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4.6 out of 5 stars352
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 28 November 2012
Since the first film came out I've been a huge fan. I've watched each and every one several times over with the first being my personal favorite. So you can imagine the gleaming happy face i had when my girlfriend bought me this box set in blu-ray format last week. I've watched each movie at least twice since then and i'll probably watch one again tonight and as for my girlfriend who was not a huge fan, i have converted her (probably because it's always on TV and the brainwashing effect has worked).

First off the box set has 4 discs, each has the blu-ray movie on it in glorious high definition. The image quality along with the audio to match makes this box set one of the best and highest quality box sets around. The movies are as good as they get when it comes down to movies and if you're asking yourself DVD or blu-ray? My honest advice is to go blu-ray as there is a difference especially when watching on a big screen (ideally plasma). Also buying the blu-ray box set you will future proof your collection, in fact the only downside to the box set is that the saga is not yet finished with them still making movies, but that's hardly a reason not to buy it.

PROS: Excellent quality both in terms or audio and visual effects, region free edition meaning it will work anywhere in the world, excellent value for money, better than DVD especially for deep colours and high action scenes.

CONS: I honestly fail to see any other than the fact that i'm still waiting for the next film to be released....arrr!

VERDICT: If like my you're a Resident Evil fan and want the 1-4 collection then get this you won't be disappointed. As for which edition to go for DVD vs Blu-ray .. get the blu-ray version as you'll be glad you did when you sit down to watch it.... you may even convert your other half like i did!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ... especially for fans!
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on 22 November 2012
Blu Ray Extras Review.

Not a review of the movies as if you like them then I'm sure you'll buy this set as the price is amazing. Now for the ridiculously low price of £10.99 for 4 Blu Ray films I expected no extra features.. boy was I wrong so here they are listed for anyone who wants to know:

Resident Evil:
2 Audio Commentaries
12 Featurettes
Alternate Ending with Video Introduction by Director
Music Video: Slipknot My Plague

Resident Evil: Apocalypse
3 Audio Commentaries
9 Featurettes over 2 sections
20 Deleted Scenes
4 Trailers (for other movies)

Resident Evil: Extinction
Audio Commentary
4 Featurettes
11 Deleted Scenes
4 Trailers (2 video game, 2 for other movies)
Resident Evil Degeneration Trailer (Animated Movie)
Under the Umbrella - Picture in Picture Experience

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Undead Vision - Picture in Picture Experience
Audio Commentary
7 Featurettes
8 Extended / Deleted Scenes
Sneak Peak of Resident Evil: Damnation (Animation Movie)
5 Trailers (for other movies)

A special extra bonus in my opinion is Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine in 2 of the movies!!! Almost forgot to concentrate on the serious nature of the movies when she came on screen... ;o)
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on 19 August 2011
The Resident Evil franchise offers an interesting take on the idea of Zombies, yes they are still mindless shambling human flesh eaters, but this somehow shifts the horror to the Umbrella Corporation. The zombies are still horrific, but they aren't the enemy. They just get in the way of the heroes and Heroines in getting to the real bad guys!
As its set in modern times you could almost imagine it was real. The special effects are great too!
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on 27 September 2011
I would totally recommend this boxset to anyone who hasn't seem the resident evil films, the only 1 I'd seen previously was the first film years ago. After watching the 4th movie on Sky Movies earlier this year I was keen to see the other films. I don't usually like films derived from games but the resident evil franchise seems to hit the spot! Its got excellent special effects, the acting is good & the story lines are excellent too. I haven't played any of the games as I'm not a 'gamer' so I can't comment on whether the films do the games justice or not, but if you like a good sci-fi yarn then this is the boxset for you. Reasonably priced & an excellent quick delivery from Amazon as usual =D
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on 9 September 2012
I bought these four films because for only £10 it was too good an opportunity to miss.
To be honest I wasn't expecting much from the original RE. I was wrong. I'd forgotten how good
the original film was. Allowing for its age it's very good indeed. All of them, particularly when
compared to the complete junk that most games to movies are, are very good.
Complete rubbish of course, I hope, but very well produced and enjoyable. Any games company
planning to allow a film version of one of its products would be well advised to insist the
director watches these versions first to see what can be done.
Owners of the Halo franchise please take note.
Recommended to anyone who, like me, has a soft spot for old fashioned, in your face, Sci-Fi
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on 19 January 2013
I'm a Resident Evil Fan so when i saw this package and the price I could not resist. All movies look and sound perfect. Way better than the DVD's The price is what really convinced be to purchase product sense i live in the US ( our dollar sucks) and it is much costly to buy each movie. I would recommend to all RSE Fans
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on 1 October 2012
Great package of movies for a Saturday night; feet up on the sofa, get the beers in, order a pizza and you are sorted! Milla Jovoich is a one-woman army, killing zombies right left and centre to save humanity from the evils of the Umbrella Corporation and their virus. The four discs are packaged up in a normal size DVD case, with an outer card slip-over cover, and complete with loads of bonus features including commentaries, making of docs, featurettes, music videos etc.
Yes, it's all brain-dead stuff, but sometimes we all need to switch off for a while and chill out, and with these movies you really can't go wrong.
With a forth sequel now in cinemas, and writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson promising one final outing for Alice and co. , this is an excellent VFM way of playing catch-up with this highly successful sci-fi horror franchise.
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on 10 February 2016
This is a review more on the films themselves than the boxset. The boxset itself I can't find anything to complain about. You get all the films as advertised with each on its own disk. If this is what you were looking for, you'll be happy I suppose. Yadda yadda.

As a big fan of the Resident Evil games, it was more of curiosity that made me watch these films. I saw the first two when I was younger, but never watched beyond that. It was only recently I decided to purchase this and watch the rest (apart from 5: Retribution of course). I did try and enjoy them for their own merits and watch them with a fresh mind and perspective. Sadly, I just didn't find the films very good. In fact, they're pretty terrible.

Resident Evil: A woman named Alice wakes up with amnesia, only to soon be captured by Special Forces. They take her along on their mission to shut down a rogue AI in an underground laboratory called the Hive where a deadly virus has been released, turning all the employees into mutant zombies. This one in my opinion is probably the only somewhat decent film of the film franchise. It does feature good moments of suspense and it has a good atmosphere, with the beginning containing subtle references to the mansion in the first game and most of the film taking place in the claustrophobic halls of the Hive lab. Even though the Hive and many of the other elements were never in the games, the film does a pretty stand-up job of capturing the tension of roaming unwarily around hallways, unaware of what's going to pop out next. It has tight pacing and doesn't feel like it drags too long in one place and even has a great ending to boot. Thankfully, this is before a lot of the huge problems of the later films begin to surface. Unfortunately, like the later films, the characters are bland as cardboard, apart from the feisty Michelle Rodriquez who puts in an excellent performance as Rain. Unlike the STARS members or other characters from the games, you never feel like these characters share a friendship or bond with each other and just end up making me tap my watch wondering when they will inevitably get eaten. Most dialogue is centered around "Do this, do that, bla bla." Most of the characters end up getting killed off very early in the film in one scene, which is a shame as I felt that more could have been accomplished with them to make the viewers care for them. But overall, it was a decent shot at adapting Resident Evil to live action even if it wasn't particularly good. Compared to videogame films like Doom or Alone in the Dark, the first Resident Evil is perhaps one of the only movies that at least tried.

Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse: Picking up almost immediately from the last film, Apocalypse follows what happens when all of the creatures from the Hive are released into Raccoon City and proceed to start a zombie apocalypse. Alice joins forces with the few survivors of the outbreak as they all attempt to escape the city before it gets nuked. As entertaining as this entry was, it was of much lower quality than the first film. This one focuses more on action and explosions. These were fun for maybe the first half of the movie but with forgettable characters and a bad plot (The cause of the Raccoon incident being that Umbella apparently cannot lock a giant door when they clearly know lots of monsters are behind it, Alice being the center of the world with all characters revolving around her, crying Nemesis and Umbrella somehow passing a nuclear explosion off as a reactor meltdown), it starts to get real old real quick. You can see they tried to insert some of the game characters there like Jill and Carlos, but their personalities are nothing like their game counterparts, they're as boring and underdeveloped as the movie characters and only seem to be there to meet Alice and support her existence. There's even token black character: LJ, who acts as comic fodder! On the other hand, it was nice to at least see a live action zombie apocalypse of Raccoon City on high budget so I suppose it's worth a watch just for that. But, aforementioned problems and the Godpowers ending foreshadow why this movie series should have stopped with the second movie.

Resident Evil 3 - Extinction: Taking place sometime after the events of Apocalypse, Extinction follows the adventures of Alice across Nevada as she tries to help a band of survivors reach the supposed safety of infection-free Alaska whilst braving crazed hillbillies, killer crows and the Z's, but not before the big bad Umbrella corporation try to capture her again for their clone experiments to domesticate the zombies. This is when it starts to get awful, to be honest. The story is worse than the previous film, which whilst not good, still had a narm-charm quality to it that still made it watchable. The zombie infection still spreads from Raccoon City to the world in a matter of weeks (I guess this makes the Umbrella nuking the city plot from the second film rather pointless in hindsight) and the T Virus has also turned everywhere into a desert and dried up all the lakes and oceans (I don't quite get it either). It makes as much sense as Umbrella trying to control the zombies to make them more effective weapons, I don't know who in a post apocalypse would really be bothered about buying B.O.W's. Claire Redfield and Albert Wesker get introduced, but they suffer just as Jill and Carlos did. The setting and environments, which worked well for films such as Mad Max, are just completely alien to Resident Evil and it's hard to figure out just what kind of zombie film this is supposed to be. With Alice's superpowers, a world ruined, Umbrella seemingly able to continue their pointless experiments in making weapons for nobody but themselves and Alice clones, the writers seem to have written themselves into a proverbial corner. The film could honestly be renamed to something else and you wouldn't know it was supposed to be Resident Evil. It's not even that it barely resembles the games, it's just a really poor effort of a film with its shoddy story, Michael Bay movie effects and dull characters.

Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife: Seemingly realizing the corner the have painted themselves into, the writers of Afterlife do their best to figure out how to continue the plot thread of Alice's god powers, clones and a world turned to desert. After the prologue of the film, gone are the clones, superpowers and the deserts with cities going back to their original zombie infested selves. In some respects, I like this decision, but it's accomplished so lazily it really shows what a literal zombie this film series has become in that it refuses to stay dead. Anyways, the main story is that after Alice destroys Umbrella, she goes back to travelling by herself and looking for survivors. She goes to Alaska where everybody went in the last film but finding nobody but Claire, they head to Los Angeles and encounter some new survivors in a prison. Zombies soon start to break in, and it's a race to get out of the prison to somewhere safer and take down Umbrella who created these zombies in the first place. The story by now is so unrecognizable that it's hard to imagine that this film series started out with good promise with the first movie. Chris Redfield is the next contestant for pointless obligatory game cameos. Alice finds him in a prison and he's played by Wentsworth Miller, the Prison Break guy. Get it? Wesker plays more of a part but does little other than re-enact the fight scene from the fifth game (complete with the whole throwing sunglasses scene). Strangely enough, I found this film to have the worst CGI yet. It's hard to take these films seriously anymore with how ridiculous this one got. Just stay away from this film. Or rather, watch it once to see what I'm rambling about and never watch it again.

In short:

Resident Evil: Pretty decent, give it a watch.

Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse: Bad story and characters but entertaining to see the Raccoon City incident in live action.

Resident Evil 3 - Extinction: Terrible story and characters with no relation to the games at all.

Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife: The same as Extinction but taken up to 11.

Play the brilliant games instead!
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on 8 August 2013
A botched attempt to steal a very powerful virus sets of the automatic defences in a top secret underground facility known as The Hive, locking all employees inside. Directly above, Alice wakes up in a shower not knowing where she is or even who she is. Upon searching her room she finds, hidden in a locked drawer, guns, and lots of them. A few moments later she stumbles upon a tactical response team on a secret mission into The Hive to dispatch of the Red Queen...

For a videogame-based movie, I must say I like it. I remember the first time I saw it I felt real skeptical because of the catastrophic attempt of videogame adaptations like Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros and others. The acting is good, at least compared to other action movies, and the special effects are overall also good. Being a zombie movie it contains a surprisingly small amount of blood and gore to which you get an explanation though, which makes it more interesting and thought through (the blood has coagulated in the undead bodies, ergo they don't bleed in the normal sense).

The release was better than average, a big step up from the DVD, with sharp and crisp picture throughout and intense colours.

3 / 5 stars

Continues directly after the first one where Alice once again wakes up not quite knowing where she is. After exiting the hospital she finds herself back in Raccoon City where the dead walks the streets...

This sequel was a bit of a letdown. First of all the director tries too hard to make it look like the video game, with all from how the characters move to how they are dressed. This is particularily apparent in the case of Jill Valentine. Sure, it's fun to recognize a character from the game in the movie, but lines have to be drawn somewhere, and I think they crossed it by a mile. What works in a game may not work in a movie. I also thought the acting was below par. In some scenes I could almost feel how silly the actors felt, especially Ms. Guillory. On the plus side was the special effects which were way better than the first with much less apparent CGI.

The picture was sharp, nice saturated colours with very little grain. Only problem was with the sound which was prone to distort during loud scenes. The recording volume seemed to be a bit on the high side, and the difference between the lows and the highs were quite extreme. Not a big problem but anyway.

2 / 5 stars

Five years after the Racoon City incident, the T-virus has spread around the world and humanity is on the verge of extinction. The only way of surviving is by constantly moving from place to place to avoid the undead. A small band of survivors, led by Claire Redfield, choose to make for Alaska where supposedly the virus hasn't reached yet...

My favourite so far, better than both its predecessors. The special effects are better, the acton scenes more intense and the gunfights seem more realistic. And this time, when the zombies are shot there is blood, and quite alot too. It also felt as if the actors did a better job, especially Ali Larter who is a bit out of her element portraying a tough survivor.

Regarding the release it was also excellent, best of the three first, and nicely balanced sound with great space and dynamics.

4 / 5 stars

Another seven years later, Alice decides to take action against Umbrella in Japan, bringing her clones that she discovered in Extinction to help out. After all, one Alice is bad enough, and letting them fight 30 or more is truly devastating! Wesker escapes in an airplane, with the original Alice on board, but just when she is about to end his evil reign he sticks her with a syringe containing an antidote which strips away her special powers. Helpless against him without them she tries one last desperate thing...

Paul W.S. Anderson is back in the directors chair for this sequel, both for the better and for the worse I think. He has a thing for slow-motion action sequences, a bit like Zak Snyder, and usually I think it's OK to use it in a small amount but I felt that certain scenes in this movie looked like they'd been copied from The Matrix. No new thinking at all which is a shame, as Anderson is most of the time an accomplished moviemaker. Apart from that, it's an entertaining 90 minutes with more gore than the previous ones and also, so far, the best special effects. In my opionion this is as good as the first movie.

This was also the best release of them all, slightly better even than Extinction, with a really good surround mix, crisp picture and well-saturated colours.

3 / 5 stars

All in all, I recommend it to fans of sci-fi action movies and considering its price, just buy it!
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on 2 July 2012
I only saw Resident Evil very recently. I probably needed to grow into it. I saw the third film when it was shown live and decided I wanted to see the rest of the series. So I found this amazing bargain (amazing considering the individual release of the fourth film was still ten pounds). I got it, and I have completely lost my heart to it. I am a fan of video-game inspired movies and keep my ears tuned for any fresh ones to come along. I have never seen any of them in the cinema and I bought this almost on a whim to see what it would be like. The first movie is a splendid rendition of the atmosphere and horror that made the original game such a hit. The second brings back images from the second, third and fourth main-series games, while the third continues the saga in an unexpected direction, with the Death Valley locations turning it into an unsettling film. The fourth film is a bit more like a blockbuster, but then it had a larger budget. THe performances through all of them are consistently entertaining, with Milla Jovovich surpassing herself as Alice. There are almost unexpected turns from Sienna Guillory (an award-worthy performance compared to her elf-princess in Eragon), Oded Fehr (Ardeth Bey in the new Mummy films) and Wentworth Millar (from Prison Break). On the whole, a splendid piece of entertainment, reccomended for those who like a liberal sprinkling of female characters, stunning kick-ass set pieces and frequent images from one of the most popular and genre-forging video-game series ever created. I look forward to the fulfillment of the series.
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