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4.7 out of 5 stars60
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2009
I am a middle-aged wolf, who has been through the rise of Metallica in the 1980s, along with thrash and speed metal in the UK, US, and Germany. 5FDP came to my attention as an amazon recommendation. I usually shy away from new metal bands because I am set in my metal ways, I suppose. But I checked the band on You Tube and was impressed enough to buy the first two albums of this band: 'The Way of the Fist' and 'War Is the Answer'. That was three weeks ago. Since then I haven't stopped playing these albums. This is quite unusual for me, set in my ways as I am, and having received some other 10 albums in the meantime, they had some tough competition. But they won it hands down. As somebody else has written, they have become my new obsession as well.

The more I listen to them the more I hear what I can only call the sound of contemporary metal. I can hear traces of Metallica, Pantera, even Iron Maiden ... which means that they have a lineage, they have absorbed the sound of metal of the past 3 decades ... and yet they have managed to find a sound that is their 'own'. Dare I say it, there even is a hint of 'pop' (!?!?) in this sound. This is a thrash sound, all right, but there is this strange ingredient that breathes fresh air and one which can appeal to a wider audience. This is in part due to the melodic aspects and catchy rhythms/riffs, and in part to Ghost's voice which alternates between a thrash metal voice and a more straight-forward singing voice.

Yes, this is the sound of contemporary metal. There is no revolution here, no breaking of forms that will create a new metal - hence the immediate appeal that 5FDP seem to have generated. But they have assimilated metal sounds from the past 3 decades in a very interesting and addictive way. Whatever you do, hear them!!!
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on 9 October 2009
From the first track of this album, it's very clear what you're getting from this LA-based band and their debut offering. Despite effortlessly combining the signature sounds of Slipknot, System of a Down and Pantera, 5FDP have come away from this album with a sound that is instantly recogniseable as their own. The album incorporates a broad range of styles throughout, from the slower metallic balladry of 'The Bleeding', the breakneck, thrashy pace of the titular track 'Way of the Fist', and a loud and triumphant stomping in the form of the single 'Never Enough'.

For those with slightly less adventurous musical tastes, this album is a definite contender for the attention, with Ivan Moody's surprising vocal range easily covering duties on all songs, while Hungarian-born guitarist Zoltan Bathory provides plenty of shred and riffage sure to keep fans of death metal and straight-out heavy metal happy. A band to look out for. With a debut like this, follow-up 'War is the Answer' should be another feather in the cap for a band barely out of the blocks and yet with so much potential.
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on 6 July 2009
What can I say about this album other than it is sheer brilliance?

The pace, tone, and relative heavyness on this album is all perfectly pitched, and the lyrics, while somewhat formulaic, match the music perfectly.

This is honest metal - furious, fast, relentless but never anything less than melodic and the solos, as opposed to say Dragonforce's indulgent nonsense, really land home in the right places.

There's nothing about the album that I would say could really be improved - the production and therefore the sound is very smooth, and the band sound like their having a blast. I was privileged enough to be able to see these guys at Download this year - and they're unbelievably good live.

For any serious metal-head, you must own this album. For anyone interested in rock music - check these guys out, as quick as you can. They will definitely be rising to the top in the near future.
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on 20 December 2009
I doubt theres any hardened metal fans who have not heard of five finger death punch, their rise to fame has been quick and well deserved. They sound like no one else I have ever heard before, although not groundbreaking like Metallica or Black Sabbath you cant help but feel like their sound is totally unique.
There is no bad song on this album and all the tracks have a brilliant 'groove' to them, if your like me and like metal that you has your foot tapping to the beat, whilst still nodding your head and rocking at the same time then this is the perfect album for you.
I also recommend seeing them live, I saw them in Manchester with Shadows Fall (who are also brilliant) and they were fantastic.

You cannot live without this album.........................
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on 24 August 2010
This is the first Five Finger Death Punch album that I've heard and I have to see they are really good to listen to. There are plenty of machine gun style riffs (which I love). I came across this album as I was searching for more bands that sound like Soulfly and Slipknot. I'd have to say that the band sound a lot closer to Slipknot than Soulfly, the guitars and vocals are more melodic, they remind me a lot of Vol.3 from Slipknot. The they are tied together very nicely producing some quality tunes. Ones to listen to would be The Way of the Fist, White Knuckles and Death Before Dishonor. Recommended \m/
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on 10 October 2010
As an old scool metaller I took a gamble on this band and album - great decision! They're a breath of fresh of air! Stranger than Fiction, Meet the Monster, Way Of The Fist, The Bleeding, The Devil's Own and Never Enough are probably my favourites but the whole album is addictive!
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on 12 January 2009
Five Finger Death Punch have become my latest obsession, and just one listen to this album should confirm why. The tracks have a fantastically fresh sound while still retaining their slightly more 'old school' influences. The genres that sneak through seem to range from Thrash right through to (dare I say it?) Nu Metal. The result is an album that fights it's way into your subconscious and makes you want to listen to it repeatedly. In fact, since buying this album I've been able to listen to very little else.

The different aspects of the album appeal to the different aspects of my (slightly demented) personality. The awesome lead guitar appeals to the part of me that love the more traditional approach to Metal, the clean vocals (there's a combination of vocal styles here) keep the part of me that yearns to sing along happy, the harsher vocals feed my aggression and the drumming is just astounding. Now, admittedly I'm no drummer (I don't seem to have the co-ordination for that) but the drums on this album have really impressed me. A few times during the album I'm left with the idea that the drummer could easily play along to my favourite Death Metal tunes... so that's the more extreme side of me happy as well. Also, tracks like "The Way Of The Fist" - with it's Nu Metal tinge - make me feel all nostalgic about when I used to go to a weekly 'Rock/Metal Night' at a place called the Black Sheep Bar in Croydon. I'd always end up drinking far too much and making a complete arse of myself... Good times... Ok, so this song was never ever played there, but it has the same kind of vibe as the tracks from that era.

So, you may be wondering which tracks really 'do it' for me. Well, wonder no more, for here are my recommendations:
"Ashes", "The Way Of The Fist", "Salvation", "The Devil's Own", "White Knuckles", "Death Before Dishonor", "Meet The Monster" and "Never Enough". So, that'll be most of 'em then... which is why I'm giving this album the full 10 out of 10! Marvelous!
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on 30 September 2015
Absolutely awesome album! By far their best in my opinion. I don't consider myself a 5FDP fan, but I just had to have this CD. This album has tons of awesome riffs, great drumming, and well-written lyrics. You will not get bored with this one! The version I bought also features an acoustic version of "The Bleeding" and "The Devil's Own" live.

1. Ashes - Solid opening track, but imo nothing too special. 6/10
2. The Way of the Fist - Some good heavy riffs in this song, but besides that nothing impressive. 6/10
3. Salvation - Some awesome headbangable grooves on this track and some great meaningful lyrics. One of my favs on the album. 8/10
4. The Bleeding - Probably the main reason why I bought this CD. This is and will always be one of my fav songs. It's the most slow and melodic track on the album. Very good lyrics and emotional singing by Ivan Moody. The song has a great music video too. Definitely the best F5DP song imo. 10/10
5. A Place to Die - One of the faster songs on the album. Very good track. 7/10
6. The Devil's Own - Some good lyrics and awesome riffs on this track. 7/10
7. White Knuckles - Some very awesome heavy riffs in this song, it also has a very aggressive breakdown in the bridge part. One of my favs! 8/10
8. Never Enough - First time I heard this track I found the lyrics to be quite funny. But after listening to it a few times I started really getting into it. It has some great hooks and some good relatable lyrics. 9/10
9. Stranger than Fiction - Dem riffz! Another solid track. 7/10
10. Can't Heal You - An okay track. Some good vocals here. 6/10
11. Death Before Dishonor - Probably the weakest song on this album. It doesn't have any moments that really catches your ears. 5/10
12. Meet the Monster - Good ending track. Has some good aggressive riffs and some awesome angry lyrics. 7/10
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on 5 April 2011
First I'd like to point out that this is the best and most comprehensive version of the album I've come across (that's not in a fancy deluxe packaging, that is). Since there's oddly no tracklisting on the product page, the tracks are as follows: Ashes, The Way Of The Fist, Salvation, The Bleeding, A Place To Die, The Devil's Own, White Knuckles, Never Enough, Stranger Than Fiction, Can't Heal You, Death Before Dishonor, Meet The Monster (typoed as "Meet The ter" on the back cover), From Out Of Nowhere and The Devil's Own (Live). With fourteen tracks, this is the version I'd recommend.

My appreciation for FFDP was a curious thing. I'd heard a shorter ten or twelve-track version of this album previously and enjoyed it briefly. It was an alright album, but didn't rock my world. A lot of people have drawn parallells to Slipknot and Pantera, but I was getting more of a Hatebreed-vibe for some reason. When the band's second album War Is The Answer came along, I was blown away by it. A fantastic cohesive experience with both the strength to kick your a**, the subtlety to move you and the fun energy of a new metal band. That led to me (thankfully) reevaluating their first album in this fourteen track-version, and now there's no doubt; this is a really awesome debut, even if their second album is still my favourite.

The first three songs will kick you in the teeth, plenty of attack even if the melodic choruses take some of the edge off. Especially "Ashes" is a good track to play for the uninitiated. "The Bleeding" shows the more mellow side, with a beautiful intro that grows into a solid song. But the real gems of this album are "The Devil's Own" (a lamentful and earnest chorus that's just angsty enough without being whiny), "Stranger Than Fiction" (a really subtle intro explodes into a surprisingly great riffing headbanger), "Can't Heal You" (Ivan Moody's voice grips you emotionally within the first ten seconds, and rocks the rest out without limits) and "Death Before Dishonor" (a slightly slower song with almost Japanese samurai-vibes). "Never Enough" is also really decent, and the rest is pretty listenable (even if it lacks quite the same emotional impact). I'm more of a death metal-guy, but FFDP have cemented themselves as a strong and fun band with plenty of power in just two years time. Check them out if you're into Pantera, Slipknot, Hatebreed or similar acts, and be sure not to miss out on War Is The Answer!
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Five Finger Death Punch mix very heaviest bits of metalcore with the accessibility of commercial metal; with heavy palm muted riffs, storming double kicks and both ultra harsh and ultra melodic vocals. They also have a great like of and strong talent for guitar solos.

Its difficult to describe the mix of heavy and melodic styles, the best example I can think of is that if Slipknot's 'Volume 3' and 'All Hope is Gone,' albums were a genre of their own, that is the genre Five Finger Death Punch would belong to; however it can be all too easy to compare surface similarities with Trivium or Pantera and that doesn't give this creative and talent band the credit they deserve.

The Five Finger Death Punch formula works although you could easily find it distasteful if you have a problem with Killswitch Engage or Trivum's more melodic commercial moments. The album is chocked full of highlights, the previously mentioned opening three songs, The enjoyable lead single `The Bleeding,' the riff heavy `White Knuckles,' and the brilliant closer `Meet The Monster.'

Opener 'Ashes,' has an absolutely fantastic vocal pattern, some great drum work and a multitude of catchy riffs then a great uplifting chorus and some fantastic lead guitar work. 'The Way of The Fist,' is no different, the brutal metal riffs and speedy double kicks, a great breakdown and then a catchy radio friendly chorus too, the same goes for `Salvation,' that makes for an awesome three songs to open an album with.

The band are all very talented musicians, with Ivan Moody's mix of vocal styles and Zoltan Bathory's lead guitar work standing out in particular. The band have hit upon a very interesting place in metal between the heavier side and the more commercial radio friendly side; they get all the accessibility but retain the credit and attitude of the heavier side a perfect place to be from a business point of view. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Five Finger Death Punch got absolutely massive, they've got all the right ingredients and the talent to back it up.

Overall; If you like heavy songs full of double kick drum flailing, chugging heavy riffs, numerous guitar solos and the odd radio ballad then you should definitely give Five Finger Death Punch a try.
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