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on 29 June 2011
WWE Summerslam 2010 had the possibility to be a cracking PPV, John Cena led team WWE to face off against the mite of the Nexus, Randy Orton challenged Sheamus for the title in what was expected to be an excellent match & Kane defended his title against the biggest little man Rey Mysterio.

The PPV was pretty good.

The opening bout was a title match between Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston, fair enough, decent opening match & both guys showed what they can do in the ring, but what did WWE do? They made Nexus come down to interrupt the match, this was done to show that Nexus meant business tonight, however why couldn't they have hit the ring after the match finished cleanly rather than ruin a perfect opening match? The whole angle set up for a night of disappointment. I would give this match a *** for the actual wrestling but due to the interference it drops to a **.

Next up we had a divas match, Melina taking on the very in-experience Alicia Fox, the right person won the match but like most divas matches nobody could care less about it. *1/2

Then we had what was a joke of a match, The Big Show taking on the SES in a handicap match, it was so obvious what was going to happen that it wasn't even worth watching, the build up to it had been terrible & made Punk & his guys look horrendously weak, there was no way WWE could let them win after looking so bad, it took Punk a long time to recover from this humiliation. **

In the first main title match of the night, Sheamus defended his title against Randy Orton in a match where if anyone interfered Sheamus would lose his title & if Randy lost he wouldn't get another shot at the title. The match was very good I must admit, both guys done very well & was possibly one of the matches of the year, right up until the ending. WWE wanted to do an ending where Sheamus kept the title but made Orton look strong, so they made him win by count out, meaning he couldn't win the title. I hate these sort of endings, it is lazy booking IMO, should have been something like Orton had his foot under the rope & the ref didn't see it. ***1/2

Next up was a pretty poor & very predictable world title match; Kane had been trying to put Mysterio in a coffin after the match which he brought down to the ring, every time he opened it we were expecting the Undertaker to be there so when he finally appeared it wasn't exactly a shock, it was so obvious, when he did return he accused Kane on putting him in a vegetative state & tried to choke slam him, Kane overpowered him & hit him with a choke slam himself, this was actually quite a good angle to show Undertaker was still weak. Match itself was probably a ** but I will give the whole thing a *** due to the excellent ending where Kane overpowered Taker.

The main event was a 7 0n 7 elimination tag-team match, Nexus V WWE. Team WWE had only 6 members & The Miz had offered his services but WWE decided to go with former Nexus member Daniel Bryan who made a shock return to our screens since being suspended. Miz took offence to this & nearly cost WWE the match later in the night. WWE picked up an early advantage with Daniel Bryan & John Morrison eliminating Darren Young & Michael Tarver respectively. However this advantage didn't last too long, Nexus then eliminated 3 WWE superstars to leave the WWE with 4 & Nexus with 5. WWE then equalled things up as Edge eliminated Skipp Sheffield.
At this point in the match the teams look like this:
WWE (Edge, Jericho, Bryan & Cena) V Nexus (Otunga, Slater, Gabriel & Barrett)
Team WWE then picked up a huge advantage as Edge eliminated Otunga & WWE had the advantage, however after this one of the shocks of the match happened, Heath Slater eliminated both Jericho & Edge in the space of about 40 seconds, it was a remarkable scene. However he was eliminated by Bryan as the match went down to 2 v 2.

John Cena & Daniel Bryan V Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel

The Miz then interfered in the match and laid out his former prodigy Bryan thus causing his elimination, Cena pinned both Gabriel & Barrett to win the match.

Very good match here ****1/2
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on 10 March 2011
1. Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston- WWE Intercontinental Championship

** It was OK but it was short because the nexus ruined it at the end attacking both men

2. Alisha Fox vs Melina- WWE Women's Championship

* Not good, standard womens match

3. The Big Show vs CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Joseph Mercury- Handicap Match

** Not a bad little match here served its purpose

4.Sheamus vs Randy Orton- WWE Championship

** I thought this was quite a good match some reviews wern't good but i thought it was a nice title match

5. Rey Mysterio vs Kane- World Heavyweight Championship

*** Good match and the return of The Undertaker at the end of the match as well

6. The Nexus vs John Cena, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge and Daniel Bryan- 7 vs 7 Elimination Match

**** Very good strong main event never boring in my view a great way to end the rather average show

Summerslam i thought was pretty average really saved by the main event
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on 17 July 2013
Having ordered Summerslam 2009 at roughly the same time as 2010, and the fact that I watched '09 first, as you do, which was mediocre at best, left me skeptical about how '10 would turn out. I was pleasantly surprised at how the overall show was delivered. All the matches had enough good spots to keep you watching the show, compared to '09 where it was difficult to concentrate for the whole 3 hours. All the matches made sense, with no questionable endings, with my favorite match, Not being team WWE vs Nexus which a lot of other people would say as their favorite match, although that match is very good, being Kane vs Rey Mysterio as it was a very well work big guy vs little guy match and the ending pumped The Undertaker into the story line to go on to face Kane at Hell in A Cell.

Overall i would give the Summerslam 2010 an 8/9 out of 10, just falling short of 10 as the PPV could of done with 1 or 2 more matches just to back up the main matches. MUST BUY, GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!
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on 7 April 2011
This is my 2 disc set Summerslam 2010 Blu-ray review:

Disc 1: Raw & Smackdown
First let's go to the red show. It was a pretty good show with good segments but poor in wrestling quality. It was a good way to built the Nexus vs Cena storyline.
The blue show was different than Raw. We had good wrestling with a good television show main event but segments were not so good.
RAW OVERALL: 6.25/10

Disc 2: Summerslam 2010
Now into the PPV.

Intercontinental Championship Match Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston:
That was a good way to kick off the show. The match was good but Nexus came to the ring to end it with a DQ

Big Show vs S.E.S.:
This was only to complete the card. The built was good with Cm Punk breaking Show's hand but the match was crapp. Show won.

WWE Championship Match Sheamus vs Randy Orton:
I had a problem with this and was that the built was bad but the match was pretty pretty decent. But Sheamus qot DQ. After this Orton hit the RKO to Sheamus. Very good but build up and the DQ made it worse.

World Heavyweight Championship Match Kane vs Rey Mysterio:
Another decent match faster than the Ortons one. Kane retains and Undertaker returts after the attack of Kane. Good.

Team WWE vs The Nexus:
And this was the main event. And what a main event. Very good, great 7 on 7 Tag Team Match with the spectacular return of Daniel Bryan. The match was very good and the build too. I wish Nexus could win but Cena made Barret tapped out with the STF. What I said, very goood.

This Summerslam was in my opinion dissapointed. The card was not good and the event was just decent. Main event saved the PPV. Don't get it unless you want to see the Main Event.

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on 21 July 2013
I personally find that when the WWE get's it right, it get's it spot on - but when it get's it wrong, well you end up with Mae Yung giving birth to a hand.

Summerslam 2010 is when WWE got it right. Plenty of decent matches with high-level superstars, some promos come off a bit flat and some wrestlers are better actors than others but overall it's a well-made overall experience.

Extras are a bit thin on the ground but with so many matches you don't really need them.
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on 24 January 2011
More testosterone overload as the mastodons of the WWE universe fill the screen once again. This time it is the annual event that is Summerslam. SS is the middle high point of the WWE calender and is usually a huge event.

The WWE don't do anything by halves an the PQ and AQ on this are superb. Don't be fooled by the fact that it is all choreographed more rigidly than your average ballet, these people are true athletes.
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on 16 January 2014
this PPV you ether love it or hate it... now there was some really great story lines leading into this PPV the WWE vs the nexus.. i was kinda angry with the outcome of the tag match.. the Divas match was OK but nothing great! kane vs rey classic match!
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on 26 December 2010
Overall, it was a medicre Summerslam with the main event saving this from being a bad ppv. As usual the Diva match was the toilet break and the less said about Big Show vs SES the better. Ziggler vs Kingston could have been something good but had limited time, Kane vs Mysterio was decent with a expected finish and Orton vs Sheamus was a slow boring match.
However the main event was great, an eagerly anticipated 7 on 7 elimination match combined with a great atmosphere made this exciting and a joy to watch.

I would suggest only buying this DVD if you are simply collecting WWE dvd's or you wish to rewatch the main event.
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on 8 February 2013
They sent the DVd on time which is great. Good price for it as well, I will shop with them again.
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on 9 October 2010
In my opinion, this was a pretty average Summerslam, with some shocks and twists. The match card was pretty decent, with the main event being the best match of the night.

It was good to see the return of the Undertaker, after the Kane Rey Mysterio match for the World Heavyweight Championship. The only problem that I had with the return of the Undertaker, was that he got tombstoned by his own brother Kane, who was revealed as the man who attacked the Deadman.

It was good to see the team Nexus lose to team WWE, where it was John Cena who was left standing after he defeated Wade Barrett in the final outcome of this seven on five elimination match up.

Overall this was a Summerslam that could have improved, but I'd say it's worth the watch for the main event.
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