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4.5 out of 5 stars171
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Z623 Speakers|Change
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on 9 June 2014
I've owned a set of Z623's for a couple of years now. They've served me very well so I felt I should review them.

The speakers are capable of producing massive volume, in an office/bedroom it is deafeningly loud at full whack, travelling through the whole house. I've used it several times as the music output at house parties, it's plenty loud enough to cut through 30 or so people's drunken nattering.

The sound quality for music is surprisingly good, considering this is primarily a gaming/film sound system. The highs and mids are relatively crisp, and with the bass dial turned to just over halfway there is a satisfying but not overpowering bass presence. Music is my primary use of the Z623's.

The sub I find helps bring racing games to life with 'proper' engine rumbles rather than tinny speaker ones. I don't have much experience using the kit with other gaming genres. Films sound quite good, explosions especially satisfying! I'm convinced the 'THX' logo is just an attraction/brand appeal rather than a noticeable addition to the speakers.

For my particular speakers, reliability is where they have really impressed, although I've heard this isn't the general case. As I said, I have used these at several house parties, and not just my own - many people have asked me to bring them over for a party, meaning they've been moved around and set up a lot, had a drink or two spilt on them, and been really pushed in terms of volume. They've been turned up to full volume (usually not by me,) for hours at a time on multiple occasions, and although I've fretted the speakers haven't blown and still work very well. I've also knocked the satellite speakers off of my desk more times than I care to think about - still work.

Only fault is sometimes the power switch rapidly turns on and off when volume adjusted/power pressed. I put this down to my rough treatment of the satellite, and it is an intermittent fault which seems to fix itself after a minute or so when it does occur.

Overall I heartily recommend these things!
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on 2 March 2014
Very Bassy

(Note this is my first review)

I been using these speakers over four months now and I must say these speakers are top class. The bass on these speakers are extremely heavy and you can feel the whole room shaking. When listening to bassy music you will properly hear the door hinges rattling and pictures falling off walls. To prove my point I hardly have the bass no more than 50%, that's how good this sub is.


These speakers are not just good for bass, the Z623 is certified by THX which means 'THX Certification is a rigorous set of industry standards for audio reproduction. Essentially, it means that the sound coming out of your 5.1 surround sound or other speaker system is being heard exactly as the audio engineer intended for it to sound while he was recording and mixing it.

THX stands for "Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment," and was created by Holman while he was working with Lucasfilm Studios to create a new standard for audio reproduction to ensure quality and uniformity across all theater systems intending to play their audio.

Most familiar to consumers, "THX" is a method of reproducing sound that follows strict rules for creating ultra-high quality digital sound playback in surround sound audio systems. These systems can be professional theater or cinema sound systems, a simple home theater system, or a surround sound system just for your PC.

Purpose of THX Certification

To own a THX Certified sound system is to be positive that you are hearing optimal sound production, particularly if the DVD or video game you're playing is also THX Certified -- though that isn't a requirement for THX to make a big difference in your multimedia experience. This is because when a manufacturer achieves THX Certification, they are ensuring for their customer that their speaker system will reproduce professional quality sound exactly as the audio engineer intended for the film or video game to be heard'.

THX Certified Surround Sound Systems


Hardware layout

I notice that most 2.1 or 5.1 speakers have the volume nob and power button suppurate from the bass nob. I do admire the logitech Z623 hardware layout as it has the volume nob, power button and bass nob on one satellite speaker which is handy. Also you can plug in your headphones into the jack on the right satellite speaker and plug in your MP3 player or other device into the auxiliary jack using the included 3.5mm cable.


In conclusion these speaker have overcome my expectations and i'm very happy with this product. If you looking for a good sound system and don't want to spend a lot on them, these speakers are suited to you. I recommend these speaker to anyone who's into music, filming and gaming.
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on 23 January 2014
I bought these speakers around September time in 2013.

First impressions were that the subwoofer was HUGE compared to my previous speakers, and I was instantly going to love them!!!

However, if you're going to buy these speakers, I'll give you a heads up about a few things because although they are amazing, they're only good for certain reasons.

Reason 1. They're good for bedroom (small room) speakers or maybe a living room radio/iPod dock. I found this out on New Years Eve when we tired to use them as speakers for a party of about 40 people and after a certain point the bass can't take the loudness, so I wouldn't recommend them if you was to have a rave in your front room! (hahaha) If you're going to use them correctly, put them in a medium size room; preferably a bed room, and place them in a corner, as you can hear the bass so much better. This is because it bounces off the walls. You also don't need to have them very loud in your room because where they're in a small space, the sound amplifies and makes it very loud.

Reason 2. If you're after quiet speakers I wouldn't get these, I would only recommended them to people that like to play their music slightly loud. I tried to listen to them on a low volume and it ruins the sound as you can't here any bass or treble.

These are my only pointers that I feel need to be said, seen as most people never tell them how to use them properly, and they just play them as loud as they can THEN judge them!

Hope this helps everyone!!
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on 29 December 2012
I have previously had an Onkyo HT-X22HDX which I sold a while back when I was short of space and was recently using some very small and thin designer style Logitech speakers that cost around 40 GBP.

My cheaper Logitechs were quite impressive given how ridiculously thin the speakers were but they could be tinny and distort at times.

My new Z623 speakers are very impressive and are every bit as good to my "consumer" ears as the Onkyo which cost twice the price. I use them for my PC and they are overkill for that task and won't distort at all at any volume I'd dare use when sat this close to them. I have a very large monitor and use my PC for everything from gaming to movies to TV to music.

I'd say they would also be more than adequate in an average UK sized living room or bedroom for someone wanting to use them with their TV or games console and would no doubt cause huge annoyance to neighbours or parents long before they reach a volume where you would experience distortion.

They are more than just "loud" if you know what I mean. There is so much more detail than on my cheaper speakers or the ones built into my 40" Samsung TV.

The sound to my untrained ears is very deep and rich with a lot of crisp detail on the higher notes. This means you can kind of run them at a lower volume level and still pick out everything.

Granted I am no audiophile but they sound absolutely awesome when playing games, watching movies or listening to regular music. I have a pretty good sound card in my desktop PC and to be honest you can dramatically alter the sound just playing with the settings on that so I am sure if anyone did have issues with certain aspects of the sound then it is probably something they can tweak themselves to suit their tastes.

I have no concerns about the quality as my old Logitech speakers must be four years old now and have been shuffled all around the house, dumped in a carrier bag in the spare room with junk piled on top of them and even stored outside in a shed at one point but still work fine.

The volume control being on the right hand speaker makes them great for PC use and to be honest the old wired remote on my previous speakers is kind of pointless as you are hardly going to drape a big thick wire across the floor. So I like these because they have less cables than those systems with a wired remote. It would be nice if they had a proper remote control as then I would recommend that everyone buy a set to use with their TV. At this price and with this sound I'd still recommend it if you don't mind getting out of your seat to adjust the volume.
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on 4 June 2016
This was a perfect solution to my sound system requirements. I wanted to boost my MAC sound so I could listen to iTunes library downloads and cd rips, and also provide amp and speaker capabilities for a record player so that I could resurrect my old vinyl record collection, and I only have limited space and didn't want a full hifi system because I had nowhere to stand it. I acquired an old (but good quality high end) Technics turntable, a small inexpensive pre amp, an inexpensive digital / audio converter, then I use Apple's GarageBand software as a graphic equaliser, then out putted from my MAC into my new Logitech speakers! So I now have a really good set up that didn't cost a fortune! The speakers look good, and sound great. The bass is deep, crisp and clear, the clarity is amazing when it's set up correctly..... you must have the subwoofer on the floor I think, and try to have the 2 speakers as far away left and right as the wires allow you to, and the separation and sound quality is very good! For the price, I think it's good value for money, and I have heard much more expensive sound systems that do not sound as good as this. I usually listen with the bass setting at half (in its notch) and adjust any remaining bass using my graphics equaliser software. I find it personally uncomfortable to listen to much higher bass as my hearing is not great in my left ear! And it causes me problems to listen to when set much higher!
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on 28 January 2012
I deliberated for weeks about getting these as they were slightly out of my budget and I was originally considering the cheaper 75w Z506. BUT....Boy am I glad I gave in and got these!! Against the recommendations on a popular audio forum I decided to ditch my under-used AVR amp and mish-mash of speakers, (obviously I'm no audiophile as the word 'Logitech' was met with lots of scorn...;) I like my music LOUD (my neighbours will vouch for that) and I've so far only managed to have these at less than halfway for both volume and bass (out of respect for said neighbours as my living room adjoins theirs!) And that was just having my iPhone plugged in to the 3.5 jack. I've got my TV plugged in to the phono sockets - I invested in a 5m RCA cable to allow me to move the speakers away from the same wall as the TV. The only criticism I have is the lack of inputs - I use my PS3 for music and would rather not have to play it through the TV; but this is a minor niggle and easily remedied with an audio selector. Overall I'm amazed at the sound quality and loudness - I really wanted the next model up (Z5500 5.1) but being realistic, even if it wasn't over budget, living in a semi there's no way I'd get the benefit of the 500w output from that, so I'm more than happy with this little baby and looking forward to resurrecting my music collection as well as enjoying decent sound for TV and DVDs at long last.
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on 25 March 2012
Ordered this from Spain and the delivery was super quick! However, when I received the product there was a large gash in the subwoofer which isn't exactly discreet, it's quite big. So I contacted Amazon and they sent another one straight away! Super customer service. Now for the speakers. I don't really have many problems with it, mainly that it's too loud. Yes you heard me, too loud. The picture makes the subwoofer seem small but believe me, it's not. It's huge (for a 2.1 system). The quality is super and bass is deep. At highest volumes playing deadmau5 or skrillex, there is a distortion (3/4 of the volume), however, I find this too loud. I'm sure the neighbours can hear the songs very well. Handles any genre of music with ease, and for movies it's even better. THX certified!

Pros- Amazing value for money. Super quality sound for both music and movies.
Cons- Wires are a bit short. Slight distortion at high levels. (Minor)

If you're looking for a docking station alternative, then this is for you! It's also a budget speaker system that is worth so much more - I would even rate it as good as some of the £200+ PC speaker systems.
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on 11 February 2013
I bought this system to replace an aging Philips 2.1 system that generated 60W. Upon installing the units and listening to them I found that the sound quality was fantastic. Even leaving the bass control at the default position there is a good quality and depth to the sound. And of course, if you crank up the bass you can easily annoy the neighbours if you want to!
I also like that the controls for this system is included on the right speaker. On my old one the power switch was on the back of the subwoofer (and hard to get to) and the volume control was on a silly little cabled remote.
I've had this system a few days now and it is the first time I have spent over £100 on a PC speaker system, But all I can say it is definitely worth the extra money over my past £50 systems in my opinion.
For my setup I needed to use an RCA extension lead for the left speaker to get the spacings right as the cables aren't that long (1.5m maybe?) but that wasn't a problem. It also looks like the cable for the right speaker can be extended with a VGA lead maybe (although I have not tried)
Overall I am a very satisfied customer :)
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on 27 March 2012
I am currently playing music through these speakers on my computer and I cant get over how good they are!

The speakers are nice and solid with good weight in them. The sub is nice and big too.

The sound is so clear and precise. Along with the clarity is the oooomph of the sub, which is constantly pumping out a good "thump". Of course this can be turned down (and UP) by the simple twist of the knob.

These speakers were bought to replace an old (6 years) hifi system with 2x70w speakers. These speakers out rate these by miles.

I have my computer hooked up to these speakers (via a phono RCA lead) and my computer via the jack supplied.

If you love your music and have a "spare" £100+ get these. You wont regret it!
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on 17 May 2011
These speakers are seriously loud and bassy- and I love them! If you're listening to any sort of bassy music you'll quickly find the walls shaking and your trousers flapping around your ankles if you turn the bass and volume anywhere above half. However, sound is still really crisp and clear and the speakers sound great playing any type of music, playing games and watching films (although be careful to turn the bass down if you're watching an action film- the first explosion made me jump out of my skin).

These speakers are more than enough for even a large room, and could definitely be used for a party if it isn't in too big a room. If you're after an affordable system to blast out music and enjoy films with great sound through your pc, I can't see how you can go wrong with these.
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