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4.4 out of 5 stars49
4.4 out of 5 stars
Price:£155.49+ Free shipping
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on 17 July 2011
The TEAC CDP650 CD player is a very good basic CD separate with more than adequate performance for someone like me who wants better quality sound than the average all in one box type unit but cannot afford the kind of kit the more discerning hi-fi enthusiasts shell out big bucks for. I have my CDP650 playing through a Rotel RA-931 amp and a pair of Q Acoustics 2010 speakers and, as far as I'm concerned, the sound is excellent. The CPD650 also has the added benefit of a USB input socket and is a great way of playing your iPod/iPhone music collection through your hi-fi system for superior sound quality than the average iPod speaker dock. I would definitely recommend this unit as good value for money.
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VINE VOICEon 5 December 2014
I bought this CD player when my previous player died after about 16 years. First I auditioned a CD-P1260 so please see my review on that, it is an excellent machine. This machine is about 50% more expensive but has more features and a high quality Burr Brown DAC. To my ears the sound is more refined but this is purely subjective. The hand set has many more features including the ability to put the machine in standby and on. It also automatically goes into standby if idle for a while. The ability to record CDs to MP3 is not very useful because it does not label the tracks and it is better to use a CD ripper on a computer such as FreeRip. The ability to play back MP3 is a different matter and it does this very well with processing through the DAC. Overall a very good buy, and good sound quality. However, if you don't need the MP3 feature the sound quality of most players since bitstream DACs became readily available around 1990 are not very different in double blind listening trials, although some people may prefer the sound of one model or another. Sorry about the spoiler for professional reviewers, but psycho acoustic studies are clear about this! If you are strapped for cash get an older model, but the price of a new one today is a fraction of the cost of a 1990 machine new, and since they have had 30 years now to sort the electronics out you are most unlikely to be disappointed with any modern machine, just choose on the features you need. This one is fine for me and I have listened to many machines in my time. Sadly the very clever standard of CD which went to the limit of human hearing is already a thing of the past.
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on 13 March 2013
I bought this TEAC cd player to replace an elderly Technics which had started to skip.I wanted a player of this size which would also play files from my iPod and this model fitted my requirements. In general I have been pleased with it's performance the sound quality is good which should to be expected with the 8x oversampling and 3 beam laser. However it does not have a memory for playing cd tracks and always returns to the start of the disc if it is stopped or turned off, Most cd players now have a memory and I have found this a useful function. Also although it says it plays MP3 files it does not recognise my Creative Zen and when I queried this with the retailer he said it only functioned with an iPod so it seems the information was wrong certainly for this model.. One tip which might be useful is that when I set up the player the remote would't work, it was absolutely dead it transpired that a small switch on the back should be set to "single system" in remote control box and then it worked fine. Incidentally I haven't used the record function and I am unlikely to.Finally my Technics had a limited volume control via the remote the TEAC model doesn't have this facility which I found useful. All in all though I consider this model good value for money providing you don't pay full price!
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on 1 August 2011
This is an excellent CD player for the money. I consider myself to be a budding Hi-Fi enthusiast (read: not so keen to splash the cash around willly nilly) and have a decent sized CD collection so I owed it to myself to purchase a dedicated CD player. I used to play my CDs through a DVD player in the years past and recently via my PS3. I have a pretty decent pairing of a NAD C320BEE stereo amplifire and Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 speakers resting on custom made speaker stands. I looked around the market for dedicated CD players (admittedly there aren't as many choices as one might think) and demoed a few as well. I finally came accross this TEAC player which seemed perfect for my needs. I have a large part of my music collection in mp3s and so a USB input was a must. So I bit the bullet and got myself one of these babies.

My verdict so far, a superb player for the money! I was impressed with the look and feel of this player and it looks just great stacked up with the amp. Very stable too and was impressed with the rock solid transport as well. Noise levels are acceptable and I could not make out any intrusions to music heard at lower than average volumes. The display is great although I could do with a wider screen (or a smaller font) to fit more text but that is just nitpicking!

I previously played my mp3s through a phono jack connected between my amp and mp3 player. Now I just plug in my thumb drive and play the songs directly off the player with the upside of using the player's DAC to process the files. The TEAC does not support my dinosaur of an mp3 player (the Creative Zen Vision M 30 gig - brilliant player that has served me well for over half a decade) but as long as I can plug in my thumb drive to play the mp3s, thats fine by me. I like the fact that the player displays folder names while navigating the thumb drive (although for some strange reason it does not display folders in alphabetical order). What I don't like is the remote control design/layout which is totally non-intuitive and hard to operate in low light coditions, but that again is nitpicking. Hope this is compatible with the Logitech Harmony universal remote :)

Right, onto the main feature, the CD player itself. As I said a very solid transport along with a high quality 1 bit DAC makes the music come to life. There is a noticeable difference between playing my CDs through the PS3/DVD player and the TEAC. Admittedly, my ears aren't the most well trained, but to me it just sounded 'right'. And that makes it perfect for my needs.
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on 15 January 2011
I had a teac amplifier that will work 4 sets of speakers in different rooms but I made the mistake of buying cd hardrive of a diifferent make. I always wondered why I had to turn the volume up to a very high number for it to give off any reasonable sound.

I then saw this model which was cd and we could plug in the iphone and took a chance to see if it would improve things. What a diiference in the sound its amazing, with either a cd or the iphone.

The 2 teac units look really good with one on top of the other and the sound is clear and strong, we are very happy with it.
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on 1 January 2011
A damm good peice of gear and produces a really good sound I have been a Yamaha addict for years and I might just be converted to look at others in the light of what I have found with this CD player.
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on 7 November 2013
Arrived very quickly, quality service from Tribal UK - thank you!

Great elegant hardware, superior sound and build quality but can't help the feeling that something's missing:
- no CD-TEXT display which is very disappointing - having such a good VFD display and no CD-TEXT? Why?
- having the CD-TEXT feature would be also great for naming the MP3-Record resulting files
- no volume control on remote (would be happy with just a limited volume control)
- remote control layout could use some actual design, it feels bit random with this button placement
- MP3-Record feature very limited (192kbps maximum quality), but still very nice to have
- MP3 tag display works fine with tagged files, but the actual filename is displayed only when searching/browsing

The rest of the features is pretty much as the next CD-Player, so I won't go into details here. Considering the recent price drop it was a good purchase (would think twice with the previous price).
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on 13 February 2014
My Sony CD player (similarly priced) was giving trouble reading some home-burnt CD-Rs, and I was attracted by the favourable reviews Teacs had in this respect. Boy, was I to be disappointed.

My Sony would have trouble with, maybe, one in ten discs, but would always eventually play them after a fashion. With this Teac, I found the reverse: it would only PLAY about one in ten. It always identified the Table of Contents but pressing play would lead it to whirr, jump from track to track, play a few seconds then jump or just give up. In the case of one CD, it played fine once, then on reloading decided to give trouble. Commercial discs were OK, although when it had a hiccough with even one of these, I called it a day.

Of course, it’s possible that the CD-Rs themselves are the problem. My preferred brand has never given trouble before, and I’ve tried other brands, with no resolution, though I’ve been told that newer recordable discs use a different (cheaper) type of layering than before. It is unlikely to be my recorder, since CD-RWs cause no difficulty and DVD-Rs/RWs present no problem. But what is astonishing is that these discs all play without hitch in 3 PC drives, a laptop, two cheapish music centre things, even the player in the car and, with some luck, on my old machine.

It’s a shame, because the Teac is a nice unit in other respects. Soncially, it seemed OK; it sounded no different to my Sony when connected via the digital output (theoretically it shouldn’t) and it’s hard to pass judgement when using the analogue connections, though it was probably at least as good as any other similar machines.

Searching on the internet shows that some players are fussy with certain brands of disc, maybe you’ll have better luck. Reviews of other machines on Amazon reveal that they all seem to be temperamental with CD-Rs. I find it bizarre that, for all the claims of superior D/A converters, high quality circuitry, etc., they can’t reliably perform the basic function of reading 1s and 0s from any disc, something easily done by players costing one-tenth the price.

If anyone knows of either a CD player or CD-Rs which give no difficulty, I’d be interested to hear.
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on 17 June 2015
This is the worst cd player I have ever owned, apart from the one Teac p650cd I had before. I bought a system of
teac equipment, tuner, cd player, and amp. The cd player failed in 2 hours and was eventually replaced. The tuner
failed in 2 months this was replaced only to fail again. This was repaired. The second cd player ceased to work just
outside the warranty period. I estimate after about 10 hours use. A repair was offered at minimum cost of £50 plus
carriage both ways. This was declined. Contact with Teac has been impossible by myself and the company who
supplied the equipment in the first instance. I am now faced with throwing an almost new player in a skip.
That is probably the best option. I will say that when it worked the equipment was good, but mine won't work!
Customer service with this company would seem very poor or not at all.
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on 2 April 2013
Can't recommend this highly enough, a bargain for the price. It plays cd's that used to skip on other machines and the quality of the sound through my 30 year old amp is excellent.
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