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3.7 out of 5 stars233
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 28 April 2011
I read a lot of negative comments and I expected a terrible game, but as a hardcore fallout fan I still bought it in March 2011. After downloading the patch I did not experience any problems for a long time. After more than 50 hours of gameplay I can say it is occasionally freezing, but not much more than Fallout 3 did, still it's good if you save often, just to be on the safe side (before your big decisions/multiple choices too). The game itself is fantastic and after playing so much I'm still very far from finishing it. It is like a mixture of the previous Fallout episodes (1, 2 and 3). The music is similarly fantastic to Fallout 3 and when I switched the radio(s) off I realized I could listen to the mystical background music of the first 2 episodes, which I really loved. You've got a huge amount of quests as well. The only thing that annoyed me was that some of them are not registered in our pipboy, so if you don't do it immediately you might forget it (sometimes some notes are added to our pipboy though). I also liked that completing some quests for somebody, which were essentially not negative, might still turn the other, rival factions against you. This way I had to make a fine balance between the parties, if I didn't want loads of mighty enemies at the beginning. The creatures (we can also have companions; Veronica and Rex were really helpful) and the atmosphere are also outstanding. I also liked the hardcore mode (though usually it did not mean much more, than a slight inconvenience) where I had to eat, drink and sleep and stimpacks, foods needed time to take effect. All in all if you loved the fallout universe or like good RPGs you have to have it.

Spoiler alert! Though you might have so many different endings (depending on your abilities and the story lines), the following PS section might contain some "spoilers".

PS: It took me well over 80 hours to "complete" it (I did the "yes man" version, where I killed Mr. House, defeated the legion by talk and the NCR by talk /using my robots for "power play"/). Nothing really changed, occasional freezing, but nothing major. I wait a bit and complete it with another storyline as well. Thanks for the game. Next time do not release it so fast. The 3 star average rating really hurts me (and with the patch it is really unfair).
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Having loved previous Fall-Out titles I was eager to get my hands on this. Like many previous reviewers have stated it is buggy, and while it should be unacceptable for a new release, it's not all that bad. People have also said that it's like one big DLC but I have to disagree. Sure it has much in common with Fall-Out 3 but it is still in the Fall-Out world so there's bound to be many similarities. However there are plenty of differences, like modding weapons, reputation, the use of ingrediants around camp-fires, a hardcore mode and companion perks. They have put a bit more enphasis on the RPG side which is good.
My main gripe is with the lack of evolution within the game's engine. This is essentially the same as used in Oblivion which is over four years old now. Not a lots changed. While you can't compare this to games like Uncharted 2 graphically I think it could be more closely comparable to Red Dead Redemption and it looks four years old. The loading times can get really annoying. I spent fifteen minutes opening a door, fast travelling, opening another door, walked a little bit, opened another door, talked to somebody then had to do it all again going the other way. The game design and map design doesn't help with all of this.
I still really like this game but it's faults keep nagging so I can't cleanly say I love it. However in a year when the games I've bought, while great, have been over really quickly and rely on multiplayer for replay value this will have hours and hours of playing time.
If you loved Fallout 3 you'll probably buy this. If you haven't I'd recommend buying that instead, and by the time you've completed it this will have come down in price.
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on 2 August 2011
I have owned this game for 6 months now which gives me a good idea of all the in's and out's of the game. New Vegas has taken the good parts out of Fallout 3 and tweaked them in a new world to make New Vegas.

The main story of New Vegas is engaging and over time encourages you to search each part of the map, visiting different groups and organisations (a big new theme in the game). The map itself is quite large and has a good mix of terrain, towns, people and objects of interest (considering its Vegas post nuclear war). The buddies to help you in the game (people who will follow you if you carry out certain tasks) are each well developed and distinctful, my favourite ones were the dog and the mutant (dressed as an old lady).

Without spoiling too much of the main stories, I do have to say I like the way the game comes together at the end and I also liked the way that other groups respect changes depending on your actions in the game.

Unfortunately the game has been a little buggy, freezing in some areas, some buddies or my character getting stuck between rocks etc. but a recent update I think has gone a long way to improve these issues.

There is also new material being released to keep the game fresh which I am now hoping to start. I can highly recommend Fallout New Vegas to anyone who has played Bethesda games, Fallout 3 or wants a lot of game for their money.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 January 2016
This is a post apocalyptic game set around the area of, and in New Vegas, which has its own "Strip". I've spent hours and hours playing it. It is the only Fallout game I've played so I can't compare it to any of the others. However for a 6 year old game the graphics are still reasonable, and the world you play in is quite large. The variety of weapons and characters, and the multitude of factions you can side with, and therefore also oppose, or upset, make this totally immersive and for me, somewhat confusing! But that's just me; I'm an aging middle-aged gamer, and not as sharp or as quick to pick up the finer points of a game like this. I believe there are 30 levels in the game, and although I haven't quite reached the end of the storyline I can see where it is leading now. There are a multitude of possible ways to get there as well.

My reason for not giving the game 5 stars is because the game does freeze, or crash completely, quite regularly. I would say probably about once every 3 or 4 hours.

But don't let that put you off, this is well worth getting, as you can pick it up very cheap and its a lot of fun.
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on 27 October 2010
My game arrived on the day of release and I had to rush home early to start playing it. I'd been looking forward to this game since I finished Fallout 3 (for the 5th time).

It's basically a big expansion pack of Fallout 3 with a different story line and time frame. Not a bad thing as FO3 was superb.

The downside is that the game glitches and freezes and there are loads of bugs, you'd have thought the developer would have ironed this out before release, there were endless bugs in its predessor. I've been playing now (on my brand new slim PS3) for 10 hours and have had to switch off and re-start the machine 13 times. Not impressed and very frustrated. Let's hope there is a patch for this soon. I don't underatand why the game was released like this.

Fallout New Vegas is an excellent RPG and well worth buying, but be prepared for the freezing.
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on 10 November 2010
New Vegas is very similar to Fallout 3, the only additions being a companion wheel wheel for fast easy interaction with a companion and a whole lot more bugs. Fallout 3 had it's share of bugs, delays, jerky screens and freezes but unfortunately New Vegas tops it. Fallout 3 was, in my opinion, forgiveable as it was a 'new' experience, it held the interest and remained playable. New Vegas on the other hand doesn't have the same charm and is continually freezing, so much so that after four or more attempts per hour the tv is left on for New Vegas to be played when enough enthusiasm returns. This is sad because New Vegas should be as good a game as Fallout 3. Due to the bugs though it's not. A real shame.
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on 8 November 2010
I have put many, many, MANY hours into Fallout 3 and when I heard this was coming I was very pleased as I could soon waste many more hours!!
I installed the game which is approx 4 gigs, and pressed the start button....
The game starts showing a sequence involving your character and some nefarious gentlemen, then you wake up and it is a similar character creation to Fallout 3, you can choose your stats, you have a chat with a doctor and depending on your answers he will assign you Tag skills, you can choose your face shape, hair, colour etc... You can then start interacting with the doctor and so begins your quest into the wide world. Now, the engine is basically the same as Fallout 3, the scenery seems a little bit more detailed (might be as I have a different TV now?), and you are once again in the familiar desolate grounds of post war america. Now this may seem a bit of a swiss as they are using the same background as FO3, this said, you are playing the game more for the storyline and experience than kick ass graphics! You can equip your character with weapons found along the way, armour that is stolen or bought. You have the same skills that can be upgraded by leveling or by the use of a skill book - there are no bobbleheads! :*(

The good points:

They have introduced skill magazines now which give a +10 bonus but only for a short time, there are the familar perks, with some new ones added, e.g. extending the bonus time from a skill magazine.
You can gain or loss karma along the way and so begin a force for good or evil
You can upgrade weapons with e.g. scopes, silences, repair weapons/armour.
You can explore and uncover locations around the map which you are then able to "fast travel" to so you don't have to walk everywhere.
The level cap is 30 straight off.
There is the possibility for downloadable content, yey :)
You can aquire followers along the way which will give you a free helpful perk, and of course can be used as mules.
There is a "hardcore mode" that means you need to eat and drink or you will die.
There are ingame achievments, e.g. kill enough bugs and you get a perk that gives bonus damage to bugs.

The bad points:
The game is buggy, it will freeze up for no reason at random points, which means having to hold down the power button to restart the whole PS3!
They could have tweaked the engine to upgrade it rather than using an outdated one that is buggy.
I feel that if a bit more time had been spent on the game as a whole it would give us all a much better experience and so be helpful to new players also.

All in all, if you have played FO3 you NEED to get this game, it has some of the old familiar jokes, weird characters, even a perk that can mean you encounter "odd" things along the way.
I would recommend that you play FO3 first then decide if you want this game if you are new to the whole genre and game type, New Vegas seems a bit more tapered to those who know a bit how to play.

This game will keep you up at night and you will have great fun with it!!
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on 23 November 2010
this is one of the most buggy games ive ever seen, not only are the people in it - floating above there beds/half buried in dirt/facing corners, dogs standing on its masters head while she slept, man standing on back of chair, land mines that cant be seen killing you, map telling you your facing the wrong way when you can see ya not, the hills are mostly unclimbable, quests un completable- zombie needs to be killed, but hes in a house with no doors to enter it, dept collector quest freezes game on completion.
not to mention all the times this game freezes, im currently stuck in casino 38, every time i try to leave it freezes. as ive already re started this game cos it kept freezing, it can bloody well go back to shop.
did i mention their customer service is poo, "sorry nothing we can do to help" you will have to re start the game...
sod off
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on 30 January 2011
This could have been good! Granted the story needs a bit of work but i could deal with that. The thing that kills it are the bugs, glitches and freezieng. I could not finish this game. It crashed so much i just couldnt enjoy it anymore. The characters are fun - Its good to be able to play a female character that is not all cleavage and nothing else. The companions and characters you meet a long the way will keep you entertained. The problem with the story as far as I see it is that you dont want to side with any of the factions! And Mr house - well, he just isnt as interesting as you would like him to be. However, in saying all of that I would have kept on playing if it werent for the freezing and crashing! Bethesda (and Bioware mass effect 2) really need to quality test the games they are selling. People pay a lot of money for a game - if you purchase something you expect it to work. Gaming is big business quality is expected! Fix the bugs you have a good product.
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VINE VOICEon 26 November 2010
Ugh... you know, I guess I shouldn't be surprised coming from the creators of the broken gem Alpha Protocol, but seriously, that this sequel to the flawed, but mostly great Fallout 3 could get released in the state it's in is nothing short of BAFFLING. This game is broken... a flat out unstable, crash happy, stutterific, bug riddled insult to everyone who enjoyed the previous game.

The game is more or less identical to Fallout 3 on a purely surface level with some minor improvements in places and some interesting(If badly implemented) ideas, particularly the 'hardcore' mode, so considering it's been two years since the last game it probably wouldn't have been unreasonable to expect that the game's engine would have been refined and improved upon in the interim, would it? This is not the case. Every bug, every glitch, every problem you ever encountered in Fallout 3? Take those and multiply them by a factor of five and you might have some idea of what to expect from New Vegas.

The game in here definitely seems to be solid, but in my attempts to play it, it was pretty much unplayable with the frequent freeze ups, corrupting auto saves and glitched AI causing regular restarts and reloads. That's simply going to ruin even the best game, and New Vegas could hardly be called 'the best' anything even if it did work properly to be perfectly frank.

I couldn't in good conscience award Fallout New Vegas anything other than the lowest score I can, because it is a truly broken product in some unacceptable ways. Yes, you can still play it and work your way around these problems with the right amount of effort, but if you're like me, you'll eventually hit a point where you'll ask yourself if having to jump through so many hoops is really worth the amount of enjoyment the game is giving you. My answer to this was "No".
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