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on 8 January 2013
I purchased one of these from an independent electrical wholesaler for £36.55. It was used to control a storage heater.

I had two major issues/problems with the original unit. The first problem is that whilst the clock display automatically changed for GMT and BST switching, it also changed the programmed time too - this is totally undesireable if your electricity provider keeps its off-peak switching static (ie, permanent GMT). For example, for Economy 7 operation, your electricity company may have cheap-rate off-peak tarif set to 00:15 to 07:15 GMT - but when the clocks change for BST, the switching (whilst techincally remaining static with GMT) will appear to change at 01:15 to 08:15 BST. This meant that when the clocks change, the timeswitch will allow a high current draw either on hour earlier before actual Economy 7 switching, or one hour after Economy 7 switching (depending on weather it was summer- or winter-time when the timeswitch was programmed). If you are using this for a storage heater, and it comes on one hour before E7 switching, this could be quite expensive.

The second problem is that the unit stopped working after about five months!

Having built up a good relationship with my supplying electrical wholesaler, I returned the product to them, initially wanting a refund. They advised me they were aware of some problems, and that the manufacuter (Timeguard of London) had revised, modifed and updated the unit - so I agreed to take one of the new updated items free of charge.

The replacement unit has been working perfectly for about eight months.

General comments and observations: the original unmodifed unit (which had the non-adjustable GMT/BST switching) has a few visual clues different from the latest version. On the reverse, the original unit had domed philips cross-head terminal screws, new unit has straight-slot cheese-head terminal screws. On the front face, the obvious visual difference is the word 'Reset' on the top-right next to the reset button (above the square 'Adv' button) on the new updated version - this wording is missing on the original version. Technical improvements on the new updated version include the option allow for user-selectable switching for GMT / BST adjustments - there is a small adendum to the instruction manual which describes how to do this - this is a HUGE improvement, and now makes the product genuinely fit for purpose for accurately controlling high-demand Economy 7 storage heaters or immersion heater.

Niggles: the (updated) unit works perfectly acceptably, and switches consistently accurately, and correctly adjusts for GMT / BST time changes. Two minor criticisms though. The first - the long term accuracy of the clock could be better. Over about five months, the clock lost about 4 minutes - certainly not a deal breaker, just an exceedingly minor inconvenience. The other criticism occurs during the switching period (and also when the manual boost is selected) - during the active switching, the blue LED on the top left remains permanently illuminated (and is very bright); and the timeswitch also emits an annoying hum when the clock backlight is illuminated (though the clock backlight turns off after about 30 seconds). This hum and bright LED might be a problem if the timeswitch is located say in a bedroom - but not so if it is say mounted in a living room, kitchen or conservatory. Mine is located inside my airing cupboard - so causes me no problems.

Summary: highly recommended - much greater controllability compared to say mechanical dial based timeswitches.

Two years later, my updated replacement version is still working totally satisfactorily, and is still highly recommended.
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on 30 April 2013
I spent awhile looking for the practical and simple product which I could use to operate a newly installed towel warmer and this fits the bill perfectly. Unfortunately I lost the instructions but unlike some of the reviews found set-up relatively straight forward and intuitive.

As another reviewer points out the switched fused spur doesn’t come with an earth terminal so if fitting within a plastic dry lining box an additional connector block will be required.
Great product and will defiantly buy again when needed.
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on 15 December 2012
A good product which does everything it is supposedto do, it even corrects itself on the hour changeover.. Very pleased with purchase,
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on 4 January 2012
I have only set it to turn on/off once a day- so product not thoroughly tested. Main issue was during installation: the screws provided were not long enough to go through the switch and then locate on to wall box. I had to buy some 50mm screws (depends upon design of wall-box, but given the thickness of the switch, slightly longer screws would have saved me a trip to town).
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on 5 February 2013
I had fitted one of these units some 5 years ago and recall being shocked at the price but otherwise no problems. There still seems to be no alternative product which provides the fused isolation and the timer functions which is surprising. That said, if you are looking to fit this to an immersion circuit then you are barking up a very expensive tree and there are simpler alternatives.

Having read all the recent reviews on this product I was surprised to read so much negative stuff but I still bought the item to fit to a towel rail. Since my last purchase, the build quality has most definitely suffered. But I have to say, that the same comments apply to many other suppliers (including so called top line suppliers e.g. MK , AEG/Seimens, Vent Axia ) and I now put this down to a sign of the times. A doddle to fit (no earth terminal though so you will need a box with same so not suited to dry wall boxes) and the leaflet (of 2 just pages) provides adequate information.

One piece of advice viz, read the instructions a couple of times before setting to work and programming because it is definitely not fool proof e.g holding down/not releasing buttons when programming will force all sorts of odd behaviour on the display!
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on 8 August 2014
I read a couple of reviews for this product and had some reservations. However, despite the reviews, it was very easy to wire up, program and put to use. I can't see how previous customers had any problems; maybe they can't read !! I had it working within 30 minutes of opening the packet. I'm not a qualified electrician but was able to follow the instructions perfectly well. The supplier had (I suspect) seen previous reviews about the product coming with short screws and has packed a couple of long screws with the timer. I have been using the product now for about a month with no issues.
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on 26 May 2012
found it easy to install and use, but after 2 months, whilst it appeared to be working, it had in fact stopped switching on power to the immersion heater when timed to do so.. it was going through the montions, but no out put.

saddened by this... and now not trusting of the brand.
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on 14 February 2014
An excellent way of converting a towel rail from permanent on or off to a timed operation when the existing switch/ Fused Control Unit (FCU) is outside the room (where it should be if the rail is in a bath or shower room). Stands off the wall somewhat compared to the standard switch but how else are you going to get the control to have your heating powered up by cheap rate overnight tarriff electricity? Bags of program times and options available or just keep it simple as required.
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on 20 July 2015
Read some reviews doubting quality, but the 2 that I purchased have lasted a couple of years so far without trouble.
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on 20 October 2013
First one bought and installed on 03/03/12. Dysfunctional digital clock/programming necessitated return and exchange after two weeks. The second one worked for six weeks before it died. Spoke with a very helpful Timeguard man at head office who agreed to send me a replacement in exchange for the dead one. The third one was installed and it failed after a year on 07/07/13. Another replacement was supplied, i.e. the fourth, and that has no died on 20/10/13. This time I shall not even bother to get another replacement even though it comes with a 5 years guarantee.
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