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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 11 February 2011
Let's skip past the bit where it arrives in the toughest, most lacerate-your-hands-type plastic packet you've ever had the misery to get into with a pair of scissors, and get to the reasons why I bought it... I wanted a quick and easy, plug-in-at-the-end-of-the-day type charger, as normal rechargeable batteries tend to run low quite quickly which spoils your fun on the Wii. It is a lovely shiny black unit which looks much better than the grey stand the console came with.

Unfortunately, both the motion plus sensors and the silicon skin need to be removed in order for the remotes to fit in and make contact with the new rechargeable battery compartment. So the tidying up of accessories reasons for buying it are somewhat negated.

Also, it is a pity that there is storage for only one Nunchuk. As a designer myself, I would either have made two Nunchuk wells or extended the secondary battery charging compartment to allow for 4 AA's instead of the 2 it has room for, as many people would use it to keep a spare set of batteries charged for their balance boards.

The product description mentions that you can tell when charge has been achieved because there is a light around the remote well which glows red when charging and blue when full. What it doesn't mention is that on the front of the unit there is also a piercing bright blue light with absolutely no purpose. If your console is anywhere near your TV, it may range from distracting to painful, to have in your peripheral (or possibly direct) vision. I recommend cutting out a little square of black electrical tape to cover it!

So, if you want a stand that also tidies up your accessories, don't get this one as it will create as much clutter as it stores.
If you were hoping for a simple charger that doesn't require the complete dismantling of your remote every day, well, that's a no too.
If you just want something black instead of the grey console stand you have, and you have more money than you need, then buy it!
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 7 December 2011
This is for the basic Wii remote only, the newer Wii Plus remotes will not charge in it, also I find it very difficult to place the nunchuk (and it stores only one), the wire tends to raise it out of its' slot.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 3 March 2011
One of the only drawbacks to owning a nice shiny black Wii console is the constant charging and re-charging of batteries - and often at inopportune moments too; the number of times I've been in mid-jump or a desperate scrap with a zombie boss for my remote to suddenly crap out on me are too numerous to mention. There does seem to be a glut of similar (unofficial) Wii chargers on the market but, with Duracell being a reliable brand name, I decided to take a punt on this one. Once I'd navigated past the simple but surprisingly secure packaging (you will need scissors or Wolverine-like claws), I was struck by how clean and smart the design of the charging stand was. Looks aside, I was also pleased that the console slotted directly into the stand and then the console's power supply connects straight into the back of that so no extra plug sockets were needed. There are two compartments for your remotes to sit upright in and, oddly, only one compartment for a nunchuk. This is a slightly bewildering but minor niggle. Had the nunchuk been designed to require charging too, I daresay two slots would have been provided. As it is, it just seems like a peculiar half-measure.

Anyway, as some other reviewers have pointed out, you will have to remove your remote skins and the Motion-Plus if you use them, before the remote will sit in the charging bay. As for the wrist strap, I tend to just tuck it up and under the remote so it is poking out at the front. Any other position and it's likely it will block the connections. The battery packs provided fit neatly into the back of your remotes and, as it clearly says in the instructions, require a minimum of 12 hours on their first charge before they are used. The instructions also state that the battery packs will hold their charge for longer each time they are charged. Charging state is indicated simply: red means it's charging, blue means it's ready to go - simple as that. If you're not getting a light at all, chances are you've not put the remote in correctly, so give the remote a wiggle and you should be okay. Also, as an added bonus, your Wii console doesn't have to be on for the charger to work. One problem I did encounter was that I had to re-sync both my remotes once charged, which proved to be difficult when the battery pack actually hides the Sync button. So, it was out with the battery packs and back in with the rechargeable AA batteries for five minutes, while I sorted that out. Luckily, the Duracell charger saw fit to also include a space for two AAs so that wasn't a massive issue. Ideally, this space could've been used as storage for the second nunchuk but a spare pair of ready-charged batteries will always come in handy so it's no great loss.

All in all, a decent product that looks and functions as you'd expect. I'm surprised that this or a similar charging stand hasn't replaced the dull silver/grey stand that is bundled with the Wii as a standard accessory but that oversight seems to have been quickly picked up on by other manufacturers and is ultimately Nintendo's loss. Time will tell on the longevity of the battery packs and how hard-wearing the shiny finish is but, for now, I'd say this is well worth the money.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 17 June 2011
I bought this charger because it's by Duracell, and should have been better than the cheap charger I had before.
I have 4 rechargeable battery packs already, so I should have battery power enough for a party.
Not so.
The Duracell charger will charge the Duracell packs provided with it. I see now why they give you two battery packs with it.
Very simple - because it won't charge your common-or-garden battery packs, because the charging terminals on the Duracell batteries are situated higher on the pack, and meet the charging points on the charger.
No other battery pack has the charge-terminals in this position, so they do not meet the charger points. How stupid and/or mean.

And are extra Duracell battery-packs available? It doesn't seem so.

The thing works OK, but not to my complete satisfaction.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 17 December 2012
Unfortunately the batteries coming with this stand are worthless. I charged them to full yesterday and even without use they were completely depleted today. I will switch to normal rechargeable batteries as they can sustain the charge far better.
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on 7 October 2012
This charging-stand offers the ability to charge two Wiimotes at the same time. It works with mine that have built in Motion-Plus and it should work with standard ones aswell, however those controllers with Motion-Plus added to them underneath probably wont fit. You do not need to remove the wriststrap as it goes nicely underneath the controller and up in front. It comes with two batterypacks, they fit and work perfectly, but as I've only charged them once so far I wont say how long they last, but one of them has just run out and it's been a through a temple in Zelda, several galaxies in Mario and a few laps of Mario Kart. It seems to be decent.

It can also charge two AA batteries and hold a nunchuck for no apparent reason other than to make the other 'chuck jealous.

The stand has a very strong blue light in front (like the one on the camera for PS3, if you have one), but a bit of black tape sorts that out. It also has lights around the controllers that light up in red as you put one in and remains blue as it's charging, I'll be honest and say that I haven't payed enough attention to notice if it changes when it's fully charged, but I'll edit this reveiw (if possible) when I know.

In terms of colour and finish it matches the black Wii, mine is the new horizontal model without Gamecube support. The blue lights match aswell, but it feel a bit light and kind of cheap due to it's hollowness, however, once the Wii sits cradled in you won't notice and it looks cool. The Duracell logo is harldy noticable as it's actually black and not white like in the picture.

Now to the bad stuff; It has an on/off switch that can be in either position and the Wii will work, but you must not switch it while the console is turned on, as it cuts the power before redirecting it, resulting in the Wii shutting down. The stand will only charge and light up when the switch is turned on.

Overall, I'm glad I bought it and it's a great stand with only a few smaller issues. Oh, and it uses the Wii power cable which just plugs in at the back, and the Wii is plugged into a little plug quite easily.

UPDATE: I've been using it for a bit now and the batteries either doesn't fully charge or run out super fast, as in a race or two of Mario Kart. This is really bad as I charged the battery for many hours before use. I'm currently just using AA batteries instead, but will give it a second chance to redeem itself. So for now I'm taking a star off my review.
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on 10 September 2013
I love this. I had a cheaper, no brand version which would hold charge for about two hours of use and, although worked fine, occasionally kids would leave remotes lying around and had to wait for them to charge up the next day before use. I ended up using batteries anyway. However, this charging unit is strong and holds charge for ages. Was hesitant about the price but, within two months, have saved that money in batteries.

No, the nunchucks do not store well and my charger shows a blue light after only a few minutes charge but I don't mind. I charge overnight and switch off at the back of the charger when the blue light is a nuisance.

I have a white wii but wanted the black charging stand as the white shows marks and scuffs and my unit is on the floor to the side of the TV. Looks great and keeps remotes and wii neat and tidy (but not the nunchucks).

Two months on and still a happy customer.
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on 15 January 2015
This charging stand is a big dissapointment. I have already had to return one as it was not charging the controllers and the replacement product has the same issue. Poor product for the price and leaves everyone frustrated
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on 16 December 2013
Good Space saver, but the battery pack lets this product down, the batteries are on 800mH
and do not hold the charge for very long, would have given 4 stars if the battery were
around the 2000mH area.
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on 29 December 2013
This stand and charger for the Wii is the best accessory I have bought in a long time. Came on time and packaging was excellent. Would recommend to any Wii owner. Well done Duracell.
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