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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 17 November 2008
This is a fantastic double CD set. All the hits and an excellent disc 2 of other songs. And the box set is rather snazzy.

The track listing shown here on Amazon and virtually everywhere else is inaccurate. The first CD of this set has exactly the same listing as the single CD of Decade In The Sun so no one is getting shortchanged. It has 20 tracks kicking off with Dakota and ending with Handbags and Gladrags - exactly the same as the single CD album.

The second disc contains a host of other great tracks.

If you're a Stereophonics and thinking about getting this double CD set, buy it.
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on 5 December 2008
Six studio album's in the best of stereophonics decade in the sun single disc and deluxe edition may seem premature but theres enough quality spread out with their best moments on disc 1 with tracks like "Have a nice day", "Local Boy in the photograph", "Pick a part thats new" sounding fresh and uplifting as ever which is evenly balanced by the last track "Handbags and Gladrags" a lovely song made even sweeter by Kelly Jones gritty impassioned vocals.

Disc 2 on this deluxe edition of decade in the sun is a much needed added boost to disc one as it contains enough rarities, live tracks and b-sides that makes listening to the box set worth while especially the tom Jones collaberation of "Mama told me not to come",and with Jools holland "im alright (you gotto go there to come back) first time i ever saw your face", and the two tracks from the thousand tree's and from more life in a tramps vest ep's "i stopped to fill my car up carrot cake and wine" and "Bill Davey's Daughter Raymond's shop"

I felt myself that i just had enough education in not perfoming but to go out and pay that little bit extra for this deluxe box set as this has a lot more to it than the single disc best of.

Like Manic Street Preachers before them they don't make bands like these anymore.
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on 23 January 2011
Stereophonics are one of those bands where the listener doesn't quite realize just how many songs they know well enough to actually sing along to. One of those rare bands whose songs are so infectiously catchy that even if you're a non-fan or casual listener you'll still find yourself humming along to a track you previously thought you'd never heard before when you read the title on the tracklisting.

First of all there is a difference between a Greatest Hits and a Best Of album. This was an oversight by the record company, as this album is a Greatest Hits collection. Any long-term Phonics fan will confirm that many of the band's best material were not released as singles and therefore don't make the cut here. However it's an oversight which can be forgotten about quite quickly because the band did indeed choose their singles very wisely, there is not really a bad song on the entire LP and it makes for a 'Greatest Hits' which is steadier than that of rock bands with far more reputation and ego.

Most casual fans would probably say off the top of their head they know 3 or 4 Stereophonics songs, maybe one or two of those well enough to sing along with if they had to. However, when listening to the LP you'll indeed be shocked. Starting with the band's biggest overall hit, summer 2005 anthem "Dakota", the band then leap into 1999's "The Bartender And The Thief" before the amazing "Just Looking". Then we get 2001's misunderstood feelgood hit "Have A Nice Day", which is an incredibly cynical song about American life dressed up in a summer acoustic bounce to fool the listener into thinking it's a happy tune.

"Local Boy In The Photograph" is a long-time classic now and it's immediately followed up by 2003's epic "Maybe Tomorrow" which sees Jones' voice in excellent form. By the time you hit the halfway point on "I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio" you'll have remembered you know about half the album's tracks.

We get two new tracks here, too. The soft but not great "You're My Star" is a worthy effort but not worthy of being on their best of collection for sure, and "My Own Worst Enemy" - a track which will remind you why Stereophonics are suddenly relevant in the rock scene again after disappearing for a few years at the start of the millenium decade. This is indeed one of their finest rock performances to date.

Kelly Jones possesses one of the trademark voices of the rock scene today, his hacksaw tainted vocals sound never-more-impressive than when they're towering over a building guitar riff and in the last five years the band have rediscovered the rock drive which has resulted in some of their best material to date. In the follow-up to this album the band released a new LP, "Keep Calm And Carry On" which saw them create another 5 tracks which could have made this collection.

Stereophonics are perhaps unfairly tagged in the rock industry and not givent the credit they deserve, but in listening to this album one thing remains constant throughout, Stereophonics ultimately have the last laugh. The proof is in the quality of the songs, and any Greatest Hits collection where a casual listener can sing along with half the LP is indeed a great achievement.
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on 10 November 2008
I love the band, I love the albums. Not a massive fan of this release. It's got the songs which you will hear on the radio, but to the fans who love the albums as albums, its not a great investment. Starting with the most popular songs and going down pretty much. Not how I would have ordered it, if anything, start with the oldest and then show the audio progression in the sound. The new songs are good, however, as anyone who has the You're My Star single, they will tell you that the b-side is their preferred track! Forever should be on there, and it isn't!

A good christmas present for a casual fan who likes hearing their stuff on the radio, massive fans, make your own playlists!
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on 23 September 2011
Despite being one of the UK's biggest rock bands over the past 15 years, Stereophonics have never been the darlings of the music press. "Meat and potatoes rock" has been a common complaint to which the band responded in the early noughties with the acerbic Mr. Writer. In recent years, being known as Wayne /Rooney's favourite band has further dampened their critical reputation though maybe it's time to cast aside such prejudices...

Yes it's definitely worth just listening to the music as most of the tracks on A Decade In The Sun are excellent. A non-chronological compilation, the highlights range from the early, crunchy guitars of Local Boy In the Photograph and The Bartender And The Thief to the fuller much-derided sounds of Step On My Old Size Nines and Maybe Tomorrow from LPs three and four. Reacting to this more layered template, the `Phonics returned to the electric guitar and an artier rock direction for their next LP Language, Sex, Violence, Other? This spawned their first number one single Dakota with the other two tracks featured fitting in much better on ADITS than on LSVO which was a bit overbearing in one listen.

So, this is a compilation which definitely benefits from being non-chronological. It also benefits from featuring one of the best singers in rock. Kelly Jones' gravelly voice can transform some of the band's s more mundane material into the worth recording category. Not that there's much mundane on A Decade in the Sun as you would expect for a compilation. ADITS is a superb overview of the first 10 years' recording of one of the best and most unfairly derided indie rock bands of the 90s and noughties. Definitely time to cast those critical prejudices aside...
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on 3 July 2016
Bought at full cost, My reviews are based on honest truth meaning the good, the bad and the ugly where appropriate. Music of any sort is a matter for the listener. Discovered through TV soundtrack. Most of the CD, to my taste is well worth listening to. I have some hearing issues so actually hearing the wording / lyrics is sometimes difficult but the music is easy to listen to. Quite a lot of this CD was actually quite clear. Played in the background whilst video editing, reading or similar is quite relaxing. Worth buying but do the rounds to get the best value
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on 23 August 2015
None of my friends would call the Stereophonics their favourite band. However, they all like them. It us a curiousity, the Stereophonics have that 'below the radar' feel and there is no rhyme or reason to that. Take, for example, this album. It is as good a selection of modern songwriting and music as you will ever find. Catchy tunes, proper lyrics, nicely balanced, as we would say 'crafted'. Kelly Jones has one of the most sublime voices that you will find; it is the focal point in their songs, either soft and emotional or strong and every bit the rock front man. For those less familiar with the Stereophonics, you will find song after song on here that you recognise. Class act, every bit of the way, and possibly the best group that you never really noticed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 June 2014
I'm not a massive fan and I bought this because it's a bargain. A CD with 20 tracks and free auto rip for the mp3 download for £3 is a snip. And to be honest, I'm enjoying it. I thought I only knew a couple of tracks, but I soon realised quite a few are familiar. And it gets better with every play. Some raw vocals and good solid music. It's a great addition.
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on 24 December 2008
What makes a good 'best of' album? A stomping romp through all the bands key songs which highlight their songwriting capability? excellent voices and musical abilities? The ability to take you back to each and every time you first heard their songs? YES.

Thats what I think, and that why I have given this album 5 stars.

The 18 tracks we know & love are on here (including Handbags which is a nice treat) and two new tracks, You're My Star and My Own Worst Enemy. Both great songs, YMS is well written and obviously from the heart about Kelly Jones' daughters, and MOWE is cowritten by Adam Zindani and Kelly Jones and is a rocking track which has become a firm favourite of mine.

I would highley reccommend this album for fans and non-fans who will become fan after listening to this.
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on 5 August 2015
Came fairly late to this group , I often take a while and a long listen before I will take to a group , in this case it was tracks like Dakota and You're A Star that won me over . On this album are another 8-10 very good tracks , the rest are ok to me , although its always a matter of taste. A band with a very distinctive sound but with enough variety to keep it interesting . One of those albums without which no collection can ever be called complete
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