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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 August 2010
Being a big fan of Robert Williams, I was extremely excited at the idea of him releasing a career-spanning comprehensive collection of hits, music videos and b-sides. Already having released his first Greatest Hits album back in 2004 which spanned his first 5 studio albums, Robbie now brings us In And Out Of Consciousness, which oversees all of those albums as well as his 3 albums since. And while Greatest Hits omitted some of his singles, this new collection includes ALL of his solo UK singles to date. The first 2 CD's contain 39 tracks including 2 new songs, "Shame" (UK Peak Position #2) and "Heart and I", as well as his rare first solo single "Freedom" (UK Peak Position #2), which was a cover of the George Michael song. Robbie's version had been previously unreleased on any album until now) and a sole track from his original tenure with Take That ("Everything Changes" (UK #1)).

The songs on the first 2 discs run in reverse chronological order, starting with the 2 new songs, then from the newest hits to the older classics.

From Robbie's 1997 debut solo album, LIFE THRU A LENS, the singles "Old Before I Die" (UK #2), "Lazy Days" (UK #8), "South Of The Border (UK #14), "Angels" (UK #4), and "Let Me Entertain You" (UK #3) are included. The songs showcase the rock-n-roll / pop beginning of Robbie's career, with "Angels" being his signature song.

From 1998's I'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU, all 4 of the singles are here: "Millennium" (UK #1), "No Regrets" (UK #4), "Strong" (UK #4), and "She's The One", which was released as a double A-side with the non-album track "It's Only Us" [UK double-A side #1], which is also included in this set. By this point, the songwriting in his work was a bit more mature, and the production more solid. "Win Some, Lose Some", another track from the album, was released only in New Zealand as the final single, and is sadly not included on this greatest hits collection.

Robbie's third album, 2000's SING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING, produced 6 big international hits: "Rock DJ" (UK #1), "Kids" with Kylie Minogue (UK #2), "Supreme" (UK #4), "Let Love Be Your Energy" (UK #10), the double a-side release "Eternity" (at the time, a non-album track) coupled with "The Road To Mandalay" (UK #1), and "Better Man", which was only released in Australia, New Zealand, and South America. With this album, Robbie had found his stride, and had become a bonafide pop star. All of these singles are included on IN AND OUT OF CONSCIOUSNESS with the exception of "Better Man", one of Robbie's best songs ever, in my opinion. This is understandable because the song was not a UK single, but I feel that an exception could have been made for this beautiful song.

From Robbie's one-off 2001 swing standards album SWING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING, his duet with Nicole Kidman, "Somethin' Stupid (UK #1) is featured, as well as the European only double a-side tracks "Mr. Bojangles" and "I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen".

In my opinion, 2002's ESCAPOLOGY is still Robbie's all-time best album, easily shown by 4 excellent singles: "Feel" (UK #4. i still can't believe this didn't chart higher!), "Come Undone" (UK #4), "Something Beautiful" (UK #3), and "Sexed Up" (UK #10), which had originally been released as an acoustic b-side back in 1998 on the "No Regrets" single.

In 2004, Robbie's first GREATEST HITS album was released, and featured 2 new singles: "Radio" (UK #1), and "Misunderstood" (UK #8). Both songs are included on this new hits set as well, which kind of renders the original GREATEST HITS useless, except for the gorgeous album covers.

2005's INTENSIVE CARE contributes the 3 official singles "Tripping" (UK #2), "Advertising Space" (UK #8) and "Sin Sin Sin" (UK #22, at the time his first solo single to miss the top 20), as well as the airplay only single "Make Me Pure".

2006's underrated electronic/dance RUDEBOX album also contributes 3 singles: "Rudebox" (UK #4), "Lovelight" (UK #8) and "She's Madonna" (UK #16). "Bongo Bong" was released as a single in Europe and South America but is not featured on this collection.

From Robbie's latest album, 2009's REALITY KILLED THE VIDEO STAR, the featured singles are "Bodies" (UK #2), "You Know Me" (UK #6) and"Morning Sun" (UK #45, his lowest-charting UK single to date).

The third CD is where all of the major flaws come in for me. This is the disc of B-sides and Rarities. First things first: Robbie has nearly eighty (80!) b-side / non-album / compilation-only tracks (most of those being -b-sides) yet they only serve us up ONE disc including 18 tracks. Seriously?? To add insult to injury, the selection of some of the tracks that they DO include are questionable ("Lonestar Rising"? "Do Me Now"?? These are FAR from his best.) Where are "Ugly Love", "Come Take Me Over", "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye", "Berliner Star", "Appliance Of Science", "Bag Full Of Silly", etc.??? There are a few b-sides that exist only on DVD singles that should have been included because most people cannot rip DVD audio very easily into am mp3. The b-sides section should have been 3 discs, AT LEAST. and what about some remixes thrown in for good measure?

This Ultimate Edition also features 2 DVD's (Discs 4 and 5) with all of the videos of the songs featured on the first 2 CD's. It's going to be nice to have all the official videos in once place for the first time, although I wish they had included some bonuses like the U.S. version of "Angels" or other fan-release videos like "Dance With The Devil" and "A Place To Crash".

The 6th disc is a DVD of a previously unreleased 2005 concert in Berlin, Germany.

Also worthy of note is that the digital edition of this album feature 2 bonus previoulsy unreleased tracks "Dogs And Birds" and "Email From A Vampire". They should have added both of these the physical CD. You would think they would want to give people more of an incentive to buy the actual product to help the already dying cd industry.

STANDARD 2-CD Edition: Comes in a trifold cardboard case with one disc inserted on each of the side flaps, and a booklet in the middle.
DELUXE 3-CD Edition: Comes in a CD sized casebound book with the same basic booklet as the standard edition, but with a few additional additional photos.
ULTIMATE EDITION: comes in a longer version of the Deluxe packaging at 2 times the length. The booklet is much more expanded with lyrics, release dates, single cover, and UK chart positions. One of the first things I noticed is that the release date and peak position for Tripping is incorrect. Sorry, but I am a nerd and minor details like this get on my nerves SO much. The bad news is that the discs are inserted into flaps on the side panels, and then almost rub up against each other so there is plenty of opportunity for scratches on the discs with time.
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on 26 February 2011
A fantastic collection of all the greats from Robbie Williams. It's a big hit in our house! It compliments the CD In And Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990 - 2010 beautifully so now I can either sing-a-long in the car, with my iPod or watch on TV - FAB!
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on 7 April 2011
Well... This is Robbie. and it means ENTERTAINING. I always wanted to have his all videos complete and this is the one. Even the latest ones are included so it makes it more exciting. Hope he comes to Istanbul before he gets old.
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on 2 November 2010
Well let me start off by saying, Robbie does not deserve all the flack he has gotten over the past couple of years, even though he occasionally says all the wrong things to the press, including that 'Bodies' is mainly gibberish, which was one thing I remember lately.

Well I bought the 3CD version, as I always like to get a bit extra for my amazon money. It was delivered on the Saturday before general release, how I love that when that happens, always worth pre-ordering in my book. It is packaged really nicely in a hard back, glossy casebound pack, as the version of 'Reality Killed the Video Star' was. Really nice.

I love the fact that the running order is new stuff first going through to old stuff last, starting with the co-penned with Gaz B, 'Shame' and 'Heart and I', love 'Shame' but love 'Heart and I' more, working it's way through the last album's highlight tracks, which for all that 'The Robster' says about it, is still a great album and one of his best. Basically with 'IAOOC' is a fabulous addition to anyones aural collection.

So it's nice to have the new stuff on here, as most of the you out there will have the Greatest Hits released a few years ago, this is far superior and well worth your hard earned. Going to definitely buy the DVD retrospective too, as that will be a televisual feast, if only for the continuing additions of his tattoos over the years.

Anyways I've said far too much. Basically go buy this, you'll have 'No Regrets' if you do. There are almost no fillers on this album, well maybe a couple, but at 37 tracks strong, that ain't half bad, and a total of 57 on the Deluxe edition, although I have not heard the third disk enough yet.

So will see you all at Wembley Stadium in July twenty eleven, well for those of you lucky enough to get your sweaty mitts on a ticket. Damn I just looked, they are now doing 7 days at Wembley, bloody hell!
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on 7 February 2011
I have to first start off by saying that I am happy and pleased with the number of hits that are included in this collection of Robbie William's Hits. The songs that stood out for me the most are:
1)She's the One-A great track on what it feels like to be with someone that is like your twin soul. He recently found true love with US model and actress Ayda Field at his Los Angeles mansion in the summer of 2010 (I saw a picture of them on a bbc website, they are a cute couple). The point that I am making is that because he has found true love that the title "She's the One" has come to be the real-life connection to his great musical art.
2)Rock DJ- A great song about having fun, and making the best of your life regardless of where in your journey that you are.
3)Millenium- A song that symbolizes taking inventory of where a person is in their life while an abundance of time is available.
4)Angels- A beautiful song about enjoying the company of kind people (symbolized by the lyrics I'm loving angels instead).
5)Do Me Now- A catchy song about the many fascinating things that he is interested in, but that although he has many interest, that in the now moment it is more important to him to seize the moment and have fun.
6)Feel- A beautiful song about experiencing passionate and happy love. His music video has him playing a rodeo star, and Hannah plays as his love interest. I love both the video and the song to "Feel". "Feel" by Robbie Williams is one of my favorite songs.
7)Bodies- A very sexy song that is tastefully done, and appears to be about striving to make sense of the importance of seeing the beauty in one's body even amidst the societal obsession with having "perfect" and/or "thin" bodies.

Getting this three cd set by Robbie Williams was so very worth it because of the number of good songs and his excellent voice. There is something magnetic and powerful about Robbie William's voice that goes wonderfully with many of this songs. Please consider getting this collection of Robbie's if you like any of his songs and/or you enjoy pop music. In my humble opinion, Robbie has so much talent and creatively expresses his spirit through his music (it beautifully shows through many of the songs on this three cd set). I would even dare to say that Robbie deserves alot more attention here in America because of the superb music that he creates, and his powerful singing voice.
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VINE VOICEon 13 June 2012
I know this music DVD has an 'Exempt' classification, but I will just warn you that it contains some pretty graphic certificate 18 scenes, notably Robbie having an orgy in his house.
Not knowing any of Robbie Williams video's (though I know some of the songs) I bought this for my wife and we sat and watched it as a family. I really wasn't expecting some of the scenes that were in the videos.
There are also some strange scenes with Robbie having a snake come from his bottom and wrap around women, or having his head flicker into some sort of demonic looking character.
I'm just saying, be careful if you have little kids with you watching some of these.
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on 15 October 2010
Hmm, what can you say about this compilation? Less charitable people would say it's irrelevant bearing in mind his last Greatest Hits was only released six years ago, and he's had few memorable tunes or big hits since then. Some unkind people would say that having a tracklisting that works back through his career is a mistake and means all the good stuff with Guy Chambers is bunged on disc 2. Well those people may have a point, but this latest Robbie Wiliams compilation is interesting and relevant, especially as his return to Take That duties has provided a temporary bookend to his solo career. So what better time to take stock?

CD1 starts out with his collaboration with new best old mate Gary Barlow and a grower it is. The tracks from "Reality Killed..." are nothing special apart from "Bodies", and then we get to the next few tracks... Now, I'll put my cards out on the table here and admit that I liked the "Rudebox" album, as I thought it was a brave move to pay homage to his influences over the years, if not an entirely successful nor critically well received venture. So I'm going to be kind here. "She's Madonna" is the best thing Pet Shop Boys had done for years at that point, but neither this, "Lovelight" or the downright awful "Rudebox" single itself represent that part of Williams's career properly. But hey ho. "Advertising Space" and "Tripping" are probably the only interesting tracks from their parent album, and the first post-Chambers single "Radio" is just mental, and has aged well. I've never liked "Sexed Up" or "Come Undone" as the well of Williams's self-referential-stroke-self-loathing lyrics had run well and truly dry at that time, but "Feel" is a classic.

CD2 runs from the "Swing" era back to the total pop years - every tune a classic. Yes, even "It's Only Us" which Williams himself despises. And here lies the problem - these tracks are already on "Greatest Hits", and really, the variable quality of the later years output plus the "Swing" tracks would not really cause anybody who owns that previous compilation to double dip. The inclusion of "Everything Changes" on it's own is a bit bizarre but maybe that was the point of the way the tracklisting is... the listener is in the end back where Williams is now - a member of Take That.

Who knows how the next few years will go...? A worthwhile purchase for those who haven't got a Williams compilation or for diehard fans.
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on 30 May 2015
This DVD double set is EXCELLENT . It just proves that in TAKE THAT who has all the talent . The videos are total BRILLIANT . LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU is great and a real tribute to KISS who were (AND STILL ARE IN MY OPINION) Washed out wanna be rock stars ? All the singers who have toured with queen over the years since MERCURY CROAKED have been good but if ROBBIE WILLIAMS had of toured with them they would of been really great . MR WILLIAMS would of really pulled it off very well even the STUPID VEST & MOUSTACHE would of looked good on ROBBIE . There isn't a bad video on this collection . It even includes the TAKE THAT video for everything changes . A must for any ROBBIE / TAKE THAT OR POP FAN
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2010
The one thing you could probably never accuse Robbie Williams of is being boring. Certainly not musically anyway. Arguably the "charisma" of Take That, no amount of sub-Coldplay knock off's or women in their late 20's/early 30's screaming at Take That's recent comeback could change the fact that without Robbie, Take That lost the edge that made them such a fun proposition during the glory days. It's also worth pointing out that it's debateable whether Take That's comeback outselling Robbie's Rudebox really made up for the YEARS of success Williams had without his former band mates. Still, now that Take That's comeback had run out of steam and Robbie (and this greatest hits compilation if we're being honest) needed a career boost they did the sensible thing and got back together.

This "backwards" compilation starts with William's new single with Gary Barlow and whilst it would be easy to be cynical about its lyrical content there's no denying that it's a great song. From there we go back in time all the way back to Take That's Everything Changes; it's a strange way to compile a greatest hits in some ways but in may ways it works. The ubiquitous likes of Angels and Rock DJ may have lost some of their lustre over the years but are no less welcome on an occasional basis for all that and the less played-to-death hits like Millennium and Feel can be welcomed back like old school friends. She's Madonna and Lovelight show that Rudebox was by no means the disaster it was made out to be, whilst the fact that he could rope Nicole Kidman in for a duet of Something Stupid shows just how "big" Williams was at his peak, no matter how misguided you may feel that particular idea was.

If I was picking out what I considered to be his absolute finest hour musically, I would plump for the majestic No Regrets. Telling the story of his failed relationship with All Saints' Nicole Appleton it's a sweeping epic that (with the help of Neil Tennant and Neil Hannon) encapsulates the thoughtful and melancholy side to Williams character that was always there, even through the hedonistic "good" times.

For all the criticism Williams gets this set shows that he was never one to rest on his laurels. In many ways he's the unlikely star who many would have bet on to fade into obscurity. If it hadn't been for the surprise success of Angels that may well have been the case. He parlayed, however, that monster hit into a genuinely interesting career which may not have always "worked" in terms of great music but was rarely boring or straightforward. Two discs leaves us with some mis-fires and you may find yourself editing down the good stuff to fit on one CD, but in many ways this set is a fitting tribute to the eccentricity of Williams and his willingness to follow his own path.
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on 12 October 2010
Huge Robbie fan so, of course, this latest release album is fab. But can someone please explain the blanking out of swear words to me, please? I am very disappointed by this as it detracts completely from those tracks in which it occurs ... or have I just managed to get an Under 12s version? It seems to be pathetic and infantile censorship - I'm a 44-year-old woman so am plenty old enough to make my own decisions about what to listen to. Sorry for the rant.
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