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4.6 out of 5 stars96
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 17 September 2002
I was very excited when my copy of this DVD arrived, and rightly so it seems!
This Collector's Edition is excellent, the extra features, the re-mastering, director's commentary and even the interactive menus are fabulous. There's also a factual and informative insert included in the pack. This is a fine addition to my DVD collection, and I anticipate watching it often.
Jerry Maguire is one of my favourite films. The director, Cameron Crowe, never fails to write realistic, heartfelt stories - couple that with the strong cast of characters, an awesome soundtrack and feel good ending make for an extremely engrossing movie.
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Well, I'm incredibly late to the Jerry Maguire party, but I'm glad I finally made it. I thought this was just a comedy, but I should have known better because laughs alone usually don't generate the kind of success this movie enjoyed. This is a wonderful, feel-good movie with a surprisingly effective emotional payoff. Tom Cruise is great, Cuba Gooding, Jr., steals every scene he's in, and that Renee Zellweger is nothing short of perfect. They even threw in a clip of McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O and sent me away with Bob Dylan singing over the credits - in my book, that's going above and beyond the call of duty. And I never tire of seeing someone break away from the cynicism of big business and actually put some heart back into an increasingly heartless way of life.
Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is, of course, a bigshot sports agent who has it all - then loses it all. For some inexplicable reason, he develops a conscience late one night, put together this huge "mission statement" all about reducing the number of clients and giving those remaining the genuine personal touch, and sends it to everyone in the company. With a schlep of a boss like Bob Sugar (the always annoying Jay Mohr), his days with the company are, not surprisingly, numbered. He vows to start his own company, desperately trying to hold on to the clients he has been representing - but all he ends up taking with him are outrageous Cardinals wide receiver Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger), an accountant who was truly inspired by what he had written. It doesn't seem like much, but he really has all he will ever need - he just doesn't realize it until the end of the movie.
Life on his own is quite a struggle, especially after he breaks up with his vicious fiancée (Kelly Preston), and I know it must be truly demoralizing to be defeated time and time again by Jay Mohr. Rod Tidwell, a great player who doesn't get the notice (or money) he thinks he deserves, stays loyal to him, though, for rather inexplicable reasons - even after Maguire fails to get him the kind of big money he is looking for in a new contract. Dorothy also stays with him, and Maguire grows increasingly close to her and her little boy Ray (Jonathan Lipnicki). There's love in the air, and Maguire's famous problem with emotional intimacy makes what should be the simplest thing in the world immensely complicated. We see a lot of Maguire at his worst - double-crossed, drunk, beaten up, wallowing in self-pity. He never gives up, though, and that's what's important. I find it a little problematic that he did not apply the principles of his "mission statement" to the way he lived his life, but - in his defense - guys tend to be pretty dense about this kind of thing (and would that we all had a Dorothy to help us see the light).
There's a wonderful cast on display here, with uncommonly meaningful secondary characters: there's little Ray, of course, but Dorothy's bitter yet loving sister Laurel (Bonnie Hunt) and Rod Tidwell's wife Marcee (Regina King) really do lay claim to a commanding presence in the story. You can also make a little game of spotting all of the sports personalities that make cameos (usually silent ones, thankfully) in the film.
This isn't a comedy; it's a serious story that just happens to feature a lot of laughs. It's a commentary on the depersonalization of business, a complicated yet wonderfully sweet love story, and a movie with a surprisingly big heart. And I love Renee Zellweger. As far as I'm concerned, she - not Tom Cruise - was the star of this film.
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on 24 February 2006
I just love this film... Yes it has some cheesy moments, it is not what I would call true to life BUT it has a sparkling script, some incredible moments that have become iconic (think 'show me the money!') and a heartwarming message about corporate greed versus integrity, love and quality of life. Tom Cruise puts in (I think) a career best performance as Jerry Maguire, the sports agent who has an epiphany about his place in the world and writes a 'Mission Statement' that gets him fired by odious colleague Sugar. He desperately tries to retain his clients but ends up with just one - Rod Tidwell played by Cuba Gooding Jr who is on Oscar winning form as the football player who can't translate his big heart at home onto the pitch. Jerry and Rod are on their own - but Jerry's memo has also inspired accountant Dorothy, played by Renee Zellweger in her breakout role, who joins them in their little venture. Dorothy is a single mum to the adorable Ray and longs for a little romance in her life. I have to say Ray, played by Jonathan Lipnicki, is just about the cutest kid in movies and you will fall in love with him. You have been warned! The rest of the film basically follows the relationship between these 3 characters as they fight to become complete. Jerry the committmentphobe, Dorothy the hopeless romantic and Rod the paycheque player all have to lose before they can win. The film's most famous moment 'you had me at hello' is touching. But for me the truly tear-inducing moment is when Dorothy and Jerry go out on their first date and Dorothy cries as she watches little Ray hug him 'just like a Dad', then the Springsteen music kicks in and I'm gone. Did I mention the great soundtrack? All in all an unmissable movie with something for everyone, even some sport for the guys ;-)
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on 12 January 2014
I really, really do not get what is so good about this film?. I watched it for the first time this year (2014) and was expecting it to be one of the great films of the 90's like the Truman show or American Beauty, this is what I was lead to believe from all the reviews. I expected Jerry to CHANGE as a person, instead he just went freelance, and cut some of his commission then married Renee Zellweger, I didn't feel he's actually changed that much as a person, and the kid wasn't that cute, the one from Big Daddy is a lot funnier. I actually found myself nodding off during it and Regina King overacts in just about every scene as does Cuba.
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on 7 September 2007
It's not a masterpiece but it is a very good film not so much for the meaning it may contain but for the images it sends in the audience. First it gives a positive image of sports by showing how one man, one agent can be different from all others in this "industry", and that the main difference is to believe in what he is doing, to believe in what his heart is telling him, to work with his heart and to love the players, the athletes he is working for, he is working with. That emotional, personal and very close relationship is what everyone needs all the time to feel needed, supported. The film shows that this is also the winning method because athletes want that contact and they can recognize that human attitude and they will work for this warmth of the heart, from the heart and in the heart. And what's more this relationship will enable the athletes as well as the agents to face the difficulties life is made of and life brings up all the time. This will mean success to the athletes as athletes and success for both the agents and the athletes financially. What's more the film conveys another tremendously positive image because the agent is white and the athlete is black and their relationship is one of trust, total friendship and confidence, one of love nothing but love and care and that is the right model to send in the public: what is important is not the differences among people but the possibility to establish trusting and loving relationships beyond these differences and accepting them totally.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
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on 13 May 2004
When you boil it down, Jerry Maguire comes down to your every day love story, but by-pass that and you find exceptional performances from unlikely canditates.
Think what you like about Cruise but he is still one of the best actors to come out in the last 20 years. Take Born On The Fourth Of July, or Magnolia, or The Last Samurai, the list goes on...this man is a class act!
The film focuses on a greedy, money loving sports agent (Cruise) who realises somehow down the line he has lost his way and is no longer doing or loving the job the way he did when he began it and so, after being fired starts his own company with the one client he had retained and an inspired accountent played by Rene Zelwegger.
Although like i said Cruise is fantastic it is Cuba Gooding Jnr who steals the show as the cocky, arrogant wide reciever. The 'show me the money' seen is unforgettable. Its a shame that after showing so much talent in the movie and the previous< Boyz In The Hood, Gooding Jnr has gone to make poor movies like Snow Dogs and the fighting temptations.
Once again Director Cameron Crowe shines, and shows his talent for making a warm, loving often funny story that you won't regret purchasing...a must for any film fan.
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on 19 April 2014
In Jerry Maguire , Tom Cruise gives a substantial portrayal as a sports agent who is forced to reinvent himself (careerwise) after he is fired by the same guy that he mentored. He was writing for Sports Management International and had written a mission document type of book that caught the interest of an accountant in his office named Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger). The character of Boyd also becomes important in the movie because she is the one who follows Maguire, despite the uncertainty, after he is let go from his job. Maguire’s former protégée secures most of his previous clients. Luckily for Maguire, he at least is able to successfully make a deal with Rod Tidwell, a professional football player (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.).
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on 13 January 2012
Not a review or though the film is one of my altime faves.

just a little heads up on the availability of these Blu Ray (you may also find this on some over Sony releases).

Don't pay the high prices some sellers are asking stating that the title has been deleted, This title has not been deleted stocks of it were destroyed during the fire at the Sony Factory fire in Enfield during the August London Riots and because the factory was the main disc pressing plant in Europe for CD's, DVD's, PS3 Games and Blu-Rays new stocks will delayed until the factory is fully up an running again, they are currently focusing efforts on new releases.

I an sure it wont be too long before this film is available again.
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on 19 August 2014
Jerry Maguire is a successful sports agent, and he has it all, until one night he questions his purpose, his place in the world, and finally comes to terms with what's wrong with his career and life.

Recording all his thoughts in a statement, Jerry feels he has a new lease on life.

Unfortunately his opinions aren't met with enthusiasm from his superiors and after being stripped of his clients and elite status, Jerry steps out into the sports business armed with only one client and the only person who believes in him.

with the impossible task of rebuilding what he once had, he faces the harsh truths which he'd ignored in the past and a host of hardships that he'd never faced before.....

How you feel about this film is basically how much you like Cruise. On any other planet, or reflective dimension, it would be called Tom Cruise: the movie, because he's never off screen for more than thirty seconds, and even when he is, his voice is probably evident.

But its a brilliant performance from the star, he actually makes you care for this spoilt, greedy, shallow, consumerist hack, and you actually want him to succeed.

Now whether this has anything to do with the fact that most of the other characters are more shallow than him (Mohr, and Preston, who are both brilliant), or from the second act onwards he is with Dorothy Boyd, could make a difference on the narrative, but then you have the relationship Cruise begins to have with the young boy, and you can literally see the materialism leaving his body.

This is the film where Cruise should have won an Academy award, he is brilliant, and its one of his finest performances, Gooding Jr. on the other hand, isn't really that good when you think about it, his award was nothing but a fluke, as all he does is shout, cry and scream. Does that mean my eight month old son will win next year?

The soundtrack is great, its a feel good movie, and yes, the lines are still utterly quotable today.

But avoid if you don't like Cruise, or actually, don't, you'll change your opinion and realise you like Cruise as an actor....
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on 2 September 2015
Revisited this movie last night and had to write something about it. I felt like i had never seen it before the film looked ageless. I also agree with what another comment said about it being a serious comedy and you dont get many of them! It is a classic but without the age as its not that old and in my belief its a timeless tale of love and success. Theres a hope and dream to this film that people can certainly free fall if they want to and life will catch them in ways they never thought possible. Its a story for everyone not just sports fans its for us!
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