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on 1 December 2010
5 stars for me. It's a must have game for all those farmers out there. It's as close as you'll get to the real thing. I've played a few farming sims but none compare to this. Graphically, it's not a huge step up from FS2009, but the gameplay is much improved. What I like about this game is the ability to add mods. For free. So you're not stuck with the stock tractors and implements. You can find many more on the net, which you can download and install very easily. You can even download a new map to play on. Again, these are really simple to install (compared with FS2009). You also have the added bonus of multi player (very useful when doing corn or silage).
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on 8 June 2011
Lots of people have been buying this game then finding out their computers were not fast enough or they just blamed the game so here are the MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS TO RUN THIS GAME,ENHANCED FOR MULTI CORE, O.S.XP,VISTA AND 7,Processor 2GHz Intel or Amd,1Gb Ram and 1Gb free hard drive space and a 256Mb separate graphics card, now obviously if your specs are better you will get better game play,hope this helps and stops anymore disappointments.
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on 7 September 2011
i have really enjoyed this from the start, its a shame i could`nt transfer my fs2009 save games across as i had a huge farm and loads of dosh but i had to start from scratch here. it is very addictive very very addictive, as mrs b said last night its a change from blowing up zombie hordes and brain sucking mutants and stuff like that i usually play, and it is just that, peaceful fun sowing, growing and croping, and soon i`ll have some cows to, hark at me what a sad case , but don`t rush things it takes time to build up enough cash to buy the bigger stuff, my adivce, get the biggest cultivator your tractors can pull and the best seeder aswell, don`t worry about upgrading tractors to early the ones you get are fine if a bit slow, stick to fields near by , keep one harvester and get a cornheader for it and keep working it will happen slowly but if like me you are a saddo then have fun, eventually you will be able to afford the bigger better machinery, plan ahead what you need to buy and so on blah blah blah have fun

gett orrrfff my land ha ha ha ha

update update

i have played my self silly on this and i enjoy it more each time, there are mods available from fs and there is so much extra machinery to download, it enhances the fun even more , it took some time but i now have a sizable dairy herd aswell, this is probably the most fun i have had with any pc game for a very very long time, as long as you are prepared to put the game time in and watch your farm grow , its so strange that a simulation can give so much pleasure
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on 9 February 2012
I am very surprised that people are only giving this game bad reviews because they couldn't install or play it properly. I am giving it a bad review because it is virtually unplayable. It is missing a good tutorial which is a basic component of any game but especially one like this with so many nonsensical controls.

The missions seem to be there in place of a tutorial but there is not nearly enough help there to properly teach you the game. I had to constantly abort the missions, go into the main menu, options, and look at the controls to see which key I was supposed to be pressing to get something to happen. The only guidance you are offered is 3-4 sentences on the loading screen which give vague instructions of what to do to pass the mission.

The controls are also a big frustration. You cannot guide your character or any vehicles with the mouse but have to use the keyboard. If you want to operate the front loader then you need four keys to control the vehicle (forward, reverse, right and left), four more to look around in all directions, two more to lift the arm of the loader and a further two to turn the loader up or down. There is no logical pattern to the keys and so many are needed that even if you programme your own it is extremely difficult to remember what you're meant to be pressing.

I can only assume the people giving 5 star reviews have played previous Farm Simulators which had better tutorials. I do not recommend this for anyone who hasn't played another one in the series and certainly not an average PC user. I play games constantly and have never struggled so much to learn how to play something.

I am unable to comment on the main gameplay, Career Mode, because with the shoddy missions I don't have the knowledge to play without help.
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on 6 November 2010
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on 24 January 2011
we purchased this game for christmas for our 11 year old son he is still playing it and having fun. Brilliant game worth its money.
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on 11 August 2013
I choose 5 star!... Because its a very good game, puts you into the shoes of a real farmer, you will have hours of fun. What i do suggest is not to spend loads of hours on there i limit myself so i do not become abscessed with the game.
This is a sort of educational game as well as you have to save up money to buy things and also you can store the grain and wait till the price has gone high before selling it. All together i think this is a very good game, but don't spend to long on there each day.
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on 26 August 2011
I really liked this farming simulator when I played it, so much I bought a copy of the game off Amazon. I have had massive fun with it, there is a wide range of tractors, combines and equipment to use, and I had fun saving up the cash to buy them!
One downside, is there is two DLC (downloadable content) packs, each that cost something like 6-7 or something (about £6-7), which added together is almost as much as the game itself!

I mostly play the career mode, in which you are left to your own devices, and can do whatever you wish. There is some brilliant missions that you can do (seperate from career) that teach you how to use most of the things on there, and runs you through the basics - very helpful. If you don't want to do them, Id highly reccomend watching them on youtube whilst you tend to your farm in career mode, if like me you have little farming knowledge.

Overall, a fantastic game, I played it for many hours when I first got it, very addictive. I have stopped playing it so much now, but I will keep coming back to it now and then. The game is also very moddable I believe, you can just drop mods into a folder. For £12.99 you can't go wrong, Id just advise to install the patch from their official website, so that any bugs are fixed etc.

Happy farming
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on 23 September 2011
i have got this game as a cracked version and after playing it i thought i would buy an original copy. it has a few bugs in it but it is still worth playing and worth the money. as far as simulators go this is one of the decent ones so there for i am going to give this game 10/10
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on 13 April 2011
I played this game for around 30 mins and very quickly noticed a large number of short cummings relating to both the AI and the game generally. For example, you can hire workers to drive tractors etc for you. (sometihng that is very much needed as it would take you all day to do anything without them) The trouble is that these drivers are completely stupid and will drive into walls or any obstacle that they come up against. This means that you have infact hired a total idiot with no common sense. The developers clearly just knocked this game up as fast as possible and packaged it up for sale with no interest in giving people a working game. This particular part of the game (and it is a huge part of the game) is largely flawed and needs to be completely re done. At one stage I returned to a hired driver, only to find that somehow he had managed to maroon one of my most expensive tractors ontop of a wall. It was so rediculous that I had to purchase another tractor to try to knock it off in order to retrieve it!

Also, everytime you log back into a saved game, everything has to be reset. All the vehicles have stopped working and all there attachments need to be re fitted! it is a complete nightmare. More annoying than that, some wise guy in the GIANTS developemtn office came up with the great idea of having a 'respawning' scarecrow spawn within some of the feilds. This is rather pointless as there are no birds or animals etc that need be effected by it. All it does is cause the 'hired zombies' to go nuts and get any vehicle, (including combine harvesters) marooned ontop of it. You then have to spend ages trying to sort that out. Whats worse is, after you have sorted it out, when you log back into the game later, the damn thing is back!

I sent an email to the developers complaining about the severe lack of quality of this game and I recieved an insulting reply from customer service making a joke about it all...

In conclusion, this game is a complete disaster from beginning to end. It is purely a money maker for the developers. And lastly for your information, a line from the game manual under 'warranty', 'THE PUBLISHER MAKES NO CLAIM TO COMPLETENESS'. If you ask me this says it all, the game is far from complete. I'm just a little surprised that Amazon are prepared to sell this kind of rubbish! Don't waste your time trying to get any support from the developers.

Don't waste your money.
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