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4.5 out of 5 stars104
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2011
I have wired two trailing sockets from two of the 5 UPS protected outlets each trailing socket supplying a seperate PC setup. PCs are a pair of i72600 CPUs in intel motherboards. Two 19inch flat DELL monitors are also connected plus a BT telephone base set, two IP cameras and one adsl router. Running flat out Total power drawn is shown as 485 Watts leaving another 300 watts or so in reserve. Estimated runtime on battery is 15 to 20 minutes. Switchover during brownouts or blackouts was seemless with just a clicking sound and what sounded like a fan sound from the unit. Overload protection was tested when a 2kw vaccuum cleaner was accidentally plugged into one of my trailing sockets. The device beeped and transferred to straight through power until the vaccuum was unplugged/shut off. UPS and PCs ran on with no ill effects to any equipment. Another quality product from APC. Yes, 5 of the sockets are not on UPS but only surge protected but this is a baby UPS for home or small office use and I find 5 UPS protected sockets more than enough. My other APC unit is over 4 years old now and still going strong.
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on 11 May 2012
This UPS is a high quality product, but there is a high chance that your computer's power supply unit (PSU) may have a compatibility issue.

That's the problem I had when I received the unit yesterday. The computer ran for a while with a load of abut 135W shown on the UPS's LCD, which is well under the 540W rating of the UPS. All looked good for a while and then the computer stopped responding. That is not normal for my machine and it happened a number of times when powered by the UPS. It was fine with a direct connection to the mains.

After doing some research on Google, I found that this is a well known issue. Google "APC application notes" and read "Proper UPS selection for servers with active PFC power supplies", which is note number 147. That note has useful details that should be read before buying this unit.

It is now normal for PSU's to be of a type called active PFC and these may not work properly with a UPS that does not deliver a sine wave output. Note that the same issue applies to any UPS that delivers a stepped sine wave output; it is not specific to APC units.

After some further research, I found that some active PFC PSUs work up to a certain load with this type of UPS (the numbers were in the range of 250 to 300W). My computer had a solid state main drive and three large hard drives for storage and backups. I tried removing these drives to reduce the load on the PSU, which let the computer run without crashing.

The Good
I am getting nearly an hour run time on battery and the unit is quiet in use.

The Bad
It's not easy to be sure if your computer will work with this type of UPS.

If you want to avoid issues then you need one of the more expensive units with a pure sine wave output. Three stars awarded, because the product is good, but the description should point out the compatibility risk.
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on 5 February 2015
This UPS is brilliant.
I bought it and came in before schedule, the unit is a little bit longer than expected but looks great next to my computer, even in plain view.
On the back you have 8 IEC connectors 4 of them are battery operated and 4 surge protected only. Two of the 4 battery operated connectors are called Master, these ones are managed by the ups internal firmware and when the power goes below a set value of Watts the 2 controlled by master connectors on the left are powered down, saving you money on the energy bill, you can set this value along with other setting by connecting the UPS to the computer using the given USB cable or a serial connection.
To provide the unit with the right threshold you will then need to monitor the power used by your computer when running idle.

I have connected my computer on a master battery powered connector along with my screen, on the controlled by master instead my speakers and a second monitor, when I shut down the computer after 4 seconds screen and speakers are powered down, also this time game is customizable.

The unit provides also a number interesting information such us the daily estimate cost for running the units connected at the actual power request, the running time on battery, the actual power consumption, etc..., and protects both your phone and data network thanks to the RJ11 and RJ45 surge protected connectors on the back of the unit.

The main reason for buying this unit, was to protect the my Synology Server, after setting up all with my computer I plugged the usb cable in the Synology running DSM 5.1 and after a couple of clicks in the control panel everything was setup, I posted a picture showing the estimated battery running time and the other information provided by the DSM utility.

For who is thinking between the BR900GI 540W and the 330W, consider the following: My computer is a Asus Maximus VII Gene and Intel i7 4790K, 2x 4TB Hard Drives, 2x SSD Drives, 32GB DDR3 Ram and powered by 620W Corsair PSU, when playing or other intense activity, the power absorption is never more 130/170W, I also run 4 VMs (3x Win Server 2012 and 1x windows 7) I also have connected a Synology Server and 2 LED 24" screens.

Unless you want more battery running time and you have a similar setup, you can go with the APC 330W RS LCD 550 that will save you some money.
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on 24 July 2012
My initial review:

This unit looks and works well. Installation, software setup and run is so easy that is a pleasure to play with it. It has different choices for plugging in like master, controlled device and surge only. I tested it with my home PC that has x3 cores processor, two hard disks and gaming series video card. My monitor is 27'' LCD model. PowerChute Software is pleasure to work with. It is both simple and useful. It shows log, what happen in the past like blackouts, under-voltage, overvoltage and electrical noise (if some). It can show your energy usage like total kWh, cost per day and even comparison to what other activities one can do with the same energy. What I like most is the possibility to setup up silent hours or switch all sound notifications from the UPS device at all. Of course it gives you possibility to choose when to shut down (minutes on battery power). It allows to setup three levels of sensitivity regarding the power quality of the electrical input to the UPS. These are thresholds above or below certain voltage when the battery will be switched on. The display is nice and can display the current input voltage or consumption or the projected time on battery. When I simulated blackout it silently switched on and showed 11 min. battery time on its display. On computer screen a pop up that computer is running on battery now. After 6 or seven minutes a warning was displayed on the PC screen that computer is going to be hibernated and that happened. Not long enough after computer was off the unit switched off as well. Brilliant! All this in proper silent manner as I expected.

My update after several days of use:

The only drawback that I see is kind of hiss or noise that I hear when I lean over the UPS device. This unit has no fan but produces noise. I find the unit to have three different noise levels. The louder one is when the system is running on battery power, which is expected and not a problem as it will only happen when there is a power cut and for a short period of time. There is a different noise when the battery is being charged. It's not as loud as when the UPS runs on battery but it's annoying. Notice it takes a lot of time to charge the battery. It shouldn't be a problem with a new battery, but it could become an issue when the battery gets old and requires periodic recharging or if your power supply has frequent cuts. Of course battery can be changed. Overall this is not critical, but there are other UPS that don't make a notable noise when recharging the battery. The real problem is a third noise, the one that the UPS produces all the time. It's much quiet than the one that's produced when the battery is being charged, but it's noticeable if you have a quiet computer, as I do. This noise was produced even with nothing connected to the UPS.

My power supply is stable. The LCD panel on the UPS showed stable in voltage and frequency.

So, in my opinion, this UPS is good but may be annoying for those that have quiet computer (regulated fans, semi fanless PSU, SSD, 5400rpm drives soft mounted, quiet case). If you have a noisy computer it may hide the UPS running noise.

Update after several months of use. It happened, three times now, that after blackout the unit gradually lose battery level until it reaches zero. When tested using the Powerchute app it says unable to carry self-test right now and status is: Internal fault. After reaching zero charge and I switch off and on, disconnect from the power and then connect and turn on it starts charging.

I am hesitant to look for warranty repair as the issue is hardly reproducible and intermittent and if I can skip wasting my time bringing the device back and forth the better. Since it have two years warrant I will wait until it develops to complete fault.

I am getting a but unpleasantly surprised by APC. I expected flawless unit and the reality is different.

Next Update: UPS is working stable since weeks now. This is a complicated unit and maybe there is a case that lead to this unexpected behavior. The common prerequisite for the fault to occur was blackout while device is off but connected to the power.

Edit from 2014: Batteries are completely down and it can't hold on UPS power for more than 5 min. In the meantime I got another APC 1200VA that works perfectly and hold charge for long time.
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on 15 July 2014
Outstanding. Haven't brought a UPS since our generic model died some years ago after a short life. APS back then were much more expensive and although you can still get cheaper generic models - this model seemed to fit our requirements and had a 2 year guarantee.

It was very easy to setup and came with TWO leads already (which I didn't see on the description so ordered too many extras!). Like most people, our setup has lots of small power adapter items that need a gang socket - so I cut the male end off one and rewired it into the existing gang socket. This allowed for the following items to be connected (UPS) two i7 PCs; 1 Monitor; gang adapter with lower power devices - 1 NAS; Backup dock; 2 routers; telephone and switch - (Surge) two monitors.

The total pull on normal usage is about 220w reaching about 300w when the i7s are under load. The gang socket draws a mere 25w dropping to about 15w when all the main devices are switched off.

The main purpose of the UPS, beside surge protection for all equipment - was to provide a fail safe for the office NAS - a Synology 411 slim and the backup dock that uses a 3.5" HDDs in case of power failure while the drives were in use. The NAS instantly found the UPS via the supplied USB cable and a quick test showed that it shutdown during power failure.

The nuisance is that only one device can be connected to this feature. But even with both computers on you still have about 15-30 mins of shutdown time and once they are off the routers & NAS can keep ticking over for much longer - so using a laptop or tablet is still possible - if you must keep working. The synology NAS is an ever evolving device - so maybe an update will allow a push notification to networked devices of a shutdown (it already does this of other diskstations) as this would solve the one last problem.

The device seems very well made and the display is great for feedback of power draw and time remaining and functions can be enabled or disabled such as using master / slave or beeping. Noise seems minimal - it's 22:00 now and deathly quiet in the office and the UPS cannot be heard unless I stick my head under the desk.

PSU wise - the i7's are a shop brought Asus and a custom build with Corsar bronze model. Neither appear to have any problems.
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on 23 April 2014
This was my first UPS. I recently moved home and the power supply to my new address is less than reliable. Turn on anything powerful and the lights dim, plus three occasions when the power cut unexpectedly in the last four months. I was unsure how long the BR900GI would power my computer (21.5 inch iMac); turns out it can keep it going for an hour after the power is cut. Obviously this would be less if I were to plug in other accessories like the external hard drives. The UPS comes with a USB cable that once plugged in allows you to define some useful settings from the Energy Saver submenu of the System Preferences of the iMac. You can set it to shut the computer down when the battery runs low, dim the screen when running on the battery and display the battery charge in the desktop menu amongst other things and nothing needed to be installed to get these features. Now I don't panic if the wife decides to use the tumble dryer at the same time as the oven, but I am saving up for another UPS to protect the PS3!
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on 13 August 2015
Probably deserves 5 stars, but not tested for long enough or with enough power failures.
I live in a small village where voltage fluctuations and power outages are more common than in urban areas. I decided I needed to protect my iMac, and bought the APC BR900GI based on reviews from different sources. It has been in use for a few weeks, and of course since installing it there have been no power outages to test it. I will need to update this review after the next black out.
The unit is larger than I expected and is very "solid" and seems good quality. No IEC mains power supply cable was supplied with the UPS but luckily I had several spares that I could use. All outputs from the UPS are IEC. I could use one of the two male to female cable supplied with the UPS to replace my iMac's power cable., but I had to buy a separate IEC male plug to 4 way UK plug adapter to connect my peripherals.
Setting up the unit was simple. The most difficult part was moving my desk to gain access to the cables and power sockets. My iMac is connected to the Master Outlet, and the 4 way adapter peripherals to the outlet controlled by the Master. When I turn off my iMac it automatically turns off all peripherals after the Mac has shut down completely.
The CD software CD supplied with the UPS is for Windows only. For Macs use System Preferences>Energy Saver>UPS. All the necessary adjustments are there. If the UPS is connected to the computer by USB cable the battery status is displayed ion the menu bar.
The panel on the UPS tells me the battery is fully charged to run my system for 62 mins, my system is drawing 20% of the maximum power for which it is rated, and the mains supply is currently 241 volts.
The UPS is sitting quietly beneath my desk doing what it is supposed to do. UPDATE: Since writing my original review there have been several short power cuts in my village. My UPS has kept my iMac and peripherals running without interruption until the power was restored.
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on 18 September 2012
Smart looking product, big improvement on the last one I bought, about 12 years ago. Provides lots of confidence that I will not lose work if there is a power cut. My old one (APC) gave up the ghost a couple of years ago and I didn't bother to replace it as we hadn't had a power cut for a long time. Of course, we had one recently and I lost a couple of hours work, so immediately bought this one. Only problem was that, I was expecting it to have 3-pin plug sockets and it has computer type power sockets instead and only comes with two power cables for 12 sockets. So, I had to buy some suitable power cables. No problem, but would have been good to know this before it arrived. Hence 4-stars not 5.
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on 17 May 2013
Ideal for the home office. I was after something to keep my main PC running for a few minutes along with a small server and a few peripherals. Tested with the following kit, it worked a treat:-
Main PC - quad i5 with GTX460 graphics card and a couple of hard drives
HP Proliant N40L microserver
Draytek router
Pair of KRK active speakers
Dell 24" LCD monitor
Total: 250W under normal use (ie: not gaming which adds about another 100W)

With all that lot running, I expected it to die pretty rapid and while the readout does indeed show a quick decline in the expected number of minutes, it was more than 15 minutes indicated. Shutting down the main PC dropped off enough Watts to bring it back up to over an hour and then turning off everything but the N40L showed a stunning 3+ hours!

The LCD readout is really handy, you get to see how many Watts you're eating along with other geeky bits like input and output voltage - quite surprising how far from 240V your mains can get!

And the surprise Brucey bonus for me was it has completely removed all electrical spike noise on my speakers. Not just toned down, totally gone. I wish someone had suggested this earlier - I've tried ferrite rings, RF reduction adapters, the lot.

As a lot of other users, I opted to get a 4-gang IEC adapter for the non-essential peripherals - saves you buying a load of IEC cables.
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on 8 June 2014
Just one slight criticism - the UPS comes with IEC C14 sockets, so you will not be able to plug in any standard UK plugs. I bought one of these - to solve that problem. That apart, the APC 330W RS LCD 550 is very easy to set up and configure and does everything you would expect of a decent UPS. the battery life is very good and there is a display showing how much time you have available in the event of a power cut before the battery is exhausted.
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