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3.7 out of 5 stars38
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Platinum Edition|Change
Price:£14.00+ £2.03 shipping
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on 18 February 2011
I've been a huge Final Fantasy fan for over 15 years. I remember that I couldn't wait for the new releases to come out and start playing them.

What makes me love Final Fantasy so much is definitely the story-line; all the deep, fantastic and full of emotions storylines. We can't even forget all those precious and timeless FF moments that stay with us forever, like the Opera Scene (FFVI), Aeris' Death (FFVII), Squall rescuing Rinoa at Lunatic Pandora (FFVIII), etc etc...

I have ALL of the FF's. I've beaten all of them. I've beaten FFVIII for 30+ times! I couldn't wait for more and more...

Final Fantasy XIII was a HUGE disappointment for me. It has been like that since FFX-2, though...but faith is the last thing to die, right?

Where's the Final Fantasy soul? While playing the game, I was getting confused and bored!... I was always thinking "Ok...when does the "fantasy" come? Now?... What about now?". Well, it didn't. I completed the game in 72 hours (!!) thinking that *maybe* I'd get some of the true FF's spirit by the ending... But, not even close!

So, if you're a true Final Fantasy fan, you'll hate that:

- FFXIII doesn't have all. You're only running in a straight line, having battles all-the-time (I can't remember batteling SO much, not even when I was trying to level up in the previous FFs!!), and just running straight...all the time. Oh, and always inside a tunel-like-place.

- FFXIII's story-line is EXTREMELY linear, EXTREMELY confusing and...BORING! For the 1st like, I don't know, 10hrs?, I didn't know what I was doing there! Nothing! I had to google for explanations!...

- The battle system is extremely...reductive. You have this "Auto Battle" option, that does everything for you (how nice) and you just need to keep hitting "X" all the time. Yay. How fun! Oh and now you have this Paradigms, that are all about the characters' jobs (classes) all reunited in a kind of, well, paradigm, to use in battle. You can switch it by hitting L1. So, battle is like: X X X X X X L1 X X X X X X X L1 X X X X X X X L1...WIN. (or not)

- Eidolons. I remember I was always so excited when I was getting a new eidolon and using it for the 1st time! Well, in Final Fantasy XIII they aren't really any good. They don't help you at all! They're useless in battles. Oh, and since you can only control ONE character (the one you set to be your main one - yes, the others are controled by the cpu) and since each character has their own eidolon, you can only see each eidolon if you switch main you can't choose whom will stick with that eidolon, or that one..

- The characters were another HUG disappointment. They're extremely reductive, linear, stereotyped and lack of personality. Remember when we used to LOVE that character or hate it because they used to be so so evil and destroy everything? Well, you really can't have any feelings towards any of these. They're completely blank.

- The cut-scenes... Oh the cut scenes. What are they all about anyway? They don't help us at all! They don't give us any storyline at all... There's not a peaceful moment when we can talk to other people (oh that's right, now towns, appart from one that you need to pass by because you REALLY have to)... Nothing.

- The music. I was so so sad to know that Nobuo Uematsu wasn't the creator or the soundtrack... Don't take me wrong, I like it! Masashi Hamauzu did an amazing work, but...where's the "Victory Fanfarre"? When I won my 1st battle I was waiting to hear it but...instead, I heard something else...very robotic, and I asked "Where is it?...". Where's the "Prelude"? Final Fantasy needs them. It's a trademark! I know, we need to change things and evolute but, those are from Final Fantasy.

What really made me so sad was also the ending. So, so so so so so so so small!!! Nothing happened at all! The FF endings use to be AMAZING! Like, in every way! I don't think there was ONE ending which I didn't cry. I was just watching it, with my mouth open and suddenly it ended and I wanted to cry. Seriously. I removed the disk and said "Is this REALLY Final Fantasy? What happened?"

Oh and guess what, the game doesn't really end after you beat the final boss. You can save it after the ending, because the last stage of the crystal-stuff pop up after the ending (wow) and you can go and do the side-quest (the only one there is...which is batteling...yay). I didn't even bother.

- Oh yes, there are NO side quests!! Oh and there are NO shops! NO Inns! Nothing!!!


I'm really sad that many future FF fans are only starting to play Final Fantasy now. They won't ever know what a true FF feels like. Please go a play the previous one (after before FFX). You'll see what a great FF feels and is like!

The great thing about this Final Fantasy are definitely the graffics. They're superb! Of course, I couldn't expect less from them. But...there's no soul in it. I don't care for the visual, I care for the inside!

Bring back the Final Fantasy soul! Please!!
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on 14 January 2011
I have been a fan of Final Fantasy since its birth on the NES and I was looking forward to playing this one. I don't have time to write an in-depth review so I will just highlight the good and bad.


Graphics: The in-game graphics are quite nice and the cut scenes look amazing.

Sound: Awesome sound track

Story: Grabbed me from the start. The characters are all unique and diverse and the plot keeps you wanting to know more.

Death: If or when you die in battle you have the option to 'retry' which takes you to just before the fight and gives you another go.

::Not So Good::

Combat: I still don't know if I like it. The battles are very dynamic and fast paced but it all feels like complexity for the sake of it, like they where trying too hard. Also you are only in complete control of one character in battle at any one battle.


Linear Gameplay: This is the only part of the game I really dislike. I can tell you exactly how your experience of the game will play out. You will walk along a little path, have a few fights then keep walking along the path, until a cut scene. Then you will walk along the same path or maybe a new one, have more fights then a cut scene. Rinse and then repeat. The gameplay is so boring and repetitive it destroys the entire game.

It is such a shame, the game could had been great. I guess if you are really into the story of games this is worth getting just for that. If not, then I would give this stinker a wide-birth.
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on 23 November 2015
Graphically one of the best in its time and it still holds up to this day but in terms of story a complete confusing, linear mess with unlikable characters which you cannot identify with. The saving grace for this game is the beautiful music and engaging gameply in which you have to change the roles of your characters on the fly to adapt to new enemies weaknesses and styles. You can appreciate and understand the story more if you read extremely lengthy terms explanation, logs, entries, which is not a good desgin feature. If you want to play a recent final fantasy game, I would recommend xiii-2 as it has better gameplay, a non-linear story and more likeable characters.
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on 30 April 2012
After playing the demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and realizing the story wont make sense without playing Final Fantasy XIII first i decided to buy the platinum version. After reading so many bad reviews I went into the game not expecting much.

Whilst I wont sit here and say they are completely wrong complaining about the game, i will say some have gone a little over board and made the game out to be the worse game in history.

I've played it for 6 hours straight now and here is my opinion on the game so far;

As a fan of final fantasy games going back to the 6th, I wasn't impressed with the Paradigms they had now changed to. At the start it seemed a lot easier, I was just auto attacking most fights and having no trouble at all. However as the game progressed, i was having to think about what i was doing and it started growing on me. Whilst i would still say the original Final Fantasies have better combat systems, this isn't the worst! Compared to the others, this game is very linear and can drag on a bit when you just keep walking forward, however the Story line is amazing, the main redeeming thing about this game.
The graphical side of this game is outstanding, the cinematic cut scenes will have your jaw dropping in awe. Some of the best graphics i have ever seen in a game. However at times you can feel like you are watching a film as they can drag on.

If you haven't played this game before, and like story lines rather then hack and slash, then i recommend this game. I've bought a lot worse games for £12.99! As i said I played this game for 6 hours straight and plan to go back, so it can't be that bad!
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on 2 March 2012
Final Fantasy XIII for me was a disappointment. I have played every Final Fantasy game and a lot of other RPGs so there were a lot of expectations I had for this game which unfortunatly were not met. However, it's not all bad and I will break this review down into my likes and dislikes.


The game looks amazing, there's not doubt about that. The character models, scenery and effects all look stunning and I have begun to wonder if the focus on visuals was so focused that they forgot about content. If it weren't for this level of visual quality, the game would suffer very badly indeed. I would go as far as saying it's one of the games few saving graces.


The overall feel of the game is nice, sometimes in RPGs the control of a character can seem a bit flaky at best but the characters move nicely and the addition of jumping does make the areas a bit more immersive.


There is probably a divide amongst gamers about this but I feel it's ok in this title because of how vast the areas are (note: vast, not necessarily meaning open), so making a silly mistake doesn't mean you have to traverse the long corridors of an area all the way back from the last save point.



The story is a little bit overcomplicated and hard to follow. Places names and organisation names are badly named and to be blatantly honest, I don't find the story interesting and I don't care about the characters. I think the game designers tried to make it seem interesting by making it complicated but for me, this just didn't work. I ended up playing like a zombie. I wanted to play the game because I wanted to uncover the story but I ended up playing for the sake of playing.


None of the characters seem to have much about them. The main character, Lightning, is a bad attempt at making a female Cloud style character, but instead of being a person with a complicated character she's more of what I would describe as an ignoramus. I would say my favourite character of the game is the Chocobo that lives in Sazh's hair.


This for me is the biggest pitfall of the game and the reason I stopped playing. The gameplay is the literal meaning of linear. Without the gorgeous looking scenery, the game would be running down a corridor from one area to the next. The game seems to play like this:

Cutscene - run down corridor and fight enemies along the way - solve a simple puzzle - another cutscene - go to the next area and repeat

This gets very boring, very quickly.

Not sure


The battle system seems ok, I'm unsure about the quick role changing it does seem a bit uncalled for. I generally prefer definitive roles but it does help with the fact that you often switch between characters in different areas so you're not always missing a healer. It's somewhere in between free roaming and turn based battle and is probably the most 'fun' part of the game.


I like many people am a massive fan of the Final Fantasy series but unlike many people I'm not going to try and justify this game because it is a FF. If this game was rebranded, it would get slated, it only survives these slatings because of its status.

The visuals in the game are amazing, but I'd take inferior graphics over gameplay any day. The battle system is not bad but the linier style of play and uninteresting story is what kills the game for me.

Overall, this is a poor game and not in the spirit of others in the series. Although all FF's have a lot to live upto this doesn't hit the mark but a long shot. Buy it and try it if you're a fan of the series, other wise you may want to try other options for a RPG to play.
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on 9 January 2012
First of, I have not played any previous Final Fantasy game. On the other hand i have played many different RPGs with my most recent being Skyrim.
I bought this game knowing there was alot of contention, especially with FF fans. Personally i knew there wouldn not be much exploration for most of the game and was still willing to give it a try and i have to say i really enjoyed it.

Is hard to follow at first but as the story progresses it explains things to you. In addition there is a datalog for you to look up anything you are unfamiliar with. All in all, i find it a pretty interesting story with great interaction between the characters.

The graphics are top knotch amoung the best on the PS3. The sound does what it needs to do, but the background music can seem a bit strange at times e.g. some piano jazz type music playing where it doesnt seem to fit.

You are definately restricited on where you can go as most of the game is a corridor punctuated by battles. But if you are expecting this then the gameplay is pretty good. The battle system takes a while to get going but once the game has introduced all the various aspects of it, i found it really enjoyable.

Overall i found it a very enjoyable game. I know alot of haters would rather die than recommend this game, but i think it was because they were expecting a certain type of game with certain gameplay mechanics. If you come into this game with no expectations then it is good value for money and alot of to play.

From a non-FF RPG player.
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on 8 May 2012
After playing every single Final Fantasy i can still simply say "Stunning!". I have been a massive fan of all of the series with a few bug bears along the way (namely the silly card game in Final Fantasy X) but i feel this edition is streamlined and makes for a fun quick playthrough for new users and old. However if like me you enjoy finding every last item and every last enemy there is plenty of chance to immerse yourself in the world of Cocoon for days :D.
Well worth a playthrough even if it's just to watch the story line and stunning graphics
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on 22 March 2011
I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy from VI through X-2, so playing this was like taking a sucker punch.

The biggest differences are how streamlined the whole game is. There are no town hubs, no world map, no Hildergarde/Highwind/Ragnarok to get around, no backtracking to most areas. Just corridors, labyrinths, enemies, and kiosks

Also, the difficult is spiked by the new combat system that lets you know if you've made a mistake very quickly. Oh, and I found myself level-grinding more than I'd like to towards the end.

On the whole, it's a lengthy challenging JRPG that I'd recommend especially now it's Platiunm edition
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on 14 March 2015
People accuse this game of 2 things, first it’s to linear and second its battle system can be simple button mashing.
I have played loads of games that are far more open world than this will ever be, but cannot hold a candle to the:
Strong engaging story line.
Graphics working flat out.
Beautiful diverse environments.
Characters you actually care about.

As for the battle system its simplicity is its strength, because you can make the game as shallow or as deep as you want, if they make the battle system too hard people complain, if the they make it too easy people say it’s a waste of time, so they have given you the choice.
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on 5 January 2013
Amazing graphics, an okay gameplay with a compelling leveling system and an addictive crafting mode(upgrade weapon/accessories). Makes this Final Fantasy another good game. The story can feel a bit confusing at the beggining, but with the datalog(basically a journal), it is always possible to check the lore of this entertainning universe!

The game can feel a bit linear, with alot of narrow's path(most noticeble at the first few chapters) and a battling system that may feel repetitive with the use of the auto-battle option added.

At the end this is a great game, but comparing to previous Final Fantasy titles, it feels a bit weaker.
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