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on 19 December 2010
After doing lots of on-line research, I decided to treat myself to this Canon 60D Kit for xmas from Amazon, I also ordered the 50mm 1.4 prime lens and a few other bits.

I've been into Photography for about 40yrs, my previous DSLR's include the 550D and Nikon D90.
There may be cheaper options on a certain auction site, if you don't mind having a grey import model, personally I value having that Canon UK warranty, and a proper UK power supply etc. already in the box.

Amazons price for a UK Stock model is very competitive indeed, and their returns policy is excellent, if only for peace of mind. The camera itself is superb, and works perfectly, it produces brilliant images, feels top quality in the hands, with a fantastic articulating high res lcd screen. What more could you ask for.

The 18-135mm lens in this kit is not top of the range, however, it produces some very good results especially once stopped down a little, and IMO it may be a touch sharper than the much older USM 17-85mm lens. The glass in the 18-135 is not too bad at all, and you have that extra range, albeit at the loss of the USM, so a matter of personal choice.
It's also a nice walkabout lens giving you decent range yet still retaining the option for those wider shots, build quality also appears a little better than the cheaper 18-55mm. It appears to focus quicker, and seems a little quieter than the 18-55mm kit lens..JMO

Those that can afford it may appreciate the extra quality by choosing the 15-85mm lens, but I don't think you will be disappointed by the images this kit produces. I would also recommend the purchase of the 50mm 1.8 or 1.4, you will be blown away by the IQ that can be achieved with both these prime lens, as ultimately any camera is only as good as the lens you put on it.

I can highly recommend this item from Amazon 9.5/10

Why Amazon? Well besides the reasons I've already mentioned above, if you have a issue, you can call them on their free support number, or email them and in my experience they will always endevour to resolve any issue one may have, without any hassle. IOW, as big as they are, Amazon is aware the customer has choices to shop elswhere, and will go that extra mile to secure your custom, and their customer service is first class. This is a company that deserves to succeed. Thank you Amazon!.

I would however like to see Amazon.. pack expensive items such as DSLR camera etc, a little better. Just plonking them inside a larger box with a small amount of crushed paper for cushioning is not really enough. They still move about a lot in the box, so, a little extra care in this area would be assuring from a customers point of view anyway, with most items it does'nt matter, but with expensive fragile kit like this, having the item not rolling around in the box would be appreciated.
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on 18 January 2013
Finally took the plunge and went for the 60d. You need decent lenses to get the best out of this camera. No sense in going with the kit lens as it simply doesn't do it justice. The 40mm stm pancake lens works a treat with this camera, as does the 17-85.
On the negative side the build quality isn't quite up to the 40d, but it's very close - it feels sturdy, but some of the controls are not quite as solid.

On the plus side:

Focus feels better
Exposure more reliable
Feels just as fast as the 40d, 5 fps versus 6 on the 40d
My preferred setting is Sharpening on +6 and contrast on +1 and gives nice sharp jpegs OR
Can shoot raw and convert to jpeg, which is a really great feature
Level of definition and detail in stills is superb, really gives you the ability to crop for wildlife shooting etc.
Articulated screen and screen quality is excellent
A fast SanDisk Extreme SD card make the camera lighting quick in operation
Live view isn't bad for stationary objects and handy for odd angles with attic screen
Overall build feels rugged and same degree of sealing as 50d
Nice usable slr overall for those of us who aren't complete pros

If you've got a 30 or 40d, then going with this model will see you happy. Personally I think the 7d is too expensive and a bit heavy for all day shooting, but a very fine camera. All in all I'm loving this camera and would highly recommend it, once you've got some decent lenses.

PS - It also works great with the 70-300 Tamron VC lens.
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Having enjoyed my 400D for many years, and taken pictures of which I'm proud, the time had come for an upgrade: more megapixels, better IQ and build quality, and the possibility of shooting movies. The 60D looked like the obvious answer.

Straight out of the box the camera felt more substantial - and yes, heavier - than the 400: and the controls felt familiar, and yet also strange. There is a bit of a learning curve here: at first I found it hard to find which control did what because some things were the same as the 400, others different. But every time I worked out what to do, I felt that the 60D was logical and (had I not been a little skewed by my 400 experience) intuitive.

I liked the refined focusing system,and the much better quality at higher ISO. The increased shooting rate was also a pleasant surprise.

Actually, however, the best thing about the camera for me was something I'd dismissed as a gimmick: the twist screen. For use on a tripod, I found this excellent: no more bending down at odd angles to a viewfinder. And for video, this is a real boon.

A couple of slight niggles. Typically, the strap is an advert for Canon, and not wide enough for a comfortable carry. I now have a Crumpler Singapore Sling which is brilliant. The 60D also takes SD, not CF cards, unlike the 400 (and annoyingly unlike my other body, the 7D.) Finally, and perhaps inevitably, the battery is not compatible with the 400D.

For 50D users, it may well be that the move from magnesium to resin body will be an issue. It isn't for me - but I suspect that a lot of 50D users will jump to the 7D.

Finally, of course, as a 1.6 crop camera my EF-S lenses are still compatible. Not a deal breaker for me - but a consideration - I'd hate to lose my 10-22 EF-S!
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on 17 December 2010
I boughts the Canon 60D to replace my out of date Olympus equipment. I was reluctant at first due to the increased size and weight but after a couple of weeks using the camera I have absolutely no regrets. It actually feels good to hold a camera of this size and quality. I dithered between the Canon 60D and the Nikon D7000 for a few weeks but after trying both out in a camera shop I am very pleased I opted for the Canon. I read all the On-Line reviews from the Nikon and Canon faithful and decided I really didn't need to know half of what they were discussing and that the Canon had everything an advanced amateur like me would need. I really like the articulated screen as this gives you so many possibilities when taking shots at low angles or when the camera is supported on a mini-tripod. I have owned both Nikon and Canon film camera's int he past and this is without doubt the best camera I have every owned. The other reviewers have gone into great detail about what it can do so I wont bother to say anymore other than I highly recommend you try it out.
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on 8 December 2010
I bought this camera about two months after it was first released as I was looking to upgrade from my 50D mainly to take advantage of the new video features in the likes of the 550d and the 7d.

While the 60d is essentially a downgrade of the 50d I found that is still had all of the features I was looking for. The camera is a good size, has fast fps and takes great video.

I was initially a bit hesitant about buying an SLR with a moveable screen but having recently come back from Paris on holiday I can say that for taking pictures it is a great help. Just flip the screen out, hold the camera out in front of you and take a picture of you and the misses. No more having to flag down a stranger and explain to them how to work the camera. Although you will need to make sure that you are looking at the lens instead of the screen when the picture is taking as I took a few where we seem to be looking somewhere else.

For video it is great as well as you can move the camera into some interesting angles or oven hold it above everyone if you're in a crowd. Similarly you can angle the screen should the sun be shining although I never had any problem with glare etc but I have found though that the camera strap gets in the way of the screen when it is flipped out.

I know there are a lot of people out there moaning about this camera using SD cards. I personally quite liked the fact, my compact camera uses SD cards and my macbook and imac all have a built in SD card reader so it saves my from having to buy two different types of cards and to carry around a card reader. I have used class 6 cards in this camera with no problem but many suggest to use the faster class 10.

The new locking mode dial I thought was a bit strange at first as I have never accidentally changed mode but it is something that you just get used to.

The buttons on the camera do feel different from the likes of the 50d where you got a solid click but on the 60d it is a sort of mushy feel.

Picture quality is excellent but I am not one of those guys that pixel peeps but I have had great pictures up to ISO 3200. Similarly the video quality is excellent and after the small learning curve of shooting videos on manual I am getting great results. For those of you using macs and iMovie you can just port the videos straight in without have to do any converting.

The other feature I have liked is the remote flash feature. I used to have a set of pocketwizards but due to this new feature I have been able to sell these. Sure the distance is nowhere near that of PW but for occasional portrait shoots I have found it to work very well.

I have given this 4 stars as I think there will never be a perfect camera for everyone but this does tick a lot of the boxes for me.
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on 9 June 2012
I bought this camera about 2 months ago after spending time with a fuji hS 20 exr which is a very good bridging camera but like all compacts and bridging cameras the sensor size is the only thing that lets them down, but the canon 60 d is in another universe, it is vey versatile. It has the same quality as a 7d but with more options, it has the same sensor, you can use the same lenses, the 60d uses sd cards, (unlike the 7d) the tilt screen and display is very good, bright and clear.
The kit lenses are a good first set of lenses and very capable of capturing good quality pictures. I enjoy macro photography so I have also invested in a canon 60 and 100mm macro lenses that double up as very good portrait lenses, they are very very good. Please be aware that any DSLR camera is only as good as the glass on the front of the camera. Few people can spend lots of money on lenses, so look on the web for reviews and only get the lenses you want.
There is an option in live view ( taking photo's using the screen instead of the view finder) to zoom in to the subject/ scene by x5 and x10 time to get awesome clarity, try it is very good.
The ease of use is very good and it has all the point and shoot options as well as the professional modes, it takes RAW and JPEG shots and you can process the RAW photos in camera ! The battery lasts for about 1200 shots depending if you use the live view or view finder, more than enough for a days shooting.
This camera is not as heavy as the 7d but is not flimsy in any way, very good build quality. Hope this helps people with their choice Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera including EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II and EF-S 55-250mm IS II Lens Kit
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on 30 December 2010
This is my second unit due to the pop up flash not working on the first 60D, both units arrived very fast and exchanging the faulty item was quick and painless with Amazon.
The problem with the flash represented with the replacement unit, this time I googled the problem and found that a slight adjustment made with a flat screwdriver to the hotshoe was all that was needed and the pop-up flash works fine now. See link below if you have this problem, there is no need to return the camera (wish I'd known the first time! Even Canon themselves were unable to identify the problem).


First impressions of the 60D (previously owned 400D) is that its a well made camera, with great functionability and flexibility. I was initially looking to buy the 550D but decided against that idea, jus look at the two cameras side by side and they are so different, cosmetically, build and function. I have just invested in 430EX Flash unit to complete my kit.

Update: after two years of using this product I still endorse this camera, the menus are not too perplexing after you get used to them. I have invested in several lenses, Canon (1)17-55 F2.8 IS, (2)24-105L F4 IS, and(3) 70-200L F4. You must remember that the lens you use makes probably the most difference to your pictures, colour saturations and clarity of detail are far superior in the dearer lenses. Batteries last a decent amount of time, I have travelled to Africa on several occasions, shooting approx 3000 shots a week (not using flash) and I tend to use about 2-2.5 batteries over two weeks! I love the controls on this camera and when you get used to it you can appreciate the way the camera has been set up for the user. It is also has a good weight, that doesnt mean its overly heavy but that it feels good and balanced even with heavy lenses attached. I have compared my pictures from Africa with those I have taken with my old 400D (using the same lenses)and detail IS superior. For those that enjoy shooting in RAW the camera allows on-board processing for RAW images. Add to this the low light capabilities of this camera makew it a good all-rounder for those like me that wanted a comprehensive package without having to take a step up to the 7D. Its size even though bigger than the 550D is not obstrusive or difficult to handle. I can shot with one hand when needed even with my heavy Canon 24-105L F4 lens attached and I am only 58kgs.
Another reason I have chosen Canon is the excellent secondhand lens market, lenses are expensive and most people look after them.
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on 3 January 2011
Having recently entered back into the world of photography (as a hobby) following a brief 20 year absence, I thought it wise to invest in some kit which would deliver simple but functional benefit to a genuine gadgeteer like myself. In doing so I have to be honest and say that I am nothing but "over the moon" with my recent purchase of the Canon EOS 60D DSLR Bundle inc. EF-S 18-135mm Lens kit, and the accompanying Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Lens.

The camera packs in just about every feature the keen amateur (and gadgeteer) could want in a dSLR. It's robust build quality is something I would come to expect from a leader in this field, however the ability to record 1080p video, with it's swivel-and-tilt LCD screen aids low- and high-angle shooting - something not available on most of the competition which I considered.

The camera's response times are blink-of-an-eye quick. Flick the power switch and you can be up and shooting as quickly as you can bring your eye to the optical viewfinder and your forefinger to the shutter-release button. It's very satisfying. With the camera in autofocus mode, focus and exposure are likewise determined in an instant.

The shutter-release button is situated atop a large, well-moulded handgrip, around which you can comfortably wrap three fat fingers. The other controls, including the normal array of command dials, a scroll wheel and sundry dedicated function buttons, fall within reach of your right hand's forefinger or thumb. Consequently, operation feels fluid and natural.

The optical viewfinder is large and reasonably bright, so I don't find myself constantly squinting. A large LCD display on the top of the camera allows you to make key adjustments on the fly, such as altering the drive mode, metering and ISO speed. This saves you having to drill down into the menu system proper. Adjusting each setting merely requires a button press and a twist of a scroll wheel on the back of the camera. Very Easy indeed....

The more you play with the 60D, the clearer it becomes that Canon's made a real effort to make its semi-pro camera user-friendly.

One of the clearest indications of this is the 60D's flip-out, swivelling, vari-angle LCD screen (I mentioned above) with live view. It's a first for the EOS dSLR family. This 3-inch display has a 3:2 aspect ratio (rather than the standard 4:3) and a high resolution of 1,040,000 pixels. Thus, the screen appears lifelike in its clarity, and it does an excellent job of keeping up with the action as you pan and tilt the camera.

The anti-reflective and water-resistant screen proves very useful when framing either stills or 1080p video, thanks to its swivelling nature. Incidentally, the movie mode now has its own icon on the overly crowded shooting-mode dial. That's still a novelty for a dSLR.

All in all, the Canon EOS 60D is a pumped-up powerhouse of a digital SLR. It's crammed full of class-leading but consumer-friendly features (I've only been able to touch on them here), and it may be the only camera that an amateur photography enthusiast like me will ever need. If you're prepared to cough up the requisite dough, you're unlikely to be disappointed with the camera or the excellent service from Amazon.
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on 5 February 2012
I did not think it would be possible to buy an EOS60D under £850 from a UK based supplier and get the UK model. However, Amazon have cracked it again. If you can bear to wait a few weeks (mine arrived within a day of the earliest estimate), you will not be disappointed! This price is UK VAT inclusive, better than wholesale and better than any "body only" offers I found. If you want a 60D kit complete with the up to date firmware, UK original manual and software disks (latest version of this too), this is the one!

Brillant deal, can't wait to get out with the camera now.
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on 7 February 2012
This camera is worth every penny. its easy to use, manipulate, handle and has loads of useful tricks up its sleave. And then the photos you get out the other end are amazing. the batteries last for weeks, the images are massively detailed and the fold out screen is just the icing on the cake.
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