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on 21 June 2011
Received today and up and running within a very short space of time. I don't understand why people say 'there's too many wires'. You have:

1 usb connector from PS3 to the decoder (needed for the mic to work)
1 optical link from PS3 to decoder (this is for your surround sound)
1 power lead to decoder
1 headphone wire to decoder

Seems reasonable to me...although I do hate wires!

Very very quick to setup and no instructions required, which is just as well as they are a bit sparse.

Very nicely packed and well designed COD case which if your headset is packed in after use, will keep it nice and safe.

Impressive audio quality and the mic is superb. The handy mic on/off switch on the inline control a necessity if you're interrupted by someone that wants a chat (unfortunately too many players out there neglect to turn their mics off when having a chat but that's another story!)

The enclosed earpads fit nice and snug, ensuring external distractions are kept to a minimum. Even after a few hours of wearing, my ears weren't aching which I would normally get with an earpiece. It's nice to get surround sound and use the mic. It's a much better experience than having the audio out of the speakers with a mic earpiece in one ear, as I find I don't miss as much audio detail as before (such as an enemy reloading a magazine nearby or sneaking around me).

From a PS3 perspective, the only thing you might need to do is turn off DTS option (within PS3 audio settings) which is the only useful thing I found in the instructions. Ensure you change your output options on the PS3 so the mic goes out over the USB device, or your mic will not work (not in the instructions). I found the sensitivity doesn't need to be higher than 3, even if you're softly spoken. The mic picks up all sounds very clearly indeed.

Was a little wary of paying this much for a headset, but overall I'm very pleased with the package and would recommend this.
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on 18 September 2011
I've been playing video games now for over 20 years, FPS games more so for half of that, and in that time i've never bought a headset before. Previously i have had the standard out of the box ones that come with the Xbox 360, but never have i spent ludicrous amounts on one. That was until now.

2 days ago, a friend of mine showed me a link for this headset on Amazon, marked down to £70 from £150. I'd been searching for a headset for some time and have heard many great things about the Tritton brand, but i knew that in order to get the best ones around, i would have to spend big bucks. Fortunately, Amazon are throwing away money and after a bit of hesitation on my part, i parted with my cash and awaited my new toy.

A package arrived this afternoon for me, a massive box from a courier and to my surprise it was the headset. Upon opening it, i'm greeted by what i can only describe as one of the nicest presentation pieces i've ever seen. The quality of the box the headset comes in is absolutely top class, very nice indeed. I open the box and to my surprise, there's a carry case! After reading back the description of the product on Amazon again, it did say it came with it, but it must have escaped me.

Packed neatly inside was the headset, complete with 2 lots of ear covers (one leather and one soft cotton like material), a few cables, a decoder box and of course the headset itself.

Set-up was relatively easy, if you can't work out how to set this thing up then you probably shouldn't be allowed to wear socks, let alone own electronic equipment. After plugging it all in and a quick read in the guide book on what each button and light represents on the decoder, i started up my console and gave them a whirl.

The quality of the sound is incredible. I honestly couldn't praise it highly enough, the 5.1 sound really gives you an edge when you're playing your games and you can hear things you would never have picked up on before unless you were sitting on top of your TV. Wearing the headset is so immersive that taking them off is like a thump back down to Earth.

There is next to no sound bleed either and the microphone is extremely high quality.

I couldn't praise this headset higher if i tried. Even if you're not a Call of Duty fan and just love something like Killzone, Halo or Battlefield, try these out! You honestly would not regret it.
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on 27 September 2011
Having never had a gaming headset before i was very wary about what to buy, i didnt want to pay too much and then be dissapionted but i also didnt want to buy a cheap headset that wouldn't last.

I ended up going for the Ax720 after reading tons of reviews and so far i am more than pleased with them.

They arived very quickly and was very well packaged. They come in a huge box of a very high quality. Inside there is the rugeddised bag that holds everything(very handy when packing it away).

Although ive read that some people found them a bit confusing to set up i found it a walk in the park, power supply, usb to ps3 and fiber optic to ps3(simple). Next make sure the audio on ther ps3 is set to optical out and dolby digital is selected(dont select dts as this wont work properly with this decoder) i also selected duel audio out so the sound still plays through the tv when im not wearing the headset.

Next plug in the headset and away you go.

The sound quality is very good with only a small amount of interferance comming through the headset when there is no sound playing. The sound is nice and warm with a full fealing to it not too much bass but enough to let you feel it.

One thing to remember on the ps3 is to set the headset as your default mic, which is done in the accessories menu. Otherwise nobody will be able to hear you.

The inline control is very handy as well giving you controls over game volume, mic volune and a mic mute switch.

I've also been told that the mic is of a very good quality and speach is very clear.

If i have one small critisism it would be that there is no mic monitor on the headset so you cant hear yourself talking which can lead to loud talking if you have the headset on a little loud.

Other than that this headset is very good its just a shame they've put the price up to £[] it was bargain at £[].
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on 1 December 2010
i will update this review later but so far.
it all looks very nice, nice box, nice case, and it plays beautifully in the ps3[better than my turtle beach]
only downside [at present] is that i cant connect the optical output to the xbox if i use the hdmi cable!
it can be fitted to the av cable but then i lose a perfect picture but gain perfect sound ,[call me fussy but for the money i just paid i expect both]
it should be ok if you have the new slim xbox, but my 'old' elite is less than 12 months old, and i dont want to change it yet.
i am still searching for a solution to this problem, but if you only have a fat xbox and like playing in hdmi then i would
keep hold of your cash until you are certain.
i havnt worked out if the virtual 5.1 is as good as true 5.1 on the gaming front [true 5.1 is supposed to be better and triton sell them cheaper if you don't care about the black ops colour and logo [sadly i do]
the truth will be told if im top of the leaderboards at call of duty next week lol.

fat xbox connection sorted
easy tv is only 6 months old, so has an optical output at the rear ..job done [i never knew it was there, its under a plastic bung. i had never heard of optical cables till i bought these headphones]
or... you can buy a xbox cable for 50 dollars [us forum]
or... cut down the av plug plastic [prize it off with a screwdriver]remove the wires and use the optical part and still fit the hdmi lead in [ type in optical/hdmi hack]
hope this helps

update on the update
to get the 5.1 dolby i had to plug the optical lead into the ps3 [not the tv]
trouble is when i swop playing the ps3 and put the xbox on i have to start transfering all the leads over
anyone any sugestions [other than buying another set]?
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on 15 May 2011

Very impressive quality of surround sound which is worth the money
Well written, easy to follow setup instructions and manufacturer support available
Works on PC, Xbox and PS3


Pricey option if you are just looking for a headset
Few to many wires and bits means takes a while to setup
No wireless option for PS3
Quality of headphones not matched by light plastic base unit

These were purchased for me by the misses who, quite fairly, gets a bit tired of the living room sounding like a warzone when I'm kicking some ass on Call Of Duty. I'm the kind of guy who would have settled for a cheaper pair but doesn't object to being treated to what is possibly the most expensive headset currently on the market.

It's actually rather unnerving when you first put the headset on and hear sound that is actually appears to be coming from the TV rather than the headset. I actually had to remove the cans a few times and put them on again just to check that the sound wasn't coming from another speaker. This is just a taster of the capabilities of this kit and serves to demonstrate why they command such a high price tag. That said, I would regard this product for those who are serious about sound and so prepared to pay for it. Not worth breaking the bank unless you want something really special or are unhappy with the performance of something a bit more standard. Additional value can be gleaned by watching DVDs or Blu-rays through them as I have found the quality of the sound to be superior to that of most surround sound systems.

I use these with a PS3 and there would not appear to be a wireless option which would make them ideal and something which I expected to be included at this price. Using them with an Xbox one would appear to plug them into the controller rather than the unit. However, the cable is relatively long (3 meters I would say) and the quality of the sound more than offsets the fact you need to take them off when going to get a snack or visiting the toilet. Plus you won't need to worry about them running out of charge. They do also take a while to setup with several wires and connectors (all included) required to connect the base unit to the PS3 and then onto the headset. The instructions are however very clear and technical support is available from the manufacturer.

The mic also seems to transmit quality sound and they are provided with a case which will help with not losing the bits. I've kept all my cables connected so far but the case is useful for packing the phones away for when we want to watch telly together. I was also a little disappointed that the base unit doesn't seem to be of the same build quality as the headphones but this can be hidden away behind the TV.

Overall a very nice set of headphones but probably suited for the serious gamer who is willing to commit the funds.
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on 1 June 2011
If like me you like to enjoy the full on surround sound experience but as soon as the volume is increased get a nagging "turn it down, you'll wake the kids!" reminder then this is an ideal product.

Easy to set up and super sound quality it really adds to the gaming experience, picking up on all of the sounds of the gameplay environment. There is a notable improvement on sound quality compared to the cheaper headphones you can get and this also helps if playing online.

Well worth the money......!
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on 8 June 2011
These headphones are very good for certain games using PS3 slim other games sound flat although with the choice of Dolby headphone they are loud and good bass.
There is to many wires a lot of fiddling about to set up once set up they don't disappoint.
Listening to DVD'S is very good although if the DVD has the DTS sound option you're better off plugging other headphones directly into a another decoder if you have one as these headphone don't support DTS.

Call of duty sound fantastic very clear and powerful bass as you hear everything you would expect to hear using Dolby headphone option.
The 5.1 virtual surround is ok just listing to music or watching TV but for games take full advantage of the Dolby headphone.
Good price for what you get as the headphones are pretty solid enough and comfortable to wear for long periods also the carrying case is solid and very nice looking fantastic protection for the headphones on the move would not hesitate in buying these.
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on 6 April 2012
Very nicely boxed, nice braided cords etc: easy to set up for xbox 360, sounds great during online gaming, overall very pleased just one negative ... the headset is firm and fairly tight fitting (i have an average headsize) no doubt it will loosen up a little over time but as i wear glasses it pushes the arms of the glasses into my head and can be fairly uncomfortable after time so beware. :)
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on 31 July 2011
Well what can I say that others havn't? this headset is for the hardcore gamer, that enjoy the surround sound and the fact they work on pretty much anything that has an optical socket or a usb socket. The only downside is the leads, you have

1. Plug.
2. Optical lead.
3. USB lead.
4. Adapter/headset lead.

However that can be forgiven for the sound quality of the speakers inside the headset, someone else said that it took t hem a while to remmber the sound wasn't coming from the TV? well thats because a lot of the stuff that don't support surround sound come from the front speakers. I had to make sure I had my TV itself on mute a few times hehe..

You also get a nice case for storage, which has the black ops emblum on it.

Playing music isn't bad for these either however I wouldn't get these just for that reason.
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on 23 September 2011
I bought this as a replacement for my Turtle Beach x11s which broke a couple of weeks ago.

The sound quality on this is amazing, i was so happy that it was great quality and i would recommend this to anyone wanting to do better at games such as Call of Duty.

HOWEVER. The microphone. Oh god... After playing for 1 day it was fine. Yesterday, it just didn't work, and I was very dissapointed so obviously i looked online for some solutions. Apparently the mic not working is a common problemn with this headest, and therefore you should beware that this is a regular occurence. So take into consderation this before you buy it.
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