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4.6 out of 5 stars74
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 January 2011
Beverley Callard delivers a very good all round exercise DVD. She repeats some of moves in all the workouts, but this is no problem because there are only so many alternative exercises you can do.

The routines are very well put together exercise wise, but the cueing is a little strange. Beverley has to explain the best form for the exercises, which is excellent, but she doesn't count down the repetitions very well. After doing a couple of the routines, I realised that one of the ladies in her class counts down for her and the other people, but not for us viewers as you can hardly hear her, so it is best you count for yourself, the repetitions are usually about 8 times each. This to me is a failing, but one that can be forgiven, because the workouts are so good.

The routines are broken down as follows:

The warm up is 7 minutes long and gets you ready for the workouts to follow. It starts with slow basic exercises and then moves up a notch with little bit of cardio.

Operation Fat Attack is 13 minutes long. I would recommend you do this in conjunction with one of the other workouts, because this is the only cardio section on the whole DVD. I feel that it could have been a bit more high impact in places and a longer duration. There is a beginner option, but only one woman is doing this and instead of her being placed in the front by Beverley she is on the back row, which seems silly.

Hardcore Bootcamp is 22 minutes long. This is a full body workout working multiple body areas together, paying equal attention to legs, arms, waist and tummy. I particularly like the waist exercises in this one. The cueing count down is not very good here.

Total Body Drill is 22 minutes long. The first 10 minutes is for the upper body and a little leg (I made it higher impact) using weights and standing, which I found easy to do. The second 10 minutes is harder and works thighs, legs, has good waist moves and tummy and is done on the floor. The leg raises are a challenge and on the first repetitions, she doesn't explain that it is 8 flexes and 8 points of the legs, you work this out as you go along. The cueing count down is not brilliant, but because the one counting is nearer the camera you can just about make out her voice, but counting yourself is better.

Full Body Blitz is 24 minutes long. The first part is with a chair for balance, you do some very deeply felt leg, hip and bum exercises, which you can certainly feel are working. You can use weights for this if you want to. The second part is sitting on the chair and concentrates on your arms and shoulders, which I found a little easy and so I will invest in some heavier weights. The last part is on the floor with some great leg and tummy exercises, this part I found the most challenging. The cueing in this one is worse, because you can't see the screen with the type of movements that you are doing, the lady counting down is at the back and Beverly doesn't count as much either.

The Cool down is 7 minutes long, has very depressing songs, but the stretches are relaxing and helps you cool down really well.

I do feel the DVD does lack a bit of cardio. It would have been good in the 3 strength and toning sections, if there were cardio intervals like the ones Davina's DVD's offer. However, overall this is a good DVD.
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on 18 January 2011
This DVD is for all those women out there who used to enjoy working out and feeling the burn in your muscles, and not feeling as if you are about to have a cardiac arrest!! I admit, I was giggling and slightly embarrassed at the cardio section at the beginning, I've never really been a happy clapper, and it didn't push me to my limits. However, I soon realised why you needed to keep something in reserve.. the extent of the sculpting and toning is second to none!! Used to completing DVD's such as The Firm, Davina's, and that other woman from Coronation Street, I suddenly realised, that my god.. I am a woman, I shouldn't have to be boxing, kicking, and lifting weights to fast-paced techno music to stay in shape.. it should be fun, it should feel rewarding, not punishing.. and this DVD does just that!! The music is slightly out of date, but once you hit those toning exercising all is forgiven!!

Best buy within the fitness DVD market for the past 10 years!!
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on 9 September 2011
This is a really good workout. I have been using it for only 3 weeks and can see results. There have been comments about Beverly's music being cheesy but I quite like bouncing around to S Club 7! It's a sensible, fun workout and you can pick and choose what you do, so you can mix it up according to what you feel like doing. Well worth the money.
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on 29 May 2014
Just kidding! This is a great DVD for the more mature lady- not old, just someone who can't keep up with the non-stop high-impact dance exercise DVDs which seem to appear each year after Xmas.

This is a DVD with choice-you can do as much or as little as you want or need. You won't end up in pain but you'll know you've worked out.

I have a number of the Bevs, as my friend and I call them. They are so cheap ( at least they were when I bought them) and do the job so well- you feel like you are part of the group, it's warm and encouraging and achievable! This newer one is much the same. You can see Bev is older and you can identify with her and her group of 'normal' women.

Do this a few times a week- you can't go wrong ( but probably not for the extreme fitness fanatic or the young dance maniac!)
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on 25 June 2011
A great DVD - effective and great fun! you can really feel your body working! A real energy booster to release some happy endorphines.
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on 18 February 2012
I had a video of Beverleys over 10 yrs ago and really liked it so when I decided to purchase an exercise DVD recently I viewed the reviews to Beveleys latest one's and chose the Body Blaster. There have been several negative feedbacks regarding the music but if you are in your late 40's as I am you will love it. The workouts themselves are done in such a way that you know exactly what you are meant to be doing with no confusion. I found it inspiring as it wasn't full of cheesey false ultra white smiles & stick thin models plus you weren't completely 'done in' after the warm up. It's not mega aerobic but you can certainly tell you have done a workout by the end. I would say it is more suitable for people in their 40+ age group. The workout is split into 6 sections (2 being warm up & cool down) so you can pick and chose the ones you do. If you wish to do all 6 then allow one and a half hours (which was half an hour longer than I expected) but well worth it. Beverly Callard - The Body Blaster with Bev [DVD]
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on 3 January 2011
I love this workout, good old fashioned aeorobics! 1 week in and I have lost 2cms from my waist already (I am a size 14)

I was looking for a workout that was not this 20min nonsense nor was it all dancing and prancing about the room. I wanted something that would target the "problem areas" and I could see the results - I got what I wanted!

Beginners may need to sit back and watch the video through to pick up the excersises before starting. There is not a lot of instruction throughout but that is perfect for me as I have done her DVDs before and am able to follow it, too much instruction becomes irritating on the third watch (or so) onwards.

Would be better with a booklet giving the eating plan and details of the challenge, but all in all a fantastic DVD that will give you the results you are looking for and it is fun to do.
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on 26 June 2012
This is the second Bev Callard DVD i have had, the first one being a few years ago and i loved that one. But this one has got to be her best one yet. I have been doing her routines now for the last 5 weeks and i have really seen a difference already in my shape. I have never been over weight, but sometimes you just need to tone all those muscles and tighten up that bit of winter flab. If thats all you need to do then this is the workout i would recommend. You can also do the routines that you like best or do the whole lot its up to you. Personally, i like to do a bit every day, its what ever works for you.
The routines are very easy to follow as well.
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on 26 April 2014
My friend told me about the dvd and said how good it was. Great 80's music which is fun to exercise too. My husband does it too. leaves you in a happy mood and singing the tunes in your head later :)
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on 12 January 2011
I have lots of fitness DVDs some are a lot harder than this one but this is one of the best, Bev callard is a fitness instructor and it shows, she's not one of these stars who get on the band wagon with fitness dvds she makes them up herself and anyone can do it, you can make it harder or easier, I think she is fab and it is not a bit boring, I also like jari love so I use both of them,
nice one bev keep up the good work and I will keep enjoying your DVDs I have all of your dvds
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