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on 13 November 2010
Until a few days ago I was the owner of a pair of Turtle Beach P21 Headset, but unfortunately the left ear-cup stopped producing sound so i went out to buy some new ones, on the way to the counter at game i spotted these beauties on the wall for £20 less. This headset is just as good as the Turtle Beach in many respects: you can still "sound whore" aka hear an enemy in a game like Call of Duty therefore giving you the advantage to win the gun fight. They are extremely useful when playing at night if you don't want to wake anyone up or be heard. As with anything you get what you pay for and one disadvantage is that they are not as comfortable to have on for long periods as the turtle Beaches, The ear-cups are thinner and with less padding, also the cup itself is quite small so if you have large ear then it could be uncomfortable. if you are just a casual gamer and play for no more than a couple of hours at a time then these are fine and will cause no irritation, but after maybe 4 hours or so they may start to ache so taking a hour or so break seems to sort it out.
The Volume controls are a lot more easy to navigate on the Comm Play with the volume adjusters being simple slide ups. The Adjusters on the turtle Beaches were small and fiddly if you are in a close gunfight and had often caused me to die when playing. The turtle Beach has more settings such as Bass, Expander but these hardly make a difference. The Chat function is very good, when i asked my friends online if i was any clearer or less clear they said clearer so the Comm-Play beats the turtle Beaches in that aspect.

Overall as i said you get what you pay for the turtle beaches probably just slightly edge it but by a very fractional margin so it depends whether you value a very slightly enhanced gaming experience at 20 quid. Great affordable Headset that does its job exceptionally well. Bargain.
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on 18 November 2010
Finally a true stereo gaming headset worthy of my money!

After purchasing 2, yes 2 sets of the Turtle Beach PX21 headsets over the last few months only to find both sets have been faulty, I've been waiting for a proper set of gaming headphones and they've arrived!!!

The Comm Play Pro Stereo Gaming Headset is an official Sony PS3 product, which for me gives it a massive thumbs up. The headset itself and the sound quality are awesome! It has a 4-meter cable which is more than enough for my moderately sized living room. It delivers full in-game volume control for the both game sound and chat. It has very comfortable earcups and is really light.

Along with my newly purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops it's taken my gaming experience to the next level. A fantastic purchase, I highly recommend! I also noticed there are 2 other sets available an NC1 which has a noise cancellation microphone and also an NC2 which has noise cancellation microphone and ear-cups and I have to say, looks the bee's knee's, very sexy with its stainless steel finish!
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on 6 January 2014
Okay I'm 14 and I've never bought myself a good headset, I used to use the ear piece ones but they always broke. Now when researching the web I wanted to buy myself turtlebeach headphones since all my friends from school used them, but after trying to find a decent pair for around £30 I gave up until I saw these Playstation ones in a advert on amazon, I read some of the 5 star reviews and they said it was really good, but then after reading the 1 star reviews I was scared I paid £30 for nothing. After waiting a couple of days for them to arrive they finally came. The box was a bit squished so it must of had a bumby ride. The headphones were perfectly fine when opening the box nothing was wrong with them, they had a very unique design which I thought was really awesome, for it to be 4 metres long was excellent and the button controls were easy to use. The plastic isn't cheap plastic because I've drop them a few times and they are fine. These however do have one downside and that is the earcups get annoying after a while, you don't notice this when playing for about 5hours but then it hurts so I stopped wearing them for a couple of hours before using them again.
Anyway back to what the point was and that it's a 4/5 star rating just because of the earcups. I hope this helps :D
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on 28 July 2011
This is my first proper gaming headset (the rest of them being just throwaway phone bluetooth headsets) and I am extremely impressed.

I was going to go with the turtlebeach brand but was not made of money and found this cheaper alternative which get the job done.

The cable is of decent length. Not too long yet not too short. It is very easy to set it up. Just connect the av cables you got with your ps3 to the headset's corresponding red and white cables and make sure audio output is set to come out of AV/component in the PS3 menu. Finally, plug in the USB to a usb port on the front of your ps3 and you're good to go.

The cable has independent volume control sliders that you can use to monitor the volume of the chat or the game. So... If I'm not talking to anyone on call of duty, I can turn the chat right down so I can hear footsteps (which really gives you an edge if you're playing search and destroy, by the way). It also has directional audio so if someone fires a gun diagonally forwards to my left that's where it'll sound like it's coming from. There's also a mute switch that mutes all outgoing sounds in case you get a phone call or something.

The microphone can be moved around as you see fit and the headband is adjustable in terms of size of the headband. After a long time (maybe 2-3 hours) playing with the headset, it can get annoying and sometimes I'll have to stop using it for 10-15 mins but other than that, it's pretty comfortable.

I can't really comment on how the quality compares to the big brands (Turtlebeach and Tritton) but I think it holds it's own. I'm certainly very happy with my purchase and I have no doubt that you will be, too if you buy them.
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on 7 May 2011
Bought these for my twelve year old boy. he tells me they are comfortable and easy to connect and use.Cable is long and not in the way of his gameing. Only problem is he finds when he speaks there is a slight delay in hearing his self. But he would highly recommend them.
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on 12 April 2012
I bought this headset as my last headset the venom Vx comms blue tooth headset Venom VX Comm's 2 Bluetooth Headset (PS3) was horrible and tacky, and was recommended a over the head , headset by my friend. I found this one as it was one of the most popular and had a good price. I bought it over the bank holiday/ Easter weekend and the delivery was still fast ariving the tues after Easter Monday. I'm not a hardcore gamer, so this headset was good value for me as I just wanted it for playing and talking to mates on BF3. Easy to set up even with HDMI, don't listen to the person saying you have to change output all the time, you don't. The mic is good, although it gives a slight echo/robotic voice, but overall is great. The headphones are great comfy for around 3-4 hours , as that's the most I play. The sound is great as you dont get the way you move your character 1 way in BF3 and hear the play go in one ear and out the other on tv so its quite cool the way the work. Overall result:


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on 5 January 2011
An amazing high quality product for such a small cost. Compared to the leading manufacturers of Gaming headsets (Turtlebeach and Astro) I can see no reason why you would choose a more expensive but equal quality product which has had many reported cases of malfunction. A very stylish colour scheme and the offical Sony Playstation license is a very good sign for more high quality goods in the future.
Sound quality much higher than my sons old bluetooth headset simple installation dependant on the television (maybe more diffucult on other digital television if there is no standard red and white output plug-ins) but it was a simple set up on our digital television (Sharp Aquos). Fading switch also very handy to switch between chatting and gameplay sounds. Also, very multipurpose if no online friends are online at a time perfect for both expert gaming e.g. use of headphones to find opponants or if you which to play without distrubing anyone. Would highly recommend this as it would be cheap to replace if ever breaks but also as high quality as leading brands.
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on 13 August 2011
This headset is truly outstanding in every single way. The sound quality although not surround sound is still amazing when playing games like Call of Duty, you can hear people creeping up behind you and the guns and explosions add to the excitement. Structurely the headset is good the ear cups are large and designed to be worn over the ears also the padding is really soft and comfortable as it comes in handy when gaming for long hours. The headband is also stirdy and dosen't and will not break unless you put alot of force into it. One thing that I do slightly have to hinder is the microphone it is very unstable and can break easily, my mic was starting to get loose only after the first day I bought it but luckily I spotted the problem beforehand and stuck the mic on with super glue. Overall this is a Amazing headset and there is honestly no point paying twice as much for a Turtle Beach Headset, I mean for only £28.99 you can't really go wrong.
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on 17 April 2012
As this was my first ever set of headphones, i was worried i was going to be dissapointed as it was going cheap, i couldn't have been more wrong if i tried.

The headphones are sore for a little while at first as i never wore a set like this before, but eventually you find them becoming very comfortable and natural.

The sound for the game and the sound for the voice chat are controlled by two seperate sliders, can be very loud or very quiet dependant on what your using the headset for, i use it all the time for outside of chatting to friends in game, i use it watching movies via PS3 for example.

Sound quality is fantastic, the only downpoint of the whole package is the amount of cables, a LOT of cables, but if this is the only downside of this fanastic headset, its a price worth paying.

Well worth the money, i'm very pleased.
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on 5 February 2011
Got this headset after a thoroughly dissapointing set of Turtle beaches PX21's. I reviewed those a few weeks ago and commented on the average sound quality, as well as abysmal build quality.

Well this headset seems to fix all these issues, but it's not perfect!

Gone is the annoying hissing (although admittedly it's because it doesn't have a noise cancelling function, but my friends say they can hear my voice perfectly fine so it's no loss it seems), but most importantly, the build quality is a LARGE step up from the Turtle beaches. With my previous headset I was constantly worrying that I would accidently break them or snap the cord even if I just pulled on it weakly, but these are much more solidly constructed and don't squeak or anything.

The sound quality seems to be very good. My friends reported that sometimes the Turtle beaches echoed a bit when I talked into the headset, but it seems to be fine this time round. The bass seems to be quite flexible and there is no annoying stuttering even at louder settings. You can still hear footsteps and reloadings of the enemy very clearly sometimes, so it will help you out in games of COD often! The chat volume and game volume can be changed independently,and you can even turn the chat volume off on the fly but keep the sound of the game on, this is an excellent feature, as sometimes you get sick of some people chatting rubbish on COD! Furthermore, unlike the Turtle beaches, the 4gamers headset has two clear sliding switches on a seperate plastic case to turn the volume up and down. This means it is easy to quickly change the volume to what you like, and not hve to fiddle with sliding wheels on the side of the plastic case like the PX21's.

Unfortunately, there are two minor bad points. The first is that they are not as comfortable as the turtle baches to wear, due to the lack of earpads, and while not unbearable, after a while they begin to get a little too tight on your head. Secondly, they are set up in exactly the same way as the PX21's, so that means keeping your old scart lead, even if you are using HDMI, then plugging that into the back of the ps3; then plugging the headset into the USB port; THEN plugging the headset into the scart cable, then setting up the audio settings... It is a bit annoying, especially if you want to clear up after every gaming session, and results in a lot of tangled wires if you don't.

Overall I would give this 4.5 stars, but since I can only give whole numbers, 4/5 is a great score anyway. If they tried to lessen the amount of wires and perhaps made the headset slightly more comfy to wear, it would be a solid 5/5 product. If you want a pair of decent gaming headphones, and are not willing (like me!) to spend a 100 pounds plus on the top of the range ones, I would recommend this product, especially over the PX21's.
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