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3.9 out of 5 stars124
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 16 December 2010
I have been using Blackberrys now for a number of years and tried all the different types. It is part of my job to find the ones that work for the business. That always used to be a given for Blackberrys but sadly no more.

The Blackberry products come in two core flavours. The Bold which are the higher end devices and the Curve which typically are more workmanlike. Of course there are also the RIM touchscreen offerings and while the latest Torch is an improvement over the mostly dire Storms, it is still clunky, looks gunmetal retro and weighs a lot in your bag or jacket pocket.

So here we are with the Bold 9780, a slightly revamped version of the 9700. It feels great in hand, small enough to be used practically as a phone but light and solid at the same time. The build quality you expect of the Bold range. The key change is in the OS, the 9780 sports the RIM OS6 which contains lots of sliding menu's and a webkit browser, which is a huge improvement over its old offering. There is also more memory and a bigger camera.

The real deciding factor is OS6. Is it better than OS5? Yes it is. Is it that much better? Not really. It is still limited and the OS6 is still a little buggy and often slow. Anyone that makes a comparison or claim that it is better than the iPhone is quite frankly off their head. The Bold is a pretty take on the classic Blackberry although with a great camera. I dislike the Bold keyboard intensely, my fingers keep sliding off the sloped keys. I much prefer the flat scrabble style keys of the Curve, but then you cannot get a Curve with the touchpad and good camera. Why RIM never just upgraded the brilliant Curve Javelin (8900 - great camera but flawed rollerball navigation) with a touchpad I would love to know.

If you are a fan of the Bold line then this is going to keep on pleasing you. If you are new to Blackberry and are looking for a stylish device as a central point for managing your various emails, this will do the job very well. The Curve would be my preferred Blackberry for the keyboard but none in the range have a good camera. If you want a good camera you need the Bold. If you are looking for versatile apps to improve your everyday and email as an aside then this is not the stop for you. You should check out the HTC Android phones (brilliant) or iPhone (brilliant if it was not tethered to one computer and itunes!)

Update May 2011: This is still my favourite 3G Blackberry device currently on the market. The Curve 8900 remains my all time favourite but is 2G and has a track ball which can get sticky. The camera on this Bold 9780 is great(in context to mobile cameras), with pictures very acceptable when viewed on larger computer screens. I have got used to OS 6 although rely mostly on the brilliant keyboard shortcuts anyway (so seldom use the menus). Like I have said, Blackberrys are the best stop for anyone wanting to manage email on one device, especially if you need to respond on the move. I also use Twitter and Facebook here as well which work well. There are only two real downsides to this phone from my perspective. 1) The new browser is much better than the old one but you are going to struggle with any website that is not specifically designed for small screens. It does a much better job of making the content readable but it is still a pain. 2) My biggest problem though remains the keyboard. The keys are sloped and my fingers often slip off them making longer emails frustrating sometimes. This sloped key design was popular on the bigger devices but just does not work on the smaller devices where the scrabble style flat keys are much better.

I hope this review was helpful to you.
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on 8 October 2011
I have been using blackberry mobiles for the last 2 years (first bold 9700 and then bold 9790)

- incredibly fast email service
- qwerty keyboard is wonderful for typing
- easy to place a phone call just by pressing the traditional green button
- good quality media player/great sound quality
- bkackberry messenger

- very slow in general (web browsing, installing apps, finding apps on app world)
- freezes quite often
- everytime you delete an app you have to re-start the device and it takes ages to do so!
- web browsing can be very frustrating as it is too slow and more often than it should there's a message that says 'requested server not found' and the website just doesn't upload
- handsfree that comes with bold models is bulky and looks very old fashioned
- I have to charge it everyday if I use the blackberry messenger, even if I don't make any calls and only send a few text messages

I hope people find this useful.
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on 26 February 2011
Having spent the last few years using an LG Cookie (touchscreen) I wanted a phone that was easier to type with and with easy to use internet services...the 9780 was perfect.

I had been warned that the keyboard used with the Bold might be hard to use because there are no gaps between the keys, but I found very quickly that this wasn't a problem. The way the keys are tilted is very useful when typing with two hands (not quite as easy when composing an email or text with one hand, but if you're opting for a full keyboard on a phone then you would expect to be able to type faster if you have two hands covering the span of the keys).

The camera on this phone is excellent, to the point that if I had anticipated buying this phone more in advance I might not have spent so much money a couple of months ago on a Lumix. Obviously there is a difference between a 5mp camera and one that has 14mp, but I'm not a skilled photographer and consider the photos I take on my 9780 to be good enough to be worth uploading onto facebook in high resolution alongside those from the Lumix without them really standing out as lower in quality.

More generally, the internet, apps and other features are very easy to use, and it took me no time at all to set up my email accounts and add contacts for blackberry messenger. Of course much of this is dependent on whether or not your area has good signal coverage (its a bit hit and miss where I am) but I have found that web pages load in around 5 seconds.

I was also quite pleased with what was included in the box; many of the devices I have purchased over the years have come without wall chargers or a screen protector etc so I was glad to find them included with the Blackberry.

In conclusion, I adore this phone. It's easy to use, well designed, and looks very classy in white. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a phone with the kind of features the 9780 can provide.
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on 15 May 2012
I purchased this phone on 28th February 2011. Initially I was pleased with it, however:

I late February 2012 I was updating the O/S via the Blackberry website when it suffered a catastrophic failure. The old O/S was removed then the phone refused to accept the updated O/S. This left me with a white screen showing Error 507 Reload Software. Despite repeated attempts to reload the software nothing happened. The phone was dead. An expensive useless piece of junk.

Between 24 February 2012 and 28 March 2012 I emailed Blackberry but did not even receive acknowledgement of my emails. I also wrote to RIM but again received no answer.

I desperation I emailed Amazon at 13:31:25hrs on 24 April 2012 and explained the problems I was having with the manufacturer. I explained that although I bought the phone from Amazon I tried to speed up the repair/replacement process under the 12 month guarantee by going direct to the manufacturer, but to no avail. Within a couple of hours Amazon emailed me and apologised for the problems I was having. They informed me that they were not in a position to repair/replace the phone. I was instructed to return the phone for a full refund. This I did and was reimbursed the full purchase price within a matter of days.

Bear in mind I had owned and used this phone for about 11 1/2 months and that the manufacturer was duty bound under the 12 month guarantee and the sale of goods act to do something about this problem. I think the actions of Amazon in this matter are exemplary. I cannot sing the praises of Amazon highly enough for their customer care and attention to detail. I would recommend Amazon as a retailer to anyone, without fail.

As for Blackberry/Rim, I will never darken their doors again. What an arrogant way to treat customers.
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on 18 February 2012
I was expecting better for the money and branding. I've had this for almost a year now and its average at best. It still does what I want it to, but occasionally, I wish it did the other things its supposed to do as well. Here are my gripes and praises.
The good points:
Emails, social networking etc all work very well. My facebook twitter and all the other social rubbish flying around will no doubt work as well here as on any other smartphone. Allowing you to update your burglar/robber/stalker with your location/mood in a heartbeat at every second of the day should you wish.
Phone calls,(amazing to think this is overlooked when buying a phone these days), are as good as expected with clear microphone and speaker and an assortment of preloaded tones and whistles.
Reception is good and wifi also works well with only the odd connection issues as with any network ready gadgets, but no persistent problems.
Bluetooth always functions flawlessly with my plantronics headset and connects first time, every time.
The battery life is reasonable for a smart phone. I use mine for "actual" phone calls mostly and I can get about 3-4 days out of it.
The keypad is a good size even for my sausage fingers, (I'm an electrician by trade and train with heavy weights).
It looks sleek and feels weighty, not like a cheap construction or flimsy plastic in any way.
It has buttons, yes real buttons, which seem to have fallen by the wayside in this day and age of touchscreen this and touchscreen that. I still like to answer my phone this way so I can put it in my pocket during a call and not worry about hanging up accidentally, or feeling overly paranoid that when I'm talking on the phone I have inadvertently sent a facebook update telling everyone I'm dead by touching the screen with my chin/ear/cheek. No such problems here.
Voice dialling works well. The days of tagging contacts with pre-recorded names via the microphone are over. It has an intuitive voice dialing system that already knows how words should sound including names, which came as a surprise. A voice training tutorial is all that is needed and you can call most of your contacts without having to repeat/scream at the phone. Some of the more complex names out there might fail on this system.

The bad points:
The OS is simple and good looking but very flawed. For some unknown reason I can't watch youtube videos anymore. I have no idea why, it simply goes to buffering after 2 minutes and then just stops. It worked fine initially but now, same problem even after reset. So I've given up on videos.
Web browsing is terrible. The screen size does not help in this day of huge fancy web pages with all the content under the sun on them. You will only see a fraction of the pages and have to fiddle around with the zoom feature, which involves using a dropdown menu, clicking on zoom, using trackpad, scrolling to appropriate size, then clicking on end zoom. All very cumbersome and slow. This of course means you can see more of the page, but won't actually be able to read anything. So, back to zoom we go and repeat steps 1-3, until eventually we can read whatever it is we were looking for. In between these operations the web pages disappear for about 5 seconds while the processor chugs along and re-sizes everything.
The browser also has a nasty habit of locking up and the cursor disappearing, leading to frenzied scolling trying to find the dam thing. This is likely to be because of touching the trackpad on certain web page features (such as highlight) causing it to go haywire, which in turn ends up with you closing the tab and starting again from scratch. The trackpad is as annoying as any laptop touchpad. Accidentally touching it whilst scrolling through web pages causes no end of chaos. These should be condemned to techie hell along with betamx and 8 track tapes.
A huge lack of applications available. No angry birds or other well known application are likely to be available and the ones that are come at a massive premium. An example would be an adobe PDF app costing £15/$20. Which was sub standard in that I wanted to read a magazine and there were only four zoom levels. Two of which were useless and the other two were too big or too small, at least for the magazine I was viewing.
The camera is good but the controls are awful. When trying to take a picture you have five icons at the bottom of the screen which use the trackpad to navigate. This can, in turn, lead to photos of pockets, tracking your GPS position to tag photos etc etc, without actually taking a picture at any point. You can use the camera button on the side to snap away but there is a good chance it'll be out of focus. When it eventually gets a snap, the pictures are pretty decent but it is a struggle to get there. Make sure those split second life changing moments never happen cos this baby won't be capturing them. Not in focus anyway.

All in all it should be better. I can honestly say I miss having a smooth, internet ready phone and I'll be avoiding blackberry in future. This phone is aimed at emails and texting rather than multimedia or apps, so keep that in mind when making your purchase and you will be fine. Provided you can tolerate the little niggling flaws it will serve you well with a decent battery life and good functionality as a phone. Anyone with poor eyesight or looking for videos and web browsing should avoid. With a little luck blackberry will address the software issues and some of the bad points will disappear. But only some.
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on 24 November 2011
I REALLY wanted a BB.. most people were saying that BB's are crap compared to Android and Apple phones.. but I think it's just the BB that you go for.. I wanted a sturdy, solid one that was reliable and also had a good cam and keypad for texting.. so I went for this one, the Bold 9780. I was a bit skeptical at first because I thought I was risking it by buying one that was second hand but I'm ever so pleased!!

I received it yesterday and it's very good. As the handset was refurbished I thought I'd have to wait until my new charger arrives and then I'd be able to charge it and use it.. but there was still about 40%/50% battery left for me to play around with.. and it was useful because it made me kinda familiar with it. IT'S MY FIRST EVER SMARTPHONE, LET ALONE FIRST EVER BLACKBERRY PHONE!!!!

There are so many features and one thing I should clear is that if you don't have BBM services with your network provider (whether ur on pay monthly or payG), then ur BB is pretty much incomplete... although I'm on the '3' network I can still access the My3 service, use my wireless router/modem at home as Wifi to access Facebook too, and make the usual texting and calling as a normal phone does - that's not a problem. But even NORMAL surfing such as Googling, Twitter and the usual BB services are restricted until you purchase the BB Add on (also known as a Bolt on, with the O2 network).

As I'm a student and have a lot of work going on for about a couple of months, I've decided not to activate BB services just yet because I want to get used to handset first and I know that I won't have time for it anyway as I'll become an addict too soon!!!

BB services usually cost about £5 each month... and I'm currently on a contract SIM which I'm using in this unlocked BB handset... my monthly contract price is £12-£14.. so a £5 added would be about £17/£18 each month. HOWEVER you can cancel the BB add on whenever you like after having one for a minimum of a month.

My contract ends in 7 months so I will get BB services then with a different provider and look for a good tarriff (possibly with o2)... in the meantime I might choose to get the BB add on for a month to see what it's like, and then not have it until later. It's very flexible like that - just talk to ur network provider.

Hope I helped!!!
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on 19 January 2011
I'm going to give a bit of a life story here as I think it is necessary to convey the true reasons why I bought this phone. So, it'll be a slow starter, but bear with me- I WILL get to the actual phone part eventually. Or you could skip a paragraph or two... its entirely up to you.

I am a BlackBerry virgin. I've had a few mobile phones; I remember my Sony Eriksson k800i with fondness. When that decided it didn't want to charge anymore, I found myself in a spot of financial difficulty and had to settle for the Orange Rome, which worked, but the operating system was pretty dire. I ended up with a girlfriend who was on Vodafone, and after months of texting each other and having around half of our messages delayed/in bits, I decided to move to Vodafone, in the hope that our messages would be a little more reliable.

I bought the cheapest Nokia phone I could, along with a pay as you go simcard from Vodafone- but alas, our messages were still being delayed, arriving in chunks, or getting lost altogether. If anything, the problem was worse, and I returned to my Orange Rome in disgust. After a little more research, I found that some BlackBerries were equipped with "UMA technology"- a technology which supposedly uses your house/cafe/university's WiFi network to send/receive calls and SMS messages. I live in an area of low mobile coverage, and can only get a little signal in one corner of my bedroom; to think that I could use my phone all around the house was LUXURY. And, I thought, it might make sending/receiving texts that little bit less uncertain.

So, (this is the paragraph many of you may have skipped to) it was on the basis of UMA technology that I bought the Bold 9780, as a BlackBerry virgin. I must stress that I bought my phone from another website, on contract with Orange, so my review on this page may be a little inaccurate.

When the phone arrived I was impressed with the overall quality in terms of durability (its quite a sturdy little phone) and design; I love the gloss black finish, and the leather back. Getting set up was simple, even though I had never used a BlackBerry before. The trackpad is totally natural to use, and I found myself scurrying around the menus in no time.

Within minutes I was able to connect to my house's wireless network; all I needed was my password. I soon had the preinstalled Facebook application up and running, and was able to update my status and comment and like things and generally do my nerdy Facebooky things. However, when it came to calling, and sending/receiving a text, it had to be done over the Orange GPRS network. I am led to believe that only Orange support UMA technology in the UK, however as I had bought my phone through a major phone company (rather than directly through Orange), my phone was both unlocked and unbranded. I considered this a bonus at the time as I would be able to use the simcard of any provider, but it also meant that the phone's UCID code was different to the UCID code of phones bought through Orange. I don't know the technicalities behind it, but it comes down to this; if you want to use UMA technology, you need an Orange branded BlackBerry, so I don't know if the sim-free would be able to offer this service.

I was crushed, seeing as this was the main reason I went for the phone. But in terms of its connectivity, it outdoes the Orange Rome I had before it. My BlackBerry tends to get better signal, and when I go into an area where I know I should have signal, the BlackBerry will pick this signal up much faster than the Orange Rome. I'm also impressed with the texting system on the BlackBerry- if I don't have any signal, the BlackBerry will simply keep trying in the background until it DOES find some signal, and will automatically send the text. No more checking your outbox.

The BlackBerry also tracks your conversations- no more switching between sent messages/inbox, as the BlackBerry shows all texts, in time order, much like an MSN conversation. When you get a new message, I found that the BlackBerry often starts from the top of the "chat" and you have to scroll all the way down to the latest message, but you can bypass this somewhat by scrolling left rather than down as soon as you open the message. After 3 days with my new phone, this is pretty much the only fault I can find with it.

Ooh, I tell a lie; there is another fault. Very occasionally, you may find yourself on a screen which you're happily scrolling through, when suddenly you lose track of the trackpad. You move up, down, left and right but nothing seems to be happening and all you can do is press return. Also, in one of my text "conversations", it suddenly only showed the most recent text. I physically was not able to scroll up and read the previous texts. I don't know if the text chat was getting too long, but it was annoying to not be able to go back (though the messages hadn't been deleted- after a little searching I accessed another screen which had all of the texts there). Also, good luck with saving messages- you can mark any message as saved, but for the life of me I don't know where these messages are stored. As far as I'm concerned, nothing happens when I save a message, there is no "Saved Messages" folder or anything, the text conversation just stays the same. Anyway, these are small flaws in what is actually some rather amazing and intuitive software.

The BlackBerry Appworld is a delight, though it's nothing on the Apple AppStore. There are some genuinely interesting/useful applications... though most of them aren't free. I found that downloading applications on the computer was a hassle and wouldn't work properly. When trying to download from the AppWorld through my laptop, the Appworld website complained that it could not see my BlackBerry, which was clearly connected to my laptop as I had just synchronised music to my phone. After around half an hour I gave up and decided to only access the Appworld through my BlackBerry (there is a preinstalled AppWorld application) and things have been going swimmingly since then.

I had no intention of listening to music on my BlackBerry, but mine came with a 2GB memory card and I needed to fill it with SOMETHING! Hence the collection of 120 of my favourite songs... the Blackberry has 2 customisable buttons on the side of the phone which you can designate to do something, be it texting, opening an application, using the camera, etc. One of my shortcuts is to the music centre, where my .m4a music files and album artwork were ported from my iTunes collection, hassle-free. The sound quality is good and it goes reasonably loud. You can also set a music track as your ringtone.

The camera is decent, though it doesn't beat my old Sony Erikkson.

I've had a couple of phonecalls on it, in an area of low signal, and the call quality was good, though the line was dropped after around 10 minutes. I blame the signal. I really don't think you can be better connected than on a BlackBerry, though it does seem to take a good few seconds to start ringing the other person. However, I'm happy to wait if the connection will be stronger. I don't know if it is, but I like to think so!

I love the LED indicator, you can tell at a glance if there is something to attend to, whether it is a missed call, new text, or new Facebook notification. There are numerous free applications for customising the LED colour to specific contacts/types of notification. My girlfriend isn't pleased with being pink.

The BlackBerry messenger is much like the texting system, or rather, the texting system is much like the messenger. Pay as you go users typically pay an extra monthy charge for using BlackBerry Internet Services, which incudes the BlackBerry Messenger. I am on contract and it seems to be working fine for me, I ony hope I'm not being charged extra!

YouTube videos are as easy to search for and watch as they are on a computer, though I found that you cannot pause the video and let it downoad a little so that you can watch it back lag-free. You need to be in an area with a good internet connection- even when I left it for a few minutes, I'd click play and within seconds it would be "buffering".

Initially, the QWERTY keyboard was cumbersome, but by the end of the day I was pretty hot on it, and after 3 days I'm lighting fast. The keys are nice and solid and you soon get a real feel for them. You can also set up shortcuts so that when you type something it automatically displays something else. I found that searching for a specific symbol, like "<", was cumbersome. So for me, I customised it so that typing "ht" would output "<3".

You can choose specific pictures for specific contacts, and store as many numbers per contact as you're ever going to need, as well as specific notes on each contact.

Overall, I am very impressed with the phone- after a spate of bad experiences with phones, I wasn't expecting much, and was very pleasantly surprised. The phone is gorgeous, and more importantly, so is the operating system it comes with. This is my first ever BlackBerry phone, and I really don't think I'll ever go back. Just be careful when considering the UMA technology, and consider going on contract where you can likely get the phone for free. Also, be aware that on Pay as you go, you may have to pay extra if you want BlackBerry internet services whereas on contract it may be included.

There you go- no more paragraphs to skip.
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on 9 September 2011
I purchased this phone after absolutely hating my iphone 3g, I decided to get a Blackberry mainly because of Blackberry's reputation as reliable and hardwearing phones and because it had a qwerty keypad and wasn't touchscreen. After about a month of use I am loving the phone and find it very easy to use. Some of its best features are BBM, blackberry email and it works so well as a phone. This sounds like an obvious feature of a phone, but some smartphones such as iphone and htc seem to have forgotten that the main purpose of a phone is to be able to contact people via text and call, which the blackberry does brilliantly. The LED light is so simple but it really makes a differnce to the phones functionality and i find it very useful. I must admit that the app store is nowhere near as good as apple but personally i dont use gaming apps, the only ones i use are available and work well (flixster, myfitnesspal and ebay). My original plan was to sync all my music onto my blackberry and use it as an mp3 and a phone. I decided that it would be too much hastle to transfer all my music from itunes to windows media to get it onto my blackberry so i now just use an old ipod. So to sum up, a great phone for people who just want a lovely looking phone which works(all the time!) and aren't bothered about having lots of apps.
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on 21 December 2011
my previous phone was a samsung tocco lite,which i HATED because of the touch screen! so i really wanted a normal non touch screen phone this time around :)
i didnt initially want a blackberry as i thought i wouldnt use email and net etc but how wrong i was!
i absolutely love this phone,its perfect for me,its easy to use,has everything i need on it and everything is quick to access.i now use my phone for internet many times a day which is mega convenient.i love the qwerty keyboard and the screen size and the battery seems to last a reasonable amount of time too :) i have customised it so i have different led colours and i did buy a case to protect it as im always dropping stuff :) i love all the features and find them so easy to use,i like bbm and the camera is also very good and then easy to upload photos for social networking came with a 2gb sd card as well.i cannot find a fault with this phone really...and i know for sure i will always stick with blackberry now,for me its perfect :)
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on 28 December 2010
Bought this phone Sim Free from Amazon UK. This is my first Blackberry phone.
I bought it mainly for the relative ease of e-mail and messenger communication and for this its fantastic. Extremly easy to set up and operate with very smooth and slick Track Pad.
Who needs touch phone when its as slick as this. I can text and e-mail one handed or two. Good camera and I have my wallpaper on 22" PC with pic from the phone. Music is great and as good as my previous Apple 3g and N95 before that. And your not burdened with rip off i-tunes.
While the keyboard is very good, its not as good as 9300. Shame. Still better than a touch phone as I've tried them both and this is much easier to use.
Downside is the relativley small screen and if your doing a lot of internet use and watching videos I'd recommend something else.
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