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on 27 November 2010
Having waited anxiously for this new kinect game to arrive yesterday , unwrapping it , placing it in my Xbox 360 to load up and play i was immediately disappointed ..
the first thing that happened was trying to set up the game . in one instance my hands seemed to be crossed over and so the right and left seemed to be switched to opposite sides of the tv screen which resulted in frustration trying to navigate the menus..
After a painstaking few minutes setting up a game i was now ready to enjoy the game in one of the 10 events.
Archery was my first port of call....and this is where the disappointment set in. I could not aim straight to target the bull, my player was moving all over the place even though i was stood still!!!!
The next event was the tennis ... My avatar could not hit the ball everytime i swung my arm in the direction of the recieving ball , he seemed to crouch low down even though i was stood up ... after wasting another few minutes trying to figure out whether it was me or the game i decided to choose another event ....
Slalom... This event did look promising during the tutorial and practice and so after about 10 minutes perfecting the tricks i decided to go outright for the main event ... How wrong was I ??!!!!
The avatar simply kept carrering off to the right everytime i decided to accelerate forwards , the tricks would not work even though they did in practice...
By this stage of playing this game i was getting somewhat frustrated and initially thought it was the actual kinect sensor that was to blame ............ the missus even threatened to get rid it and my 360 in place of the Ps3 and the move attachment !!!!!!!!!! so i decided to google the game for review.
Most the reviews gave me a good idea that i was not alone in thinking this game is absolute pants !!!!!!!
let this be a warning to all the gamers who think about purchasing this .
Gamespot gave it a score of 3.0/10
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on 27 November 2010
Stay clear. I don't normally write reviews, but this game seems sooo bad. It's not worth a fiver.
Had high hopes of this after getting Kinect Sports, but its 1% as good.
Annoying menus, character selection, reacts irrationally, it's unresponsive at times, selects/does things when you don't want it to at other points...
You need to guess where to move your hand half the time in the menus, slightest jiggle starts selecting something else.
In games you get things like when trying to serve in tenis you throw the ball up to serve, go to hit it and find that apparently you already have. Boxing your left glove never appears to punch, volley ball reacts rubbish in comparison to version in kinect sports, kendo one action and the round is over. I recon this game will give Kinect a bad name.
Top ten of worst games ever IMO.
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on 29 November 2010
I was really excited to play this game. I decided to wait and get this game instead of getting the Kinect Sports... I really regret I did now! This game could have been great but it falls short from the fun and smooth kinect experience. Perhaps the only sport worth playing in the game is the boxing but that's if you can eventually manage to select it. But I must highlight this is not a Kinect problem Kinect itself is a great product... JUST DO NOT GET THIS GAME
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on 2 December 2010
if you own kinect sports, and you were thinking this game would be as much fun, then please think again. if you could get this game for a fiver, it would be four pound to much.Sports Island: Freedom - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)
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on 19 February 2011
I put off getting this game after reading all the bad reviews....but after getting fed up of same old games in kinect sports....decided to get it anyway.

We havent had any problems playing, find the menus easy to navigate and once you get used to the games, it is a lot of fun.

particulary enjoyed the ice skating, tennis is good, my hubby has mastered archery, and skiing and snowboarding are okay too.

I really dont think people have given this game a chance...and are complaining over trivial things. We play constantly and have had no problems !
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Ok -so I decided to give all the Kinect games a fair impartial trial by renting them in turn.
Menus are decidely fluttery, and this was actually worse the second time (I had trouble with the subsequent fluttery title I used so I'm thinking the light level on a foggy January morning, even with blazing bulbs, was the issue).

This does have a much wider variety of sports than the fave title, Kinect Sports - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)- such as archery, mogul skiing. Sadly the execution is poor because it's one of those over interpreted programming games. I'm starting to think that the best way to test a game is to reach over and do something else- in this case it served and hit my tennis ball while I was having a quick glug of coffee. I couldn't see the point of the mogul skiing either- where in theory your body should be reacting to the little hillocks by appropriately shifting your balance- stay upright and there are no penalties to your lack of movement- so what is the point of the sports game? The boxing again was fairly lame compared to the Kinect Sports version- it lacked intensity.

Your avatar is selected by the game- as a girlie I really didn't particularly want to be represented by blond Brian. Plus in the tennis my five foot two height was represented by Brian on his knees!

It seems that more care went into selling the game to Adidas as a means of product placement than actually designing the logic behind the gameplay. The variety of sports is the only plus point to this game, but overall I found it disappointing.
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on 13 December 2011
Having spent a good part of the weekend on this game I was surprised by the bad reviews... admittedly the I struggled with with menu issues that some people have mention. I re calibrate my kinect sensor and re scanned my profile and the game recognised me perfectly (no more menu problems). I haven't tried all the games yet but Archery, Tennis, Snowboarding and volleyball are really good fun to play. Would I have bought this game myself, probably not, but this is was a pretty nice surprise and worth a go...
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on 9 January 2011
Sorry, no other way to describe it - it's dreadful and should not really be on sale. I agree with all the other negative comments it is very dissapointing, not the concept but the technical implimentatio, I wish I could give it no stars. I am usually very reluctant to give negative feedback but in this case it's justified.
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on 14 August 2011
Compare this with Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports wins hands down. There are many drawbacks to this game. The game seems to have been rushed out without any thought, which is a shame, as it could of been a lot better. Changing the main player means ending the game and starting all over again! The menus can be difficult to use, but with practice can be ok. You have to change your avatar on every sport you pick and some of the sports don't feel realistic (such as ice skating and the skiing). However, archery and the paint-balling is great. The tennis is ok, but you only need to move your arms, this would be so much better if your could move your whole body. Again, this is worth a buy for the archery and paint-balling, but the tennis could of been better.
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on 27 December 2010
This is great in concept and could easily have been better than Wii Sport Resort, but the control lets it down greatly.

Having worked with games from alpha code, right through to release, I am very suprised to read so many reviews complaining about the poor control in this game and then to find out they are right. Dropping out of the game shows that the sensor is working fine, so I can only assume the game is to blame here. Hopefully this can be patched.

However, I am going to give this game points for fun, as some of the games are playable with patience and are fun. I agree with many of the reviews below that boxing and paintball seem to work okay, but also we found the snowboarding was fun and seem to also work well.
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