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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2011
I have to make a declaration here... I am a complete AB fan. **the** best band I have ever heard/seen.

When I saw AB3.5 was being released, there was no question over whether I was going to buy this. Straight onto the pre-order. But there is always that small niggle that wonders whether fans are being ripped off with a re-release of an existing album.

Be absolutely assured - this is an fantastic CD/DVD bundle.

The best way to think about ABIII.5 is as a DVD with a "free" CD chucked in - with 3 new tracks for good measure. The money alone for the DVD represents a great purchase, but to get 3 new tracks just shows how true AB are to their fans. Throwing in the rest of ABIII is just a bonus!

The DVD (and I really think this should have been marketed as a DVD) contains a full documentary all about AB - where they came from, what they stand for. Really great to see more about the band I follow so religiously. The documentary contains a good mixture of footage behind the scenes, extracts from concerts at Amsterdam, Anaheim. A very good spread of songs from the Blackbird and ABIII albums.

As for the CD, you get all of ABIII with three new songs - "Zero", "Home" and "Never Born to Follow". "Zero" would not be out of place on the "One Day Remains" album - back to the roots for me. "Home" definitely was on the list of possibles for ABIII - quite similar to "Isolation". "Never Born to Follow" is another classic deep and moody number. Could easily have sat in any of the AB albums.

Absolutely delighted with the purchase. Can't wait to see them on tour in November. The only disappointment is that AB are taking some time out for Creed duties. Hopefully they will be back stronger than ever....

5* - would have given 6 if I could :-)
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on 28 October 2011
This album is absolutely stunning. Although I personally prefer Blackbird this album is right up there with the greats. It is easy to see this is a loose concept album as it takes you on a journey through the downs (Slip to the Void, Isolation, I Know it Hurts, All Hope is Gone), the better times (Ghost of Days Gone By, Make It Right, Breathe Again), dealing with loss (Wonderful Life), and acceptance (Coeur D'Alene, Life Must Go On). The original album ended with the most poignant of songs - a discussion between two people about faith. This bonus version has three more fabulous songs, and if it were possible ends of an even more poignant song in Never Born To Follow. Add to this album a fantastic documentary (with an interesting little clip after the credits), and you couldn't ask for more. The original album was long at 14 songs - I couldn't believe my luck. I saw this (with three songs I have been longing for for 10 months) and I was pretty much speechless. One of the great rock albums, and hopefully soon Myles, Mark, Brian, and Scott will be given the recognition they deserve.
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VINE VOICEon 10 November 2011
I'm a big Alter Bridge fan, having seen them live a number of times and owning all their albums to date - One Day Remains, Blackbird, AB III and Live In Amsterdam. For me AB III was a disappointment after the two fantastic albums that preceded it. Isolation is instantly likeable and became one of my favourite AB tracks to date thanks to its hard-hitting main riff and catchy chorus but, despite the usual high quality lyrics, few other songs really stood out for me musically. I don't think I posted a review for it on Amazon but if I did it would be a 3 star album for me. However, this didn't deter me from purchasing AB 3.5 (or AB III.5 if you prefer that way) just for the promise of 3 bonus tracks and a documentary DVD. The 3 bonus tracks are all absolutely fantastic and in my opinion much stronger than a vast majority of the 14 tracks on the original release. The behind-the-scenes documentary is also worth watching as it provides a great insight into the band. Overall, 4 stars - not the full 5 because my view for the rest of the album still remains but the additional content is undoubtedly brilliant.
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on 4 January 2012
Another late review, as with the first two albums I bought AB's latest offering upon release (and later AB III.5) with high expectations. These days it's rare you can say an album exceeds your expectations but AB III did just that; this is nothing short of sublime.
From the deliciously creepy, then explosive opening of Slip To The Void and the heavy drive of Isolation through to the soaring Breathe Again and Life Must Go On before drawing to a close with the remarkable Words Darker Than Their Wings, this is the best album you'll hear for a long time; there's not a bad track on it.
Kennedy has never sounded better (that scream at the end of Breathe Again is electrifying!), the rhythm section is on another plane and Tremonti's guitar work continues to amaze me. If anyone is still labouring under the illusion that Alter Bridge is just Creed 2.0, you don't know what you're missing. One Day Remains was a stunning opener, Blackbird cemented that they were here to stay but this is head and shoulders above both. Best album of 2011 and I reckon this will be among my top albums of the decade. Awesome!
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on 28 October 2010
Not often does an album have to live up to the amount of hype that ABIII does. But then again, not many bands have such a fantastic back record, and are widely regarded as the most underrated band in rock today. Having been a fan since 2005 (thanks WWE), and having listened to ODR and BB almost religiously, I was a little apprehensive about the new CD. Could the boys make it a perfect trifecto?

The most noticeable thing about this album is that its dark. Very dark. Darker than a dodgy alleyway. For a lot of the older fans of what I'll call grin-rock, this might throw you off a little. Track 1 - Slip to the Void starts with Kennedy's haunting voice over very little guitar, before launching into some kickass riffery. Isolation (the first single) provides a little more of the sing-a-long rock we've grown accustomned too, as does track 3 (Ghosts of days gone by).

It's here I think the album hits a bit of a lull, because once again we go back to the darker theme, and less heavy guitars. By no means are tracks 4 & 5 bad, but I don't think they will appeal to older fans so much. Less guitar, more vocals, and an overall depressing sound kinda lets them down slightly.

Wonderful life (track 7) is built of massive mainstream appeal should it ever get released, and really showcases Kennedy again as a vocalist. Its clearly the In loving Memory of this album, but a more refined version. It truely is a beautiful song, and easily worth the price of the album on its own. I know it Hurts (track 8) follows up with some hard-rockery, a song for the headbangers of the earth. If anything it completely changes the basis of the album, from being too emotional.

I'll skip over to the end now for my favourite two tracks on the album; Life must go on & Words darker than their wings. The former will again appeal to fans of the previous two albums, with a fantaastic chorus, an upbeat sound and Kennedy never doing anything wrong on "dem vocals". The latter of the two actually showcases Tremonti as a vocalist. The track is supposed to be a conversation between Tremonti and Kennedy. They tried something new, and it works well.

I won't lie, this album threw me a little at first. I was used to the happy sounds of Blackbird, and its taken a few lsitens to really understand where this album is coming from. But now I'm there I fully recommend it. There is somethig for everyone here, and I hope this is the album that finally introduces Alter Bridge to a wider audience. Because after 3 flawless albums, they deserve some recognition.
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on 11 October 2010
Somethings you wait for, the weight of expectation is a burden. The fear that it won't live up to what YOU want it to be or that it doesn't have the same 'magic'. Alter Bridge III had the 'impossible' task of following the breathtaking, brilliant 'Blackbird' album. These last few weeks snippets have appeared here and there (plus the full album release on NME site) that whet the appetite...

Whilst the nation is glued to X-Factor, and if Simon Cowell will discover another 18 month oxygen thieving, headline stealing, limited talent 'singer', those who have this album (and the first two) know what REAL talented muscicians are.

Myles, Mark, Flip and Brian may not be splattered across the front of some cheap, daily tabloid every other day, but they don't need to be. They let their music do the talking. And f£$k me does it TALK :)

AB III has depth to it and 14 quality songs. A good mix of heavier moments, interlaced with fine melodic choruses. There is more definite progression on this album as the band grow. As every good band should they try something new; 'Slip To The Void' stunning opening track and sets the tone for the album, and they give the fans what they want with tracks like 'Fallout', 'Wonderful Life', 'Words Darker Than Their Wings'.

'Ghost of Days Gone By' has that happy sing-a-long feel to it; 'Coeur d'Alene' spits and growls out its riff. I can only describe this band as having that 'missing' ingredient, that so many bands search for. Take one pinch of Myles Kennedy, add a slab of Mark Tremonti and bind it together with Flip and Brian (the cooking analogy is for my sis!!) leave them in the studio for a couple of months, and you get AB III. DELICIOUS!!

Alter Bridge don't do disappointment, mediocre or average. Leave that to X-Factor! Thank you Alter Bridge for another BRILLIANT album.
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on 23 November 2013
A brilliant combination of a CD and DVD giving a double bonus for all fans of Alterbridge..This is an excellent album as is the DVD which showed the band at its best performing a great selection of material..The cameras were all well placed for exceptional shots of the band and the sound is perfect..The CD too is true Alterbridge at their true best and a must have for your collection if your a fan of Myles Kennedey's vocals and the guitar playing of Mr Mark Tremonti...Excellent double package that id strongly recommend without reservation..
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on 28 August 2013
Good album. Good songs. Good band members. Fabulous Myles Kennedy. However somethings missing, a listen to once album but unfortunately not over and over again. *** if it wasn't for Myles Kennedy but **** for his blinding vocal talent.
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on 16 June 2014
If you have heard a few of Alter Bridge you will find many song on this album to keep you going.

This is always one of my top 5 cd's in the car, especially on long drives.

The DVD is not too bad, but not a deal breaker in my opinion.
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on 20 September 2013
ABIII is an amazing modern hard rock masterpiece. But it has one flaw: the production. The sound is too dense, and it took me a very long time to get passed this and really start enjoying the songs on this album.
So, although it took a long while to grow on me, one thing stood out, and that is the strength of the songs. Breathe Again, Slip To The Void, I Know It Hurts, every song is a winner! Fourteen songs, and I love every one! I am afraid I cannot say the same about releases by Creed, Black Stone Cherry or Soundgarden, which are all comparable to Alter Bridge, but I can for ABIII, and to an almost equal extent, Blackbird and One Day Remains. You can only imagine my excitement for the upcoming Fortress (eek...NINE DAYS!!).
Myles Kennedy is without a doubt the best rock singer of this generation, his voice is indescribable. His voice on Ghosts Of Days Gone By and Wonderful Life are world class amazing. Closing track Words Darker Than Their Wings even features Mark Tremonti, and lyrically and musically it is a masterpiece.
I have a great difficulty reviewing this album, as I love pretty much everything about it (aside from the production values), and I cannot pick highlights, without picking every single track!
However, my favourite song could very well be I Know It Hurts. Its just a straightforward rocker, perhaps the most unambitious song musically, but the chorus is ridiculously catchy and I find the lyrics uplifting.
This is a pretty flimsy review, I know, but Alter Bridge are, for me, the greatest band on the planet right now and they deserve at least one more five star review!
Now all I need to do is get me some Mayfield Four, Tremonti's All I Was, the live DVD's and Fortress. This band has kept rock alive for me, and I am so grateful!
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