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on 19 June 2011
I got this laptop 6 months ago for gaming purposes only. And so far the results are mixed.

It seems powerful enough, I got an extra 4gb to guarantee performance for ram heavy games (like the Total War series) but so far I find it still struggling with some games (Battlefield 2, Empire total war, Grand Theft Auto 4). This may be due to other issues. The laptop gets extremely hot and as the heat vents are on the left and underneath, it is possible that not enough heat gets removed hence performance is affected. This limits using it on your lap to having to place a cushion or other support on your lap to prevent heat burns. Heat vents at the back may have been a more appropriate design. Windows Experience Index rates it at 5.9. Processor=7.0, Ram=7.3 (5.9 for 4gb), Graphics=6.7, Gaming graphics=6.7 and HDD=5.9

The sound is reasonable with headphones but slightly weak when relying on the speakers alone. I would have expected better.

Decent software to start with. HP media suite is adequate for most basic media needs. The webcam is clear and webcam software is easy to use.

Keyboard layout
A full qwerty keyboard but missing a few keys (number keys on the right of a full sized keyboard). It is also has a panel of quick keys on the left that are a total pain. They cannot be deactivated and once pressed bring up either print, web or email options. These keys are near the tab, capslock area and hence will be pressed accidentally a lot. This could boot out of the current program and possibly close the program (happened a lot to me when gaming).

*** There is a graphics update that boosts performance by a great deal***

This is mostly applicable to those who use the laptop for gaming.
Below is the link to the new graphics update (be cautious when installing hardware updates):[...]
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on 6 May 2011
As an avid PC gamer and University student (part time) I purchased this laptop to pass the time when theres a rainy day. What brought my attention to this platform was its impressive sounding processor, its stylish good looks and its small nature.

So, sneakily I purchased this rather pricey laptop whilst my girlfriend was shopping, once the crime is committed there is no turning back I convinced myself.

Like a child at Christmas, with a skip and a hop I plunged the box on the bed and began to open it. I pulled out the laptop and placed the battery pack in easily, then plugged it into the mains. In one massive swoop, I cleared the desk of papers and placed the laptop in the centre, my little trophy!

Expecting the obvious 'whirrr' to indicate it was starting up, I double checked I had actually pressed the 'on' button. There was silence, but the speed of installation was faster than I had ever experienced. Now, to understand the simplicity of the initial setup, my girlfriend whom has no experience with computers whatsoever felt comfortable setting it up whilst I did a few odd jobs around the house. Within 25 minutes or so, it was set up.

Although I have an interest in gaming, one particular game infact, the first thing I checked out was Microsoft Office. Like a squirrel that lost its nuts, I was somewhat miffed! All that money and no free Word? I highly recommend that in this scenario, its good to know other PC users and slip a few beers in to use their family pack of Office.

Gaming! Ok, there was an urge to play a game on this, I had been waiting ages to play it. With no time lag, great speed, clarity and the detail settings all maxed out, it worked brilliantly! But what I didn't know was that the mains power wasn't turned on and within an hour or so running my game on battery, the battery nearly died. This to me is quite a big fault, why create something portable that has to be plugged in to see its full potential?

Once plugged into the mains, I connected the HDMI cable to my 42 inch plasma screen TV. With a wireless mouse, the lights off and chilling on the sofa, this was the most involving gameplay I have ever had. On a downside though, without airflow under the laptop, it overheated significantly. When purchasing this, purchase a laptop fan too.

A few good points stood out when using the laptop, the keyboard was well spaced so there was no 'fat finger' syndrome when typing fast and the screen didn't have any glare at all. The clarity of the screen was also superb. The tools and gizmos which come with this are interesting but not necessary useful to all and the hard drive space has not been dented by my collection of movies and games.

Summary: A pricey little number, with the good points heavily outweighing the bad, spoil yourself and buy it!

Advantages: Stylish and easy to use, this powerful PC is suitable for all purposes with plenty of hard drive spa

Disadvantages: Pricey and with no added extras, it's a shame it has to be plugged in to experience its full potential
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on 3 February 2012
The specs of this laptop are amazing. very pleased. HOWEVER. This LAPTOP <-- has a severe overheating problem. if i play a cd in the disc drive while it is plugged in, the system freaks out and crashes. blue screen. this is when the laptop is perched at an angle on two legs allowing adequate ventilation. on a box on my kitchen table it lasts longer. im sure this shouldnt happen and its certainly not what I paid for. its all well and good having the specs to play an awesome game, but when the battery life is pitiful and you have to plug the laptop in to use it, then it freezes, whirrs and dies? im in the process of sending mine back to hp.
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on 17 November 2010
A good laptop let down by very poor batter life (45 mins on power saver mode).
Also the touch pad is so stiff its almost unusable how this got out of quality control I don't know.
The power brick is also the largest I've seen with any laptop.

Its a pity because these things bring down an otherwise good laptop.
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on 8 March 2012
I've just given this laptop a rating of 2 out of 5 because the specs on paper are really good, but they're all thrown out of the window by the stupidest design problem.. I still love how it looks, the feel, the keyboard, the screen, but sadly it's all ruined by this annoying problem.

The laptop features an i7 processor, which, again, on paper is absolutely AWESOME; quick and can handle LOADS of applications at the same time...BUT: it makes the pc SEVERELY overheat!

I've had the laptop for a year and a half now.. I bought it for 999 euros at the time, thinking it was the best laptop I could go for, so I thought I might as well pay the extra money, because SUPPOSEDLY it would be worth it... Well guess what, it wasn't!

I am REALLY angry at HP for not having considered that such a powerful i7 processor would need proper ventilation. It is clear that they really didn't think about this during the design process: they just stuck an i7 processor on the "chassis" of what I think can support, at best, an i5 processor.

Every time you start a minimally demanding application, like even flash (for youtube videos), the fans start going crazy. I'd like to specify that this problem hasn't arisen just now, but has always been a problem since the beginning: I really should've taken action against HP whilst it was still in warranty, but I was too lazy ( I really regret this!).
If it overheats with flash, imagine what it does when running slightly more graphically demanding applications, like games or using bulky programs like Solidworks or AutoCAD: I need an external USB-powered Belkin stand with a fan that pushes cold air into the laptop to avoid it overheating.

The part that overheats like crazy is just underneath the keyboard on the left, where I assume the processor is, and also right underneath the palm of my left hand, where I know the hard disk is. Just to depict the picture a bit better for you, the plastic material underneath the processor has now EXPANDED because of the heat that this stupid laptop has caused during its lifetime. It is also subsequently very noisy due to the fans, and my friends have even started referring to my laptop as the "hoover".

Other issues that have arisen are not really significant, but still quite annoying: the trackpad's (or whatever you call it) right click has now stopped working, and I need an external mouse to right click.

In conclusion, this laptop is not good value for money at all. It will overheat running slightly graphically demanding programs, and will eventually give thermal shutdown, or even blue screen sometimes.
it is good for word processing or programs that don't require the processor to work at its top: now, writing this review it's fine, but in this case what's the point? you might as well buy a 300£ netbook for this!

I hope this review can persuade you into making the right decision.

G.G. - A very frustrated laptop owner!
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on 26 April 2011
Specs are good for the price and the machine feels solid. Mouse was a bit rubbish at first though recent software updates much improved responsiveness. Never thought I would use the fingerprint reader but now use it for just about everything requiring a password!

Warning: the keyboard has no numeric keypad or numlock key. If you communicate in languages that use special keys i.e. alt+0244 = ô, you will have problems using this laptop's keyboard - there is no way you can insert such characters whilst typing apart from copying from Windows's character map. Don't know how HP missed this one...!
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on 11 April 2011
The outside :
aluminum chassis with engraved flow pattern
5 in 1 memory card reader
eSATa port
LightScribe DVD+R/RW SuperMulti SATA Optical Drive with Double Layer Support
VGA port
HDMI port
3.5 Headphone jack
Microphone in jack

Ive tested it playing 1080P video, Playing Need for speed shift, editing a document and photo, listurning music and run anti virus scan all at the same time. CPU usage was at 10%.

Graphics :
crysis runs medium to high (It looks PS3 Like)
Medal of honor airborne runs all high
Need for speed shift runs all high
just cause 2 runs nearly all high (Few tweaks to improve FPS but like crysis is looks PS3 like)
HAWX 2 runs high and looks photo realistic.
Microsoft flight simulator runs all high.

lasts 1 hour 20 minutes browsing the internet with hps recommened power plan

The Fan:
The fan is on the side Thank god as my last laptop Had the fan at the back which got covered by the screen when fully open (Acer) The air blowing out is warm and can get hot but theres anouther fan behind it underneith which is always cold so proving its just doing a good heatsink job, Its also quiet.

Pre installed software :
HP Advisor (Actully worth having, It has a perfomance rating and tests your battery ect, It also scans your pc for updates which INCLUDE DRIVERS!)
HP Media smart (Its basicly Hps own media centre, I kept it its a nice interface to use)
Hp wireless assistant
Hp simplepass ( For fingerprint log ins)
Hp Games ( Not for me i removed all)

Keybored & Trackpad :
The keybored is island styled with no numeric keypad. It has dedicated buttons for various things such as the calculator on the left side and some funtion keys such as disabling wireless & Bluetooth on above the number keys.
The Trackpad is fine to use, i noticed it does a good job at keeping finger print marks off, at first it might seem a little stiff to push left click and right click but after a month they ease up and are also touch sensetive and pushable,You can also dissable to trackpad by double tapping the top left corner

windows experice index:
Processor : 7.0
Memory (4GB) 5.9
Graphics 6.7
gaming graphics 6.7
Hardrive 5.9
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on 21 June 2015
This was my first I7 Laptop. I grabbed it purely because it looked nice and it would be a nice little upgrade.
The thing is, that with an I7, it should be a good performer, but its only 1.6Ghz and so no, its not that powerful really. If you are using single core apps, then its a poor laptop to have, but if the apps are mutlicore aware and make full use it the extra cores, and the hyperthreading, then its a nice little machine for sure.

The Graphics are acceptable for most uses, its no way a gaming machine, however, it is capable of playing some games you would not have thought possible, and yet fails to play games that it should be able to quite easily, and its a fairly old machine now, so if you buy it for playing games then thats your fault.

I am using mine purely as my main Linux PC, and I do have Steam installed and the Linux compatible games are all installed and up to date and I have mixed bag of luck with them too! - I used to be a heavy gamer, but I have serious issues with my hands and now I limit my game playing to Dawn of War, where I only really need to use one or two fingers and the rest of the game is almost entirely mouse controled and I have had mixed results in playing those games too! - No way on high details but more than playable at lower settings, but I only say that in a kind of "Ah well, a bit of fun" mode, and I dont really mind, because its not my main Laptop.

I have had it for a good fair while now and as a mess-about Laptop its been 100% solid for me, but I have not really used it all that much, and it has been getting VERY VERY VERY hot under proper use. Last week, I started to get a message saying that the fan was not working and it would power down... As I said its not my main Laptop, so, I am in no rush to get it fixed, and I have simply put it away for the time being, but if it was my main Laptop, then I would have used it a lot more than I have, the fan would have failed and the chances are, that I would be writing a review about a big door stopper by now.

So, as far as ratings go, its a difficult one.
The feel of the keyboard is good, its much better than a lot of them I have owned.
The screen gives the standard 1366x768 so thats kind of ok I suppose.
I have ditched the DVD and I am using an adapter so I have a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HD in it, but I do this to all my laptops. It makes it way quicker and who the hell uses DVDs these days anyway?
I will give it full marks for everything really but the fact that it overheats and this will definitely give it a seriously shortened lifespan, means that it will lose 2 marks for that.

So I give it 3 out of 5 Im afraid,
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So I got this laptop having really high hopes and I was really excited. I managed to get one from the Amazon warehouse for £480, the description was New condition and returned due to a customers change of mind. When I got it I suspected things weren't going to go well straight away as the box was really damaged, like someone had dropped the box a few times and kicked it. I shrugged this off, thinking that the machine is all that matters, not the box.

I went through the process of turning it on and doing all the things it prompted me to do. After that I started browsing the web while installing itunes. I noticed that web browsing while installing itunes was very slow. It's nothing to do with my internet as we are on 50meg virgin wired connection and I was the only one using my computer and the internet at the time. So that disapointed me and those are basic tasks, and didn't give me much hope for when I would be doing some video editing. The problems with performance only got worse after this.

The screen seemed to have major issues, on a few occasions I got a blue and green screen saying there was an error with my graphics card. I searched for drivers and fully updated my laptop, yet I still got the nasty coloured screens on occasion. When I was running itunes the screen went black and stayed that way for atleast 30 seconds, this was really worrying. To top it all off I only had the internet running and the whole laptop froze on me, no matter what I did I could not get it to respond, so I had to force a restart. The only times the laptop was fast was when I was ONLY using the internet, when anything else was running it was shockingly slow. My single core laptop of five years old ran things better. At this point I got my brother to check things over (he is a computer whiz) he tweaked a few things for me.....the issues still occured.

So now i've just had the laptop sent back to Amazon today 14/3/12 after only having it 21 days to get a refund. I can only assume that either I just recieved a faulty machine,it was damaged in Amazons warehouse or damaged during transport. This has not put me off HP however, I still think they are good value for money and make the nicest looking laptops. I'm currently in the process of looking at new laptops now. I just thought I would warn people about the issues I have had.
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on 14 September 2011
In terms of performance this is a good laptop, one problem was its short battery life (around 50 mins), and also it seems to overheat quicker than previous laptops I have used. One particular thing i like about this laptop is the fact the keys are spaced apart so i rarely find myself hitting multiple keys and the overall performance is quite good.

Overall i think you can buy a better laptop for the money but i don't think it is an unfair price.
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