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on 9 June 2011
I got this phone from 3 in November.
Due to a loss I've had to replace it on insurance in June. Due to current pricings it is very much better price than current competition by other manufacturers of 4.3" screen Android phones.
I love this phone. It's great as a smart-phone. It works great for emails, calendars, and other synching tasks.

I was rather dissapointed with the picture quality and features on the camera. (My wife got and Nokia N8 instead
for a better camera, but regretted that decision, as it's smart-phone features & usability lag way behind. and it's camera while better did not make up for the other differences)

The 3.5mm headphone jack on my first phone had a problem. if anything was plugged in the phone would (after a period of 0 - 10 mins) act as if it was receiving random signals and instructions from the buttons on the remote control. I had this happen with several different headphone and cables.
Some otherwise good cables did not connect correctly.

Many 3rd party chargers do not work well - again they interfere with the operation of the screen, and can cause random operation as if the screen is being touched. The Charger that came in the box works fine, but when some others are connected the touch screen dosent work, and the random operation occurs.
As an electronic engineer I suspect that this phone is excessively sensitive to "Dirty Earth" signals or other less than perfect electronic connections at its data and audio ports or devices thereby connected.

For browsing the web when out & About this phone was excellent.
For accessing my personal & work emails & Calendars & Contacts this phone is excellent.
as an e-reader this phone is very usable - but you'll need to keep a charger handy.

Battery life is inadequate. I keep a screen brightness widget & other power function widget on a home page, and keep the screen brightness as low as possible. Only increase it if using the phone out-doors. At first I could get as little as 4 - 5 hours use from the phone. After re-calibration, and bedding in the battery, plus keeping screen brightness down (not on Auto) I can normally get a full day's use out of it. But I always have a charger handy in case I need to get more use out of it.

An 1 or 2 hours browsing, or other screen-on time will quickly drain the battery & require a recharge.

I have ordered a spare original battery to accompany my replacement phone. I think this is essential for most users. Luckily these are not expensive. (original or pattern).

When I lost my phone the HTC Sense Website was not working for several days & I was therefore unable to locate or lock my phone!!! This was a deciding feature in my picking this phone so I was very dissapointed that it didn't work when i really needed it!!!

I recieved My phone from 3rd party seller the day after I ordered it. Amazon still shows it as not yet dispached. The phone was sold as "Sim Free" but when I switched it on for the first time a Vodaphone logo came up. If the phone is Sim Free it should not have any netword specific software or modifications on it. I suspect that this is an unlocked Vodaphone device rather than a properly sim free device. HOwever as I cnat find any other network specific modifications and it is hapily downloading Gingerbread as I type I am happy enough not to formally complain.
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on 26 March 2011
I bought an HTC Desire HD having been an iPhone 4 user for the previous ~6 months. I wouldn't describe myself as an iOS or Android fanatic and I therefore feel able to present a detached analysis of how the Desire HD compares to the iPhone 4. I should note that I have been a previous owner of an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. I'll not compare the HTC to those other than to say that it is definitely superior. The iPhone 4 presents a more worthy and relevant competitor.

The principal benefit of the Apple iOS is that it 'just works'. Very few issues are encountered with regards to application incompatibilities or application developers being forced to cosider and cope with various hardware specifications when writing applications. On the iPhone 4 you can be sure that if you download an app from the app store, it WILL work on your device. In addition, the operating system, menues, folders and general interface are in my opinion definitely more user friendly. However, the level of control you have over the functionality of your device is vastly better under Android than it is under iOS. My opinion is that Android is more suited to technically profficient users. That's not to say that luddites everywhere wouldn't be able to use an Android handset, far from it, but for those who don't know a kilobyte from a megahertz, iOS presents a simpler and more easily navigated user interface. Being a tech head myself, I greatly appreciate the vastly superior level of control I get with the HTC under Android than I had on my iPhone 4 under iOS 4.3.

The number of applications available for the iPhone series of devices is at the time of writing greater than the number of apps on offer in the Android marketplace. However, Android's market share seems to be increasing inexorably and it's probably only a matter of time before the number of apps available for android equals and then surpases the number available for i-devices. There are a number of developers who seem reluctant to develop apps for Android purely because the iPhone is seen as being a more glamorous and fashionable item to own. For example, Stratfor (who provide eo-strategic intelligence reports) and my damned bank both have iPhone apps but no equivalent for Android. Whether this will change in the future remains to be seen, but for those who are desperately fashion conscious (I for one am not) then the iPhone may be the way to go.

It has to be said that the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 is glorious. It really does offer an incredible viewing experience with ultra sharp graphics and superb levels of contrast. Coming from the Retina display (3.5" diagonal) to the larger, lower ressolution display on the HTC Desire HD, I was concerned that I would really mis the resolution of the iPhone display and that this would spoil my user experience. It did not. The 4.3" (diagonal) display on the Desire HD is a gloriously large screen on which all sorts of goodness can be displayed. Colours are sharp and vibrant and the screen provides very good levels of brightness and contrast even when viewed in direct sunlight (the Desire HD like the iPhone 4 has an ambient light sensor and dynamically adjusts screen brightness to compensate for ambient illumination). Though the difference in resolution is just about noticable if you look very closely, the screen on the Desire HD is itslef a very high quality display and I very quickly forgot that it isn't quite as high resolution as the retina display on my iphone 4 was. Indeed, I'm loving the sheer size of the screen on the Desire HD.

The only strange behaviour I noted with the screen on the Desire HD is that the amount of adjustment that the automatic brightness system makes changed over the first few days that I used it. At first it seemed to be reluctant to make large alterations but now it's happy to change the screen brightness to whatever it needs to be. Perhaps the auto-brightness control has some sort of heuristic learning function.

Both the Desire HD and the iPhone 4 are fairly weighty items, however this provides both with a tactile feeling of quality. The machined aluminium unibody contrustion of the Desire HD is probably a bit more robust than the gorilla glass panels on the iPhone 4, but given that both phones are very expensive items I would very much recommend something like the Otterbox Commuter case which offers superb levels of protection while still offering access to all the controls.

One criticism I have of the Desire HD is that the on/off button and rocker volume button have virtually no travel and provide very poor tactile feedback. Additionally the volume rocker button is very long and sits in just the wrong place, making it very easy to annoyingly reduce the volume of a call when picking up the phone. The iPhone 4 by contrast has near perfect controls. This is a small annoyance but for pure functional ergonomics the iPhone 4 is slightly superior. The battery cover on the Desire HD is also a pain to remove. However, having a replacement battery (and removable memory card for that matter) are features that the iPhone 4 just doesn't offer.

Both the Desire HD and iPhone 4 provide superb sound quality when making voice calls. The iPhone 4's issue with reception is by now very well publicised though putting a case on the iPhone 4 solves this issue. Contacts and call data is handled differently but equally well on both handsets.

For the audiophiles amongst us, the sound quality on the iPhone 4 and the desire HD are both superb and both probably equal. I certainly can't detect and discernable difference. The only advantage that the iPhone 4 has over the Desire HD is that the iPod application that comes with the iPhone is vastly superior to the defauls music player on the Desire HD in terms of ease of use and functionality. However, there are a very large number of alternative music player apps on the Android marketplace so if you don't like a particular app that comes with the phone then it's simple to download a different one. And this is a general strength of Android over the iOS - Android is vastly more configurable and customisable than iOS.

For those who love taking heaps of photos or lengthy videos, the Desie HD and the iPhone 4 offer 8MP and 5MP camera sensors respectively. Both offer the ability to record 720p HD video at 30 FPS. As others have commented, the quality of the photographs produced by the iPhone camera is probably slightly higher than the camera on the Desire HD, but the latter offers many many more options for video and still photography. Both the Apple App Store and the Android Market offer many, many photo editing applications.

To be sure the HTC Desire HD and the iPhone 4 are both superb phones. For the non-tech-savvy user the iPhone probably offers a more simplistic and streamlined user interface. For the more tech-savvy user the Android operating system offers vastly greater control and customisation of your handset. The actual hardware inside the iPhone 4 and the Desire HD is almost identical, though the CPU of the iPhone runs slightly slower which offers slightly lower performance and longer battery life.

You may be wondering why I moved from the iPhone 4 to the Desire HD. I was thoroughy fed up with the heavily curated, dictated iOS environment. I want to be able to have a user-controlled experience on a top-quality phone and for me the Desire HD fulfils that very nicely. I'd never suggest the Desire HD as a realistic prospect for my 70 year old mother to use, but personally I love the freedom that it offers.It's also a superb phone on it's own merrits.
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As a tech-freak, researching for my next DESIRED product is the best part of the whole process of owning a new device. I was in search for a phone that had everything ranging from texting and calling to watching films on the go, I found this in the Desire HD. I was reluctant to buy an iPhone because of the amount of people that have one these days (including my father, brother and two of my best friends). I was dodging in and out between the iPhone 4 (because of it's wide range of app's and the glorious screen) and the Desire HD, having chosen the Desire HD I am happy with this decision because of the following features:
1) the screen res is better than the verdict people are giving it, granted it is not as good pixel wise as the iPhone 4, it has some great colour fidelity and the screen size is pure badass.
2) the aluminium uni body is fantastic, it gives the phone a weighty and luxurious feel which other phones lack.
3) the sound quality via standard 3.5mm headphones is amazing, the Dolby Digital mobile does really give it that extra "umph".
4) this phone is not as big as it sounds, the 4.3inch monster screen takes up 95% of the screens face (unlike the iPhone) leaving it looking magnificent.
5) there is an expansion slot for Micro-SD's which the iPhone lacks. the phone comes with an 8gb micro SD as standard.
6) the 8MP camera is great with some really useful additions that HTC has incorporated, this makes the camera less of a gimmick and more of a necessity, the shutter speed is also great.
7) ok, this is still in its early stages but I think HTC are onto something here, it is something that has never been incorporated on phones, something really useful, I have already used this twice, this was when I couldn't find the phone and it had fallen down the side of the sofa (everyone gets this and they start panicking), but panic no more as with you can ring the phone (even when it is on silent) and the phone will ring as loud as it can! other amazing features are you can upload data/media over the air, track your phone and manage all your contacts. it is also possible to view all your texts and call log.
8) the battery life, people are saying this is the downpoint of the phone, I disaagree, it can last the whole day with moderate activity every hour (checking mails/txts, calling people, listening to music, playing games etc...)
9) Android is growing as we speak, it is the future and will soon be on par or even overtake the App Store because of developers preferring the Android system rather than Apple's proprietary one.
There are many other features such as the super fast internet and the super Snapdragon but I will leave this for you to research as it is the best part of buying a new product (for me and for other techies.)
About the Proximity Sensor problem, I have experienced nothing of the sort, I have researched into this and I can tell you that it is a problem for phones being sold in the Netherlands and if you are a Dutchman no need to worry as the guys over at HTC have released an over the air update that fixes this problem, it is great to hear that HTC are addressing their issues so soon!
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on 25 December 2010
The title says it all. Was 50/50 torn between this and the iPhone 4, but the Desire HD makes the iPhone look like a child's toy. Massive screen, vibrant colours, lightning touch response, possibly the most useful widgets ever, a stunning catalogue of extras and goodies from HTC and the new HTC Sense functionality to remotely track, ring, lock down or erase your phone should you lose it. This is all on top of the huge functionality and customisability that Android offers. The camera has some great functionality too and the tight integration with facebook and twitter really makes it an excellent social phone. I noticed that battery life is an issue with this phone, as of now its been going strong with moderate use (internet, camera, youtube etc) for about 12 hours so i'm not too sure what people are on about, you honestly can't expect stellar battery life in these types of phones anyway. While Android 2.3 may not be coming to this phone for a little while, the HTC Sense overlay of Android 2.2 is so lovely and well crafted that i honestly couldn't care less and encourage HTC to take their time and get it as spot on as they have done with this. I'm saying all this about the software but on the outside the phone is beautiful too, its a monster and will barely fit in your hand but it isn't over powering and led on a table, it is a real eye-catcher. The use of aluminium and plastic has been sensibly balanced to create a sturdy finish with easily accessible areas for battery, SIM and memory card. In summary, it's the best phone on the market currently and well deserving of flagship status in HTC's range at the minute. Yes, it's expensive, but you will realise that every penny you've spent has gone into a marvel of a phone that you will find hard to let go of.

P.S If you do happen to have trouble with the battery life, there are after market 1600Mah batteries available on Amazon that will add about 33% to your overall battery life for very cheap.
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on 13 December 2010
I've had this phone since it's release in October and I have to say I love it. This is my 1st smart phone and after researching and comparing it to the iphone4 I opted for the HTC and I haven't regretted it. My friends have iphones and were trying to persuade me to get one, but when you compare them side by side there's not a lot of difference in my opinion, even they commented on the size of the screen which is great to view everything from texts, internet, games, photos and videos!
These are my favourite things about this phone:

1)The large screen. 4.3" very clear and bright. The metal casing is good and sleek.
2) The widgets and apps are great and there are hundreds on the Android Market. If the iphone has it, then Android Market will have a version.
3) The 8mp camera and 720p video, with a super bright flash, takes decent images. Plus the flashlight widget is really bright and comes in useful, especailly when walking where there is no street lights.
4) Built in sat nav! The phone has built in maps so there is hardly no wait time and you can use Google Navigation which is great and the lady speaks the directions including the street names and road numbers. You can upgrade as I did to premium navigation, but to be honest you don't need to.
5) There are 7 screens available for you to put your apps and widgets on so there is plenty of space.
6) Great for Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, etc (if that's your thing!)
7) Internet is fast and easy to read as it adjusts to the screen in landscape mode.You can also double tap or squeeze to zoom in.
8) The portable wi-fi hotspot is really good. Turn it on and your laptop accesses the internet via the phone. Especially useful when you have no wireless connection.
9) You can view multiple pages as separate windows when surfing the net, plus it plays flash.
10) Access multiple email accounts on the phone.
11) Via an app you can sync your itunes library to the SD card. Comes with an 8gb card which is large, but not big enough for my library, but you can upgrade the card to 32gb.
12) Sound via headphones is good and so is the FM radio.

Things I don't like so much:
1) The volume switch on the side is easily knocked when using the phone.
2) You have to press the button on the top to wake the phone up. Why you can't use the home button?
3) Viewing your photos in the gallery can be slow at times, whilst the camera thinks, but I've been told this is to be expected?
4) It takes geeting used to the size, particularly the width. My wife who has smaller hands does find it slightly difficult to use when phoning.

The battery life is decent, considering what it's able to do. You can get a days use, but if you use it extensively then the battery will go. Saying that I plug it in at work so its not a problem, also I got a car holder and car charger from amazon market place for £7 and its great. Well worth it to keep it fully charged.

Also the HTCsense website is useful, as it syncs with the phone and stores all your numbers, messages and you can locate the phone via GPS on a map, make the phone ring and even lock it or wipe it clean if you loose it. Potential to be very useful.

So if you want a decent phone that does loads and looks great then I would seriously look at the HTC Desire HD. Go into a phone shop and have a play. When its time to change my phone I will definately look at HTC again.

Hope this was useful?
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on 3 November 2010
My previous phone to the HTC Desire HD was the HTC HD2 which is about as close to the Desire HD in spec as you can get (arguably the HD2 should have had android as opposed to the Windows 6.5 it got). The HD2 uses pretty much the same battery and when I first started using it I found that it was destroying the battery very quickly. Now it runs all day quite comfortably without the need of a charge (and I do use it considerably - WiFi on when at home and Push Mail on all the time, surfing and games - although I don't use if for Music)

The first couple of days have proved to be very similar to my experience with the HD2. Appalling to start with but now getting much stronger with the phone easily lasting a day with more activity that the HD2 (much more enjoyable phone in my opinion and doesn't need resetting all the time)

There are a number of things that you can do to make the Desire HD better to. Things like an app killer to keep unwanted apps from running when not needed and other apps like JuiceDefender to reduce power consumption. Also calibrating the battery is another top idea and should improve battery consumption straight away.
There is plenty of info on the net and I can recommend XDA Developers as a great place to start.

Of course it may be that some people have gotten dud batteries or haven't followed instructions on initial charging times and the like (I am very bad at this and almost have to be forcibly removed from the phone as the desire to play straight away is almost too much)

Remember that Phones have come a long way in the last couple of years and phones like the Desire HD are not just keeping us in touch with people via calls and texts anymore. They now keep you in contact with everyone, in whatever fashion you choose, second by second. As such the demands on a phones energy consumption is so much greater than a phone from last year or even 6 months ago (my old Nokia e71 runs for days and days)

Should the battery have been larger? Yes. Is it as big a problem as some people are making it out to be? In my experience, no.

Still it's your choice. The phone is a great piece of kit with everything you could imagine on it.
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on 30 October 2010
Ive had a lot of phones over the years but i must say i have never been so impressed with a handset untill i got this... Having previously owned an iphone 3g i thought about getting an iphone 4, but when i saw the video reviews on this phone.. i had to get it and for once its lived up to exactly what was advertised!!

although the phone is large and may not be to peoples taste once they see how easy it is to browse full web pages with embeded FLASH, and how great gallerys look on it it may change their mind. im not going to give a long lengthly review but will just highlight the bits that have wowed me.....all in all im glad i made the switch to android!! hope mores to come


1. Music quality..... teamed up with a decent set of headphones and the music on this will blow you away!!!

2. speed....... comming from a jail broken iphone 3g this is heaven but its probably no quicker than iphone 4 in honesty, but quick as you like!

3. Touch....... very very acurate and freezes love the home pages touch all in all well presented!!

4. flexability.... comming from an iphone where i had to jail break it and download tons of apps to get it the way i wanted.. this seems to do pretty much everything right out of the box. i love the fact that no stupid synching with stupid itunes is required and you can organise items just the way you like. on the whole feels as if i have so much more control over the way my handset behaves... and i love it!

5. tethering (using your phone as a 3g dongle) i could not believe how EASY this was to set up.. no jail breaking, no downloading extra app..and best of all.... FREE!!!!! basically if you have no internet available on your pc, you just connect your phone via USB select the tether option which pops up on phone screen and thats it!!! your on the net on your pc......and phone still fully functional!

theres so much more but ill stop here...

now for cons....although minor annoyances

1. Battery will last you a day with general music listening internet calls etc... but overall not an improvement on the crappy iphone one. however the battey is very small and if you are a real real heavy user and it really bothers you, you could always carry a spare... in my opinion its not that bad gets me by.. but then i dont sit watching films and playing games on it all day but if you do the spare is always an option...

2. Only way to wake phone from sleep is using the power button at top, unlike on iphone which you can use home button easier to access but you get used to it after a while...

3. volume and power buttons a bit soft when pushed and doesnt have that reassuring click response when you push them..feel a little mushy although it responds dont get that click accuracy when using mutiple clicks or for example turning volume down and up....

but that aside...still give it 5 stars as its a great phone!!! (and im fussy!!!) hahaha
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on 17 December 2010
The battery life: i got this phone last week and i was awere of reviews that said it has really bad battery life. I kept this in mind. I have the internet running all day and its constantly updating the weather and news which uses up alot of battery, but from half 6 in morning untill half 8 the next day it is down to 10%. So in 24 hours of the usual use, text, phone calls, internet and playing about with the apps and settings (as with any new phone) it only went down to 10%. I dont use face book or twitter. Maybe thats why other peoples are running out quickly but if i wanted it to last longer i would turn internet off when not using it and take weather off, lower screen contrast etc...

Over all brilliant phone, only problem was it took my 40 mins to get the battery cover on when i first got it out the box but thats just because im an idiot! Great phone!!!! I love it.
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on 29 December 2010
- Turn by turn GPS is a life saver.
- Sheer volume of apps/games available
- Superb screen (Don't worry about marketing gimmicks such as pixels and such, normally, the difference is barely visible to the naked eye - The screen is very vibrant and a treat to the view)
- HTC Sense - Very useful if you lose your phone and can't find it
- Accelerometer is top notch
- Capacitative touchscreen is very responsive
- Being a heavy music listener, this phone is ideal for me, sound quality is brilliant with the SRS enhancement and on par with, if not, better than my old Sony Ericsson walkman phone.
- Voice Control - By far the best feature in my opinion, I could type entire SMSs just talking to my phone with minimal errors; voice recognition is as good as it gets.


Although these are minor quiffs, it's worth keeping in mind:
- The interface takes some getting used to
- It cannot transfer files via bluetooth unless you download an app from the market (which is free, so no complains, but you'd expect a phone of this calibre would have it built-in)
- Camera is great, BUT it takes a while to focus and you will get blurred images almost everytime if you have slightly shaky hands.

I would not complain about the battery because I've used this phone for two months now. Eventhough, initially, I would struggle to get 7-8 hours of usage out of this phone, after a few cycles of full charge/discharge, I'm able to get up to 27 hours on one charge which I am more than happy with ( I keep auto-sync, wifi and GPS off and turn down the screen brightness - works a treat for battery life)
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on 8 November 2010
If you dont mind tinkering and learning the ins and outs of the android o/s, this is probably the most powerful superphone out in the market at the moment and can do so much for you. It is a portable computer. The o/s is very stable and bug free. If you want a basic phone that is very easy to use then I dont recommend this for you.

V large screen (4.3 inches) makes browsing, watching videos a sheer joy
Full multi tasking is a joy to experience and the 768mb of ram with this device makes multi tasking a breeze.
Drag and drop/plug and play nature of android means there is no need to sync to itunes or other software.
Fabulous facebook/twitter/google integration takes social networking to the next level.
Full TOM TOM lifetime support for around £25. I recently went on holiday to marrakech and navigated around using only GPS (no data)
Full flash support means phenomenal web browsing and being able to watch live streaming etc online without the need for an app.
I am a big fan of live wallpapers and HTC has 2 great music live wallpapers which are wave and EQ emulators.
HTC scrollable widgets are simply the best widgets on any o/s or system.
Great build quality- crafted from a single block of aluminium, this is a design to die for (except back covers - which take time getting used to. However, with the iphone 4, you cant change the battery etc, hence this is additional functionality above the iphone 4)
Very powerful - 768mb RAM is the most abundant ram you can get on any mobile phone right now. Only the desire 576 and a couple of the windows phone 7 range have 576 ram. A new 2nd gen snapdragon is very efficient on battery usage due to the 46nm build. The GPU (Adreno 205) is v powerful.
New Sense is definitely an improvement over previous iterations and the extra ram and GPU on board now makes this much more powerful than the original Desire - and in fact processes Java faster than any non custom rom'd phone at the moment.
Battery life lasts me a day from medium use. This is better than i expected from a 1230maH battery.
1.5gb internal storage is more than adequate to install tons of apps
Replacable battery
Easy to remove sim/replace micro sd card (even while phone is on which is a great boost - just be sure to unmount the sd card in settings first though)
Htc is not bad at all. I have used it to lock my phone and make it ring loudly while on silent mode.
HTC is always first with android os upgrades. HTC Desire (after the nexus one) was the first handset in europe to get android 2.2. Android 2.3 is around the corner and I bet my bottom dollar that HTC will be first with providing the latest o/s to customers.
Overall - if you are happy to treat your phone like a computer, then this is the best phone in the market. If you are not a techy at all, I suggest you go for something simpler.
Android is super flexible and you can replace your homescreen eg with ADW/Launcher pro
You can change your browser (ignoring opera), music player etc with android, but you cant do this with ios or symbian.
Improved text rendering over the original HTC Desire.

Still need a task killer to ensure super zippy experience - apps still load up in the background and bog the system down. Froyo does kill tasks, but only after the system has been heavily bogged down. I recommend system panel light, which kills of apps by layers ie inactive/background/active/excluded/system.

Covers are very difficult to take off and put on the first couple of times, and sim/micro sd cover does not align flush with alumium back - there is maybe 1/4mm space. But after a few times I can easily take off either cover and replace without a hitch. Its a shame it is so hard to do the first time! Still better this than not being able to replace the battery!!
Not an amoled screen - as much as I like super LCD, amoled just gives the most vivid colours and great black levels.
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