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4.2 out of 5 stars63
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2010
After the dissapointment of the Shoot it's time Namco showed SONY how a rails game is done.
And with 3 games to choose from this is great value for money.
The main title is Time Crisis Raging Storm, a bit of a MGS/MW rip off with bad acting but great gameplay. As a tag team fighting some terrorist in some middle eastern country your mission is to take down rogue soldiers and robots. (well I never said the story is complicated). But what makes this unique is that this is the first dual control game. I'e you use both the move AND either the standard controller or the add on one for move. Which brings us to story mode.
Story mode is a crossover between FPS and rails. It will take a bit of getting used to but with practice can be rewarding, and good practice for the upcoming KZ3 title due out next year.
Alternatively you can go for arcade mode, which is pure rails and like the original TC has a connected but different story. It's also more traditional shooting and, unlike the other game I can mention allows 2 players from the start as a co-op.
The arcade version of Time Crisis 4 also appears. Again this is standard 2 player TC fare.
Finally you get a very short game called Deadstorm Pirates. Again bad acting and a bit of a Pirates of the carribean rip-off but that's quickly forgotten as it's great fun. Plus there are segments where you have to treat the gun as a steering wheel. sounds odd perhaps, but they work really well and add a novel twist to the game. Short but definately plenty of replay value.
Graphically all the games look fantastic and run smoothly, so much in fact that it really does feel you're in an arcade rather than at home which can only be a good thing. No lag either.
Calibration can take a while to get right though, especially Deadstorm pirates, but once sorted is pretty tight.
This is the rails equivilent to Half lifes Orange box and I highly recommend it to those waiting for a decent non-sports game to show off the Move
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on 2 February 2012
When Razing Storm was first released, it was panned by most critics which I simply can't understand because when taken for what it is, it's actually a very enjoyable collection of light gun shooters. The main title in the collection is Razing Storm. This game actually contains 3 very different modes: Arcade, Story and Sentry Mode.(My personal favourite.) Let's start off with Arcade Mode.
This is a fast paced on rails shooter for 1 or 2 players co-op. If you think the old time crisis games are fast, you aint seen nothing yet. This will test your reflexes to the limit with sometimes dozens of enemies on screen at once, bullets fly from anywhere and it just never lets up. It also does away with the cover system of previous games. You now carry a shield that you can use as cover whenever you want by simply holding the reload button. Sounds good, doesn't it? And it is...for a little while anyway. The problem with this mode is that it's simply too easy. You have unlimited credits and can't change the number of credits to an amount that suits you, so feel free to get hit all you want. It is fun playing with a friend for the best score though as medals are awarded to the best player after every stage. It also only takes 15 minutes to play through the entire arcade mode which is disappointing.
Next on to story mode. This plays like your standard fps, but using the move and navigation controller. To be honest, I really didn't enjoy this mode that much. It has a few fun weapons like a spear gun and a gun that shoots big balls (no pun intended)at your enemy, but its get very repetitive after an hour or two. It's ok if you just want to pass the time though. This mode will take roughly 3 hours to complete although trust me when I say it'll feel like a hell of a lot longer than that.
The final mode is sentry mode which I have put several hours into because it's just so damn addictive. In this mode you play as a sniper who has to take out escaping prisoners before they escape. You earn points for killing prisoners, more for getting a head shot and shooting any militia soldiers you see. There are also high security prisoners that are worth extra points but these prisoners require incredible accuracy to hit in the head. It's much more addictive than it sounds and an absolute blast with friends.
The next game is Time Crisis 4. Important to note that this isn't the complete Time Crisis 4 game that was released on ps3 a few years earlier, only the arcade mode is included, which is ok as it's easily the best part of the game anyway. The game can be played in either one or two player. I actually prefer TC 4 over Razing storm's arcade mode as it goes back to the old style of Time Crisis gameplay, meaning you have to take cover, you can switch weapons and it requires far more skill to master. It's longer than Razing Storm but not by much. It can be completed in about half an hour. What's odd about this game is the first time you play it, you have 3 credits. Everytime you lose all your credits, you have to start the whole game again but this time with two more credits which isn't a terrible idea except once you finish the game you unlock infinite credits and once again it's impossible to change this which is very annoying. Still a great game though.
Finally we come to Deadstorm pirates. This game is simply excellent. It's also only about a half hour long but it's an absolute blast to play from start to finish especially in co-op as you have to really work together. There's no cover, no reloading, just full on shooting. There are four stages, including a ship, a pirate hideout and an island. A secret fifth level is unlocked once you have completed all the previous levels. I've lost count of how many times i've completed it at this stage. It's simply too much fun.
So any problems with this collection? Not really to be honest. The move controller needs to be calibrated before every game starts up and even then, you will need to re calibrate the controller every now and again because the pointer seems to move to another position at times. It's not too bad though. To sum up, as long as you know what your getting and aren't expecting anything innovative or mind blowing, i'm certain that you will love Time Crisis Razing Storm
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on 29 May 2013
This is great, three games in one.

Perfect for those nights in you want to have a laugh with your mates or if you just want a simple game to play to chill on your own.

Best played with Move.
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on 4 January 2013
I'm sorry but this was utterly disappointing(even though the bundle/package was quite tempting,moreover with the price.
Arcade shooters like this are not meant to be on console unless you have a GunCon(for about £35-50).I know some of you may be saying "Oh!But we have Playstation Move!",but believe me,it doesn't feel the same.The game would be much more fun if you had a foot peddle for cover and a GunCon for good calibration and accuracy!
Very disappointing.
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on 11 January 2011
Time Crisis Razing Storm - Move Compatible (PS3)

i bought 2 games quite cheap compared to the german prices i mainly bought them to try Playstation Move out, the delivery took 10 days but i do live in germany. the game was well packaged for delivery. i played the game for about an hour very addictive like old time crisis game, the game also includes Time Crisis 4 and Dead Storm Pirates. So for 3 games on One Disk thats good value for money.
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on 11 June 2014
This is a decent offering from Namco, everyone whos every been in an arcade has picked up a gun and played this. Exactly the purchase you need to make, a gun, if you're going to get the best out of this. Recommend the MAD CATZ one. As a graphically nice (not top notch, but nice) on rails shooter, it's the arcade at home - just what I was after. Plenty to do in it too - three different options (including a davy jones' locker type affair) there's enough to keep you busy. Works with the move and eye camera very very well.

+ Points:

+ Decent shooter, enough in it for the money (better than previous offerings)
+ Price (May '14)
+ Arcade at home !!!!
+ Two player option is good.

- Points:

- Acting, plot etc... basicaly you'll laugh your way through this. Not as bad as the first ones tho' (or house of the dead).
- Control setup. Bit tricky initially.
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on 3 January 2013
As the title says this package really comes into it's own when you co-op with a friend or a family member, but be warned things get very, VERY confusing on screen when you play the title game- Razing Storm, and if you're anything like me you'll be left wondering where your targetting icon has gone most of the time. That said, any one of the three games on this disc are worth the asking price, and whilst Deadstorm is by far and away the best, TC4 with it's splitscreen comes a very close second if only for the nostalgia value. In closing, if you're looking for a fun PS Move experience give this bundle a go, but only consider if you've got enough co-op buds available to keep you wanting to come back for more.
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on 13 February 2011
I'm a huge on rail shooter, and just had to try this out.

You actually get 3 games on one disc Timecrisis 4 (arcade version) Timecrisis Razing storm, and Deadstorm Pirates.

They are all great games and gives you the entertainment you were looking for

Timecrisis 4:

Well not much to say other then very similar to the other timecrisis games has a very good difficulty so in my opinion well worth it you still duck to reload like in the old games and like in the last of the Timecrisis games on PS2 you have 3 weapons Hand gun, machine gun and shotgun.

Timecrisis Razingstorm.

First of all this is great fun timecrisis just with a futuristic twist you fight against mechs, soldiers and so on with a machine gun the only really bad thing about this game is it's very short and that is really a bummer took me like 20 minuttes to clear the story there is however a extra game where you play in 1st person mode with the move or sixasis controller there should be some playtime in that aswell, but haven't really gotten into that i'm more up for the on rail part.

Deadstorm Pirates.

This is in my opinion the jewel of all the games on the disc your a band of pirates looking for a treasure and two on the crew have the golden guns, you play as one of the pirates with the golden gun and you just blast away no ducking no reloading all you have to do is react fast or else you'll get hit, i've completed the game 3 times now and still not tired of it.

All in all a great set of games that gives you alot of fun and the good thing about them is there is CO-OP in the games which just makes it even more entertaining so get an extra move controller and grab a friend you'll be having fun in no time.

Kind Regards

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on 29 April 2011
This is the best game I have played with the Move, but that is not to say the game itself is exceptional.

I ended up playing the 'Pirates' game bundled on the disk more than the main feature.
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on 20 February 2013
Very good and exciting game! Play it with my son, hours of fun! Have already recommended it to! family and friends
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