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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars131
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 December 2009
I beleive after reading this very informative book that my CFS/ME is caused by adrenal fatigue something that no professional has informed me of. It is an excellent book and if you have felt very unwell, run down, without energy for sometime it is well worth reading and may give you the answers you need to help you feel better. It is not too difficult to understand either.
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on 24 March 2011
I have been feeling tired and run down for years. Doctors would tell me to take a break, stop going to the gym, eat more veg.

They were WRONG!

This book is excellent and is helping me to get my head round my symptoms and hopefully how I can correct them.
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on 20 July 2006
Some parts a bit of a struggle to get through as this is a big book with a lot of information . A must for anybody into natural medicine but presented in a way able to be understood by everybody . This is the only book you will need on the adrenal glands as it covers everything .
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on 23 March 2008
I'm no expert in book reviews but in my honest opinion, i felt this book had great reference points in which I could use towards helping my clients with possible symptoms of AF.
For PT's, therapists or just people who are thoughtful about their this!
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on 7 June 2012
This book is a MUST for everyone who experiences great amounts of stress, and I have recommended it to numerous people since reading it over 6 years ago. I cannot thank the author of this book enough, as I truly believe that he saved my life. My body was at physical breaking point, where I worked a full-time stressful 60+ hour week job in IT Project Management, but hardly had the energy to put one foot in front of the other. While I was able to fool everyone at work by continuing to successfully give 110% (afternoons at work were unbearable as my brain turned to mush and I lost energy levels), my body crashed daily the minute I got home, and I had to rest in order to keep going. With a young child at home, my day never ended. After months of being sent on the circuit of doctors and many tests, they could find nothing wrong. I think that they thought that it was all in my mind and that I was crazy, but luckily I know that I am an intelligent person and know my own body. Through listening to my own body, reading this book and making the suggested dietary changes and taking the recommended vitamins and supplements per the book, I quickly recovered to excellent health and energy levels. Everyone should take care to listen to their bodies, as in my case, my body was also under stress as I was unknowingly suffering from Celiac Disease and Lactose Intolerance and had reactions to caffeine, aspartame (artificial sweetener), and steroids that were in my prescription asthma and sinus medication. Doctor's did not want to believe that the medication was causing a problem with my adrenal glands and did not want me to stop taking the meds. Thankfully I did not listen to them, and now find that I no longer need Asthma medicine as the Magnesium Citrate caused my asthma to disappear, and the other vitamins/supplements (Vit C and Zinc in particular) helped to reduce my sinus problems. I avoid all foods and medications that cause a negative impact on my body. This book is a reference for life, as we all have periods where stress levels can increase again, but if we use the book as a proactive tool, then maybe we can prevent ourselves from succumbing to Adrenal Fatigue again. Thanks to the author, James L. Wilson PhD, for giving me back my life!
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on 10 October 2014
This is my first amazon review ever even though I have been a customer for years. I felt compelled to say that this book changed my life. I had reached rock bottom after having my children and honestly thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Im usually a very fit and healthy person with no underlying health issues, but felt I was losing it. After someone mentioned 'adrenals' I came across this book and bought it. It was like it had been written for me! I think half the population are suffering from some sort of adrenal burnout due to our modern lifestyle and lack of nutrients in our food from intensive farming and mass production.It was fascinating to read about the medical societies opinion since I had no help from the GP. This book gave me the knowledge to understand the importance of supporting the adrenals, the important role they play and helped me to take my health into my own hands. Im now fully on the road to recovery and even running the London marathon. I have since bought many copies of this book for friends and family. A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE!
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on 1 July 2010
It was such a relief to read this book which could have been written about me!

I have been following his advice for a month now and feel better than I have for years. My mother had a serious stoke 2 weeks ago and normally I would have gone to pieces over it but I have been able to cope well with helping her as long as I continue to follow Dr Wilson's advice.

My main health problem is a very bad fluctuating hearing loss caused by autoimmune inner ear disease and this is already responding to the extent that I no longer need to wear my aids.

I can recognise the signs of Adrenal Fatigue in several of my friends and family now so am on a mission to help them too!

A great book.
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on 18 February 2009
I was introduced to adrenal fatigue by a magazine article supplied by a friend, as she thought it summed me up. Looking online, I found this book, and whilst not the cheapest on the subject, it contains masses of easily understandable information including:-
- questionnaire to ascertain the extent of adrenal fatigue (and if you have it in the first place)
- lifestyle changes
- dietary advice
- frequently asked Q & A's
I found it to be an easy read, with text broken up by informative cartoons or illustrations.
If you have been struggling with energy levels/sleep/stress etc. for some time, then I strongly recommend you invest in this book.
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This book is about a serious condition affecting millions, but which is generally not recognized by doctors.

Adrenal fatigue is caused by stress of any kind, physical, emotional, psychological, etc. etc. or various combinations of these.

James Wilson explains the syndrome in great detail - the cause, symptoms and treatment. A comprehensive questionnaire that can help you determine whether you yourself suffer from the condition is included.

Though it can be severe, adrenal fatigue can absolutely be reversed by following the author's directions as regards lifestyle and dietary changes and by taking specific dietary supplements.

This is an important book for all those subjected to stress, which is most of us, and who are likely to suffer from this syndrome.
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on 27 April 2011
After 15 years of being labelled a hypochondriac and being pronounced 100% fit from all tests conducted by allopathic doctors this is the first analysis that makes sense, I am now under a herbalist doctor who recommended reading of this book. PLEASE GET AND READ THIS BOOK if you have no idea what is wrong with you and especially if no-one believes you because you actually look fine, it could be the singularly most important read of your life and set you back on a path to wellness.
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