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4.6 out of 5 stars116
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 4 April 2004
This is a truly awesome film. Everything about it is pure brilliance from the performances and storyline right upto the effects and Direction.
The film tells the story of a father, (Dennis Quaid), and son, (Jim Caviezel), who love each other so much that although they are separated by thirty years, manage to find each other again.
It's difficult to say what happens in the film without giving away the whole plot. Let's just say that in finding each other, they change the course of events in their lives dramatically and endanger the life of their wife/mother.
There are brilliant performances all around and this is definately one to add to your collection. Do yourself a favour and buy it, you won't regret it if you enjoy a good thriller.
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on 11 July 2006
This film has some great ingredients and they come together wonderfully. I find it hard to imagine someone watching this and coming away disappointed. Really successful.

There's a big leap of faith required for the central theme - man talks to his father across a couple of decades - his dad is back at the time when the son was but a wee boy. The grown up son persuades his dad to do important things to change history.

The stories, attempts to acheive, and the great bond between the son & father are warming. It also acheives great pace and maintenance of viewer interest without descending into an action non-thinker. Some great little twists keep you on your toes - although this is easy viewing and you'll keep up OK.

I thoroughly enjoyed it from end to end and would reccomend it to anyone.
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on 18 October 2001
This is a great film. You have to keep track with what is happening and as a result get completely involved in the film, constantly asking "What's going to happen next!?". A fantastic concept, well developed and shaped into a gripping and uplifting tale. The director's commentary on the DVD adds an interesting dimension and provides an insight into a possible alternative ending. Amazing film, one of my all time favourites.
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on 18 February 2001
The movie takes the usual time paradox theme, couples it with an excellent storyline and comes up with an edge of your seat drama/thriller. The problem with most time paradox films has been that they've failed to exploit the premise by doing anything different, but, the director has thrown in some wonderfully imaginative moments that really stand out.
It was a shame that this film wasn't a hit at the cinemas because it really deserved to be. I suppose a lot of audiences were put off by the lack of big names, but, Jim Caviezel is a likeable lead, and you can always depend on Dennis Quaid to bring a some charm to any film he's in.
The film works as a whole and is a great feel good movie. However, the final scene did seem to resemble a disposable razor ad but this didn't do anything to diminish my enjoyment of the film.
Highly recommended!
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on 20 February 2006
I loved this film. I had heard hardly anything about it before renting it out and must admit that I was surprised at how good it was.
The storyline sounds far-fetched – a young man begins to converse with his father across time to save lives - but it actually works really well. I love the way in which the characters change the past only to directly influence the future (in a similar way to the later The Butterfly Effect).
Both the man characters are really likeable (Jim Caviezel as John Sullivan and Dennis Quaid as his father Frank) and I really found myself on the edge of my seat at the end of the film wondering how it was all going to work out.
Of course everything comes together at the end and I found the ending really enjoyable. The way in which the film covers the past and the present is excellent.
If you are thinking of watching this film I would highly recommend it - it has become one of my favourite films.
Excellent stuff!
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on 21 April 2002
Really , this movie is the best film I have ever seen; the story line is also the best I have ever seen in the cinema.
Just buy it and watch it, it may teach you to value your time with your family more, and take every second into count in your life! Not those meaningless and boring stuff they have been making all the time!
This movie is a good example of the kind of film that Holywoood film makers should be making all the time!
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on 27 October 2000
Does it get better than this? When I saw this movie at the cinema i thought "damn good film", when i saw it again at the cinema i thought "definite contender for best film ever made". On DVD it becomes perfect. This motion picture experience has everything: Action, Romance, Time travel, Whodunnit, and a great cliffhanger ending. Watch it now. Right now. Do not finish reading this review. Go watch it.
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I bought the American BLU RAY of "Frequency" on New Line Home Entertainment because I've always loved this 'talking to my Dad 30 years ago' Fireman movie with a passion.

Directed by GREGORY HOBLIT and written by TOBY EMMERICH (older brother of the respected actor NOAH EMMERICH - see below) - "Frequency" has built up a bit of a cult fan base since its 2000 release. I've had it on many 'Slipped Through The Net' Amazon lists for years.

It's the night of 10 October 1969 - the Baseball World Series will be played out on television sets across American Homes the following day. But that night the atmospheric dance that is the Northern Lights of The Aurora Borealis is doing strange things to the skies over Brooklyn. It's even messing with the airwaves.

Lighting a cigarette - Frank Sullivan (Dennis Quaid) looks up at the phenomenon and smiles. Frank is a hero father and all round good egg - a fireman that fights the blue beast with courage by day, rides his Harley home afterwards and plays catch with his 'chief' son of 6 on the sidewalk outside their home at night. Until 11 October 1969 - when Frank enters a warehouse down by the docks and in trying to rescue a woman on the top floor - takes a wrong turn to get out of the building. Neither escapes and The New York Post sadly reports the death of another true blue who didn't make it...

Cue to 30 years later in October 1999 and Jim Caviezel is John Sullivan - his 'chief' all grown up - a cop who is boozing, losing his wife and still hurting over his Dad's loss. His buddies since childhood on the Force Satch and Gordo (Andre Braugher and Noah Emmerich) are worried about him. Gordo (the excellent Noah Emmerich - Jim Carrey's Sea Haven mate in "The Truman Shoe") drops by with his son for a chat and to share a Brewsky. But his bored young son (an early part for Michael Cera) finds an NYFD Radio Transmitter in a locked box hidden in a cupboard that everyone's forgotten about. The device is old school with glowing valves - and you need a licence just to use it. John gets it working - but when no one is in the house and through the crackles - John hears a man's voice - his Dad Frank from 30 years back.

Disbelieving at first - John then begins to realize the potential of the situation and tells Dad how to save his life, which will end the next day (in his time). Dad does just that and John's future changes accordingly. Frank hasn't died in 1969 but in 1989 from lung cancer. But now a serial killer called "Nightingale" who targets nurses has also lived and killed 15 women instead of 3 - one of which is John's Nurse mum Julia (Elizabeth Mitchell from "Lost" and "Revolution"). Now both father in 1969 and son in 1999 are locked into a cat and mouse game with this monster to `alter' that list. And on it goes to a genius ending that is wholly satisfying...

Special features include:
1. Commentary by Director Gregory Hoblit
2. Commentary by Writer/Producer Toby Emmerich and Actor Noah Emmerich
3. The Science And Technology Behind Frequency
4. 4-Animated Solar Galleries
5. Music Only Track with Commentary by Composer Michael Kamen
6. Deleted Scenes
7. Theatrical Trailer

The picture is 1080p High Def with an Aspect Ratio of 2.4:1 (16 x 9) so it stretches to the full screen and looks great - rich colours and hues - even in a lot of the darker night sequences. Subtitles are English SDH and Spanish only.

There are times when you can't quite nail why a movie gets to you so much - or why you hold it in such affection. Perhaps it's the father and son thing - the good guy wins - the pig gets his comeuppance - or perhaps it's just the sheer likeability of the lead actors given great material to work with.

Whatever way you look at it - "Frequency" on an American BLU RAY is a winner. Great movie, top extras, nicely rendered and reasonably priced into the bargain.

Let "Frequency" burn its cosmic greatness into the table of your viewing lounge real soon...
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on 18 June 2007
Frequency is a remarkable movie. I just discovered it and am glad to see that others continue to add their comments here. First, I must applaud the premise - the use of a ham radio as the device that connects father and son in a supernatural way. My uncle was a ham radio operator and even taught classes. It had a tremendous mystique all its own.

Dennis Quaid is fabulous. He effortlessly portrays Frank Sullivan, a man who is passionate about his values, devoted to his family, and larger than life as a fireman. The movie opens to this father's heroic rescue of a pair of workers trapped underground after a tanker crash. He comes right home to the wife he loves, the son he loves -- John, his "Little Chief" -- in the home he loves; he has it all. Moving forward thirty years, we meet the adult John. James Caviezel tears me to pieces in these early scenes as we learn that this father died in a fire 30 years ago. John is a cop working homicide. He is still living in the house he grew up in. He never quite recovered from his father's death. He drinks to find numbness. His girlfriend (who he loves) walks out on him. But he is a good man in his own right. His mother's phone number is on his speed-dial and he takes the time to stay involved in her life. On this difficult night in October 1999, as he approaches the anniversary of his father's death, his childhood friend Gordo (Noah Emmerich - The Truman Show) helps set up his father's old ham radio that they find looking for fishing gear under the stairs. Later, with the aurora borealis glistening overhead, father and son make contact on this radio over the distance of 30 years. Awesome! My favorite scene on the DVD is captioned "Catching Up," and takes place after a skeptical Frank, up to his ears in smoke and flames, follows his son's frantic warning that he should "go the other way" to safety rather than the death that John remembered. On returning home unscathed, Frank, accidentally wakes his six-year old son, evolving into a joyous bike-riding lesson. He then finds adult John's voice on the ham and they catch up. At one point, Frank asks adult John if he is still his "Little Chief" and James Caviezel's tearful reply "I'm trying to be" is profound. Dennis Quaid and James Caviezel run with their roles here. They are two great American actors at work.

The entire cast is wonderful. Elizabeth Mitchell as wife and mother plays so much love and strength into her role. The screenplay, by Toby Emmerich, brother of Noah, is tight, tender and imaginative. (The brothers do a great commentary together on the DVD special features.) The crime-thriller sub-plot is gripping and the ending satisfying.
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on 1 May 2002
I first saw this movie on TV, and I have to say it ranks in my top 3 films. I didn't know too much about the actors before I watched it, but their performances are excellent. You truly feel that there is a strong bond between them and it shows in the storyline. I cannot think of any other actors who could pull it of so well. The story is constantly changing and you feel gripped, right through to the end. This is a refreshing film and if you want drama and suspense, this is the film for you. Excellent.
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