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Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack [DVD]
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on 17 February 2011
I'm a real Jillian Michaels convert and have all her other UK release DVDs (30 Day Shred, Banish Fat and No More Trouble Zones). But because of that I was in two minds about getting this one - how many new moves/ways to work could Jillian possibly offer us? But I decided to take the plunge...a 'Six Pack' definitely appealed...and I'm so glad I did. This has to be my favourite of Jillian's offerings so far, fast-paced and oh-so-intense!

Other reviewers have already outlined the format, which is two 35-minute 'Levels' incorporating a warm-up and cool-down. Like the 30 Day Shred, the length of time can fool you (well, it did me anyway!) into thinking it's going to be relatively easy. BUT if anything, this is a definite step up even from Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred! In this DVD, both levels target your core but if you think (as I would have done if I hadn't already known Jillian's training style) you'll just be doing half an hour of floor work, think again. You're getting a whole body workout, cardio and all, with particular emphasis on the core. Level 1 in particular made my obliques burn for days afterwards!

For me, Levels 1 and 2 differ only in the intricacy of the moves - the effort level was the same for both (i.e. gasping for breath and begging for water!) The moves in Level 1 are a lot more straightforward and can be followed from the get-go, whereas in Level 2 I found myself stopping a couple of times just to check how Jillian and her two helpers were carrying out a few of the moves (but after a couple of repetitions all was fine). For this reason I actually found Level 1 a bit tougher than Level 2. With each level you do a full 15 minute circuit of moves, before repeating the whole thing again at a faster pace.

As usual, the workout music is nothing to speak of (though for some reason I stop worrying about that once the workout really gets underway!) - but Jillian is at her motivational best on this DVD - she barks at you the whole way through, but it's so encouraging and you REALLY want to do your best and get the most out of every move. If you're having a 'fat' day, stick this DVD on, give it your all and I can guarantee it'll blast your worries into oblivion! Your fitness levels will skyrocket.

And - if you're feeling brave enough, get Jillian's other DVDs too. At the risk of sounding a bit cheesy, your body will thank you for it! :)
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on 1 April 2011
I've had this dvd for a couple of weeks now, and have tried both level 1 and level 2. BOTH are tough! Although the title is 6 pack, both levels give you a full body workout. I definately recommend this one!
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Wow! I held off buying this immediately after it was released; plainly, that was madness as in my opinion, this is JM's best workout yet...and that's saying something, as all of my reviews have given JM's workout dvds 5 stars.
As others have said, this is a noticeable step up from 30DS. Do that before you try to do this.
This time last year, I had never heard of Jillian Michaels, but now I am a complete convert having completed 30DS and loved it (and the results of course - how could anyone not have a vastly improved body after doing 30DS?!). All of my friends commented upon how much weight I had lost, although actually it was more about toning up. Once they found out that I had been doing 30DS, they bought it and now they are converts too! I then went on and bought Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones, which I completed on alternate days. Both of those workouts have me dripping in sweat in the first few minutes and make me feel nicely worked out by the end. They work - I lost weight and fat, with noticeable results within 2 weeks (that's on top of the 30DS results). After less than 2 months, I could not believe the results.
Then I had a busy period with work, stopped working out so frequently and felt that I needed to get back into the routine, perhaps with a new workout to bring mix things up. Am I glad I bought this DVD! JM is on top form, with a fast-paced routine designed to rev up your metabolism (there is quite a lot of aerobic activity in this one) and to tone up your tum (lots of core focused exercises, such as the side plank with twist and the spider plank). As others have said, you will need some handweights for this workout, as in 30DS. Once again, this workout had me dripping in sweat almost immediately and the stomach exercises are awesome, there is really no other word for them! In fact, such was the effect upon me, that I could not then face going on to No More Trouble Zones immediately afterward, which was my plan. For comparison, the moves are a lot faster in this workout than in any of the aforementioned.
This workout is seriously difficult and will push you even further than JM's previous offerings. I have now started a 6 week plan of completing this 5x per week as recommended, together with doing Banish Fat and No More Trouble Zones on alternate days. I will update with how the plan goes (if I don't die of exhaustion first!). I am not sure how JM will top this latest offering, but hopefully none of us will have too long to wait to find out - I hear she is soon to release yet another DVD called Ripped In 30. Sign me up immediately.
Get this DVD now. Do it. You might ache the next day, but you absolutely will not regret it.

UPDATE 08/03/11 - Brilliant results. I know a lot of people here have said that Level 2 was very fast paced if not impossible to perform, but my experience was that after a few times of completing Level 2, it was possible to keep up and perform the moves. Comparing Level 1 with Level 2, I will say my preference was for Level 1 insofar as the "floor" ab work was concerned, but Level 2 insofar as the standing ab/cardio work was concerned, if that makes sense. Favourite (read, effective) moves from Level 1 are the side plank and side crunch. Level 2 favourites are chops with lunge (what a killer, I swear you can feel the fat burning off your waist) and the old favourite plank twists (those of you who have 30DS and NMTZ will recognise those). The results speak for themselves, I am definitely a lot more toned at the core and upper body strength has improved significantly from just performing this workout 5 times a week; I didn't manage to combine with BFBM or NMTZ every day as planned (probably only about a third of the time), but I did carry on with pilates on my reformer. Using this workout 5 times a week will result in weight loss, guaranteed. I would say though that the commitment required is longer than 6 weeks (I would say I need another couple of weeks before I see proper muscle definition in my abs, but then I am a slim apple shape, so sadly my tummy takes some serious work!). I am going to keep on BUT I have just ordered my long awaited copy of: Ripped in 30 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]. I will review that once it arrives and when I have completed the requisite 30 days. In the meantime I would encourage anyone to get 6 week 6 pack and feel great!
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on 25 February 2012
This is definately a workout DVD for the hardcore. Theres a few people who I wouldn't recommend this DVD to:

If your new to exercise (this is a DVD to build up to after getting into a routine of fitness)
If you have any knee problems
If you have any wrist problems

After doing this DVD for the first time I thought it was extremely difficult so don't be disheartened if you buy it and feel the same. My body was aching about 3 days after, however having said that it's strangely addictive and I found myself wanting to do the workout on a daily basis! It does get easier and you can gradually progress to the more advanced exercises.

I did the workout approximately 6 times per week for the first 3 weeks. I then had a 6 day break as I was unwell. I then went on to do 5 days per week. I'm now at week six.

However I did not do the programme as advised. I did the first 3 weeks at level one and then found that I did not enjoy level 2 as much (can you believe I actually missed side planks???) I lost motivation to continue and decided I needed to continue with level one to give myself some level of enjoyment with the routine rather than it all being about exercise. I'm not the sort of person who can do exercise without an element of enjoyment. I also found (as other reviewers have mentioned) that level two requires a lot of balance which I found more difficult when the routine speeds up and your carrying out the exercises with a 3 pound weight.

I haven't got a six pack, or a one pack, but I can definately feel my core is so much stronger than when I started and I am much stronger doing the exercises (some I have added weights as advised to make the exercise more challenging). I'd definately recommend this to anyone who wants a workout that focuses on their core/stomach area for improvement. I didn't need to lose weight as I am a slim build already so I simply got this DVD for toning - bear this in mind that the results may be different for each individual.

I think for the price this DVD is a bargain but definately make sure your not a beginniner to fitness. I've got more of Jillian's DVD's which I plan to continue with and hopefully have the same success. Since purchasing this DVD and continuing consistently with the workout, I've now cancelled my gym membership as I've got into a good routine doing this DVD at home! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I didn't find the routine in level 2 as enjoyable but that's my own personal preference.
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on 29 March 2011
I am already half way through on this video. Done 3 weeks level one, and today it is been my second time of doing level 2. First time i did level two 2 days ago on sunday morning, was going to do it again yesterday but unfortunately the workout left me with aching body for the next two days, had to really force myself to do it this evening as I try to work out at least 5 times a week.
My observation so far: i lost about an inch in my chest ( I am a top heavy person). My bra fits much better :) no more wobbly bits coming out below my armpits ( u do lots of planks which work ur core and also the uper body ).
My boyfriend says my bottom has become much firmed :) Basicaly I have gained some muscles while lost inches. being on many silly diets left me with muscle-less body and lots of wobbly bits. so i was looking for a video that would improve it. and this video definately does the work!!
and at last my belly: well, since i have started it 3 weeks ago I have been feeling my stomach muscles with every move i have been doing, I can definately say they are there now! no more love handles yey!! I can also see some definition in my back... really really pleased with this workout
advise: dont weigh yourself but measure! and be patient, results will come in no time

7.04.2011 update

5th week of exercising ( 2nd week of level 2 - gosh, it is hard ). the first week of level 2 i found it hard to keep balance while performing some exercises, i found it a bit annoying. but it did improve the next week.
some of the exercises have become much easier to perform. eg mountain climbers - i feel like my legs are flying - it is becoz my stomach muscles have become stronger

i have lost an inch around my thights!!!! my jeans has become looser around my bum area :) plus it has become more and more firmed.

Also my spare tire has almost gone... my back looks really nice and it is covered with less fat...

I am not a skinny built ( UK size 12/ sometimes 10 if shopping in non-teenagershop ) but tall 5'9". My waist has remained the same 29" but I have lost quite a lot around my belly area... all my skirts sits lower on my waist.

last sunday I bought a cup smaller bra ( gone from DD to D ), well I am pleased with it, as I mentioned before, I am a top heavy girl..

I dont expect to lose many pounds so I dont bother weighing myself but i do use a measurment tape.

2 more weeks and I am going to do 30day shred video combined with Jillian Michaels' Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism video.
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on 20 June 2011
I bought this DVD as a final plea to get a toned stomach for my holiday and I really am counting my blessings and worshipping Jillian after this!

I am not big on exercising and actually can't think of anything worse than going to the gym but this is really great. After day two of attempting level one I felt like I was going to die and I firmly told my boyfriend that I would NEVER be using the DVD again. As a firm gym fanatic he convinced me to give it one last try (and actually complete the whole level even if I needed to take breaks or slow down some of the moves!) and thank god he did!

The first two times I did the workout I didn't make it to the end meaning I never completed the cool down section. THIS IS VITAL! I powered through the DVD for a third time and - admittedly with the occassional breather! - I made it to the end of the level. I felt completely shattered and was sweating so much you could have mistaken me for just having stepped out of the shower, however I really did feel like I'd achieved something. Next day (thanks to the cool down) I ached significantly less than the previous two times - and as I continued to use the DVD I really didn't feel it much at all.

I am now 6 weeks in and the results are absolutely AMAZING. This is not for the faint hearted, which was me 6 weeks ago. You must stick at this and once or twice a week is just not going to be enough. I'd say the workout needs to be four times a week minimum (Jillian recommends 5 times per week) but it's only 30 minutes a day and soon enough it'll become part of your routine. I PROMISE you will notice dramatic results and feel so much more confident about yourself.

I got this just in time to show off my brand new (visible!) abs on holiday and you'd be a fool if you didn't give it a try too! 11 out of 10!!!
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on 4 March 2011
I absolutely love this DVD. I find Jillian really motivational and her enthusiasm almost makes me look forward to my workouts!!

This DVD is tough and I struggle with some of the moves but I feel greta afterwards. I am mixing this in with her 30 day shred DVD which has three 25min workouts at different levels and then I use this one twice a week when I have more time (and more energy) for a more focused ab workout, but one that also includes cardio and upper arms from holding myself in plank for so long!! Even having watched it a fair few times, I leave the commentary on rather than use the music only option. Jillian is self depricating about her flexibility which makes her very likeable and she recognises that you wont be able to do all the moves and tells you this is ok!

I would definately reccomend this DVD but if you are not that fit I'd say start with the 30 day shred Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred [DVD] [2007] to ease you in and then mix in this one as you get stronger.
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on 19 February 2012
I never wrote a review, but feel like this time I really have to.

I've been trying to lose weight for years and years. The last 5 kilos... you know they say the last few kilos to lose are the hardest. I tried everything - gym, personal trainer, classes, running, swimming, Carol Vonderman detox, doing 400 abs exercise on daily basis, Tracy Anderson abs, slimming tablets, kelp, chlorella, Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, protein drinks... you name it. But nothing really worked! (well the personal trainer was great, but expensive and time consuming - as soon as I stopped the weight piled back up. Also I believe the detox was great but I already eat healthy and drink 3 litres of water every day, so not much of a difference for me after following it for 28 days)

Anyway I came across to this DVD and boy oh boy! Jillian suggested to work out 5x a week. I thought no way I could do that as I was still running 2-3x a week and swimming 2x a week.

But after just ONE week of doing this DVD I lost 1.5 kilos and 6 cm of my belly! Unheard of! I cannot believe it and am sooo happy! Losing the stubborn weight actually makes me want to work out and do the DVD every day.
I dropped the running and swimming to 1x a week, and doing the DVD instead. I can't wait to get to the end of week 6.

But don't get me wrong - it is hard work! Very hard work. Takes only 30 minutes which is a comfortable lenght, but you def feel every minute of it and wish for it to end and gasp for drink of water.

It has two levels - I started on level two simply because I thought I could deal with it. Done so much in the past so should be ok - or so I thought. I've never heard of Jillian before this DVD so didn't know what I was letting myself into. She barks at you and it feels like she is in the room with you. You do not dare to stop.

I couldn't walk after the first time I done this DVD and everything hurt so much the following few days - I though never am I doing this again. But then I felt different and really felt like my body is changing, so stayed with it. As a measure I tried on a pair of trousers that I couldn't do up for years. I was able to just do them up after the first workout, but the muffin top hanged over, yuck. I tried the trousers on today and I did them up no hassle! Still bit of love handles, but what a result! Took some pictures too and cannot believe the results just after one week.

If you're still thinking whether to go for it or not, think no longer. Go for it, prepare for hard work and for feeling fantastic after you're done. I promise you this dvd works and I can't thank Jillian enough. She is god in my eyes. Thank you thank you thank you Jillian! You made me so much happier! (and slimmer) yey :-)

UPDATE - October 2012
I've continued with the DVD and got JM other DVD's (including Body Revolution) and must say I stand with my original review. I got into a great shape lost the last few kilos I wanted and what's more the lost kilos stayed off! Now I'm pregnant so her exercise is out for few months, but I'm not stressing as I know that Jillian will get me back into shape when I'm ready to work out again.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 10 February 2011
I'm a big fan of Jillians DVD's, I've had the 30 day shred for over a year & I still use it all the time, I also love the Banish Fat Boot Metabolism for when I've got a bot more time.

As far as the 6 week 6 pack, level 1 is good. It incorporates a lot of cardio & the following day you can feel that your abs have been worked all the way around. Level 2 however is ridiculous & not in the cool challenging way that Jillians DVD's normally are. It's too complicated so I just felt confused & uncoordinated while tripping over my feet for the full 30 minutes. After I was finished I felt frustrated & went back to level 1, so I could feel like I'd actually had a workout.
Overall, it's a good DVD (classic Jillian), but only for level 1, you need more coordination than I have to get through level 2.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 18 February 2014
After completing the 30DS by Jillian I wanted to purchase another of her DVDs to keep me motivated on my quest to get super-toned and have a six pack by my wedding in August! I chose the 6 week six pack as my abs are the main area I feel still need toning up (even after the 30DS). This workout is fabulous as it is still quite quick (30 mins) and combines cardio with toning which I prefer to just toning. Jillian makes working out fun and she is very inspirational without being in your face and annoying! This is a very hard workout, but definitely worth the sweat. Can't wait to see the full results at the end of the 6 weeks :)
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