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4.6 out of 5 stars127
4.6 out of 5 stars
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This is easily my favorite romantic comedy of all time. My enjoyment never decreases no matter how many times I watch it. Adam Sandler may put out a mediocre movie now and again, but he proves his acting skills in The Wedding Singer. The adorable Drew Barrymore pretty much breaks the world record for cuteness, innocence, and preciousness in her performance. Robbie Hart (Sandler) is a wedding singer who is a week away from marrying his sweetheart Linda. Julia Sullivan (Barrymore) is a waitress who has moved to the city to be closer to her fiancée Glenn, whom she fears is never going to set a date for their wedding. Robbie loves his job and loves helping all sorts of people, but his world crashes down around him when his fiancée never shows up for the wedding and later tells him she cannot possibly marry someone who is just a wedding singer in a small town. Julia is overjoyed when Glenn finally agrees to get married, but she begins to question her feelings as she spends more and more time with Robbie, whom she helps bring out of his Linda-induced depression. Both Linda and Glenn are thoroughly shallow, unworthy people. Naturally, there are all kinds of complications involved in Robbie and Julia actually acknowledging and expressing their feelings for one another, and the movie culminates in Robbie's desperate attempt to find Julia before she gets to Las Vegas and marries Glenn.
The theme may sound rather commonplace, and it probably is, but this movie works wonderfully. The entire cast is wonderful, from an older lady who pays Robbie for singing lessons with meatballs as she learns a song to sing for her husband on their 50th wedding anniversary, to Robbie's strange friend who dresses like Michael Jackson and patterns his life after Fonzie. Robbie's androgynous, Culture Club-loving backup singer George is a real hoot, and Billie Idol (yes, that Billie Idol) ably adds his own unique touch to the movie. Not only is the storyline wonderful, refreshing, and touching, the whole film is a treasure trove of 1980s pop culture. The soundtrack is a veritable smorgasbord of 1980s music, featuring some of the decade's most popular and most distinctive songs. There are references to the pop culture of the time strewn everywhere, making The Wedding Singer a veritable tribute to my favorite decade. Hilarious, sentimental, and touching, this movie finds its way into my VCR every few months, and I enjoy it more and more every time I watch it.
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on 4 March 2014
Robbie is stood up at the altar by Linda, who decides that the prospect of marrying a guy who sings at wedding receptions doesn't equal the attraction she felt when he was lead singer in a rock band.

Robbie finds consolation in his friendship with Julia, a waitress at the wedding receptions and bar mitzvahs where he performs.

Julia asks Robbie to help her plan her upcoming wedding to Glenn, who isn't interested in the details of the ceremony.

Robbie learns that Glenn also isn't totally interested in Julia and is marrying her because she "deserves it" after sticking with him for years and because he knows she's not marrying him for his money, since she dated him back before he started pulling down the big bucks...

It's not your typical Sandler movie. There are no where near as many sight gags and rants as you get in his other movies. This is 'The Ladies' Adam Sandler, as you have also seen in '50 first dates' and 'Big Daddy'.

It's ultimately a chick flick with a slight Sandler Sheen. All of his regulars are here, but they play it more straighter than usual.

But it's a god film. The chemistry between the two leads is fantastic, and they should make more movies together.

If you, like myself, love the eighties, then this is the pinnacle tribute to the eighties. Big Hair, Big egos, and Billy Idol.

A movie that will brighten your day up.
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on 23 June 2000
This film is fantastic. Each and every time it is on sky I have to watch it. My family have nearly had enough and are well versed in the amusing "say hi to your brother Tito". It never fails to make me laugh and make me cry. Robbie is a gentle chap and Julia his perfect match. It is almost heartbreaking. The obnoxious Glen deserves everything that he eventually gets. I thoroughly recommend this video for anyone with a soft heart and good humour.
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Robbie Hart is a popular wedding singer who's life gets flipped upside down after he is jilted at the altar. Enter pretty waitress Julia who's all set to marry her supposedly dream guy.

Oh the 80s was a fun decade, few like to own up to it, but yeah it was colourful and...The 80s, a time of big hair, Miami Vice fashions, red leather jackets and the Michael Jackson glove. All of which gets captured perfectly in Frank Coraci's The Wedding Singer.

Starring Adam Sandler as Robbi and Drew Barrymore as Julia, The Wedding Singer is a simple, but highly effective boy meets girl frothathon. The story has been told a million times in a number of other eras, but how many really tap into the zeitgeist of the time the way Coraci's movie does? A great soundtrack is backed up by a lovely poignant script, and our two protagonists are chemistry personified. Wonderful humorous support comes from Alexis Arquette as a Boy George wannabe, and Steve Buscemi pops in with one of the funniest cameos of the 90s.

It's possible that The Wedding Singer only really strikes a chord with those who were youth of the 80s? (it made over $100,000,000 profit though), and rest assured this is only one side of the decade we are witnessing. But it has charm in abundance and it's funny and irresistibly joyous. It has flaws if one wanted to delve down deep into the production, but really, why would you? They haven't made a film for intellectuals and muso's of the cinematic medium. They made a film about love in the 1980s and slyly took the rise on the way.

Now where did I leave my glove? 8/10
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on 15 September 2007
I LOVE this film so much. It is so funny. The music is great, and the memories of the 90's are hysterical. The cast is absolutely fantastic. You'll love every character. This is a film that will have you smiling from start to finish. The soundtrack is fantastic.

Adam and Drew give a great performance. I love Adam's 'Outburst' song about Linda. Love John Lovitch's version of ' Lady's Night' .....'CHAKA KHAN'...brilliant !!!

I like the fact that Adam continously puts his friends and family in his films.

The Wedding Singer and Happy Gilmore are films you could watch over and over again.

Adam is a comic genius, and loved by us all. I have forgiven him for 'Going Overboard' (I'm still confused by that film...what the hell was Billy Zane meant to be ??) and I can try to ignore Adam's annoying voice in Waterboy and Little Nicky !!

The Wedding Singer is an absolute classic about a fun time in our lives. It's definately one of my favourite comedy films. Everyone should own this film.
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on 17 February 2004
This film is absolutley fantastic in the sense that it keeps you gripped all the way through and although a love story it is not totally slushy. Adam Sandler plays a fantastic role and to a sense you end up wanting to give him a good slap and say wake up and smell the coffee. It is this feeling that brings the film to life. Excellent!!
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on 14 May 2009
this is a really good rom com with the added bonus of a trip down memory lane for those of us of a certain age.the story follows adam sandlers robbie hart the best wedding singer in town as he is dumped by his girlfriend and falls slowly for the lovely drew barrymores julia who is about to marry the wrong man.that's all the story you need to know but the leads act well together with that special chemistry that makes a movie stand out from the crowd(which this one does).
the picture on this blu-ray is great and so is the sound track the only thing to let the disc down is the lack of special features but even then this is a definite buy for anyone who love a good romance with all the things about the eighties that should have been left there.
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on 19 May 2009
Sandler and Barrymore are superb. But for me what makes this movie a classic are the roles of the supporting cast. For example the drunk best mans speech at the start and his mad friends egging him on, the old lady and old man overtly lusting after the younger characters, the other wedding singers vying for Sandler's business and Sandler's depression song. There is so much immature and amusing visual comedy throughout, add this to 80's soundtrack and underlying romantic theme and this film has something for everyone. It does help if you remember the 80's though for some of the visual gags and oneliners. Highly recommended, one of the few films I can watch time and again.
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on 9 December 2005
This was the first Adam Sandler film I ever watched, and i though it was absolutley fantastic! It takes the mik out of the 80's cheezy songs and outfits and crazy hair, but the story is great too. Great easy film to watch on a Sunday night! Fab!
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on 16 April 2011
Interestingly, the two best Adam Sandler films I've ever seen are both romantic comedies, also with Drew Barrymore and both of them act adorably, and are understated and joyful to watch: the movies of course, being this, The Wedding Singer, and also 50 First Dates [DVD] [2004].

There are many wonderful aspects to this charming, fun, utterly captivating film in which Sandler plays a truly romantic wedding singer, who gets jilted at the alter but then eventually does find true love. First, the dialogue is convincing and crisp, ALL the actors perform well both together, as well as individual characters in their own right, there's a wonderful selection of 80s music (if you're not a fan of 80s music, then you may, I fear, have to stay clear of this film, as there's plenty of it), and I wouldn't hesitate to buy this film JUST for the genuinely laugh-out loud scenes, both of which involve moments where Sandler is singing out his utterly broken heart, but done in an incredibly funny way.

My favourite is the song he writes himself, about his ex-fiancee, Linda, which starts off very romantically and sweetly devoted about her, then self-destructs into a Munch-like screaming, angst-ridden, furious wail of hatred for her, concluding with him begging for someone to please shoot him in the head. It is one of the absolutely funniest scenes in any comedy I have ever seen and, for it alone, this DVD is easily worth ten times the asking price.
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