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4.7 out of 5 stars105
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Lego City Space Centre is another new incredibly well designed and detailed addition to the 'Lego City' series. The set is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12 years of age. Children younger than six may struggle a little with the instructions and find the lack of interactive elements a little unfulfilling. Youngsters over the age of twelve would also more than likely prefer something a little more challenging (i.e like the popular Technic range). But between this age range the set really is an ideal toy.

The set is basically a space rocket and launch pad, including a small mission control building and a mini service-buggy. Although the Space Centre is relatively minimal in its overall design, there are a number of key details that add that special `Lego' touch. Rotating lights, a movable camera, a fuelling line, a working lift, a flip-down countdown sequence and a mini satellite, are just a few of these excellent details.

The rocket itself is quite impressive, standing at a full 36cm in height. The top compartment of the rocket can be opened out - breaking away to reveal an internal satellite or to show the astronaut piloting the rocket (the included video shows these two options).

The complete set is built up via four separate bags of pieces. It is advised from the outset that the pieces in the bags should not be mixed when putting together the set. There are three instruction manuals that take you through the construction of the set in clear, concise and easy to follow stages. There are not too many overly complex or repetitive stages in the construction of the set, so this stage should be largely a very enjoyable one for most youngsters.

The set took me around an hour to put together, although I did not apply the stickers that come included with the set (I will be giving the set to my son when he is old enough, so wanted to leave this task for him).

One point I must add is that I firmly believe that the real beauty of Lego is the open potential it offers for imaginative creation. Obviously the user is in no way restricted to merely following the instructions and always creating the same thing time and time again. Lego sets can be combined with weird and wonderful ideas realised - all the user needs is the imagination and the desire to create something new. With this in mind, the one drawback to this particular set is that it does not use that many `standard' Lego pieces and instead is mainly made up from more specialised and purpose built pieces. Not a big problem in itself, but unless combined with other sets that include more of the standard Lego pieces, the option for putting together your own creations will be somewhat limited.

However, all in all I found the Lego City Space Centre to be an excellent Lego set, with many beautifully designed details and movable pieces to entertain.

**As a final note regarding the attached video - please do bear in mind that I have not used any of the stickers that are included (as stated earlier). When the stickers are incorporated into the models, their inclusion will really bring out the various bits and pieces a lot better. The video is merely there as a general guide of what to expect.**
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
(Sub contracted to a team of children!)

Completion of Lego space-station 3368

· The instructions were very clear and easy to follow - a 6 year old, 9 year old and 11 year old all had no problems.
· The labelling of each packet was very clear, 1, 2, 3, 4, and they matched the instruction booklet so this was easy to follow.
· The smaller bag inside no.2 was relevant to build no.2 - the children felt this was a waste of packaging as it did not need to be in a separate bag.
· One of the additional packages wasn't numbered and held pieces for no.1 and no.3 which was quite confusing - it would be better if all the parts needed for each build were in the one correctly labelled bag.
· The 6 year old found following the instructions easy but struggled with getting some of the pieces to connect together.
· No.4 structure became rather fragile, as the last pieces were added it had a tendency to collapse. However, once complete the structure was stable.
· The final part of No.4 needed two people to work together as it was quite complex.
· The three children thoroughly enjoyed building the Space Station, and have had lots of fun with it since it has been completed. The moving parts, such as the lift, the opening rocket and the control booth are all great hits.
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on 16 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I loved LEGO when I was a child so was quite pleased to find that my own daughters love it too! They had a smaller set before this and really enjoyed building little houses and gardens, but this, well this was to be a whole new challenge for them! My first mini mistake was presenting it to them (aged 5 and 6) and saying "there you go, build that then!" because they proceeded to open the box and all the smaller bags that it contained to make a nice big pile of parts. After a few minutes of face pulling and head scratching they brought the instructions to me and said "It's a bit hard", and at that moment I realised that it had been packaged in several bags for a good reason!!

The instructions are very straight forward and all the parts are presented in bags that relate to each section of the construction, so after our small mistake (and a few harsh words between adults!), we set to work on laying out all the parts and deciding which bag they actually belonged in! It probably added an hour to the construction of our space centre, but after a few hours we had the most amazing, interactive LEGO toy I had ever had the delight to play with (the girls enjoyed it too!). It has now been up and down several times and I am amazed at how easily the girls (for their young ages) are able to throw it together, zoom it around the room for a while, land the rocket in a little pink garden (made from their original set) and pretend to abduct little flower princesses for intergalactic experimentation!! What I think I am trying to say is that this isn't just a hardcore building project for boys, it's interactive, playable and very much appreciated by the girls too!!

I can see our LEGO collection growing in the future!!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My seven year old niece and I built up this Lego set. She has a fascination for rockets and loves to make things, and has already got a small amount of Lego though nothing of this scale. The picture on the box certainly got her interested and we set about following the instructions on a wet Sunday afternoon. The directions are all fairly simple as they're in the normal Lego format where they have pictures showing the stages of building - you just have to look at what's changed in the next picture to know what parts to add next. It started off with the more simple elements (vehicles, etc.) and finished off with the launch pad which was a good idea and got her to build up to the harder parts. Mind you, by the time we got to the end it was just me doing the building as she'd lost some of her interest, but partly because we wanted to finish it and partly because uncle was having a whale of a time the construction continued and was finished within a few hours.
The finished space station is now played with regularly, and the Lego construction designs have improved over the years so that there are fewer `breakages' than when I was a child. However, things do still fall off at times and we're now at the stage where it's sometimes me who fixes it again and sometimes it's her as she gets better at Lego construction. Overall I have been very impressed with this Lego set. I think that ideally it would be aimed at a child a little bit older than seven (maybe nine or ten would be better?) but with help from someone else it was certainly buildable by her. The only real downside was that because it looks so good she has her four year old sister playing with her, and she is still grasping the concept of `careful' play...
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Cor! This is a nice bit of kit! For more than half a century Lego
have continued to produce wonderful food for the imagination
and their 'City 3368 : Space Centre' is no exception to the rule.

The set comprises 3 construction manuals with clear pictorial
assembly instructions; a poster-come-space-hardware factsheet;
a splendid rocket (a Saturn Five designed in collaboration with
NASA no-less!); a launchpad; control room (I love the satellite
dish!) and four little helpers (astronaut; bespectacled tech-head
and two ground crew. As you might expect there are lots and lots
of pieces but they are helpfully organised in several separate bags.

To be very honest, lacking prehensile thumbs is somewhat of an
incumbrance when it come to coordinating the putting-together
of itty-bitty-fiddly things, so I gave it to my good friend
Monica Weasel (without whose musical nous I would miss much
that is good in the listening world). I thought that her brood
(some might say boogle) of four (twins twice!) would very probably
have a jolly good go at it, based on the time-honoured principle
that many paws, do indeed, make light work! Amid squeals of delight
and much energetic to-ing and fro-ing they managed to complete it
within an impressive four hour time-frame. Well done those weasels!

Big, big fun for 6 - 12 year olds of almost any species.

Highly Recommended.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As Lego sets aimed at children aged 6-12 go, this Lego City Space Centre set is about as good as you could ask - and seems to be pretty entertaining to my 20-something brothers, too!

As this is a Lego set, it is (inevitably) extremely well-built, with nice detail and a good level of construction difficulty. It's not the most difficult set to build, although younger constructors will probably need some help, and because the set consists of several separate component toys it can be built quite neatly in stages so that younger constructors don't become disheartened by the process taking too long without seeing results/something they can actually play with. Going beyond the quality of the build, this is one of the most enjoyable Lego sets I have seen: the detail applied to each of the various components of the space station (rocket, launch pad, buggy, control room) is such that every element is good to use. Thus, there is plenty to play with and plenty of scope for young (and older!) imaginations.

The set includes all the Lego pieces shown on the box, with none of the 'figures not included' nonsense that so often happens with toys of this type, so once it's built it is very usable indeed and, as others have commented, there are lots of decal stickers to add decoration/detail to the set.

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on 18 August 2012
Let's not argue about this - Lego is great fun for all ages!

But Star Wars Lego set after Star Wars Lego set can be a bit of a drag....OK - maybe not for some, but boy we've got a LOT!

We were trying to keep the 'space' theme but introduce an educational element as well and get value for money.

And I think this set ticks all the boxes.

(Just to be complete, the birthday boy also received the Space Shuttle 3367, Satellite Launch Pad 3366 and Space Buggy 3365 at the same time.)

All together they make a great set - the Space Center is a challenging build for a 6 year old but there's plenty of 'features' to keep them interested - the count down, the geek in the control centre, the fuelling rig, the working lift, the satellite and the fact that the whole rocket wheels upto the launch pad and locks into place ready for take off!

It truly fires the imagination and I would recommend this set to parents of all aspiring astronauts!
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VINE VOICEon 30 November 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had so much Lego as a kid and I used to love playing with the kits and making up my own. This particular kit forms part of the Lego City which has a huge range of buildings and kits. Although aimed at children aged 6-12, I would say that anyone that this is a set that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

The kit itself comes with the pieces divided into bags and corresponding instruction leaflets with the usual picture diagrams to tell you how to build. There are a few fiddly pieces but all in all it's plain sailing to go through each part of the build and get your space station up and running. I especially loved the stickers that brought your space station to life.

I'll admit that I built this kit with the help of my dad. With two adults building the kits while chatting and glancing at the TV occasionally, we managed to complete the kit in about an hour and 20 minutes. Even if a kid took exactly the same amount of time I would say that for the price of this item that is really good value for money and could keep peace in the house for a good afternoon of building.

One of the things I love about Lego as it really brings out a child's imagination and this one is one of the best for that. As well as the rocket and launch platform you have the control centre, the two buggies, the astronaut and all the bits and bobs on the platform floor including tools, tanks and hoses. You could do so much and have so many scenarios that this could keep your child (or you) occupied for hours. A really good buy and one that I would happily recommend.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 13 May 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is one of several Lego builds which has been designed in conjunction with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and that cooperation shows in the detailing. It appears to be based on the Cape Canaveral launch site in Florida, USA.

The build consists of 494 pieces and includes 4 mini figures.

The mini figures are:

- 2 astronauts (but only one space helmet)
- 1 operations manager
- 1 ground crew member

The build is in 4 bags and come with building instruction booklets. I would recommend that you only open one bag at a time and that you use a high sided tray so you are less likely to lose any of your important pieces.

The build comes with several sections which are (not in any particular order):

CONTROL ROOM with satellite dish

One of the smallest builds in the box; the control centre has a moveable satellite dish on the top; a "video" screen showing the launch pad; a computer terminal showing the launch information; a large red telephone for those emergencies that may cancel the launch at the last minute; and, of course, a chair for the operations manager to sit in. The control room is 12 cm wide and 5 cm high.


There is a flat bead for moving the rocket into place; a small jeep/buggy type vehicle that can be turned into a lunar buggy. There is a satellite for the crew to launch into space. These three items have the least amount of building, but they are, nevertheless, great additions to the launch pad experience.


There is so much going on with the launch pad. It is 25 cm long by 25 cm wide by 27 cm high.

There is a moveable lift to take the astronauts (or the satellite cargo) to the nose cone of the rocket. There is a refuelling facility so your rocket should be fully refuelled for take off and return to earth, and a small tool station so that it is in good working order. At the bottom of the launch tower are two pins to keep the rolling platform with the rocket on locked into place for safe launching.

There is also count down board with flip down numbers, so all those lucky enough to be invited to watch the launch can see how much time is left.

There are even flood lights at the top of the launch tower and around the base, just in case you need to launch during the night, or in overcast conditions.


It is (so I have learned) a 4 stage rocket and stands 35 cm high. The cockpit of the rocket can be opened to allow an astronaut to sit inside (with a special cockpit control insert) or to be used as a cargo bay for the satellite.

It took us a leisurely 2 days to build but we also included breaks to look up things about space rocket launches and to watch some of the documentaries on TV about the space race. So it became a great learning event. I would say that it would take about half a day to a day to build the entire launch centre and rocket without the learning interventions.

This Lego set comes with a poster of a mini figure astronaut space-walking. It has everything you need for the space loving child (or adult) in the family.
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on 30 December 2011
This Lego Space Centre has to be the best Lego toy we have ever bought our children. It has made a wonderful Chrisrtmas present for our son. We also bought our son the other ad on space centre bits, which I thoroughly recommend too (the space shuttle/ moon buggy etc). The Space centre has so many separate parts that you put together to make the most amazing, realistic and fun toy. They have thought of everything and the detail is truly brilliant. All sections work together and separately and as a mum I can say it has caught my imagination too (thats a first for me wanting to play with their lego!). Of course dad LOVES it, but I gotta say it was me who was awarded the privilege of sitting with my 5 year old and watching him create it. Dad then comes and inspects and has found a few mistakes (which I overlooked.. Ha!)made by our son, but overall he has done brilliantly doing it all by himself. Its the first time he has ever built any lego himself (except for mini-figures and some very small pieces) and I can honestly say it has to be because it is such a fantastic and inspiring toy! Well done Lego!
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