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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2009
Bought my TomTom XL Live IQ and was delighted to receive it - worked as expected right out of the box.

Somewhere along the line it suggests you update your maps. For this you have to install and use TomTom Home - the single worst piece of software on the planet both on Mac and PC. I've used it on both platforms and can't believe it's so bad.

When I "updated" the map it completely obliterated everything on the XL!!! When I started it up there a "no map installed" message, after 5 phone calls to TomTom support (who seem caring and patient but not very clued up suggesting the same fix time and time again) I got that working then found out it had trashed all other useful functionality as well as all "live" services.

After several more calls and a deeply technical installation which was manual copying I eventually got it working again - TomTom tech support regenerated the files I needed to copy over.

Needless to say I will never connect it to TomTom Home again - it's poor software that just doesn't work reliably.

Morale of the story if it works, don't fix or update it. If you want an update then buy a new one.

The device is great and works really well, shame it has no realistically usable software from TomTom.(Don't believe me - just Google it and see the results)
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on 17 July 2009
Whilst the SatNav is excellent quality there is one design fault. Once the usb cable is plugged in it's very hard to get out again. It's because the right handed plug fits flush to the machine. Looks good and there is no wire hanging down but I have to use a pair of pliers to get it out. I've seen a number of reviews saying the same thing.
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on 2 April 2011
Previous 3 year old TomTom XL expired on the Monday with a strange burning smell. I had a trip to an unfamiliar location in Manchester City Centre coming up on the Wednesday, so rather than go retro and buy a map, I decided to invest in a new TomTom device, so I went for the Live 120 UK/ROI edition. Ordered on the Tuesday, I paid the premium for fast delivery and it arrived next day as promised by Amazon before I was due to travel.

Following the instructions, I connected it to my laptop, downloaded the software and set about updating. After a lengthy download (big file and slow broadband that day as I was working from home at the same time on another laptop) it completed updating and was ready to go. I programmed in my destination, fitted it in the car, off I went up the A1 and it perfomed faultlessly. All the LIVE services work as advertised and the text to speech for road names & other info is a vast improvement over my old XL device. I was initially worried that the built in suction cup would somehow be a disadvantage, but it's actually a convenience and folds flat against the device for storage.

All in all, I can recommend this device and and very pleased with the purchase.

The only thing I am not sure about, is that at the time of writing, I am not sure which hard case is suitable for this device as they all seem to be made for the older devices, so if anyone has bought a case that works well with the Live 120, please leave a comment and advise since I would find this really helpful.
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on 4 March 2011
Previously had a TomTom about 5 years ago and was very good - until it got stolen. Had SD card slot, audio in and out jacks.

With these new Via Live versions - how things have changed. No SD Card slots (as in item description). You have to remove the complete mounting bracket and SatNav from windscreen - as they are one item. No separate bracket that you can leave attached to windscreen and just tak SatNav with you.

Now to the really bad bit. This SatNav is not fully supported by TomTom - search their forums and you will see. TomTom even admit that 'in the future.... you will be able too...' ,etc, etc. But NOT yet. You cannot download add-ons as with other models in their range - YET. In fact even updating the maps to the latest version is a nightmare - especially if you only have Apple computers. How a company like TomTom cannot write software that works correctly on a Mac is beyond me.

I use the TomTom app on an iPhone and that software is great. I'll now be ordering a windscreen holder for my iPhone and just use that.

This is the first item I have ever had to return to the seller and it's from a manufacturer I expected better off.

Item WAS delivered by the seller the next day - a lot quicker than expected. Pity TomTom couldn't match their service.
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on 10 October 2010
I did not buy my Tomom from Amazon.

The Tomtom worked fine straight out of the box - I then connected it to Tomtom Home to receive the latest map updates and these installed without any trouble - I then took the unit to France on holiday and this is where the issues started.

The device intermittently randomly reboots - this can also be up to 8 times continuously in succession - My device also lost connection over Northern France for a good 60 miles - This delayed us catching our ferry back late at night -

When I returned home I contacted Tomtom support - they requested I backup all data and reload all software - I have a degree in Computer Systems and I still found the 18 steps they requested me to do somewhat tricky. Four weeks ago after various attempts to resolve the issue Tomtom advised my unit needs to be repaired , however their systems for repairs were down so a repair could not be booked. This was the case for 2 weeks - Now the system is back up and they still have not managed to book my repair - I am told every 2 days that I will receive a repair reference in 48 hours -

Please don't by from Tomtom - their after sales support is appalling.
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on 1 February 2010
Since I bought this edition of Tom Tom I have had no trouble at all.
I had read of people having lots of trouble with the live editions of Tom Tom.
Unfortunately what they don't tell you, when you purchase these things, is,if you have owned a Tom Tom previously, and you have it set up on your PC (especially Tom Tom Home) you should delete it before installing
your live version. I did this and I have experienced no problems at all.
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on 23 July 2011
Bought in July 2011 to help me navigate between the three offices of the new company I joined, this has already saved me an hour when leaving Oxford on a Friday afternoon.

Within 5 minutes of starting the journey the Live feature detected a 1 hour delay and re-routed me onto the M40 avoiding the congested direct route. The constantly updated destination arrival time, taking account of projected delays, was very accurate; I arrived home in York 3 minutes before the TOM TOM predicted.

On the afternoon on the day I bought the TOM TOM, I downloaded the latest maps, speed camera locations and petrol price information from the website. This took a long time (3hours) over a fast connection and proceeded without a problem. The gripes of other reviewers about the website was not part of my experience. Maybe patience is required.

My only reservation, and this will apply to all users of sat navs from all manufacturers, is that the features makes the driver lazy. I no longer need to be aware of landmarks en route and am not mentally calculating my ETA. Although eases the stress of driving, if for any reason the sat nav fails I have no idea where I am am or how to navigate my way home. If you drive to the same destination without a sat nav, you may find you get lost because you did not need to be aware of your surroundings on the previous journey.

Always have a map in the car just in case.

It certainly eases the tress of driving.
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on 8 August 2009
IQ router is good, it calculates better routes, but the HD traffics not really well, it does help you to avoid major congestions, such as motor way accidents, but it doesn't really help you to avoid congestions caused by road works. the traffic information is not up to date during weekends and nights. it shows congestions where it has easied. lots traffics are not show on weekends. it calculates route quite slow, and restarts itself from time to time. despite the bad poits,it is much better than the older vision, at least you can avoid certain traffic jam, and get better routes.
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on 19 April 2011
First of all most of the reviews on here are for the TOMTOM XL, a completely different model so not relevent at all.

The Via live 120 Europe works fine straight out of the box. Contrary to other reviews all the voices etc are there, the varying routes are there eg, quickest, avoid motorways, cycling walking etc just a bit deeper in the menu as the default is fastest route (which is a perfectly reasonable default). The live traffic is great, it shows you traffic jams/delays up ahead and how many minutes they are and will either suggest or automatically reroute you to the fastest route available (it's an option to suggest or do it automatically).

It tells me the weather (mind you I can look out of the window for that) plus a 3 day I think forecast for either where you are or where you are going. Google search is great it told me all the pubs near my house and got them right, in Italy, it correctly navigated to the nearest supermarket.

The default voice is perfectly acceptable and being a computer voice is able to state the actual street you need to turn left/right at rather than just 'next left'. Please be aware satnav Sal or whatever her name is (might be Jane or Karen) really struggles with foreign (Italian) street names, which caused much hilarity ( I have led a sheltered life!), this has clearly been recognised as turning off foreign street names is an option.

It seems to automaticaly turn to night time display, must be time controlled.

It has a 4gb internal memory which means it has all ( I believe the European maps or at least Western Europe maps loaded).

The speed cam alarm is very accurate and not too loud.

The junction layout function is very good basically as you approach a multi lane motorway junction it zooms in to show you the lanes and which to take.

All in all I cant really fault it and it is very much in advance of my original TomTom One GB (which still works and is in itself very good).

I have not updated it via my PC so dont know if there are any hassles there, never were updating my TomTom One though.

5 Stars and better than I expected having read alot of the reviews.
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on 8 April 2012
I have owned a Tom Tom Go 510 for about 6 years and have really loved it. In all that time it only let me down once and it was my fault as I hadn't checked the light was on whilst traveling and it lost charge. It finally gave up a few months ago and I decided it was time for a newer model.

The Tom Tom Via Live 120 UK and ROI seemed to fit the bill for what I need. I have used it a few times now and quite honestly I am a bit disappointed.

On the positive. It is slim and easy to fit - hasn't got all the clumbersome wires of my early Tom Tom so that is a plus. It is easy to charge up and it doesn't matter which way you put it on the screen it turns the picture round - great.
The phone connection is clearer than on my old model and I do like the way that it can re-direct me round traffic hold ups.
The screen is very clear and it shows clearly which lane to take at motorway junctions.

On the negative. I expected clear written instructions with it, which there aren't - just a picture sequence for set up. I feel that for someone new to Tom Tom it would be difficult to understand the things it can do. How to link to a mobile phone etc. Not everyone wants to try to follow things on the computer.

It pings through road works to tell you that you are going too fast which is fine.. but if the roadworks have just been finished and the speed restriction removed it doesn't seem to be aware and it drove me mad pinging for about 15 mins when there were no roadworks. In the same way it tells me to turn right on the motorway when I can't and then to " turn around when possible!" whilst I am on the motorway obviously driving the right way - I can only think it is directing me through roadworks which have just been removed. Perhaps I have to update it every day - I never updated my old one and didn't have this problem.

It is slow to remind me when to take a road off a big roundabout. It will tell me to take the 5th turning off the roundabout but sometimes it is confused by the slip roads off motorways, counting them in the 5 turnings. I expect it to say "take the turning" but I have driven past before it does.The old one never did that.

The worst problem so far is it is sometimes very slow to get a signal. Yesterday it took me to my destination ok but when I programmed it to bring me home it showed "No GPS signal". Fortunately, I remembered how to get back - by retracing my steps. I drove 30 mins home without ever getting a GPS signal. There was heavy cloud cover which may have caused the problem but I never have experienced this with the GO 510. Had I been in the centre of a large city I would have had serious difficulties.

All in all don't leave home without a map in the car !
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