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4.5 out of 5 stars1,172
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2011
The Logitech Trackman has returned... and it's awesome.

I've always loved the Logitech Trackman range. I've worn out several over the years. I did try the original wireless version but the battery life was awful and the transmission range was pathetic to say the least. Thankfully this version has solved both these faults to mind blowing levels. A battery that lasts over a year. What's not to like.

The input accuracy feels higher too. Smooth pixel perfect selection is now a breeze. The extra two buttons are just about right as well.

Basically it's a Trackman Wheel... but a more refined version. The original was my favourite input device since it changed from the flatter cream coloured version to the grey version. This latest version though is utterly perfect and I will be buying others to replace on my other computers as well.

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on 12 June 2011
I bought this to replace an ageing wired Logitech trackball. I was very sceptical about trying a wireless device but decided to give this one a go.

So far I've been impressed. Precise and light weight, this trackball is very responsive. I've barely noticed the "lack of wires" though I do notice a little lag when Windows first boots before it "catches" the trackball.

Software is neat and effective although I would suggest that this device is strictly for right handers. It offers some customisation but not as extensive as I would expected for example the back and forward buttons are locked. I would have liked if I could vary them even just to switch the two around.

The unifying software is less polished, in my opinion. It seems to present itself as a very large software package when it only seems to show you which devices are connected. If you've already connected (which happens automatically if you follow the instruction in the trackball packaging) the Unifying software offers even less.

Still ignore the Unifying software stick with Setpoint, discard the wire and enjoy a precise breath of trackball fresh air!
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on 12 September 2011
Okay so when I took this out the box (which was shipped lightning fast by the way!!) It was neatly packaged in Logitech's original box. It was unopened.
I immediately took it out and spun the ball around to which I was met with a grinding sound like there was sand inside the rollers. This noise wears off in a few hours of use as I guess it just the new plastic it then becomes silent and glides amazingly well.
It feels very plasticy when you lift it up and the ball rattles around. However when you have it on your desk as you are meant to. It is comfortable, solid and it looks great too!
As soon as you plug the mini usb transmitter in it will install and you can use the mouse straight away. It took my about 30 minutes of use to get efficient with it but after that, it is a joy to use.
You can take the blue ball out to clean it, my tip would be to polish the ball with furniture polish or something like that as it makes it even smoother!!!

I think it is a little pricey for what you get BUT logitech are the only decent manufacture of trackballs so they can charge what they like!!

Overall I am 100% satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone even if you haven't used one before.

Take the plunge into the world of the trackball!!

Thanks Logitech & Amazon.
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on 8 December 2010
I was recommended to use a trackball mouse after visiting my physio with muscle pains in my upper right arm. This may well have been due to constant use of a normal mouse at my PC every day. Tried a friend's trackball mouse with the ball on top, operated with a finger, and did not find it too comfortable. Saw the M570, and although not actually confimed in the product description, assumed the ball was operated by the thumb. I was immediately comfortable using it, and although stange at first I am rapidly becoming very adept at controlling the cursor with my thumb. It is really comfortable and I wish I had tried this before! It is very noticeable that my right arm is not having to move all the time, and I feel that this will be great for my muscle problem. I assume this will also be the case if you suffer from RSI. A bonus is that the wireless USB dongle is tiny and unobtrusive on my laptop. Great product!
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on 1 September 2011
I already own a corded Logitech trackball which I use with my desk top PC and wanted a wireless one for my laptop.
Although this product was not cheap it looked like it was the best on the market.
I have now had this item for about 8 weeks and it is just so comfortable to use, I am extremely happy with it and would recommend it to anyone considering purchasing a wireless trackball.
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on 30 July 2011
I've used a Logitech Cordless TrackMan Wheel at work for nearly three years. That is a fantastic product, beautifully engineered, built to the highest standards and has helped me a very great deal with severe shoulder pain acquired using a mouse with slow software under stress for extended periods. It's an incredible relief to see a new trackball from Logitech on the market, when it looked like the existing model had been discontinued, as my trusty Trackman can't last forever.

I bought this one to use with a MacBook Pro. I took it out of the easy-to-open cardboard box, took out the contact breaker for the battery, plugged in the USB receiver - and it worked straight away! There is some software to download to enable the extra buttons, but that has to be one of the smoothest experiences I've ever had with a new piece of hardware. The USB receiver is an amazing piece of design. It sticks out about one centimetre from the USB port, so it can be left in while transporting the laptop. It's barely big enough to put "Logitech" on the end in a legible font. Apparently it can receive signals from additional devices, but it's impressive enough that it works with just one. One further elegant touch is that the receiver can be stored inside the unit, next to the battery, when not in use.

One more major advance in design: there is a hole under the wheel, and it is now possible to push the ball out of its normal position in order to clean the contacts without having to use a screwdriver. My Trackman requires the removal of four Philips screws and incredible care not to dislodge either of the two complicated spring assemblies in order to clean the contacts. The new model just lets you push out the ball and you can clean the contacts without exposing the internal workings of the device. This is a big advance on the previous model, as even a straightforward clean was a delicate and deliberate process. If one or both of the springs pinged out (as happened once to me) it was an intricate business putting the thing back together. It should now take a few seconds to perform the essential periodic maintenance instead of a good half hour (or a bad morning.)

The new model doesn't seem as solid as the old. The components feel lighter (not necessarily a bad thing) and the old ball with its ladybird dots for the laser to read is replaced by a much lighter, metallic blue ball. The contacts also look a little shorter, so cleaning might need to be more frequent. I need more time to get used to the new model, however I use this range because of its ergonomic benefits, not because I like how it feels. The old Trackman was an effortless example of a five star product. The new one deserves six, and if they'd kept the perfect weighting of the old Trackman it would have been worth every last point of a seven out of five on the hyperbolic scale!

Accept no substitutes.
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on 28 July 2013
When working, this is the best mouse one can find on the market and currently the only one of its type that is commercially available. It can be verified by Amazon that I've gone through 4 of these mice in less than 2 years, which is the problem. There are lots of people complaining about this device on the internet - after a short while, the left button stops responding properly, which renders the mouse useless. And for £50 a pop that is not good enough. My Microsoft thumb mouse, which is now discontinued lasted for more than 10 years. I hope that someone from Logitech (to whom I've written about this problem) reads these reviews, so they can take action - to me at least it is obvious that there is a quality problem with some parts of this mouse. The only reason I keep purchasing it is that there is no alternative to this product.
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on 21 March 2011
Having owned and used Sony lap-tops for the past six years, I haven't had much need for a mouse - or so I thought.

My first PC was a clunking great thing, purchased from PC World sometime circa. 1999, and sold complete with a 2BUPM (two-button, universal plastic mouse). At some stage during my ownership, I purchased a Logitech trackball, and it was a revelation. However, as stated I switched to lap-tops around 2005, and I couldn't be bothered carrying the trackball from room to room and it was all but forgotten about - until a recent house-move, when it was thrown in the bin (for reasons not really understood).

Now I find myself working from home (mainly using spread-sheet and accounting software), my lap-top moves around much less than previously, and I have an organised and functional office. My 17" lap-top has become the 'desk-top' replacement as originally purchased and, being a two-fingered typist, I noticed that the ends of a couple of fingers were getting sore from tapping on the touch-pad. Time to get out the mouse; oh-no, I've thrown it away!

As usual, my search started with, and I found this little bundle of joy: Logitech Wireless Trackball M570. Unfortunately I've had to buy it through a third-party supplier (who, credit where credit is due were very efficient, and the price was less than RRP). I say 'unfortunately' because Amazon would undoubtedly have sold it for even less. I waited almost two weeks hoping Amazon would take the hint that it was sitting in my shopping basket; but no.

It is better than the original trackball in that
i) it's wireless
ii) the transceiver protrudes about 6mm from the USB port
iii) it has a scroll wheel, a thumb-operated trackball which allows the screen cursor to buzz around like a mosquito on heat , the usual left/right buttons, and an additional two buttons (also thumb-operated) that, as standard, control back and forward web-page movement
iv) all buttons are, apparently, programmable. I have not yet tested this feature
v) the mouse has an internal storage slot for the transceiver (when not in use)
vi) it's a lovely metallic dark-grey, which matches my VAIO perfectly (and the contrasting deep turquoise ball is pretty neat)
vii) it can occupy a fixed space on the desk, arm of a chair, or your lap-top wrist-rest if required because there isn't any need to keep wiggling it about
viii) you only need one transceiver for multiple Logitech wireless devices
ix) it has an on/off switch on the underside (possibly to preserve battery life) but a little green indicator light which illuminates when I first use it after a short period of downtime would suggest it may have an automatic sleep mode also (there is an online manual available from Logitech, but I haven't read it yet)

I love it, and I hope not to throw this one away in a hurry. I can't yet comment on durability or battery life having owned it for less than a week, but it did come ready to roll with a Duracell battery installed.

Excuse me, but I have to go 'Unify' my Logitech K350 wireless keyboard.
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on 19 October 2014
Like many other people this trackball works just fine for a year and then the left button starts giving a double-click instead of a single-click.

The solution supplied by Logitech to remove the battery (leaving the trackball still turned on) and clicking both buttons for 30 seconds or more doesn't work.

Logitech used to make quality products but it would seem that they have now gone for cheaper parts and therefore reduced the quality.

Great trackball but not worth it in the end as if you buy one, sooner or later, it will develop the same fault.
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on 17 January 2012
My wired Logitech Trackball died after years of sterling service under very trying conditions. I needed a new one and of course being used to the pleasures of a Trackball, I wanted another so I decided to go for the wireless version.

Literally, 2 minutes after I unpacked the thing, it was up and running and it is smooth and very responsive and there is no indication that it is a wireless device. Some have said it has a slight delay but I have noticed none and trust me, I give my mice a damned good hammering!

The Duracell AA battery (included is claimed to last at least 18 months and the receiver, which is very tiny, is powered via the USB bus.

I am quite delighted with my purchase and can recommend it highly.

* Footnote

After a few months of use this mouse will begin to behave strangely. False responses to the buttons and random tracking errors will drive you crazy. Apparently, the fault originates from a, 'leaking capacitor' but fear not, there is a quick remedy. To restore the performance, all you need do is switch off the mouse and rapidly click the two buttons for up to two minutes then all will be well. It is a nuisance but it beats binning the device. I now go through this procedure every time I clean the mouse (around once a week) and have had no problems since. Reluctantly, I have removed a star. Hopefully Logitech will have sorted this by now.
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