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Logitech Wireless Combo MK520 - UK layout
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on 22 March 2011
Logitech Wireless Combo MK520

I waited a few days before writing this review so that I had time to access the product properly, and as it turned out that was a very wise thing to do.

I originally bought the Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, and although the keyboard was fine, I had issues with the quality of the mouse. It was very small and the scroll wheel was course and unpleasant to use. I decided to try the MK520 instead, and although the difference in price was only £7.00, the MK520 is in a totally different league.

The first thing you notice about the keyboard is how classy it looks, especially with a lovely clear perspex trim encircling the whole keyboard which adds a real air of sophistication. The build quality is superb and far superior to the MK320. The keys have a bigger surface area than a standard keyboard, which means the keys are very close together with very little space between them. Your fingers can glide from one key to the other very smoothly which makes typing a real pleasure. I was also pleasantly surprised to find the Caps Lock key had a green LED indicator which is sadly lacking on a lot of wireless keyboards. The shortcut keys can be pre-programmed to individual preferences if you download the Setpoint software from Logitech's website, but in effect I've found this to be unnecessary as they are already programmed to open your homepage, emails and control your media player etc, so I really can't see the point, unless you need on screen alerts regarding the Caps Lock and Nums Lock.

The keyboard and mouse are connected to the PC with Logitech's Unifying USB Receiver, which has clearly been designed with lap tops in mind as it's so tiny you can hardly notice it when inserted into a USB socket. The USB receiver supplied with the MK320 is about 4 times as big. The only downside of this is that I found it cut down the range of the MK520 when compared to the MK320. Logitech quote a range of 10 metres or 30 feet with line of sight, but with the receiver inserted into the back of my desktop PC, I found this cut down the range to approximately half of the figures quoted. Nevertheless that still meant I could use the keyboard a good 15 feet away from the PC, something that you wouldn't want to do anyway as you wouldn't be able to see the screen, so in effect it's all academic and certainly not a problem.

The M310 laser controlled mouse that complements the keyboard is far bigger than the one supplied with the MK320 and has sculptured rubberised sides for a comfortable hold. I initially still had big issues with the scroll wheel though, it didn't seem any better than the MK320 mouse and was course, very notchy, noisy and quite unpleasant to use. This was a big disappointment as it was the main complaint that I had with the MK320, and the main reason I turned to the MK520 hoping for a better quality mouse. Had I reviewed this product on initial impressions I would certainly have knocked a couple of stars off of my rating, even with the keyboard being so impressive. I've now used this mouse for nearly a week and clearly it needed 'running in' as the scroll wheel is now far improved. It runs a lot more freely, feels far less notchy, and is now virtually silent. The mouse is also very responsive, works on virtually any surface except glass and is now quite a pleasure to use. It glides over my mouse pad effortlessly

Logitech quote a really impressive battery life for both the keyboard and mouse, naturally dependant on the amount of use, so I really can't comment on that aspect of the product yet, but both the keyboard and the mouse go into 'sleep mode' when not in use so there's no need to turn them off, they turn themselves off automatically.

All in all this is an absolutely superb product, the keyboard alone is worth the money, and with my issues with the mouse now resolved, I can highly recommend it.
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on 29 January 2011
I ordered this wireless keyboard and mouse to replace a Medion wireless system that was working OK but the mouse roller button had become smooth and slippy. The Logitech is a lovely design and looks good. Keys very responsive with enough travel and feedback. I downloaded the optional software which gives onscreen prompts when you hit the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys. There are plenty multi-function keys for sound, opening mail programmes, opening calc, locking pc etc etc. The battery life should be good given the statements by Logitech, I don't switch mine off but if you want to the K/B and mouse both have on/off switches - but just leave them on as they both have battery saving features putting them to sleep when not being used. The mouse is very comfortable and can be used left or right handed in comfort. I would certainly recommend this to anyone wanting to go wireless. Keep kool, Azzy.
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on 12 September 2011
The dongle worked out of the box on a running Linux, and it's so small that I actually had to search for it while writing this review. Both mouse and keyboard have dongle-slots, but I'm not yet sure why...

The mouse is heavy and sturdy and works perfectly on any surface (even plain white). Buttons are responsive and the shape well done. The scroll is a bit too clanky, but only slightly. The mouse is 5 stars.

The keyboard is slim and classy, but the keys are particularly noisy and not like Das Keyboard. Most special keys just worked out of the box (mail, search, calculator, multi-media, window list, desktop show) but some only show the Ubuntu unity menu. The calculator button is particularly useful and the keys position are a bit too close to each other. I give the keyboard 4 stars.

I don't particularly dislike the on/off buttons, since I don't have to rely on them being smart enough nor I have to care if the kids bump on the table and drain the battery.

All in all, a very good buy.

UPDATE: I'm using this keyboard for four months already and still haven't changed the batteries. The dongle is on a KVM between my workstation and my laptop, so I use it on a daily basis, day and night. I am speechless...

UPDATE2: After almost 2 years using it every day, the mouse is showing signs of giving up. The middle click is not always recorded, or is recorded twice. Everything else still works 100%.
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on 10 September 2012
I work from home and being tired of switching my keyboard between my desktop and laptop I ordered this combo keyboard and mouse to use with my laptop.
Every thing is working great and has made my life much simpler.
I love the tiny receiver. There is only one for both the keyboard and mouse. When it is plugged into a USB recepticle it practically disappears.
Setup is a breeze. No software to install. Simply plug it in, wait a few moments for windows to recognise everything and you are ready to go.
No need to turn the keyboard on or hibernates automatically to save battery life. Unlike others I have seen.
Con: Only one...the tabs on the back that flip down to raise the back of the keyboard up are too short. Most have two height options. This one doesn't. It is just a bit uncomfortable for me to use but that is personal preference. I solved this by placing a strip of cardboard under the supports.

All in all I would recommend this combo as easy to use and worth the price.
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on 11 December 2012
So I was on the market to buy a decent keyboard and mouse to use daily to work with. My main requirements were that they had to be wireless and would not break the bank. After some researching, I stumbled upon this combo by Logitech. I tried to find as many reviews as possible and eventually took the plunge, and I sure haven't regretted it.

These below are some of my considerations:

- Nice travel (spacing between keys) and tactile feedback
- Silent keys - I am a software developer, and I have a bad habit of going into a typing frenzy when coding, the last thing I want is to annoy all of my colleagues with the racket coming out of my keyboard whilst I am typing!
- Nice slew of inbuilt function keys - Only a small caveat, these work great when the keyboard is hooked to a Windows machine, on a Mac unfortunately only the volume and playback shortcut keys work, I haven't been able to set them using Logitech software. As for Ubuntu and other Linux distros I still haven't had the chance of testing the keyboard on them
- Comfortable typing position - even after a whole day typing I am still to feel any discomfort when using the keyboard
- Handy On/Off switch right on the keyboard face - I am sure everybody hates having to change batteries in the midst of a task
- Possibility of flipping the keyboard on its spine - for when you need the desk estate without having to put the keyboard somewhere else

- Very comfortable to hold - is contoured in rubber so very comfortable to hold
- Buttons and scroll wheel have nice feel to them
- Shaped to be used both in right and left handed mode
- On/Off switch at the bottom to save on battery life
- I haven't experienced once lag using this mouse, though I never had the chance to put it through its paces whilst gaming (I use it at work!). Will update the review once I do

Other considerations:
- The USB receiver included in the box is perfect, small and nearly invisible once connected. Never had a single issue with signal
- Pretty much plug and play - I have hooked the receiver both on Mac and Windows machines and never really had to pair or install the Logitech software to start using both the mouse and they keyboard
- Included in the box is a USB extension cord (apart from the batteries required by the keyboard and mouse) - I found this to be a great touch, especially for whoever will hook up the combo to a desktop pc

The only niggles I could find on these products are the following:
- Function keys do not work on Mac (I am sure this can be fixed by Logitech through their software)
- Mouse might go the extra mile with some added buttons

All in all this is a superb keyboard and mouse combo, if it weren't that they are not sold separately I would warmly recommend them on their own. This product is reasonably priced (I paid mine around 50 Euros) and excellent value for money
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on 7 September 2011
Update: I have used this combo for a few days now and give a better opinion. I have got used to the keyboard and its lovely to type with. The mouse is ok but would have prefered a better build quality, however I got this combo for a knock down price so am not complaining too much. If I got another Logitech mouse it would be compatible with the existing transmitter. I have just downloaded the software from Logitech, which amongst other things, flashes a notice on my screen if I press the caps lock or num lock buttons. Snazzy!

I just got this product today for use with my desk top computer, and being wire free after years of struggling with snagging wires etc is a liberating experience. I touch type and I like this keyboard because it is reasonably quiet and the keys are responsive; they present a slightly larger surface area than usual which means they are slightly more easy to strike, and I am still getting used to that. It is a full size keyboard with a nice classy clear trim around it. Don't worry about the size of the return key shown in photographs of the product, I think that is for the American market. The UK version has a proper full size return key. It has an on/off switch which is a nice touch as it will help to save power; the specs claim a battery life of 3 years. Don't worry if you forget to switch it off at night because it has an energy saving feature if you don't use it for a few minutes. You can even press a key to test the status of the battery; a green light means it's fine, a flashing red light means you need to change the battery. Both the keyboard and mouse come with batteries so you won't need to get any more batteries any time soon. It's also got lots of short cut keys. When not in use it can be stood up on its back edge to make space on your desk, but being wireless means you can store where the heck you like!
The two tone grey mouse is slightly smaller than usual but fits very nice in the hand. It also has a low power feature when not in use, plus an on/off button, and a battery indicator led which comes on for ten seconds when you switch the mouse on. The specs claim a battery life of 1 year for the mouse. It feels light in the hand and can be moved around very easily. The buttons and scroll wheel are fairly good quality. This is a LASER mouse and the pointer seems more sensitive to movement than my previous normal optical mouse. If this is a problem, you can always go into Control Panel on your computer and reduce the pointer speed. The tiny transmitter unit that goes into a USB port on your computer is supposed to have a range of ten metres. It certainly works with my typical set up which is the computer underneath the desk I am typing on. The set comes with an extension cable so you can place the transmitter closer to your keyboard and mouse, just in case you have problems.
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on 9 November 2012
It all looks so promising as it comes out of the box.
Nice shiny edge to the keyboard - keys are responsive and it's a full size too which I prefer.


I have returned the keyboard because the lag and mis-typing is awful due to some really bizarre key-bindings.
I'm using Win 7 on a 64-bit machine and in certain programs, certain key pairings either don't work or have horrendous results.

Out of nowhere the keyboard will suddenly fire endless 'PageDown' keypresses, often combined with a shift key press which, whilst you're typing *anything* is a major pain in the you-know-what.

I thought it was the connectivity at first (too far from USB hub) but even placing that right next to the keyboard made no difference. I even tried uninstalling all the Logitech SetPoint software to see if just a basic set of drivers would cure it but nope - same thing.

From reading other reviews I'd strongly consider another keyboard if you're on the same operating system as me.
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on 20 February 2011
I like Logitech products and, wanting to be able to use my laptop with a full size keyboard when at home, I purchased the combo of the MK520 kayboard and the M310 mouse. The advantage was that they both used the Logitech unifying receiver which only ties up one usb for up to 6 products. The keyboard was fantastic, more thanI hoped it would be. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the mouse to work properly on most surfaces - I tried different ones, including different mouse mats, light and dark colours but the only surface it would work effectively on was a turquoise t shirt. I tried adjusting the settings in the Logitech software but this made no improvement. I would suggest buying the keyboard separately and trying another mouse.
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on 10 October 2012
Received my Logitech Keyboard and Mouse MK520. this morning. Plugged the usb dongle into the lower slot of my Samsung UE46ES5500 Smart TV, powered on the keyboard and the mouse. then set up on the TV's tools / system / devices menu. it works a treat. I was told this TV does not support external keyboard and mouse. It does, very well, I am typing this using it.
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on 5 January 2015
----- My Background -----

I'm a University ICT student and therefore use computers a-lot, especially mice and keyboards for programming, typing documents and occasional gaming.

I've used it on a Windows Vista laptop and now a Windows 8.1 PC.

----- Why did I decide to buy this keyboard/mouse combo? -----

I had initially bought another keyboard/mouse combo which I found terrible to use (although it was cheaper), so after some research I found this set - what I liked were the fact that it was wireless, had battery charge indicators for both mouse and keyboard, both devices power off automatically, good aesthetic design, dedicated buttons for multimedia and calculator among others, the seemingly ingenious unifying receiver and the ability for the keyboard to be placed vertically when not in use to save some desk space.

----- Did the product live to its expectations? -----

I've been using the mouse and keyboard for just over a year at the time of this review, during which I did my Masters thesis - this means I did a-lot of programming and typing (writing the dissertation itself) and have been used pretty much every day. Thankfully, I've found both mouse and keyboard to be excellent - comfortable, responsive, quite silent (although the keyboard is not the quietest I've used, but by no means bad either) and truly efficient on batteries - I don't like wireless devices in general since I get sick of changing batteries, especially when they die when I'm doing something important or in the middle of a game and I can't even pause it! To be honest, I have no idea how many pairs of batteries I've used - it's been so long I can't remember when I changed them - but I actually think the keyboard is still on its original set of batteries (or at the most I've changed them once, but it's been long a time ago if I have changed them) and I think I only changed the batteries in the mouse once. Plus, they've got a charge indicator so you know when they're about to give up the ghost - a must have for any mouse/keyboard I think.

The keyboard also has several 'short-cut' keys such as for the calculator (which I often use, so it's a big bonus for me), the 'Caps lock' has a light to indicate when it's on (not all keyboards ave this) and is comfortable to use with rubberised feet so it stays firmly in place.

I've also had no problems with the mouse despite having the unfortunate habit of using it when my hands are dirty from food (after eating something like chocolate, pizza etc)...recently the surface on the buttons is feeling noticeably smoother, and the rubberised sides - whilst great for grip - can get dirty easily. The scroll wheel is fine, but it does have a-bit of slack (in the sense that it can be rotated slightly with no scrolling effect on screen until the next 'click' to scroll)...but some people might like it that way, so it's just a personal preference. Although it turns off automatically, it turns back on very quickly - i.e. it's not annoying.

I also like playing games every now and then and I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever.

The combo came with a USB receiver that's pretty small - clearly intended for use on laptops - and an extension (so that the receiver can be placed closer to the keyboard and mouse). I've found this extension to be necessary since if plugged at the back of my PC I wasn't getting optimal response (the mouse/keyboard and receiver are now within about 30cm of each other and if I have any objects in front of the receiver I still feel a drop in performance, but it's not a big issue).

The fact that the keyboard can 'stand' vertically is a nice idea but in practice I haven't used it much, primarily because the rubberised feet need to be folded and then unfolded when you need to use I just prefer to put it somewhere else on the infrequent occasions when I don't need it.

Lastly, I haven't tried connecting other devices to the receiver (although it's a great thing to have) and I haven't seen the need to install the software - I believe all it does is show you on-screen notifications when you turn on caps lock (unnecessary since there's a green LED light on the key itself), ability to set customised hotkeys (don't need it personally) and battery level checking (the great battery life means this is quite unnecessary and the devices both have light indicators themselves, so again the software is unnecessary).

----- Conclusion -----

Great keyboard/mouse overall with the following pros/cons:

- Battery light indicator is a must-have for any keyboard/mouse
- Great battery life
- Keyboard and mouse are both comfortable to use, with the mouse having rubberised sides to give you more grip
- Good level of support (you can download manuals and software easily online:
- Devices turn off and on automatically unobtrusively, undoubtedly helping achieve the great battery life perfomance

- Some might find the lack of palm rest annoying, but I've never had any issues
- Mouse can get a-bit dirty easily
- Mouse is quite simple - just 2 buttons and a scroll wheel, but it's enough for me
- Wireless connection strength between mouse/keyboard/receiver not the combo's strongest point
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