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3.9 out of 5 stars16
3.9 out of 5 stars
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Independent film-maker Chris Waitt has just been dumped...again. He decides that it is time for some serious soul-searching to establish the cause of his problems. Eventually he comes up with the idea to go back through his romantic past and interview his exes to figure out why he is such a loser (his words). Whilst it may seem inherently obvious to most of us just what is wrong with Chris (his seemingly complete lack of care, dilligence, aspiration and hygiene) he sets off on the path of redemption.

The ensuing chaos is both hillarious and painful for us and Chris respectively as he is laughed at, belittled, berated and even dominated by a mistress in his quest for the answers he is looking for. The film does take a serious turn as it delves into the awkward medical world of erectile dysfunction (Chris: "In my last relationship, when we made love, it was like I was the girl") but soon returns to form as the problem is completely in his head and he realises that he might have some deep-seated emotional problems.

Whilst some of the content may have been heavily butchered in the editing room to make it seem funnier and snappier than it really is, it is hard not to believe Chris is what he says he is, as it is just so evident in every facet of his personality. He is Omega-male (the antithesis to the Alpha male) and his self-deprecation is just so painfully humiliating at points that you cannot help but laugh. And laugh you will, many, many times throughout the 90 minute bit. You may not come away with anything meaningful from the experience, but for most of us, the residual feeling will be: "At least I'm not that guy". Highly recommended for a great watch!!
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VINE VOICEon 22 May 2009
I spent the first half hour of A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures thinking that Chris Waitt was lucky to get women to talk to him at all( as it happens many don't, ) let alone have relationships with them, sexual or otherwise. A scruffy slacker type who makes stringing a sentence together look physically draining Waitt , an independent film-maker by profession , decides to get to the bottom of his constant malfunction s with the opposite sex. Why do they always dump him ?
Could be something to do with his unreliability , his air of bewildered apathy , his muddled communication skills ?Or could it be the pubic fur ball behind the toilet? Either way he's a disaster as a boyfriend , backed up by off all people his mother who produces letters from ex-girlfriends many of which resort to profane insults ."Oi ******" begins one charmingly . The boss of his production company rounds on him after seeing the first scenes from the film . "I was employing Guerrilla tactics " whines Chris "A gorilla could have done a better job" points out the boss in a typically uncompromising boss type way .
Yet as the film plods on , very much like Chris as it happens , I found myself warming to him. The girls who deign to talk to him are all lovely , articulate and intelligent and his complete lack of ego and humility are endearing. The film takes a left turn with stuff about erectile dysfunction , some of which is hilarious and some of which is frankly a little disturbing . A drunk Chris with a monstrous tumescence courtesy of a Viagra overdose asking total strangers to have sex with him is uncomfortable to watch ,though I did howl with laughter when he approached a nice looking middle aged women. "Don't, you think I'm too old for you ?" she asks ."I don't mind" he reply's desperately ."My husband might " she says pointing to the bloke stood behind him .Priceless.
As Chris gets to the real crux of his problem the film again does a thematic body swerve and becomes intensely poignant and even gives us a happy ending which is signposted but is none the less extremely welcome .Indeed it occurred to me that the whole film process is a metaphor for the central relationship explored by the narrative. It starts out quirky and all over the place and ends up dripping with pathos .And as a bloke I had to admit Chris might not be particularly good at hanging on to women but the ones he has relationships with are all great. If only I had a string of ex,s half as attractive and smart.
Even if the film feels a little staged at times there is no denying that there are some real raw emotions on display . And the humiliating lengths and depths of self -abnegation that the film maker goes to in his voyage of self discovery are quite eye popping and absurdly amusing but it,s the string of ex-girlfriends who give A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures it,s real heart and intellect.
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This is a really touching documentary looking into Chris Wiatt, and the reasons why he is single. As he turns the camera on himself and explores his life with an at times brutal honesty, you cannot help but be alternately moved by his plight or amazed that he has ever had a girlfriend!

His tactic is simple, to go back and interview all his ex-girlfriends and ask why the relationship failed. At first he has trouble getting any of them to talk to him (with some hilarious results), but after a while he manages to get some interviews and some painful truths emerge. Mixed in with this is the somewhat matter of fact input from his mother, who also points out many of his faults (in a loving way) and digs out lots of old love letters from the loft that go even further to explaining Wiatt's situation.

After a while the film morphs into a quest for Wiatt to rediscover his mojo, using the lessons he has learned from his exes. This segment is again brutally honest in places, hilarious in others and quite touching for the rest.

I am in two minds as to whether or not it is a real documentary. Much of it feels genuine, but there are certain episodes which feel a little scripted and added in to push the story along. It doesn't really matter if it is or isn't though, this is a great film. It manages to combine insight with genuine humour, and is one that I will watch again. Five stars.
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VINE VOICEon 13 February 2009
The fact that documentaries are now recognised as movies is probably the best cinematic development of the "noughties" and says a lot about the movie going public and goes some way to make up for the continuing unoriginality of Hollywood and their sequel/remake factory. Chris Waitt's film is, at first sight, a lot more frivolous and lightweight than Michael Moore's political posturing but like Louis Theroux - who he shares a self depreciating demeanour with - the humour facilitates a deeper more emotive message. "A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures" is a headline grabbing title but the theme changes course after the first third and becomes engaging mainly because Waitt allows us to get up close and personal, stripping himself down both metaphorically and literally. It's a brilliant, funny and moving piece of filmmaking.
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on 22 October 2008
This is probably the funniest DVD I have watched all year. Chris Waitt, the star and maker of the documentary, appears to be in his mid 30s and he has had his fair share of girlfriends -- all of whom have dumped him. He decides to find out why and he attempts to interview each of his exs to see why he can't find a relationship that lasts. If you can imagine knocking on the door of someone who has dumped you and shoving a boom mike and a camera in their face, then you can get a sense of how funny this is. Indeed, in the first half hour, when he first sets out of his quest, there are some great belly laughs. For instance, when his agent/financial backer gives him an angry phone call after his wasted trip to Scotland or when he finally manages to interview his first old girlfriend and she reveals when their relationship took place or when the most angry of all his exs (who will only speak to him behind and screen and via a Stephen Hawkins computer) takes an age to type our her answer to his question "What didn't you like about me?"

The pace of the film wanes in the second half and there is a fairly pointless visit to a dominatrix and an experiment with Viagra, but Waitt himself freely admits this. And you also wonder to yourself as you watch Waitt on dates "Is this guy for real or is he playing up on his slacker image to make his film more funny." You also hope this isn't the case in the films surprise ending, which has called a little bit of a stir. It is a very sweet ending ... and, in a way, it is life-affirming. You never know what could happen when, in a booze/Viagra induced daze, you approach 300 strangers in the street and beg them for sex!
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on 26 March 2014
Chris is engaging and infuriating. I can quite imagine both why he got so many good women to have relationships with him and why they all dumped him. The film delivers in the way it claims he doesn't.
For me the funniest scene was his song about erectile dysfunction sung to the sex therapist. I don't think I quite believed it but it was not less funny for that.
The ending was genuinely touching and I do hope he managed a hard-on for his Russian girl.
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on 28 May 2010
Stark, unashamedly frank and considerably obtuse to the seemingly bygone Victorian prudishness of us Brits- Chris Waitt throws the `cringe-o' meter into overload. Such awkward and fumbling moments would even suggest heavy editing or perhaps a little staging. Nonetheless this is a humorous and inspiring film. What first appears to be Waitt`s sole pursuit for sheer closure and sound of mind is transformed into a empathetic, and heart warming biopic.

Chris Waitt (self imposed feature role and director) has the look of a grubby disheveled prepubescent post punk/grunge Kurt Cobain sycophant.
As well as living in student-esque squalor the mind boggles how he attracted any women in the first place.
In this 90 minute inferred self detox Waitt takes upon the rather unpleasant task of deciphering the cause to all his relationship breakups. Perhaps something that we should all notably address. A pedantic struggle to find a suitable girlfriend and a ludicrous attempt at alleviating his impotence- ala S&M debauchery with a dominatrix he meets over the internet and a relentless taking of Viagra. We see Waitt sequester what is stipulated to be almost his entire dignity to a well needed `booty call' amid the streets to relieve his raging `youknowwhat'.
The film is steeped in that quintessentially British self deprecating sentimentality, that only foreign films can hope to achieve. What at first may govern a stern 'pull yourself together man' veers in to a sympathetic, somewhat pitiful adoration of a rather unfortunate fellow. The film is a joy to watch, steadily paced and largely reflective.
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on 20 March 2014
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this film - I laughed out loud repeatedly. I had, though, thought it was a spoof documentary right through until I read more about it afterwards. Goodness, can someone be that inept and so seeringly honest about it?! Worth watching, whatever.
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on 29 May 2014
This film never fails to make me laugh snort. Not for the prudish or stuck-up. Sit back and cringe. Very pleased to have this in my comedy collection.
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on 17 May 2014
Just dull. The guy is a loser, and quite simply there is nothing in this film to laugh about or be entertained by.
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