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4.8 out of 5 stars600
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2013
Bought Arctic this Cooling MX-4 4g Thermal Compound, for the
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler I bought from here also

to compliment an old intel socket 775 quad core (these things get hotter than h*ll if not fitted properly)
the quad core had recently been treated with arctic silver 5, again a great compound although AS5 can be corrosive and damage your board if spilled, The CPU is not overclocked and is running 35 degrees idle and under 45 degrees on full load, it has only reached 56 degrees during extensive torture testing and benchmarking with a 10% overclock applied (all cpu's of all ages should run no hotter than around 70 degrees on a maximum load - any higher replace your cooler and get this pronto),

Pro's & Cons

MX4 isn't as corrosive or as messy as AS5
MX4 is as good as AS5 although some might get a degree or 2 cooler with AS5 under full load as I did
MX4 doesn't take an age to cure, you see the improvements within a few hours instead of days/weeks

Application (Important for those first time users)

Never use a spatula or your finger to spread a thermal paste on the CPU. (This contaminates the paste)
Always put a small pea-size compound on it and let the pressure of the heat sink spread it. Also don't twist it.
That way there is less risk of trapping air and creating an uneven layer between the CPU and the heat sink.

If it is your first time applying a cooling compound you should watch a video for basic instructions


This tube should be enough for 4-6 applications, remember to thoroughly remove all traces of the old compound before application and if you have purchased a new heat sink to clean any manufacturer pre-applied paste of also, as it is usually low budget cheap cr*p they supply with them.
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I have been using Arctic Cooling thermal compounds for over a decade on practically all my computer builds. It is only lately that I have also started using the Noctua NT-H1 for those very demanding CPUs and GPUs. However this comes at a price.

Now the MX-4 claims to be even better than the Noctua, (as seen in the photo) yet some would agree that this is not the case. Having said that the difference in thermal dissipation between the two is minimal.

I still use use Arctic Cooling on 99.9% of my builds. It spreads easily, is non corrosive, cures in no time and lasts for years. Don't get me wrong, I'm no professional yet I do many computers builds for friends and gained some experience in the process:

A few tips:

• A little paste can go a long way. If you apply too much than you create an insulator rather than a conductor.
• Apply pea shaped but NOT pea sized. As Linus says, it should be the size of a grain of rice. Haswell E CPUs require a bit more
• Always make sure that the surface of the CPU is clean prior application. IPA 99.9% alcohol applied with a lint free cloth works best
• Take great care not to get any compound on braided water cooling (all in one) pipes. It will be very difficult to remove
Bottom line: The MX-4 is amongst the best thermal compounds available, offering excellent price to performance ratio
review image
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 June 2014
I've used and tested most of the popular brands of compound including the well know Arctic Silver 5, and a few Gelid ones too (GC-Extreme). In testing I've found very little real world difference in thermals between the MX-4 and AS5 or other comparable higher performance compounds. A degree or 2 at most it's a bit of a wash really not worth losing sleep over

MX-4 is touted as non electrically conducive, non corrosive, non bleeding and non curing. I did find AS5 can cure over extended use (6+ years not always but sometimes) to date the heat-sinks I've used with MX-4 has not shown any curing issues, though like any compound nothing is immune. AS5 also requires a burn in time where as MX-4 does not, and spreading the paste is much easier than the older MX-3 offering.

Application is quite easy, I recommend the "dot" application method simply apply a small pea sized dot to the middle of the CPU or area to be covered, when you fit the heat-sink this spreads out "without" trapping air or bubbles. Some also use multi dot just a couple of extra small dots outside the main one, it's not important to cover the entire area for a CPU just most of the central point.

Avoid overloading the paste, though this will fall out over the edges you can clean it up but it makes a bit of a mess.
If you are applying to a heatsink with groves like copper heat pipes you can prime this area with paste and scrape it off if required.

A good thermal paste and real world performance is excellent.
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on 13 September 2015
Can't help feeling that expensive, branded thermal paste is all snake-oil. I got a new CPU recently, and in my excitement, decided to install it, despite finding I didn't have any thermal paste. So I just used the residue that remained stuck to the bottom of the CPU cooler that had been there for 6 years, which had originally come free with the cooler. It worked and I did some thermal benchmarks.

Meanwhile I ordered this Arctic Cooling product. I researched the best squeeze pattern / spreading techniques, to ensure I applied it correctly. (TL;DR for the curious: it really hardly makes any difference, but a large diagonal cross is among the best.) I pulled off my cooler, cleaned the surfaces with alcohol swabs, applied the paste as planned, reassembled, and re-ran the benchmarks.

5°C cooler? 10°C? Nope. *Exactly the same* as before. For me, this stuff was no better than the 6 year old residue of generic paste, and therefore a waste of money.
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on 2 July 2011
Got a good 8c drop after replacing the old TIM with the MX-4. I've managed to push my Phenom II X4 955 up to 3.50GHz.
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on 4 January 2012
Bought this to replace the standard thermal paste of my Dell laptop, running Sandy Bridge i7 quad core and nVidia GT 540M. Before and after average temperatures for CPU and GPU combined under reasonably controlled conditions are 56C vs. 43C at idle, and 94C vs. 83C at maximum load (running prime95 on 7 threads and FurMark on 1 thread and GPU). Idle and low use temperatures (like browsing the web) means that the fan is off, and combined with my SSD, my laptop now runs entirely silent.

That's a reduction of 11C. What more need I say?

The tube contains a fair amount of paste, enough for at least 4 or 5 applications I guess. I've done a paste replacement twice now, once to replace the standard Dell rubbish, and once again after a month to make sure I did it right the first time (I applied a little too much the first time). Temperatures before and after my second paste job varied only marginally, and could be contributed to ambient temperatures (since I did it over a month later).
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on 24 March 2011
I have only used it on PlayStation 3 at this point it's done a great job
since i haven't installed custom firmware i can't tell you about any temperature but my PlayStation 3 runs like new, although i think i might have used to much i used about 0.7-0.8g
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on 18 May 2012
I like to have things for a while before I sit down to write a review for them and I've had this Arctic Cooling MX-4 on my i5 2500k+ for around 2-3 months.

The Pros: Unfortunately I completely rebuilt the system this went into and so I don't have any comparison thermals, but it's being used with a rather cheap after market cooler and a i5-2500k sandy bridge processor in a well ventilated case and everything seems remarkably cool in comparison with the last system my i5 was in. I've also used it to fix an overheating Asus 1201N laptop and it's done this exceptionally well also, where it was idling at around 60-70 Celsius, it's now between 50 and 60 and has completely fixed the overheating issues I was having with the previous, stock thermal paste.

The Cons: None :)

The Meh: No extras, just the tube in a baggie. For some people this is going to be a turn off, for me it was perfect.
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on 3 July 2015
I bought this for a recent re-build of an old AMD phenom II X4 955 based pc, the old AMD can get quite hot (125Watt Tdp!!) when stressed for long periods of time. Previously when Initially installed this processor into it's old motherboard I used MX-2 compound which did a pretty decent job and the old Phenom would idle on air cooling at around 40c and peak around 60c when stressed, now it idle's around 28-34c and peaks around 48-52c all with the same 4yr old air cooler.
For an older hotter cpu this stuff really works :) now I can have the old girl play a few hours of Shadow of Mordor at high settings and not worry about a sudden overheat :) I thoroughly recommend this thermal compound and if can cool an old cpu like mine so well I'm sure those of you with siny new AMD FX or Intel Core i7 cpu's will see even lower temps.
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on 23 December 2014
I bought this Thermal Compound to be used for my 4 year old laptop. The laptop itself was running at 50C on the CPU and 45C on the GPU at idle with the pre-installed Compound and pad and a freshly cleaned fan and intake, however the problem was when I was running games when the CPU would sky rocket to 90C even on most games and most of the time caused it to shut down even with good airflow to the fan and a cleaned fan the GPU would mostly hit highs of 70-80C.
I used this to replace the dried up compound on my CPU and replace the worn out pad on my GPU. On first boot I checked the temps and the laptop was idling at 44C on both using High Performance state. So no high improvement over the old worn out stuff here.
However when playing a game where my laptop had began to fail, after applying MX-4 the temps where hugely improved. CPU during a game was idling at 60-63C and GPU was going around 50-58C which was s huge improvement, this also meant that the fan was hardly audible whilst in a game whereas before it was fairly loud.
Overall MX-4 is a good choice of compound to use, is a cheap option and helps to provide a good contact between the chip and heat sink, it does its job well.
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