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on 11 May 2011
Ok, I'm not too sure if some of the glowing reviews may have been written by Electrolux staff or enthusiasts, but here goes for a review from the person who brought this vacuum and uses it.

This cleaner was brought to replace a 12 year old Electrolux upright which had given sterling serice, that sadly expired.

Firstly assembly, not too bad at all, around 20 minutes from start to finish. Self assembly does make you realise that this machine is just a plastic shell, and probably not all that durable if you're a heavy user.

The vacuum comes with a turbo stair and upholstry tool, a dusting tool, crevice tool, and extenstion tube. Now comes the main issue, the hose supplied is not as shown the in the picture (a blue 2-1 stretch hose) but a rigid grey plastic hose. This hose is just long enough to vacuum a sofa, or with effort five steps of a staircase.

Cheekily inside the plastic bag containing the user guide Electrolux say "Cleaning stairs ? Upgrade your hose to reach your staircase easily". One option replaces the standard hose with a strech hose (as per product image), the other is an extension to the existing. Why promote having a tool to make easy work of stairs if the machine can't clean a flight of stairs? Five steps from the bottom to top, and five steps from the top to bottom leaves a gap in the middle!

As an existing electrolux vacuum owner I had a hard floor cleaning tool etc. This machine has a nozze size of a non-standard 36mm rather than the usual 32mm. If you have existing tools they will not fit.

When vacuumin from the top of the stairs downwards (machine retained by the bannister) the rigid hose continually knocks the on/off switch turning the machine off!

Now for a positive comment, suction is excellent, and the dust collected makes you feel as though the machine has done it's job.

Basically if you live in a bungalow or apartment then this would be the best environment for this machine. Provided you are an occasional user. Build quality is no better than the budget offerings by many of the supermarkets.

If you have a house, or are a family user steer clear, and look elsewhere there are far better offerings for your money.

Having spoken to Electrolux Customer Services they are aware of these issues. Depespite being a great customer service desk, it doesn't hide the fact the product is poor. If I thought I could reject as not fit for purpose I would.
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on 16 January 2011
We don't buy expensive vacuum cleaners because they never last more than a couple of years with us.
This is really good value for money (once you've put it together. It comes in bits so be prepared
to use a screwdriver. It certainly does the business though. I didn't realise our carpets were
so dirty. I've tried Dysons before and find them very expensive and very large to handle.
I'd recommend this based on initial experience. How long it will last? Only time will tell.
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on 31 March 2011
This machine is terrific! It cleans like a demon. Up until now, we have had a very ancient Hoover vacuum cleaner (more then twenty years service and still going), and we considered it to be doing a good job. We bought this since we thought it time to retire the veteran.
The cleaner comes unassembled, but it is very easy to put together if you follow the instructions. You will need a large, medium length nosed phillips screwdriver to assemble it, and there are about 5-6 screws to put in.

We tried it on about 2 square metres of carpet in the living room to start with, and were simultaneously amazed and horrified by the amount of dust this thing picked up. It literally filled the dust compartment to a depth of about 2cm just from about 30 seconds of vacuuming! I have since hoovered the entire room, and I am shocked by how much dust was lurking in the carpets and upholstery.

After cleaning the room, it actually FEELS clean, rather than feeling as though you have moved the dust from one area to another. This is particularly important for me, since I am allergic to house dust. The main head has powerful brushes that are belt driven and beat the carpet as you clean. These are height adjustable for different depths of carpet. It also comes with other attachments - a wand for the corners, a small brush head that you can use for dusting and an upholstery brush with suction driven brushes that has a flip top head allowing you to easily clean horizontally or vertically.

Emptying the vacuum is easy, simply unclip the dust chamber, find a bin, flip the lever at the bottom to open, and the dust falls straight out. No mess, no fuss.

The only downside to this vacuum is the lack of a retractable cable (although I don't think many uprights have this anyway). The filter also clogs quite quickly, and you are better off knocking the dust out each time you use it to maintain suction. This is easily done, however, and is a small price to pay for such amazing cleaning power.

All in all, a fantastic machine, and at this price you can't go wrong. Buy it and find out just how filthy your home really is!!!
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on 10 June 2011
Electrolux Z4730AZ Gazelle Animal 1900w Cyclonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Silver & Blue

I am amazed at how much this vacuum picks up. It makes me realise how bad my previous one was! On initially opening the box I was not too impressed that I had to put it together. However it did not take long as it only required 5 screws and the parts went together quite logically so it was much easier than it first looked.

Plus points: Cheap, very effective. Each time I vacuum I am astounded at how much muck it picks up and would even go as far as to say I enjoy emptying it after use so I can see what it has picked up (I also clear out the filter each time... yes I know, life's too short etc. but that's what I do).

Negative points: Very noisy and using the hose is a bit of a faff plus, like another reviewer said, it is not the longest hose in the world and neither is the power cord. You can buy extensions to the hose though, I believe. The vacuum seems to be totally made of plastic - which keeps the weight down but if you are used to a more substantial machine, that takes a bit of getting used to. However I still cannot get over how much it picks up and that, for me, over-rides any other niggles. I would have given it four stars if the hose pulled out ready to be used.

Having used it for some time now, the niggles are getting to me...

It's a real faff getting the hose out: it sits in holders round the machine and even when out, it's still too short. I have now found that the dust collector on the front falls off all the time so it is currently gaffer-taped on! It still picks up an amazing amount of dust and dog hair but is less good at "bits" on the carpet - fluff or thread, small bits of mud etc.

It was cheap in comparison to a SEBO but I am beginning to wish I had saved up and bought the more expensive machine. However, not everyone can afford the top range vacuums - so up to you - and, as I said, it is good for dog hair and dust...
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on 16 May 2011
We moved into a flat that had a hoover come with it. Unfortunately, the hoover that was already here didn't have a rotating brush head and was a bagged hoover. Since my husband used to do the hoovering, I wasn't aware of this situation until I did the hoovering midweek because the bedroom carpet was looking a little worse for wear. After noticing that we hadn't needed a new bag for ages, I decided it was time for a new hoover.

I looked at a number of different reviews and decided I wasn't quite willing to plunk down on a Dyson but I knew I wanted a bagless with a rotating brush head. The additional items were a plus, but not a requirement. (The package also included a replacement main belt which is very handy to have.)

Like a previous reviewer said about running the Gazelle for a few minutes and being astonished at what hadn't been picked up by the old machine, I found myself much in the same boat. I had to empty the canister three times when hoovering the easily accessible areas of the bedroom and was amazed to find that our carpet had a woven pattern to it.

The pros for this hoover is that it will pick up just about anything you set it to. We've used it to clean up damp litter messes in our ferrets cage. The accessories (wand/crevice tool, upholstery brush, and hand-held small rotary brush) work well and make light work out of the areas the main machine cannot get to.

The cons are that the main machine doesn't do terribly well in corners and the power cord is a manual coil rather than an automatic rewind. When laying the machine out flat, it also cannot get under our bedframe or nightstands. The last doesn't bother me that much as I prefer just moving the furniture once every while and giving the underneath a proper clean.

For the price, if it lasts us more than three years, I'll consider it having paid for itself.
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on 24 July 2011
Bought this to replace our old bagged Electrolux model which had given years of good service. However drive belt snapped almost immediately.

Also the dust cap lid and filter got stuck so both were impossible to remove and clean.

We, too, have a problem with cleaning the stairs; our old Electrolux model was fine, but the hose on this one simply isn't designed to stretch up a standard staircase.

Another gripe is that the old model, although heavier, was easy to carry around the house. The new one isn't and there doesn't seem to be any obvious handle to allow you to pick it up.

Also, in theory, the turbo nozel is a great idea, but in practice the brushes get stuck at the slightest bit of pet hair (short haired cat) or human hair.

Plus points are that the tools are more conveniently located than the old model. It is also lighter and easier to push around the house. But that's about all...
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on 24 March 2011
Recently bought this one and up to now appears to be great. Powerful and lighter than my previous cleaner which was the electrolux power of red which did not seem to have half the suction that this one has. In fact that one was so bad I took it back to the shop and exchanged it for this one. It has a long hose for the stairs too and does the job perfectly. Good value for money too and does not seem to have as many filters that you have to wash out all the time, the hose is connected further down the body of the machine also, which means the hose has less chance of blocking.
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on 16 May 2011
I was seeking a good practical hoover that can do the business for lees than £100 pounds.
And so the Electrolux Z4730AZ Gazelle Animal arose from the short list.
To begin with, for an upright hoover, the box was surprisingly small. Equipment packaged well, so packaging score 7/10.
The hoover its self: Self assemble (Hmmm, a concern to began with, to do with long term durability) though the instructions were simple enough to follow.
Hoover operations: Sucks the dirt REAL good especialy on carpet and faultless though disturbingly LOUD.
Design fault: using the hose separately can sometimes press onto the power pedal, though each attachment are safely secured on the hoover without it annoyingly slipping off.
Practical fault: Stairs. The hose WITH the extension is consider too short for an upright. A longer extension tool would of been more practical and so in my house, stairs are hoovered in two stages, downstairs to upstairs then upstairs to downstairs which is a danger since the stretching of the hose pulls the hoover closer and closer to the edge of the stairs and towards you (can you picture the danger). However the additional nozzle head tool is an added attraction and cleans small areas very well.
Overall, compare price to practicality and performance, one can not complain too much about this product.
Overall score 8/10.
PLEASE NOTE: This review was made ONLY AFTER JUST two days of usage.
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on 23 April 2012
I have had the cleaner for about a month now and find it is great. I live in Spain so it is used on tiled floors and mats and the suction is fine despite what other reviews have said. Also I have found the power cord long enough to do the stairs with no bother. One slight niggle is the "turbo brush" is ineffective and seems to be just a gimmick.
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on 20 April 2012
Amazing....easily assembled.....very powerful (compared to our previous model). Noisey but powerful suction! :)
Very happy with it. Downside is cable wraps rather than a hidden away autowind option. Small sacrifices for big gains. The name is cool as well "Gazelle"
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