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on 21 September 2011
When I bought this I was aware it was probably over priced. But it's not often you can afford something as aesthetically pleasing as this. So it was worth that bit more. I bought it a few days ago and it's never been off, BBC6 fantastic. The sound is good, I'm a hi-fi guy but I kinda miss those early days of listening to punk on the radio, though the sound is crystal clear. I stay in a flat and the volume played high fills the place. There is no distortion at full level but I will probably buy the other speaker for stereo sound. Verdict a good buy. Go on....
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on 5 March 2012
This is an excellent and fun DAB radio reminiscent of an early 50s Marshall guitar amp. Sound quality is very good and powerful with minimal distortion due, no doubt, to 7W RMS into 3 inch drivers in ported enclosures (a lot of radios manage with about 1W RMS and 2 inch or less speakers with very inefficient closed back enclosures). Reception seemed quite good, pulling in all the stations available in my area with high signal quality with the whip antenna fully extended. The additional speaker gives you detailed stereo as well as a boost in power output. It has inputs for auxiliary equipment via a standard 3.5 mm jack socket, an output at line level and headphones also via similar sockets as well as the socket for the auxiliary speaker. The build quality is sturdy and the display clear. The eternal power pack is built into the mains plug and is very compact. The covering of black vinyl is strong and there are no edges visible to come loose. In addition, although all DAB radios have their complexities, this one is easy to tune once you've figured it out from the very clear instructions. There are just five directly available presets with another 25 via a press button and sequential knob selection, they cover FM and DAB so no need to change bands when using them. Textscan means that scrolling text can be paused and controlled as well as stored. It has a kitchen timer, an alarm which is loud enough, and a sleep timer. You can get the radio to come on instead of the alarm, with a station of your choice, in the alarm mode. The alarm cannot be accessed from battery power however as this mode switches the radio off rather than to standby.

What does it lack? Well there's no tone controls so you can't boost bass or treble when listening quietly. It has no proper iPod dock so you have to rely on the auxiliary socket and the iPod display and controls. There are no AM wavebands. There is no external aerial socket, which is odd considering that the earlier version had one into which the whip aerial plugged, the aerial on this one is a screw in fixture. There are no additional DAB features like traffic and so on, just basic station selection with the text display. There is no cable management for the extra speaker but this is all too common with portable gear which seldom has any means of controlling the leads which dangle therefrom and get in the way, sometime creating a safety hazard. There is no provision for standard batteries or standard rechargeables and the specific rechargeable is a bit pricey, although probably cheaper than non rechargeables in the long run.

I give it four stars because of these minor criticisms and the fact that, for the price, it is rather a basic set, although for me this has the advantage of no nonsense operation as I find most of the usual DAB features quite irrelevant.

So a basic set, a bit over priced, but with a high power and quality output and a very sturdy build.

PURE EVOKE-1S Marshal, Portable DAB/FM Radio with Unique Marshall Styling for EVOKE-1S Marshall
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on 28 December 2008
After receiving this radio at Christmas, I have been thoroughly impressed with it. I think the sound quality is very good and lives up to the luxurious wood finish. It is simple to use and can be set up to your preferences quickly; with thirty presets being more than enough. I bought this model over the similar Pure 1-XT due to the ingenious snooze handle and would recommend it to anyone who would use it as a bed-side radio.
By Chris Perrett.
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on 19 February 2008
My son had the Evoke XT1 bought as a Christmas present and I was impressed with it. I searched high and low for one but everywhere was sold out.I spotted this model on Amazon and purchased it and I'm glad I did,
The quality of sound is very good and it is so easy to use,
Price is right too. All round excellent value.
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on 7 February 2009
Excellent product. Pure sound and DAB reception is faultless, built in aerial not required at any time. Deep true sound, quite unexpected from a speaker of this size.
Overall superb. Recommend buying the battery pack as this gives a good months worth of extensive use off one charge
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on 22 March 2013
I bought my Pure DAB radio in 2010 and up to mid morning of 17 Mar 2013 it was working fine. But then the radio decided that it's software needed to be upgraded and displayed the message "Upgrade (revA)" in it's window. Nothing on the radio now worked. So I looked up the advice on the website and had to follow the instructions to connect the radio to my PC, download the latest software and install it. This process finally finished with the radio saying that the upgrade process was a success and it would now reboot.

The radio has been DEAD ever since.

I contacted Pure support and they told me that the radio was out of the warranty period and I would have to buy a new radio.

So don't buy one of these, unless of course you are happy to buy a new one in 3 years time.
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on 6 June 2009
We've had this for over a year. We love. Does exactly what we hoped it would. Great battery life. Clear signal. Good to look at and two satisfying dials.

Looks even better at this price.
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on 5 August 2010
This is my first dab radio so I didn't know what to expect. Setting up and tuning the radio is easy, the tone is excellent, and the wood gives it a stylish appearance. I've not used the radio on FM because I get DAB clearly, with no hissing sounds. I didn't buy the extra speaker because the radio is very load.

I havant used the alarm yet, I've only give it 4 stars because of the batterys, when I got the radio I brought E1 chargerpack which is expensive, so I could use the radio in other rooms and outside in my garden. ( The radio won't take normal batterys)

Over all I am very happy with this radio.
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on 21 September 2012
I bought this little radio four years ago and it revived radio for me. There are very few tasks that are not made better by the nearby sounds of a radio chatting away (cooking, gardening, having a bath...). In fairness, this particular model has served me faithfully for 3.5 of those 4 years and for that, I thank it. Yes, the sound is a bit muffly, yes the dimming function on the display can be a bit erratic but as I am prepared to turn up the volume to negate the muffle and ignore the dimming (or not) these little quirks have not irked me in the slightest.

However, the last six months my Pure radio and I have been having what I would describe as relationship issues. It started with a disagreement about volume. I thought it might be nice if I could hear him over and above the oven fan and so I thusly adjusted the volume knob to a little higher. Clearly, this upset the poor little blighter a great deal as he clicked, shut down and the proceeded to boot back up - once restarted the volume was still set at my higher level so he restarted once more, and again, and again in a terrible loop, never giving me the chance to give in and turn the volume down before he rebooted. Finally, I pulled the plug. I now have to sneak a higher volume in by adjusting it one level at a time, leaving 15-30mins between adjustments for him to get used to the new (higher) level. Even then he doesn't always comply - though he can be more accommodating if he's already been on for an hour or so before I start.

As if to punish me for my sneaky ways he's started having some of his own... he now refuses to tune to a new channel if I take the shortcut and press one of the pre-set buttons to select it. He just waits around "tuning" and not saying a word forever until I resort to the old plug switchy-offy. He'll only tune if I search for the new channel via the little tune knob.

Plugging an iPod in is also a big no no. Perhaps he feels threatened by an iPod as his sound quality is significantly worse this way and the max volume is only 30% or so of his normal max volume.

I've been left wondering to myself what I really get out of having to pamper a radio quite so much and so I'm here to replace him for a younger model (though he doesn't know it). Before I do so I thought I'd take the time to review the old one.

If you are prepared to buy another in a couple years' time this can be a lovely little radio. If you want one to last, you may do as well to look elsewhere.
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on 13 September 2010
I bought this radio as a gift for my boyfriend recently, specificially for use in the kitchen. He is quite a discerning techy type so I was abit worried about choosing something electronic for him, but he thinks it's great.. Reception is fantastic, very clear and crisp, and it looks very smart. I want one. Would recommend it.
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