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4.0 out of 5 stars26
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2011
I have been using these for a week now, and have listened to all manner of music through them, from orchestral, to pop, to jazz, opera, choral, rock... and they have performed exactly as I had hoped they would, which is to say they play back any track exactly as the producer in the recording studio would have heard it. Every detail can be heard in any genera, so if the music calls for bass, they will provide!
The noise reduction is effective, although don't expect the same "cocoon" effect as noise cancelling headphones can give. These will block out enough everyday traffic noise to allow you to listen to your music at a low volume and still notice every detail, but at the same time you will (most likely) be aware of outside noises.
My only word of warning is that changing the ear buds can be very fiddly, but you only really have to do that once. All in all, an excellent product.
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on 7 February 2012
I'm not going to get massively into the sound quality. The rest of the reviews here are testament to how fantastic these earphones are both in range and depth. If your music collection is electronic and descent digital quality then don't think twice. My only issue with Shure products is that a pair of Shure SE210s became faulty after a few months, and these (very kindly upgraded by Shure's warranty service) are now developing a fault. The sound of the right ear piece goes whenever I turn my head to the left strangely enough. And to be perfectly honest, I have been VERY CAREFUL with these from day one. If i'm not wearing them, they get neatly wrapped up and tucked away in their pouch. I don't abuse them or yank them, and never have.

I'm now in the process of getting another pair as a replacement as I'm still covered by the 2 year warranty of the original purchase. And while the Shure people are very nice and accommodating, the hassle is a little irritating :-(
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on 13 December 2011
I spent a long time trying to decide between the SE315s and the Creative Aurvana-3's

I chose these because:
a) amazon warehouse had them at 120 pounds
b) you can replace the cables

Initially had swayed towards the Aurvana-3, but the price drop was the final decider as I couldnt find a single review of someone who had actually listened to both and then said they would pick 1 over the other and being an in-ear product you cant exactly go down many stores and try them on for an hour or so to compare them.

So my thoughts:

These sound is awsome, it sounds stupid, but, the sound really seems to come from inside your head (as I said, sounds stupid considering you shove them in your ears) but at the same time is very spacious, bass is clear enough but doesnt mask any higher tones, top end is sharp as a razor. Played a few things on my mp3 player, youtube (was hunting round for different noise types and scenarios)

noise cancelling: my dogs, love them (especially when asleep) decided to have a bit of a scrap I couldnt really hear them, it wasnt the scrap of a life time, but its the kind of noise that you'd have to normally shout over to stop them. So the noise isolation is very good as I wasnt even playing anything at the time. I was very pleased, will be perfect for when at work and needing to concentrate.

The only thing I found was they came with a set of foam sleeves on, which I had tried and were comfy but I felt the fit could be better and frankly it would almost have been easier to remodel my ears that take those off. The picture shows pinch and twist and then pull, yeah right.. the foam things try to rip and smush to something that looks like 12 yr old foam smushed it looks slightly bitty and yet wet at the same time.. and I didnt want to ruin those just in case those were the "best fit" ones.. But being brave I opted for the white 3 tear strange alien probe looking sleeves.. and you know what.. Oh my, they are perfect (for me) as I said, couldnt hear the dogs, sound was crystal.

Like all higher end hifi stuff you must remember it takes running in, unlike the old days of running in a car when you had to run them in and never go above 50 for ages, just remember the sound will improve in time. But frankly, I didnt think it needed to.

Previously I was using some creative ep-630s and some ep-830s.. nice honest little things, squished in my ears good. But these really are worth the money.

if all you listen to is club type music, these may not be the right choice because that thumping bass wont rattle your ears, but, if you have a wide variety of listening, especially orchestral, anything that involves from the high end of the human listening to the low sounds, then these will produce very clear results time after time, and should last a very long time especially with the fact that you can replace the cable.

PS sorry for grammar/spelling - Im dyslexic.
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My second pair of in-ear Shure phones and I am impressed.
I had the Ec2 (or E2c I forget) before and they are still going - gave them to my nephew.

Initially my original pair of these SE315 nozzle broke as I was trying to remove the attached default sleeve. A royal pain, but Shure customer service is brilliant and they replaced it in 3 days for a new earpiece.

After trying on some sleeves i settled for the white triple flange sleeves which go DEEP in ear, isolate and block leakage. Pretty comfortable once you get used to inserting them.

The earpieces are nice, black, and they fit in flush, and the wire is the over ear type and a memory wire which you sort of fit around your ear. and it thus stays in place.

The cable is thick and strong and very high quality.

Now to the sound, those that say this lacks bass are not wearing these properly, they have Bass and lots of it without over doing it as some phones do.
Beautiful sound, well balanced, great mids highs and lows and very fine perfectly balanced, sound stage is nice and wide with great sense of depth.

I am VERY impressed with the sound on these.
I listen to mainly Hip Hop (90ies stuff, Mobb Deepp, Black Moon, Smiff n Wessun, Gravediggaz, Binary Star, Cypress Hill, Erik B and Rakim, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest etc) ) Jazz (smooth sax stuff) and rock/blues/blues-rock (Clapton, Peter Green, Alman Brothers etc) and these phones are sublime with ALL these. The bass is solid and pounding, the snares, kicks and other drums are crystal clear and the arrangement is perfect.
I listen to those on my 5th generation iPod Classic (iPod Video) with the warm Wolfson DAC plugged into a Fiio E17 Headphone Amp and the sound is mind-blowing - just listen to Mobb Deep Bloodsport with these on "turn those headphones up"...
Bear in mind, these phones and especially this kit I have means poor quality music sounds POOR, and better quality sounds sublime as it should.

In my ears, on the Victoria Line (noisy Tube train) I cannot hear the train (or announcements or anything) with these plugged in and playing - and this is blissful. With music off I can just about make out louder outside sounds, with music on may as well have the outside world on mute as these are seriously wonderful to listen to in noisy environments.

I am very happy with these - sound is superb, and the Bass is excellent - just wear them properly to appreciate it.

Well, because I found the supplied sleeves to be not great, the only very good one is the triple flange but it's a bit long and was uncomfortable at first - now used to it and comfortable.
The fitted sleeve need to be removed carefully - I recommend the freezer method (look it up)
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on 28 November 2013
After only a couple of months, the cable failed on these under normal use, I sent them back for a replacement and the company claims they never received them. A product in this price range should last more than a few months!
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on 13 December 2015
As a musician, I chose Shure because of their long history of making good quality products. However, I am very disappointed with the comfortness of this product. The sound quality is good but what is the point if you can't wear them for long periods. The earphones are heavy and the way you wrap the cable around your ear is very uncomfortable After 10 minutes of use, my ears start hurting. Obviously I didn't have a chance to try these beforehand and I can't return them for hygiene reasons. I've contacted the customer service about this and even the customer representative said she can't wear them. The only suggestion they made was to buy custom moulds, however the moulds are nearly the same price as the earphones which I am not willing to pay (I can buy another pair of earphones with that money) I bought these earphones as my klipsch x10i was damaged and I got back to using my damaged klipsch instead of using my new pair of earphones. Very disappointed for spending that much money and not being able to use them.
review image
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on 9 October 2012
I'm writing this review while in the process of returning these earphones for the third time.

They are great earphones, the best I have ever heard. They are incredibly comfortable, and never fall out thanks to the way that the wire curves around the back of the ear. I can leave the other reviews on here to describe how great they sound, so I'll explain my issues that I've had.

I think it was around 9 months into owning these when one of the ear pieces began to fail, going crackly and losing bass. And just as I was about to return them, the headphone jack completly broke off inside my iPod. It was retrievable, but they had to be returned.

Then after about 2 months, the head phone jack failed again, leaving the left hand side without audio.

So now again after about 4 months, the headphone jack has failed again, this time the right hand side is no receiving signal.

I have not been using these for any serious sporting activity which could cause early failures, and I have Always kept them in their provided case when not in use. So I can only think that the superior build quality provided by Shure is not actually the case.

So after a little over a year and a half, I have had to buy other headphones as these earphones, as great as they could be seem to be doomed to fall apart too often to be worth the irritation through ownership.

The customer service people are fairly quick to respond and the warranty return procedure is quick enough.
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on 25 July 2013
I was initially pleased with these headphones, but I am now having to send them back to the manufacturer for the 5th time within the guarantee period because one ear keeps breaking. It's infuriating! The same fault happens each time so it must be a weakness in the design. I take good care of them and always put them in the protective pouch provided. If you must buy them, get insurance! But my advice would be to go elsewhere.
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on 5 October 2013
Bought these to replace a pair of 215's which had a serious problem with the fragility of the cable, the plastic sheathing disintegrating in various places. No such problem with these.

I did have to replace the cable about a year ago, after dropping one of the buds into a cup of tea. In my haste to detach the bud for drying, I couldn't detach it from the cable and tugged away with some force before figuring out you had to pinch to detach, but the damage was done...not to the bud which dried out easily, but to the cable which I obviously damaged as the sound would drop out at regular intervals. I would stress that I tugged at it very very hard in my frustration.

I replaced the cable with one which had in-line volume,pause and track controls. However, this cable had been designed for iphone/ipod and only the 'pause' works on my Android phone...still handy, and no reason to return. There has been no problem with the sheathing cracking up.

Ease of fitting and comfort of plugs is top notch. Once they are in, they are in, even when caught on various drawer handles. I'm still using the original foam covers I've had since day one.

Sound quality has not deteriorated in the 2 years I've had them either...still awesome. Some reviews complain about the bass quality, but I've found that a decent music app with a good equalizer (in my case Music Folder Player Pro) negates this and bass can be as deep as you can stand

Given the quality of the sound and the build, I can see these lasting at least another 2 years
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on 23 September 2012
These are great. Let them burn in for a week or two and they're superb with a wonderful, rounded natural sound. Not for bass nuts admitedly, but if you want to hear rather the music as it should sound rather than thudding artificially, these are the business.
But if you really want to experience the best from them on an Apple iPhone or iPod, I highly recommend coupling them with the Fiio E5 amp to make them sing, so be sure to add the FiiO E05 Headphone Amplifier and FiiO L3 Line Out Dock Cable for iPod, iPhone, iPad to your order.
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