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4.2 out of 5 stars110
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2004
For a No Doubt fan, this album is a bit of a shock. Whether it's a good or a bad shock, I don't really know...
For any No Doubt fans reading this, the nearest album I can equate 'Love Angel Music Baby' to is 'Rock Steady'. But imagine an album about a hundred times more hyperactive than 'Rock Steady'and you have Gwen's first (kind of) solo outing.
The album is undoubtably a grower. I've listened to it about 4 times through since getting it a couple of days ago and the tracks are only just about beginning to seep into my brain. Initially, I was slightly taken aback after being completely bombarded by Eighties style pop music. As I was only born in the mid 80's, this album was like nothing I'd ever heard before.Only now am I really beginning to differentiate between the tracks...Stand out songs include the first single 'What you Waiting For', 'Hollaback Girl' and my favourite, 'Bubble Pop Electric'.
This album is at its best during the faster, more exciteable songs. Gwen is lyrically and vocally confident, cool and sultry and that makes a real change from the majority of No Doubt albums where she is far more confessional and wears her heart on her sleeve. There is not a lot of that here.
Gwen Stefani has collaborated wisely on this album, Eve, The Neptunes and Andre 3000 amongst others are involved. Their involvement further distances 'Love Angel Music Baby' from anything Gwen did with No Doubt. The only disappointing song is 'A Long Way To Go' with Andre 3000. It's a song about inter-racial relationships which, however well-intentioned it may be,is slightly embarrassing and a bit boring. However, Andre 3000 did co-write 'Bubble Pop Electric', so I'll let him off...
The album is generally good and fun, it might just take No Doubt fans a little while to get used to it...
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on 18 April 2005
This album has come as a big shock to No Doubt fans but just because Gwen has experimented with a different style, this album should not be dismissed.
She says she originally set out to make a dance record, and she has most definitely achieved it. Many of the tracks are reminiscent of the 80s, and you'll probably be singing along to most of them with the second/third listening.
There are a few outstanding tracks on this album, most notably the smash-hit "What You Waiting For?", which is one the best pop songs to be released in 2004. Other stand-out tracks on this album are "Rich Girl" (which has also been released as a single), "Bubble Pop Electric" and "Crash". However, my favourite track of the album has to be "Hollaback Girl", which is the next single to be released from the album. Gwen collaborates with legendary producer-duo, the Neptunes, on this track. The outcome is a minimal beat with a tuba synth, and Gwen chanting a cheerleader anthem over the top. The lyrics aren't particularly deep, but that isn't the point; it's an infectious "attitude" song that is expertly produced by the Neptunes.
The album has a couple of filler tracks, which is why I gave it four stars, but these don't detract from the album as a whole. The main appeal of the record is that it's quirky, inventive in some ways, and very easy to listen to. I would recommend this record to everyone, but with a reminder that this a different Gwen from the lead-singer of No Doubt, so approach it with an open mind.
Gwen wanted to make a fun, dance record; this album does exactly that, and in an original and creative way.
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VINE VOICEon 2 December 2004
The opening track "What You Waiting For?" splashes the listener with a refreshing burst of energy, Stefani-style, and never stops bubbling from there.
After the first "tick tock" gets your heart pumping, Gwen brings in Eve to raise the temperature with "Rich Girl" (produced by Dr. Dre), a bouncy number that will have you heading for the nearest dance floor.
What follows is a fizzy pop explosion, compliments of the Neptunes, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Tony Kanal and the ever funky Andre 3000.
Gwen thoughtfully inserts some slower numbers to keep cardiac arrest at bay, with "Cool", reminiscent of The Cars; "Luxurious", which samples the Isley Brothers' "Between the Sheets"; "Serious", which could have been an early Madonna hit; and "The Real Thing", clearly inspired by Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time".
The closing "Long Way to Go" would be at home on any Outkast album, with it's madcap mixed rhythms and weird beat.
Collaborating with some of the freshest minds in music, Gwen delivers an eclectic mix of fun, guaranteed to please many people on your gift list.
Amanda Richards
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on 10 January 2005
This album is great great great!!!
It can be hard to find good pop albums today. Alot of them are just rubbish. I waited for this solo album cos I think Gwen is so cool! But if this album was bad, I would have been disappointed, but its definately not and I'm definately not disappointed!!!
My personal favourites are Hollaback girl, Crash and Serious. I bet there will be sooooo many massive singles on this album!
Be warned that this isn't a no doubt album minus the band. The sound is different that most of what she has done with the band, but then saying that, No doubts sound was never really homogenous anyway.
This album is POP, but its truly fun, and serious at times too. Gwen is a great artist and a great star.
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on 26 July 2006
Love Angel Music Baby is a cheerful, cheesy album. It has an upbeat, vaguely eighties pop sound. This isn't serious music,and it's not supposed to be. The Lyrics mainly concern Gwen's riches and blokes, but they're catchy and easy to sing along to.

the best way to describe this album is: good fun. The songs aren't meaningful, but they're entertaining. All of the songs have have their merits, but the most memorable are What'cha waiting for, Hollaback girl and Rich Girl. Basically, the ones she released, and if you liked those, give the album a shot.

The only tracks I would criticise are the annoying Long Way to Go, and pointless remix of What'ca Waiting For on the end of the album.
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on 26 November 2004
This album is boldly and stylishly produced. No doubt Stefani can sing!! I am a musucian and I listen to an eclectic mix of music, ranging from Early and Classical music to dance, pop,rock and even Metal. I heard and saw on TV the single "What you waiting for" and thought that it's catchy and unusual. It has a lot of energy with delibarate and wacky images bombarding you constantly. I love it!
And what about the "Pseudo Madona" rubbish!? Stefani is a much better singer folks, you better believe it!
Buy this album with confidence, it will lift your spirits up, guaranteed!
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on 21 January 2009
No Doubt have always remained in my heart and when gwen decided to go for a solo album i did have some doubts she would match the standard of her recordings with the phenomenal No Doubt who basically defined the 90's for me! but she did it and looking back 6 years ago L.A.M.B has just matured with it's age. Here she looks into her inspiration and pays homage to Madonna(in many ways The Queen Of Pop) and Depeche Mode with some very Cyndi Lauper quirkiness and synth pop New order style.
Not only does this make fantastic homage to the best of the 80's in music but it also is a very personal journey for Stefani, it showed us more than what she was capable of after writing lyrics for No Doubt for approx. 15 years or so she really flourished with her many,upon many collaborators here including André 3000, Dallas Austin, Dr. Dre, Nellee Hooper, Tony Kanal, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, The Neptunes, Mark "Spike" Stent and songwriting from Linda Perry and Pharrell Williams and many more but they have helped make this record 100% Stefani which was seen as something quite significant too in 2004 and i remember the huge hype surrounding this album too and it managed to meet all predictions and surpass many times over, the lyrics are hers and she ensured the production met her own ends too, L.A.M.B is indeed pop genius on a single disc.
What can also be notified is the personal edge Stefani gives to the recording in her lyrics which includes the talk of fame,fortunes,growing as a person,friendship,youth,love and life and also the media too so indeed it is an album that is phenomenal in that respect.
Gwen definitely had the Madonna standards when she recorded this album with her sense of creativity and ambitions that makes this album almost every bit as coming of age as True Blue and Like A Prayer,every bit as experimental as Erotica and Like A Virgin and that striking debut standard of Madonna's The First Album, so Stefani literally ensured she had the ideals to match the Queen Of Pop, also it can be noted that Gwens manipulation of her voice and power is so very similar to Madonna's with her voice soaring on ever track here making them all sound like an instant hit!
and of course she also matches the synth pop master art of Depeche Mode too with sure fire clean perfected pop on every song with a very retro 80's infusion.
Love,Angel,Music,Baby has become an album which has grown with age in many respects and aspects that so many out there in the industry could only touch in a current world where the Beyonce's and the Gaga's are storming the charts we all need something Stefani has the power to give us and it's all on here and more. This is everybit as strong as No Doubt's albums.
It's impact has also been something significant, with 6 Grammy nominations and multi-award winnings, 8 million shipments globally including 1 million shipped here in the UK earning Triple Platinum status as with over 3 million shipped in the US.What You Waiting For? and Hollaback Girl have been named two of the greatest ever singles on many polls over the past decade and also the album has been held in respect as something acclaimed by many reviewers professionally of the album.
Her work here has been held in comparison to later works by Nelly Furtado,Britney,Timberlake and The Black Eyed peas to show how the blend of dance,pop,R&B,synth pop is all done.
The Real Thing and Crash are sensational hidden gems on this fantastic album,Long Way To Go well rounds the album to a pristine finish and there plenty of adrenaline paced anthems throughout to keep listeners on their feet!

a genuinely golden album and a must hear to all those who haven't already owned the album! it defines a decade in the music industry and i cannot wait to hear No Doubt's upcoming album to be released later in 2010 or in 2011! oh how much i have missed Gwen and pals!

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on 31 December 2007
LAMB Is a perfect example of pure pop.

1. What You Waiting For. 10/10
2. Rich Girl. 10/10
3. Hollaback Girl. 10/10
4. Cool. 10/10
5. Bubble Pop Electric. 10/10
6. Luxurious. 10/10
7. Harajuku Girls. 10/10
8. Crash. 5/10
9. The Real Thing. 10/10
10. Serious. 10/10
11. Danger Zone. 10/10
12. Long Way To Go. 10/10
13. The Real Thing (Remix). 8/10
14. What You Waiting For 4/10

Overall, I love this album and as I said at the beginning "It's More Original Than "The Sweet Escape"". 10/10
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on 13 December 2005
I had already heard most of No Doubt's songs before this album was released. It is different to their usual material because there's quite a lot of variety. When I first heard What You Waiting for? it sounded like a mixture of dance and rock to me, but it's still worth listening to. Rich Girl is catchy while Hollaback Girl grew on me after a few more listens. The other songs on it I like best are Cool, Bubble Pop Electric, Luxurious (her latest single), The Real Thing, Harajuku Girls, Danger Zone and Long Way To Go. Long Way To Go reminds me of Kelis and Andre 3000's Millionaire while Luxurious reminded me of Christina Aguilera's What A Girl Wants. Gwen is probably my favourite female artist at the moment and I admire her a lot with her attitude, dress sense and singing voice. Some of the album is repetitive due to the Japan and designer references, but overall this is a very good album. Four stars out of five.
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on 28 November 2004
One of the best albums i've heard in a long time. I'm a massive No Doubt fan, and i think this is just as good, although its more pop than No Doubt really. All the tracks are excellent except Hollaback Girl, which isnt great. If i had to choose standout tracks then What You Waiting For?, Cool, Danger Zone, The Real Thing, Luxurious & Bubble Pop Electric are probably the best. Many different styles of music here, nearly all of which work really well.
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