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4.2 out of 5 stars430
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2012
I have read lots of negative reviews about this product so I was a little wary about ordering it. I originally had the forerunner 305, but it was stolen...

It picks up a signal within 20 seconds, it's easy to set up and the info the watch will give you is amazing. The only downside is the touch bezel. Personally I don't think it's as bad as people are saying, but it is not 100% spot on so I can see why it will bother some people. Once I'm running though I never touch the bezel so it has never been an issue for me.

I come back from a run and it automatically sends my data to Training centre and Garmin Connect, which is fantastic and you can see all the info you will ever need from the run you have just done. It is also great looking back at old runs to see how you are improving.

So far it's been 100% reliable, but I have only had it a couple of weeks so I may update this review in a while, but at this moment I'm loving the watch and the fact I'm running pretty much as soon as I turn it on is perfect.
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on 15 November 2012
I had owned the Garmin Forerunner 301 for 6 years prior to buying this device and I have to say I had been very happy with it for all of those years, a very satisfied customer.

However, my beloved 301 eventually started to have issues connecting to the PC due to moisture in the USB port causing oxidation meaning I couldn't send or receive data anymore. The 301 had lasted well and was very good value for money. Therefore, I decided it was time to upgrade and buy a new Garmin Forerunner. I looked at various models, but decided on the Forerunner 410 as it was one of the newer devices; it looked great, and had some decent reviews. I was expecting to spend another 6+ years with my upgrade...people buying these running apps for their mobiles etc while I agree are good value, and has nice features, no one including me wants to run around with an iPhone strapped to your arm.

The Garmin 410 watch definitely looks great, and is built to a very high standard. It has a solid and polished feeling and has just the right weight to make it feel like a quality piece without being heavy. The strap is also robust and comfortable and has a sturdy clip that you know will last.

When using the watch for the first time after charging, the watch easily picked up the Satellite signal which I was impressed with, no more standing around for 15 minutes like before with the previous 301 for it to connect! When the training mode started, it was fantastic and tracked as you would expect on your workout, the information on the HR and timing was accurate and easy to read.

However...the issue I have with the 410 is quite simply...the new control Bezel and general menu interface. I had read some great things about the Bezel functionality but I can assure you, it lets down the watch so much so, I had to return it after just one week.

The way the menu works is by swiping your finger in a circular motion around the outer edge of the watch face (known as the Bezel) which navigates the menu options up or down. Quite similar to the functionality of a Generation 1,2,3 iPod. However, this Bezel is either way too sensitive and flicks though too quickly (catches up) or its too unresponsive making it a game of skill to actually select the option you need. Once you have the option you can either tap the bezel again to select or press one of the two physical buttons on the side of the watch. This functionality is hard enough when standing still, but when out running / cycling forget it, you will give up in pure frustration or worse, have to stop your routine to fiddle with the options. Additionally, because you need to move your index finger around the edge, at certain angles your finger / hand complete obscures the screen and therefore you are unable to see what you are selecting, to make allowances for this, you can only rotate using 180 degree motions instead. The frustration of the bezel functionality is compounded by the menu system as you are required to move between main menu options to choose your selections. There is no quick `switch off device' option either you need to find this which is hidden in one of the many options screens. This device could of been so much better if it was able to be controlled via the physical buttons instead such as the 301 and the 305.

To make matters worse for this purchase is that the Heart Rate Monitor device packaged with the device is very uncomfortable and caused chafing on the skin. Bearing in mind that I had used the previous Garmin 301 HR monitor for 6 years, with no issues at all, this just added to the disappointment.

The old 301 might be bulky and take ages for a satellite signal but it was a breeze to use and I would choose this again over the 410 any day. The 410 doesn't do anything the old 301 did perfectly well, and for me was a real shame. Even the battery life on the old 301 lasted for 12-14 hours compared to about 6 on the new 410!

What I can say is that he customer service team at Garmin are superb, and very friendly and helpful, but I will be looking to buy a replacement 301 that it seems does exactly what I need, and even if this means more standing around in the rain for 15 minutes waiting for a Satellite lock, I know this will be less frustrating than trying to use the newer Garmin 410.

The Good:

- Solid, robust sports watch
- Looks Great
- Quick satellite Lock On
- Accurate GPS Tracking.
- Easy Connect to the PC via wireless USB
- Training Assistant is superb.

The Bad

- Terribly frustrating and fiddly to control using the bezel
- Menu System is un-intuitive and confusing
- HR Monitor Strap is uncomfortable and causes skin chafing
- Average battery life
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on 3 November 2012
My girlfriend had been on my case to exercise more for months. Eventually I started to run with her, but found this a little boring. I was more of a sprinter and found the slower long-distance pace too slow!

I overcame this by using Endomondo on my phone. This allowed me to track times, paces, calories burnt etc. Suddenly running became fun, seeing how far I could get, how much energy I'd burnt etc. Soon though I started to get annoyed by having to lug my phone around when just going for a run, and the batteries drained quickly.

My solution? A GPS sports watch. The added bonus was the heart-rate monitor, which my phone obviously didn't have. After much deliberation I chose the 410.

Features & Function wise, this watch is great. The menu screens are highly customisable and it doesn't take long to figure out how to navigate around the options.

My one gripe is the touch bezel. I know it's meant to be improved from the 400 & 405, but if that's the case I dread to imagine what they were like! I often find myself trying to scroll through menus, only to scroll too far, and then on the way back missing the option I want again. I'm sure practice makes perfect, but I think really I'd have been more happy if the watch had normal buttons to do this!

The heart rate monitor is a breeze to set up and use. The instructions for pairing it with the watch are easy to follow, and once paired all you have to do is put the monitor on and the watch will automatically detect it.

Similarly, the Garmin ANT+ USB stick is very swish. Once set up all you need to do is plug it into your computer and the watch automatically sends any new tracks over without any button presses required. I really like this ease of use, as it means after getting in from a run you just leave the watch on your desk and plug the usb stick in and then go and shower. When you get back it's all uploaded to Garmins system.

I still use Endomondo to track my exercise, and importing the watch tracks is fully supported and quick and easy to do also.

I've also bought a cheap bike mount, so I can use the watch as a cycle computer. In time I might by a cadence sensor, so the watch will truly become a bike computer, but at the moment I'm happy with it just tracking speed, distance and heart rate.

Overall, great watch, only slightly let down by the (IMHO) gimmicky touch bezel.
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on 16 June 2012
I pondered an upgrade from my trusty Forerunner 305 for quite some time. I wanted something that I could wear all day so I had less to worry what I was carrying in my sports bag. The 305 has been a trusty partner (and will be a good spare), and I do go back through the 205 to original 1 series. I borrowed a 405 to see how I got on with the bezel and size and was really pleased with how the unit operated. Once I decided that the 610 was too much of a worry to wear all the time (on the basis of cost) I decided on the 410 over the 405. The decision point was the upgraded bezel, the capability to power-off if I wanted and the new style HR transmitter (my original was on the blink).

I am a competetive runner and I train up to 55 miles per week and incorporate all sorts of sessions. The 410 continues to give me the functions and options that I have grown to love from the 305. I like the fact that it can be worn as a day watch and although I have a slim wrist the unit is comfortable and does not look out of place. I do not have any issues with the bezel. Under normal conditions there is certainly a 'knack' to operating the bezel but it is far from annoying, and as with all things tech familiarity eases the issues. On the move I find the bezel to be responsive and have been suprised how quickly I have converted from buttons (305) to taps (410); I have run in the UK's lovely summer rain today and had no problems at all. I do find the screen a little small for my ageing eyesight. I always used the 3 data field view on the 305 but have found that I have needed to move to 2 data fields per screen on the 410. However, this has not caused any issues and I have 3 screens set with my favoured fields, plus the HR and Virtual Partner, and move easily between these while training.

Having taken reviews very seriously I was extremely hesitant in moving from the 305 to the 410. However, I am really pleased that I took a 'leap of faith'.
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on 3 February 2013
I took up running only recently but as I got fitter and ran further I was keen to get a watch that gave me accurate data on my progress etc. Asked a few friends and looked around for ages for something that would do everything but didn't cost the earth. As a woman, I was also looking for something that wasn't too 'manly'. I found myself looking at the Garmin products and eventually settled on the 410.
I had a few reservations as had read less positive reviews about the bezel feature and from women who found it too big for their wrists. However I am happy to say I am really pleased with the watch and would recommend it to others.
I found the bezel easy to use and the menus simple to navigate. Setting the watch up to suit me was easy (height, heart rate, km/miles etc) and in addition to the general timer feature, I have used the interval training feature and again, found it ideal. I did have a few issues getting the Ant Agent upload system to work but think I now have it sorted and the data produced from a simple run is impressive. I have yet to use the Virtual Partner feature but going on the other features I have used I am confident this will be simple to use also.
I am a woman with fairly skinny wrists and have no problem using the main watch strap. Although I probably wouldn't wear this watch when not running or cycling, it is a sleek design and does not look 'manly'.
I would happily recommend this watch to both men and women.
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on 11 March 2012
I've had this for a couple of weeks now, rarely review, but this thing is driving me up the wall, so thought I'd share a few thoughts:


The technology is great, seemingly accurate outdoor tracking GPS
Nice looking watch, wouldn't have minded the 310 if it wasn't so massive & ugly
Good, if expensive, accessories in the foot-pod, heart rate monitor and cycling cadence sensor
Good download centre in Garmin Connect

Unfortunately all that potential is ruined by some tooth-achingly painful user interface issues, and I'm reasonably tech/gadget savvy:

The bezel is pretty crap and unresponsive
The menus are not intuitive, I've had it a month & just spent ten minutes trying to switch from run mode to cycle mode & couldn't find it.
The battery remaining % is key as it has to be frequently charged up, don't ask me where to find that out. Mega frustrating when it goes off half way through a run. This should be a default front screen view
Can't figure out how to check the time when in training mode
Had the frequent issue with the strap coming off due to the pin, but fiddled with it & seems to be ok now

I'm sure there are lots of great other functions I haven't used yet, such as the virtual training partner, but given the pain in using it, I can't be bothered to try & figure it out . I used to dislike the whole Apple/iPod ethos, but can't help thinking in a Carlsberg way "if Apple did GPS sports watches", it would be a whole different story.
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on 15 November 2012
I bought the Forerunner 410 in May. Initially I disliked pretty much its bisel system, although nowadays I'm used to it (BUT, I still think it's not that good and would rather they change it to something more user friendly, specially when very sweat).
After almost 6 months of intense use I got strange HR readings. A search in the net gave me that some people had the same problem, and it was due to the HR band. After trying all suggested stuff (except voodu!) I got in touch with Garmin to see how to send my product to warranty repair. SURPRISE, they simply told me to send a copy of my purchase invoice, a picture of my device (???) and a form (all by email) and in less than a week send me another HR band (and ANT+ stick!), no other questions asked.
Well, THIS is after sell, people!

I'd buy again a GARMIN product for sure knowing that in case of any kind of problems I'd be so gently treated and would have my problem solved swiftly.

BTW, I bought this from and the problem was solved in Portugal by Garmin Iberia (in Cataluña, Spain).
Nice work, folks!
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on 30 July 2012
Having only recently taken up running seriously recently I was a little worried about what product to purchase. I visited a number of websites asking for advice and also went to a running shop. I orginally wanted a heart reate monitor that work sim ply from the wrist but was advised that these were not very accurate so opted for one with a chest band. The running shop advised that they only sold Garmin as they were the best in their view but only had the 110 model for sale and this was £140+. I had already seen the 410 on Amazon for £139 and other websites were selling the product for much more.
The watch was delivered with a flymo scrarifyer that I also bought from Amazon and I was impressed how quickly it arrived.
The watch is a little fiddly but to be honest I have been very pleased with it. The functionality it provides is very good and I have beeen i mpressed with the website stats I can review afetr uploading the data from the watch.
The watch has now risen in price to £170+ on Amazon so I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on 11 October 2011
I bought this having considered bying one of these for the last year - glad I waited too as the bezel improvements are great. This, like any gadget takes a bit of working out but the basic functionality is easy to use - I personally found that it spurned me on to compete with myself, my times and I also ran longer. I haven't managed to work out the interface with the computer as yet - but all the internet interfaces are great and have a wealth of information.

If you are in to running I would recommend it.
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on 23 April 2012
Finally bit the bullet and decided spending £150 on a digital watch wasn't a foolish thing to do. After a couple of runs including a 2 1/2 hr long-run for the week all I can say is that I'm glad I did. Okay so there maybe an issue the 1st time you try to connect it to a PC and the bezel does take time to get used to, but combining so many functions including GPS, HRM & virtual-partner (if you are trying to pace a longer run) make it great value. One other comment, lock the bezel before going on a long run.
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