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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2013
I bought this for my 14 year old daughter and she loves this album. She is a huge fan of MCR and this album has met and possibly surpassed her expectations. She was very pleased when it arrived. :-)
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on 3 January 2016
I will be honest here it took me a looooong time to get used to this album. Because Black Parade was such a huge success and it was dark I thought they would have continued on with the dark material like Three Cheers, that is about loss which is also dark. But and I quote Gerard "we've stripped back the black and added colour and made it fun" and it is exactly that. This album is AMAZING! Yes it is different, yes its not dark, yes they are not talking about death but let's just appreciate what they are doing on this record. Destroyer is an amazing song, Planetary Go!, Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back Tonight, SING etc. This is an amazing record, and can we appreciate Frank's long hair, Mikey's blonde hair, Ray's hair, Gerard's bright red hair and the fact that Gerard was behind EVERYTHING to do with this record?!?!?!
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on 1 November 2012
Some of the songs on this CD are great, but the annoying Dr Death gets on my nerves and nicks several song spaces which I think is a bit of a swizz. Nowhere near as good as the Black Parade album but each to their own.
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on 29 September 2011
With unforgettable hits like 'welcome to the black parade' and 'famous last words' the prospect of an album containing an equal amount of punch felt unlikely to emmerge from the white faced foursome known as My Chemical Romance. Then with threats of a pop-rock album released my heart sunk.
But upon buying Danger Days i have realised MCR has broken free of there stereotypical goth rock potrait and have attacked there new style forcefully and with a brillaint arsenal of great songs to back it up, who can deny it?. If its not the unique Radio-station format they cleverly decided to do it in which grabs your attention it will be The Only Hope For Me Is You and Sing that will clinch the deal.
Gone are massively depressing (albiet poetic) lyrics and in there place strong uplifiting tunes that feel like a antidote to the slurs of everyday life. There tone is more uplifting, theyre appearance is that of high school boys who KNOW theyre good and want to share there talent but best of all they talk about what we want to hear. The truth.
This is a fantastic album and I'm eagerly anticipating whatever work the Way brothers,Iero and Toro drop upon the rock community.

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on 12 January 2011
I really love MCR and as a big fan i would highly recommend this album. Its great fun and both of my boys love more than dancing around to this album
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on 6 December 2010
Over 4 years it's been since the black parade and if it takes another 4 years to create a record as good as this then I'm more than happy to wait!

As soon as I heard the single Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) I had very little hope for the rest of the album as I personally thought it was quite weak and a little boring. Regardless of this, I purchased the album and played it with a slightly negative attitude towards it. I couldn't tell you how many times I've listened to it over the last 2 weeks, it's grown and grown and grown on me and I can't stop listening to it!

I thought it was nearly impossible to create an entire album that matches up to the black parade but well, well, well I think they may have just done it. Absolutely fantastic music and the arrangement and quantity are spot on for me. I listen to a song and look forward to the next, these guys are truly talented. 5 well earned stars from me!!..... Oh, I almost forgot, buy this album!
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on 6 December 2010
I bought the first MCR album, 'I Brought You My Bullets...' this year, never having listened to the band before or ever having had the desire too. But sometimes I just get this strange impulse to listen to something new.
Anyway, that strange impulse let me down on that occasion because that aforementioned album is rubbish.

Recently I was in my local HMV. Today in fact. I had some money to burn and points to gain on my HMV store card. I saw MCR had a new album out. I thought 'Oh what the hell, let's give 'em another shot, see if they've got any better...they can't have got any worse...hehe.'

I listened to the album tonight. You know, I really liked it. I was pleasantly surprised. MCR are a little bit like an American version of Placebo (who also aren't great but I like them a lot and they fill a little niche somewhere) especially when they sing about 'gravity.'

I suppose MCR's first album sounded a bit abrasive whereas this sounds a lot more polished. Now, I like abrasive music, don't get me wrong ...but when MCR sound abrasive they just sound malnourished and under-developed. If you want abrasive I would suggest great bands like Slayer or Slipknot, Pantera even, ...anyway that's beside the point.

So I think MCR having a bit of a polish has done them a fair bit of good. A bit of keyboard here, a bit of synth, less of the need to hyper-ventilate.
I have to admit they do sound a bit more 'poppy' there are probably fans of their earlier stuff who will detest this and flock off in droves.
Which would be a shame.
I suspect they might really hate 'Planetary (GO!)' which has Scissors Sisters stamped all over it.
Which would be a shame too. I hope they don't.

There are some fun songs on this album:

'The Only Hope For Me Is You,' ...nice bit of synth at the beginning, big, cheery chorus,

'SCARECROW,' (sorry can't be bothered with the slashes between the capitals, life's too short) ...sounds unsettlingly Beatle-esque,

'Summertime,' lovely as summertime in fact,

'Party Poison' ...with its snatches of feisty female Japanese vocal (but then you can never go wrong with some Japanese snatch).

I could go on...

Even the 'Na Na Na...' song grows on you.

Yes, there's nothing on this album that I dislike. Oh, there's a bit of the USA Anthem song, which is always a drag to listen to, but then there you are, win some, lose them.

Actually, on this album MCR sound a lot better than Placebo.

I suppose the best thing I can say in regards to this album (even better than the two flattering comments above) is that it has inspired me to plan a purchase of the two MCR albums I haven't listened to yet: 'Three Cheers...' & 'Black Parade.'
I get the impression they will probably be quite good too although I imagine they will not sound like this.

Listening to 'Dangerous Days' also inspired me to listen to 'I Brought You My Bullets...' again.
But that's still rubbish.
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on 9 March 2011
So it's not 'The Black Parade', or 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' or their first album 'I brought you my bullets...' but thats MCR's whole attitude when it comes to albums - there's always a hint of MCR but they are always developing and changing their style of music and defining the genre even further. My personal favourite remains 'The Black Parade' album purely because I love every single song on it and each one could be a hit in its own right. This album comprises some new awesome songs 'Na Na Na..' is a great song and kind of sums up the whole album. The best songs in this album feature mainly in the beginning of the album. 'Bulletproof heart', 'Sing' and 'The only hope for me is you'. A couple of the songs at the end of the album are a little so-so and so thats why Ive given the album 4* instead of 5* - it's not full of knockout hits, but it is really good, listenable and features a couple of my new MCR favourites.
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on 31 March 2013
After the huge commercial success of The Black Parade, the album which spawned huge singles including 'Teenagers' and 'Welcome To The Black Parade'; the latter charting to #1 in the UK Top 40, My Chemical Romance had high expectations to live up to and though they may not have pleased everyone, they certainly pleased me.

The band decided to go against all of the stereotypes which had been placed upon them by the media, transforming from a band who according to the Daily Mail "glamorise self-harm and even suicide" to a brand new colourful band. Of course, there were cries of 'sell out' from fans of their previous work who clearly couldn't bear listen to anything quite as happy as 'Na Na Na'.

Being a fan of the older material, I listened to Danger Days with an open mind and absolutely loved it. Although the album is completely different, it still feels like a My Chemical Romance album and it really got me excited for the future of My Chemical Romance (little did I know what would happen on March 22nd, but that's a whole different topic).
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on 22 November 2010
When My Chemical Romance first announced a "Pop - Dance Album" back in September, many people's first reaction was "What the hell?!". It seemed unlikely that MCR, who since releasing the phenomenal "Black Parade" had been called "Emo Superstars" "emo fags", "A Death Cult", and been blamed as the reason for a teenager's suicide, would become the very thing they seeked to avoid - the "Popular Kids". The first listen of some of the tracks on Danger Days is interesting, to say the least. But of course, this is MCR, and there is some poisonous, and totally brilliant twist on the idea.

This "twist" is the concept of the album - a group of outlaws (The "Killjoys", played by the band) in a post-nuclear-war California fighting against the evil "Better Living Industries" (or BL/ind for short) who basically run the world. This is established in the video for "Na Na Na", featuring both parties driving around the desert firing laser guns at each other. Yes, it's a massive and ridiculous concept, which written on paper, doesn't work. However, MCR have a way of working stupidly massive concepts their way and making them awesome - and in a way, this album seems almost satirical of the world we live in today, one in which massive corporations (for example, Apple) run the world, and which those who want to break away from this are seen as "disturbing the peace", or "killing joy". In fact, think Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" (Complete with happiness drugs, courtesy of BL/ind!) painted pastel colours, and thrown in the desert.

Concept aside, this album is still marvellous - opening songs "Look Alive Sunshine" and "Na Na Na" set out this alum for what it is - not pop-rock from 2010, but an 80s influenced work (think 80s Punk and David Bowie surviving a Nuclear Explosion). It's not the soul-deep sound of "The Black Parade" or "3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge", but still deals with issues of isolation and freedom ("Gravity don't mean too much to me, I'm who I've got to be, these pigs are after me" Sings Way on "Bulletproof Heart"). Whilst some of the songs, for example SING, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and the Kids From Yesterday are quite raw, others are synth-happy. For example, "Planetary (GO!)" is basically a Dance song. Before you throw this down screaming "WHAT!!!", it's also very cleverly done. "Fame is now injectable" yells Gerard, a stick at those who can simple gain popularity by being "Pretty" or "cool", or indeed writing a less ironic version of the very song. "The Only Hope For Me Is You" is another song using more electronic effects, this time more ballad like than the rest.

The rest of the album follows much the same... Party Poison and Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back are similar to the original sound established by "The Killers" but combined with the lyrical genius of MCR of old, whilst S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W (a song about both a nuclear explosion, and the overuse of CCTV on the public at the same time) and The Kids From Yesterday are both very Bowie-esque tracks (proof that, under the whole "American Rock Band, California 2019 etc. Persona, MCR still want to British). Dr Death Defying makes an appearance on "Traffic Report" and "Goodnight Dr Death", and "Vampire Money" is an unashamed protest against bands selling into the "Twilight Fame" (since MCR's first album is about Vampires, Twilight has made the whole image very un-dangerous), so perhaps the only weak points of this album are "Summertime" and "DESTROYA", which, whilst not being necessarily "bad" tracks, feel a little rushed compared to the others. In conclusion, the mixture of amazing concepts and efficient (if not technical) musician work makes this not only a good album, but possibly the best album of this year.
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