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4.7 out of 5 stars822
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 December 2011
The wife and I wanted a CO detector to replace the old one we bought 10 years ago. Out of interest, these units should be replaced every 6-7 years, some sooner. We have a portable gas fire plus a log burner. We wanted protection in case of a flue leak, or problems with the gas fire. The unit arrived, well packed, easy to use. There are no user-replaceable batteries, so the unit is designed to last the warranty without any intervention, which I think is a good idea. The first thing we did was activate it by removing the plastic pin - this is very easy, and the unit sprung into life. The large button on the front "tests" the sounder unit, and you can switch between room temperature and Carbon monoxide level. The display is large and very clear. The sounder is very loud - sufficient to wake anyone. Next, I ran a full test of the actual unit to see how quickly it would detect dangerous emissions. You can do this by pressing the large button until the spanner icon comes up, then the unit is in test mode. You do not need those canisters or real smoke; I used an incense stick, and held the unit above it. Perhaps you never realised that incense sticks give off potentially dangerous smoke, but don't worry, the quantities here are very small, less than a gas grill, so there is no need to worry! Within about 1 minute you could see the ppm reading rising in the display, and as soon as it reached the trigger level of 50, the alarm went off. In normal use the trigger level is 200 ppm, but the test threshold is deliberately lower, to make it easier to test the unit safely.

In summary, I found it to be an excellent unit, and I know some people have had issues with some CO detectors to trigger off without reason, scaring them, but there was certainly no false triggers with this unit. Besides, if you buy a good unit like this one, you can see the ppm reading, so there is no error. I like the sealed nature of the unit, a Li-Ion battery that lasts a lifetime means you just place it in the room where you want protection, and other than testing it once a month, you simply forget it. Get one, it could save your life.
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on 24 May 2012
I was weary of spending more on this detector than the others available, but when you work it out, over a 7yr period, it's negligible. The peace of mind knowing they are there is priceless. This is a high quality product. They are guaranteed for 7years too. Then you have to replace them as the sensor only lasts that long and the battery dies. The battery is a sealed Li-on, lasts the 7yrs, so no need to replace it. I bought two for up and downstairs. I tested them both and they do alarm @ +50ppm. I didn't get any false alarms. One of them did get a 99-error, but it went when I took it out of test-mode. They have been working fine the last few months.
They are also guaranteed for the 7 years which is a credit to FireAngel. If they don't last that long, you can send it back for a replacement.

One thing I will say, the alarm isn't as loud as I thought it would be. Maybe it's just me. I don't know whether it would wake me from a deep sleep. So I've kept one of them just outside my bedroom. The other is in the kitchen. You can wall mount them, or leave them to happily sit on any flat surface slightly tilted, which is a nice touch. Comes with wall fixtures too. The green LED blips every minute to let you know it's working away too.

It is aesthetically pleasing, and the option of temperature display is good to have, but you can't have both reading on at once, it's one or the other, which is a shame. The digital readout is very easy to read. It gives real-time reading in ppm and a 28day peak history too. I like the fact that when you press the button, you're testing the alarm at the same time. Recommend it!
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on 22 December 2011
This is a smart and well designed unit that does what it says. After looking at several different units and reviews we opted for this model despite the fact it had fewer reviews and was slightly more expensive than the most popular models. We liked the fact it had a 7 yr warranty and included a lithium battery which will also last for 7 yrs. This means once fitted in place you dont have to think about batteries again. The item arrived quickly as we requested a one day delivery and was well packaged. The instructions were clear as were the test procedures to ensure the unit was working properly. We tested with a lit cigarette and after a minute or two it sounded as stated (plenty loud enough to wake you up). After a bit of deliberation on where exactly to place the unit we fitted it above one of the bedroom doors in the upstairs landing as CO rises but within a metre and half of the boiler. All in all an excellent buy that works well and looks good. Well worth spending a little more - would highly recommend.
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We bought this carbon monoxide (CO) alarm to replace a much more primitive version that had reached the end of its 6 year lifespan. This Fireangel unit arrived promptly and was well packaged together with very useful and clear instructions - it's well worth reading them in detail. There are no batteries to install as the unit is sealed for its seven year life - it uses a non replaceable lithium power cell. To start the detector you remove a small clip which activates it. You can easily replace the clip if you are transporting the unit, for example, to use on a camping holiday etc. avoiding accidental activation in transit. The unit can be wall mounted (a template is supplied) or use its base to stand on. The alarm is very loud indeed.

The design is modern with a large LCD screen that offers the bonus of displaying the room temperature rather than CO ppm if you prefer (this does not affect the functionality of the alarm). The display will also tell you if there has been a dangerous peak reading whilst you are out by displaying an icon. Another feature is a bar graph which, in the event of a gradual CO leak, will build up visually until the alarm sounds giving you an early warning of problems. You can also select a peak reading for carbon monoxide over the past month which is reset by testing the unit. A green LED flashes once a minute to confirm that the unit is operational.

There is a test function which lowers the alarm threshold so you don't risk poisoning yourself during the test cycle - you can use a cigarette or incense stick as the CO source. A monthly test is recommended in the instruction booklet.

Don't buy a cheap, unknown brand of CO alarm and all CO alarms should be certified to the European Carbon Monoxide Alarm Standard BS EN 50291:2001. This model seems a very good one indeed, both in terms of its design and functionality - it really isn't worth skimping on a lifesaving product that's very competitively priced anyway. Recommended.
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on 13 January 2012
Great product it is a compact unit but with an easy to read screen.
The alarm loud enough to be heard throughout the house. I cannot fault this product
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on 22 January 2014
I purchased two of these in November 2011, one for myself and one for my sister who had a log burning stove and suspected it was emitting carbon monoxide fumes - she was right. As soon as the alarm was activated, it began flashing rapidly, as the fire was burning logs at the time. So well done to Fire Angel, unfortuanately she now says it is no longer working, it appears to be completely dead :-( (thankfully she no longer has the stove) So I am hoping to get a replacement alarm for her.
Mine indicates that it is still working ie flashes periodically.
It would appear to be a matter of luck as to how long the Fire Angel lasts. :-(

I am editing my review to award customer service 5 stars for their friendly and efficient way of dealing with the fire angel which no longer appeared to be working. The day after contacting Fire Angel, my sister received a replacement alarm along with a prepaid envelope for the return of the defunct one - so well done customer service at Fire Angel. :-)

But it remains to be seen whether or not the product itself deserves any further stars.
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on 18 September 2014
For months this operated well, measuring carbon monoxide emissions in my boiler room – 8ppm maximum. Not having referred to the instructions for almost a year, I quite forgot that, when pressing the button, the screen alternates to room temperature. Yes, you’ve got it! I pressed the button and mistook the room temperature reading for carbon monoxide emissions. It was reading 20. I called out 2 boiler technicians who came for diagnostic visits but couldn’t fathom out what was wrong with the boiler. I held my breath every time I ran through the boiler room and worried that every slight headache was due to carbon monoxide poisoning! It wasn’t till I finally turned off the boiler for 3 days and saw no change in the reading that I realised something was wrong. I couldn’t understand why, if I put the detector outside, the reading went up to 26! Then, I dug out the instructions leaflet and the penny dropped. So, put your glasses on when you press the button and look to make sure that the number on the screen is followed by ° for room temperature or ppm for carbon monoxide emissions!!
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on 2 March 2014
A so-called 7+ year battery pack has died 6 weeks after installation. No indication of this other than a beep every 60 seconds, the screen has gone blank so initially had no idea what had gone wrong (a beep can mean about 4 different things) until I finally caught a glimpse on a very faint battery icon flashing.

EDIT: After the first unit failed, I returned it to the manufacturer (no help from Amazon as by that time it was outside the 30 days), who have sent me a replacement with a different batch number. Been working for the last couple of months with no sign of the previous issue to date. As there have been a couple of similar issues reported in these comments, it seems like Amazon may have had a faulty batch of these to sell. Rating upped from 1* to 3*, still think the low battery warning is a bit of a design fault.
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on 4 January 2013
Easy to install.

Deciding where to place it, is a challenge if you follow the recommendations to a 'T'. My wife and I nearly had fisty cuffs over it's location in the Kitchen.

I'm not convinced by the thermometer. It's slow to update I think, and may not be correct either....says it's warmer than it feels.

Real concern is the Carbon Monoxide (CO) reading. If it goes above 35ppm, then it may alarm. There's guidelines stating CO readings of 35ppm and above can be lethal to a person constantly in that level of exposure for 8 hours.

We've had the Oven on and stove too where the reading has reached 19ppm for a 35mins cooking time. You find yourself wondering if the level will rise anymore if you did a slow roast for 3 hours!.

This is where you need to ask yourself if this product is right for can become an obsession.

One has to take the reading with a pinch of salt. UNderstand the effects of CO poisoning. Understand how CO is produced and how it exists in confined/ventilated spaces.

If concerned, then talk to someone at GasSafe or your Gas supplier perhaps.

I'm not sure whether I'd recommend this product unanimously. There are some folk who'd freak out at the thought of Carbon Monoxide present at all.

(Note...I'm not a Gas expert. Seek advice if unsure)
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on 10 December 2013
This item has dual functions namely a carbon monoxide alarm and a thermometer. I would have awarded 5 stars except the thermometer is only accurate within 2 degrees centigrade as confirmed by the manufacturer. Although the main function is as a CO alarm I believe that either the user should be given the means to calibrate the temperature display or the feature should be deleted. In its present form it is only a general indication. It is recommended to be wall mounted using the wall plugs and screws provided. The screws slot into the back of the unit. The spacing between the screws must be accurate (a template is provided) otherwise it will not hang on the wall. I suggest one plug and screw should be fitted first then a careful measurement taken to make sure the second plug and screw are going to line up in the correct position before drilling the hole in the wall. Apart from these comments it is a fine alarm, neat in appearance and should last for 7 years as covered by the guarantee.
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