. If you run it off the batreries alone the display is er well blank until you hit the snooze/alarm button then it displays for 3 secs or so then goes off. This is great if you want total darkness at nite. I like to know the time yer I know weird but this is only achieved when run by the power supply and plugged in. Its a great fun display so I want to see it and its not overly bright. My partner will probably cover it up or put something over it to dim it further but thats personal choice. The projection thing is weird it projects the time onto the ceiling or wall in red led display. What fun. You just angle the display. At first I could not work it out then I did. More fun. So in the night you can see the time on the ceiling or wherever is your favourite place to may be see it at nite. Its not overly bright to annoy you. Love it.
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on 5 January 2014
First we turned it on and clock wouldn't set.
We left it for awhile and it started beeping, and wouldn't stop.
We turned off at wall and left it.
We turned back on and it continued to beep.
We turned it off for longer and no beeping, but screen no longer worked....????
Tried reset, nothing.
Projector is blurry even with the adjustment tool.
You can only read the screen if you are at the perfect angle to it, otherwise all you can see is 8888's.
You can't twist the clock around, so it may well be upside down.
Unless you have mains power right next to where you want the clock to go, it only has a really short cable, so good luck!
Looks pretty, but that's about it. I sent it back!
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on 10 January 2014
I like this clock because it projects, all I wanted was a projector and an alarm so this does the job, it also has temperature which is good, and some sort of weather thing but I doubt this works in a centrally heated home. The projection can be focused so can be adjusted to display in the most suitable place for you.

I have two issues with this clock, although the second issue is aided by the first:

1. If you have the clock next to the bed with the screen facing towards the bottom of the bed the projection on the ceiling is upside down.

2. The backlight is quite bright so when all of the lights in the room are off it has quite a glow.

BUT - If you turn the clock to the wall so that the time projects the correct way up, the bright black light can be absorbed by the wall behind the bed or the items on the bedside table.
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on 29 December 2013
This is a very clear and easy to use clock with many useful features. It projects very clearly on the ceiling.
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