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Dungeons (PC DVD)
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 1 June 2011
I went into this game having no expectations, I have never played Dungeon Keeper so I did not have that expectation of similarity which probably has helped me see the better side of things.

The game starts off pretty poor with the first level painting a bad picture of the game. Quickly though more elements are added to the gameplay to make it more complex and entertaining.

The graphics are pretty nice for a simulation game such as this with nice lighting effects which are important for making a nice looking dungeon setting.

The gameplay can sometimes feel a little repetitive as your Dungeon Lord has to kill most of the heroes as you want the heroes having 'fun' in your dungeon to fill their soul gauge and once that is filled then you kill them to reap the rewards. An important use of Souls is to build Prestige items which are basically objects in your dungeon such as coffins, laterns, creepy branches poking from walls, etc etc. Prestige items give you... Prestige and the more prestige you have unlocks better cells for prisoners, items to put in your library/armory and better minions.

There is much more to the game than this, but I'd end up writing far too much.

One way I'd have liked the game improved is in the 'Sandbox' mode where you are free to create the dungeon as you want with no targets/goals. I feel it could have done with more customisation, such as deciding what maximum level heroes can go up to and your minions, how often champions appear, etc etc. But that is just a minor gripe on what is otherwise a pretty fun game.

It is a very effective time sink game, it has not thrilled me but has kept my attention squarely focused on it for several hours and no doubt dozens more in the months to come.
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on 24 November 2011
You got two types of level in the game. One, where you fight enemy dungeon lords, another where you farm heroes and try to accomplish an objective. One is ridiculously easy, the other is easy but a slog.

Fighting enemy dungeon lords is all down to speed, if you can convert even one or two pentagrams controlling their area then your set. You just have to kill their lord once by luring him into your territory and then his dungeon is yours, with it comes enough power to wipe him out in 5 minutes. You don't even have to look at your own dungeon, just destroy his, you win.

Farming heroes is easy but setting up your dungeon to be as efficient as possible is a right pain, especially when you start the level. You have to build your dungeon up bit by bit and while torture and sacrifice make this more bearable later on it still take like 2 hours to complete a level. Bit of a gap between the difficulty, but maybe I just suck at dungeon mangement >.<

I also didn't like the fact that you are a "dungeon lord" ,which gives the impression you would sit on a throne and order people about. But in this case you have to leg it round your dungeon at full pelt trying to kill heroes leaving your dungeon and acting as a shortcut for your imps to dump money on. Shouldn't there be a room you can make so you can have gold stores near the front lines of your dungeon where the building is going on? Some sort of treasury? And couldn't they have a creature you can make in order to hunt down heroes that are ready to leave? Even if it was only one to reduce your work load would be nice. A lack of rooms and monsters that weren't stuck to the ground.

Waiting times suck horrifically. Simple as that. And they get worse the longer you play.

It didn't really have any standout good points in my opinion. The game was fine, all the bad points were bearable but that's not really what a game should be is it? Not bad, not good, i'd go 5/10 or maybe less.
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on 9 February 2011
Well after following this game for several months prior to realease I was very excited. Could we be seeing the spiritual successor to Bullfrogs Dungeon Keeper?? Unfortunately not, although this game shares some graphical aspects with Dungeon Keeper it is a different game all together.

If you purchase this game on the belief it will offer the same type of gameplay as Dungeon Keeper you will be very dissapointed, this game is something totally different.


Very impressed, Realmforge have managed to create a very atmospheric dungeon atmosphere. The textures are very clean and sharp and work really well at a high resolution. Some of the animations are great, love watching my dungeon heart rotate and move about, others seem a little bit sloppy such as the first part where you meet your dungeon lord on his throne. The movements just didn't look quite right to me.
Monsters and encounters are graphically nice to watch although occasionally theirs a few errors with dead bodies moving along the floor.


One of the best features and possibly most important in building that great dungeon atmosphere. Realmforge have hit the nail on the head here, the music and sound efects all add nicely together to create that creepy dark feeling that you ought to experience while playing a dungeon RTS.
The voice overs generally are pretty good too, its no Dungeon Keeper the voice of "helper" in that was amazing but your little goblin helper is voiced very well and helps add humour to the game. The other voices in game are also very well acted and keep the story progressing nicely informing you of tasks to do, what the next map is about and of any events that are unfolding.


I really wouldn't know how to classify the gameplay. Its a mix up of tower defence, theme park and dungeon keeper. The basic objective is to build a dungeon that will entice heroes in to try and plunder. Your objective is to let them plunder to their hearts content then cut them down and put them in one of your prisons. The basic principle sounds easy enough however you have to micro manage three different resources each requiring various other actions in game to acheive them. I'm a big fan of RTS game and love micro managmenet of games like the sims/sim city so found this quite enjoyable, however if you find having to manage so many things yourself tedious you might not enjoy this game as much.
The best gameplay aspect I've found thus far is the gimmicks system, were no longer stuck with making a room and it looking one specific way ala-Dungeon Keeper instead were given tools not unlike the sims allowing us to place hundreds of different items within our rooms and hallways to make them look unique and interesting! Just last night I built a mini tavern round the water fountain for my lovely heroes to come and enjoy before I slice them up with my dungeon lord and send them off to a prison or for torture. Its this little twist that keeps things interesting and gives you a lot more freedom to make the dungeon you want and make it look exactly how you want.
The only downside I've found is that the game can at times feel linear in the sense that you don't dig out the map yourself to create your dungeon and its often pre-setup for you (all be it sometimes badly) this can at times take away from the building the shape dungeon of your dreams but is neccessary in order to keep pushing and developing the games story.


It currently doesn't exist, Realmforge and Kalypso Media have said it may come in a future update and I can see Dungeons having this being a great step forward to re-play ability. Without it I would say replay value is some what limited.


Very impressed with Realmforges attempt at an underground strategy game, although nothing like Dungeon Keeper it has its own charms and is very enjoyable to play. This coupled with a very active team who are trying to ensure that any bugs or problems are rectified through regular patches and content updates makes it well worth the few £££'s
Would have given this game 5 stars if it offered multiplayer, we also lack the ability to create our own maps but this again should be coming in a later update will write an update once this has been done.
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on 24 August 2011
First of all i must say that i am very pleased by amazons handeling of the game, i recieved it in no time.

As for the game: Initially i was disapointed because i thought it would be more like good old dungeon keeper and that this would be like a dungeon keeper 3, but after the initial disapointment i enjoyed the gameplay of it where you have this dungeon lord that you level up and smack down heroes with. However, it gets a bit one sided after a while and in the single player campaign you have 3 levels of descension, 3 bosses, 3 worlds you could say, but all thre of them are basicaly the same. You get the same quests against the zombie king, minos and calypso wich makes the game lacking in variety.I also found the challanges to be annoying, i felt like i had to do them although they are optional, and it took away much of the fun where you had to stay below certain levels to complete them, very annoying and i had to load about a million times to complete them, some were even impossible to complete because of bugs in the game. As for the bugs, there are about a million and one of them such as one map having a sack of gold at an impassible area wich denies a challange, challanges that are ranked the wrong way, sub-missions that cant be completed no matter how hard you try, there is one level where you are suposed to take the sword of destiny and if you make sure marthas dont drop below 20% health you are suposed to get 1 skill point and stat point, cant be completed.There are also the annoyances of the un-necesary dialogs that interupts the game all the time "master, a new wave of frogs are comming" it could have ben just voiceover instead of interupting the flow of the game. And finaly, the game is unstable as hell, crashes like crazy, usually when i save the game and this is the most serious bug of all, made me want to throw the whole game into a brick wall about a million times and i started to wonder if calypso did any testing and bug fixes of the game?

The game is fun to play, but riddled with too many bugs to be worth it realy.
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on 1 November 2011
Having been a fan of the Dungeon Keeper series all those years ago, i read the advertising blurb on the box and thought i'd give it a try. A little confusing at first, but a couple of hours in gets fun.
The idea of luring heroes into your Dungeon, letting them get more powerful and then destroying them to harvest their Souls is nicely executed. You can make the game as easy or hard for yourself as you want and there is plenty of opportunity for using your imagination and a little creativity. Gameplay is quite repetitive though so i'm not sure how long interest will be maintained. This game is much closer to playing something like Zoo Tychoon than the original Dungeon Keeper games. Got it for £15 which is probably a worthwhile price, compared to the original release price.
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 7 February 2011
Ok, this is not a Dungeon Keeper clone some may have expected.
This is more a mix between Dungeon Keeper and Theme Park with a nice influence of a tower defense game. And all this combined makes Dungeons a really fun to play game, even if the AI is not perfect and there are still some bugs (i had some system crashes in the german version) in it.
If you're into tower defense / sims like games this one is great - if you expect DK3 you should first have a look at the demo version.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 29 March 2011
I was expecting this game to be very strategic (like majesty) where all the fighting is left to your minions and you concentrate on building the dungeon. In fact you end up having to run around doing a lot of jobs in person (fighting, exploring or stealing pentagrams from other dungeon lords). Combined with various distractions in the form of orders from your immediate boss, you can have trouble concentrating on the big picture. That said, I did enjoy the skill tree which helps your dungeon lord cope with his many duties and the humour was appreciated.
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 24 February 2011
If you want to experience a new style of gameplay and are happy to learn then I would highly recommend you buy Dungeons.

I understood from the beginning that Realmforge/Kalypso were saying Dungeons was nothing like Dungeon Keeper and they were not exagerating. For example I have found Dungeons to be much more flexible with the strategy needed to beat a level than DK in that there are many ways to get to the end of each level whereas in DK it is just a case of getting your creatures strong enough to fight the heroes to the death. In Dungeons the requirement is much more subtle - the player has to satisfy the heroes to boost their soul energy before knocking them out so as to extract that soul energy and sometimes they manage to escape because there is so much going on that they were missed....

I am currently playing this for the second time and am enjoying it just as much as the first because I can do things differently every time I play it....

Plus the support given by Kalypso and Realmforge is second to none - not only do they respond to all reports of bugs etc on the forum they also are giving tons of help to anybody who wants to create mods or maps - an amazingly fun and refreshing game from some really lovely people who really care about the games they make :)
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 2 July 2011
Firstly - I really wanted to like this game. I really did.

I was a big fan of DK and DK2 and it played up to be the newest instalment - even the intro was a unsubtle nod to DK1s intro.

But no, it really isn't.

To start, you control an avatar.
This dude is basically there as your extreme fighter. He goes round the dungeon and claims bits and pieces, explores, does spells and kills heroes. Cool, until you realise that all your other monsters are so terribly awful that he is basically your tank. Without him, you are stuffed. And he gets lost and stuck. Lots.

Next, mining is a bit clunky, you don't get the free reign as in DK, plus you only have three or four types of rooms. That's right. The rest you claim like a stuck object.

Now, you claim these by getting prestige, which is gained by building really quite rubbish little statues and decorations.
To build these you need to kill heroes.
But, these heroes need to be happy to give you the "soul power" to do this.

Still with me?
So you open a "hero gate" and let the heroes in. They steal your gold, then when they're happy, you kill them for their soul power and put them in prison.
Then they die.

Then you use the soul power to build a little statue, to increase the range of your influence, to claim ... something. Whatever the level requires.

You don't control your monsters - the only thing you control is your little dude, who has a level tree and skills like in a RPG.

Throw in really awful dialogue, strange menu systems and a tutorial that skims over important aspects (I still don't know how to refill my treasure - it says my goblins will if it's in my area of influence, but they don't. Hm.)

So. Well. I'd keep away. I got it on sale and even now I feel massively cheated. Saying it lacked charm would be an understatement.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 2 April 2012
This came out a long time ago but amazon asked for a review so here it is . I got this from amazon on the day of release and as soon as i installed it their were patches waiting for it ? My high tech games rig can run the best games around at max settings but this game crashed so many times i only carried on using it because i paid for it. With lots of patience i did eventually finish it but thats only because i am stubborn and am not going to let bad programming beat me. My low spec second pc cant run it , you press a movement key and wait ages for a response . To say i am dissapointed would be an understatemnt and because of its performance i am now weary of buying anything else made by the same company which is a real shame because this could be a one off case of bad programming , that said my money is staying in my pocket. I am sorry guys i just cant recommend this and if you think i made this up its still on my pc to show how bad it performs.
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