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4.3 out of 5 stars233
4.3 out of 5 stars
Package Quantity: 1|Style Name: Cat Litter 4.2ltr|Change
Price:£3.89+ Free shipping (Addon item)
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Stinky cat litter tray, sodden clump of yuk at the bottom, know the story? I did.

This stuff is totally different, it just sucks up moisture and even dessicates (mummyfies LOL) cat poo into the bargain.

Basically the tray is dry, several weeks. I scoop out the solids and it looks pretty much as new.

As it ages it will go yellow or less opaque whiteish than when new, but it keeps on working.

When you do change it, the bottom of the tray is bone dry.

I only change it when it begins to smell a little, that is how I know its wearing out.

Otherwise no smells, no damp odours, its a miracle.

As I say I swear by this, I love it, the cats are much happier, used it now for several months and converted friends over to it too.

Just clean and disifect your tray before filling it with this, you can mix it with normal litter if your cats are fussy and need a slow changeover, but mine went to it like a duck to water.

And remember it lasts weeks, not days, thats a LOT of less bags of HEAVY wet litter to dispose of and even better, no carrying it home from the supermarket, Amazon delivers :-)
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on 2 August 2012
I had been caring for cats for the last 22 years. Over that time, I've used a variety of different kinds of litter. So many of them say they will do something but this litter actually delivers on it's packaging promise.
My cat used the litter straight away, he didn't need to have his old litter mixed in with it. There was no smell of cat wee and it's easy to see where he went as the crystals he peed on turn yellow.
I would recommend mixing the litter about a bit to make sure urine doesn't pool at the bottom of the tray.

If I had to think of some constructive criticism for this product, I would say, the bag should be bigger and also, when the litter is fully saturated, that can appear quite sudden if you're cat is a big drinker.
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on 17 May 2016
It's a sad time in your life when you find yourself writing a review for cat litter..but as any cat owner will know, cat litter soon becomes a much bigger consideration in your life then you had ever feared it could be.

I use this litter with a scoop free litter box (which is amazing by the way, but that's another story), and I have a separate litter box which contains Oko plus clumping litter (clearly my cats are spoilt, see what I mean about litter being too big a consideration once you have cats?)

I have two cats and both are happy to use either litter box, so clearly they're happy with the Bob Martin litter crystals!

The crystals do a great job of drying out the cat poo, however it just doesn't seem to be able to hold much urine. I normally have to change the whole litter box once a week and there will be a big puddle of urine at the bottom which the litter just hasn't been able to soak up. Because of this, the litter box will start to smell strongly after only a few days, and changing it once a week quickly gets expensive despite the relatively cheap price of the litter.

I also find the size of the crystals is a bit big for the scoop free litter box, so they don't tend to spread evenly when the litter box cleans itself, but over a few days a pile will start to form at one end of the box.

I will continue my hunt for the perfect litter and a stress free life, where cat litter doesn't feature in my day to day thoughts.
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on 30 April 2014
I bought this for my cat after reading the fantastic reviews about the lack of smell and the dry litter trays and how one small bag has lasted people up to 2 weeks; I thought this would revolutionise litter trays for ever!!
Unfortunately I have found this is not the case. I put the full bag in my cats litter tray 4 days ago and already it is sodden, bright yellow and leaving the bottom of the tray wet - it looks absolutely disgusting.
Yes, it did reduce the horrible urine smell and dry out the poo, so a big thumbs up for that, but it's now not fit for my cat to use and I've had to change the whole tray again, £4 in 4 days!
I've used catsan for years now and it's been brilliant, it's £10 for 20 litres which lasts me at least 4 changes and it does what it says on the packet.

Personally I will not be buying this product again due to the cost and the lack of dry litter - oh also it really really hurts when stood on!

On the plus side I phoned Amazon to complain and was given a refund immediately.

I would say if you cat isn't a big wee'er or will go elsewhere such as outside then this product may be perfect for you, but my cat is a litter tray only girl so was no good to her.
Purchase with caution!
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on 4 April 2015
It may sound weird but this product has changed my life!
I've rescued a load of cats and now have 7! I used to use smart price clumping litter as it didn't track like the light weight litters and was cheap. But it got used up quick and was heavy - especially when soiled (once the council wouldn't take my bin because of the weight). It was also a really unpleasant chore to 'do' the cat lit trays.
I tried this partly after watching a utube video (where I realised crystals meant no scooping out urine clumps) and due to reviews (thanks for the recommendation guys!)
With this stuff - it's light weight so easy to carry about and doesn't track too much. With it my 7 cats are happy using just 2 big trays as no protest poos! (yes I know advice says one per cat plus 1 - jees I would need a whole house for just lit trays lol).
The litter doesn't smell but the best part is the non-labour intensive cleaning. If I see a poo I just scoop it out or even grab it using a dog poo bag. Then every day (that's with 7 cats) I'll scrape one side of the box to the other leaving the bottom saturated 1cm which I scoop out and repeat on the other side. As there is no smell/no wrestling/no weight lifting - it's a much easier and more pleasant chore.
My vet is treating my cats for various infectious illnesses - some of which are passed via contaminated faeces - the fact these are anti bacterial will help with that, along with the litter drying out the poo quickly - but also the fact that the poo is so visible/easy to remove means I just get it out as soon as I see it - so there is less chance the others will step in it.
I can't recommend these litter crystals more highly compared to ordinary cat litter (although I've not tried other makes).
Price wise I think it's actually working out cheaper than the cheap clumping I was using - and the fact that it can be delivered free is a bonus too if like me you don't have a car. x
In addition - I bought the Zooplus Tigerino crystal cat lit as it's a bit cheaper but it's pants in comparison and works out more expensive - this is defo the best x x x
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on 22 February 2016
My cat has got older (18) and has a bit of arthritis now. Due to this and the fact we're having work done on garden that makes it harder for her to get onto it (had to block the dog from area), I decided to get her a litter tray to make her life easier and prevent any accidents (she did have two random accidents months apart).
It had been many years since I last used litter so wasn't sure what to choose. I bought this based on reading reviews of many different litters. It was ok, very pretty looking (until soiled!) did keep smell down (although I clean it frequently, immediately after a poo if I'm home) but I was not keen on yellowing of litter and also it didn't absorb very quickly, so I mixed it with a very cheap wood litter and this improved matters. I still wasn't totally happy and due to the fact you can't easily just select soiled litter, I found some clean litter was wasted and yet still a little soiled litter was left behind. I have since tried Bob Martins lightweight clumping litter and it's amazing! Provided you make it deep enough it doesn't stick to the bottom of tray and you can easily remove the clumped wee, without removing the clean litter, and it has a nice smell, no urine smell at all. It coats number two's when you cat covers them, so not at all messy to remove and to check for if your cat has done any toilet you just give the tray a shake and they appear, ready to be simply removed. It's also cheaper so in my opinion, their own clumping litter (that has a baby powder scent) is far superior to this litter.
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on 23 June 2015
I discovered these crystals by accident really - bought when the shop had run out of the wood-based litter that I usually buy. I simply loathe other cat litters and refuse to buy them. I thought.. gosh this is expensive for such a small pack of litter - but it really does work!
We have two indoor cats so need litter available throughout the day and night.
These crystals do soak up the wee and the smell is significantly less.
My cats were slightly surprised at first by the faint fizzing sound (a bit like milk on rice krispies) but it did not put them off. I have persuaded them to do what they need to do and then not to cover (quite a difficult job to get a cat to overcome it's inbuilt habit of digging down to the bowels of the earth in an attempt to bury it's leavings) but they both seem quite happy now to just squat, do and run!
Obviously one must remove all solids but otherwise the litter does not need to be changed every day.
I like to leave one tray still with my beloved wood litter - however the cats tend to choose the crystal-filled tray first though (unless already occupied) so that must be telling me something!
Buying 6 of these packs (they cost around £5 separately in the supermarket) avoids postage and the packs were cheaper anyway, so good value. I have already complained to Amazon about the ridiculous packing - the poor postman was struggling up the drive with the bags all but falling out of the totally useless box they were in - but that does not reflect on the crystals themselves.
All in all, I am very happy with these - and so are my cats.
My only reservation is that I guess they are not as 'green' as the wood-based litter. At least one uses far less than other types of litter.
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on 11 December 2014
I don't have a cat, but was told to get these silica gel crystals to absorb condensation in the car, as it's a lot cheaper than buying the specific condensation grabbers. This arrived in a different package to the one shown, (Pink) but looks to be the same product so filled some old hot water bottle covers with these and sewed up the ends. Have left inside car on front shelf to help with misty windshield. It worked!
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on 7 April 2016
Love it. Not sure about cat business but it does a great job to get rid of any moisture of the inside of my car. I got one glass full into a sock, left it under my driver's seat and forgot about it. No more misty windows, even when it is raining it holds way better than without it. Lasts 2-3 weeks then need to refill, especially if it rains a lot.
Overall - great product for my use :)
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on 14 March 2016
This litter would be ideal as an occasional use litter tray for cats who usually go outdoors and just need an emergency litter tray. It is clean and hides smells very well.

However, I found this product unsuitable for my early generation bengals who both use their tray several times daily. They seem to like the litter well enough but I don't!

It tracks all over their enclosure and within a couple of days the bottom of the tray is soaked yellow which is disappointing because it's meant to be very absorbent. The worst thing is that I find it impossible to clear out the soiled yellow litter without mixing it in with the clean clear stuff! Also, the bags are quite small and it takes three to get a sufficient depth for my cats who love to dig. Given how frequently I need to clean up their litter tray this option is too expensive to use on a regular basis.
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