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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2013
I heard a lot about Witchblade but never was able to watch it, because Anime are very expensive in Germany. Plus I never have read the comics and the TV-Series was kinda lame so the Anime Series was laid to rest for a long time in my mind.

Until I saw it here for a fair price and what to say, after a slow and kinda weak start the Series increased the Drama when it came to the end of the first half and kept raising the bar with each further Disc I watched. Without any spoilering, I shed tears at some poinnt, and most series (may it be Anime or Real Life) only reach the point before this. A rare treat, I think.

- Gorgeous and sometimes breathtaking Animation
- Great Soundtrack with some really cool Music Pieces
- Voice Acting is superb (japanese) and very good (english)
- Great Story ark that keeps improving
- Interesting Extras about the Creation of Witchblad (over 60 Minutes!!)
- Great Humor compliments the great Drama.

- The Intro Song for the second half (except the Last Episode) is really BAD!!!
- The Ending (good, but I don't like it...)


A Great Series that fans of Fantastic Stories and Action will enjoy as much as Fans of really good Drama.
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on 30 June 2011
I haven't written any reviews here for many years, but having just seen the concluding part of this anime series I have to write something about it. Witchblade has been adapted from the original graphic novels for Japanese markets, so many people will look at it unfavourably because it differs from the original source material. I've never seen the originals, so I'm looking at this freshly and unbiased. People, if you like powerful stories, then this is one for you, but be warned that it will tug at your heartstrings because the Japanese are not afraid to give you a shock ending...

It's a story of a woman and her young daughter trying to get by after losing their home and their living following a horrifying and destructive incident. Pursued by child welfare agencies she struggles to keep and protect her daughter as all they have is each other. Eventually she is caught and arrested; but in jail she finds herself under attack from an appalling and relentless creature that was once a man. And a remnant left in her from the original incident makes its presence felt in an awesome transformation... she is now a pawn of the Witchblade, the ultimate bio-weapon. Under the mentorship of a powerful corporation she fights the biological abominations set loose by competing weapon firms, to provide for her daughter and protect those she cares about... but ultimately, the Witchblade may drain her very life-force away.

Graphics-wise, it's not Appleseed, there's not much in the way of extras, and there's a lot of fan-service of typical anime proportions (it even makes fun of itself for it). But the series has a genuine emotional level to it that makes you *care* for what happens to its characters, they are very human and when things happen to them after the many hours of viewing you've invested, it hits home hard. It's worth a good four stars based on its story content alone - the best series I've watched since Noir - The Complete Collection [2003] [DVD] or Full Metal Panic - Complete Collection [DVD]. It's not bad value for a whole series in one box. What a shame there won't be another series.
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on 21 April 2012
Witchblade is quite possibly the most engauging anime series ive ever seen.
though centred around an action orrientated theme after the first disk you'll start to realise that you are actuually starting to care about the characters and its the interactions between them and the developements of there relationships that actually have you hooked.

Dont get me wrong thats not to say theres no action, theres a fight on average every 1.5 episodes but its not the action that drives the series and for me that is something rare, the action is fast paced if a little short sometimes and no one fight spans multiple episodes, there are no drawn out battles which i think the series could have benefitted from having.
The lead character spends alot of time either getting owned and barely surviving a fight only to be saved by someone else/mid battle her opponent gets distracted and she gets the kill, or her opponents release so much power in an attempt to defeat her that they over load and self destruct. Theres only a couple of battles where she completely out classes her foe.

I dont care if you dont like kids, everybody wants a daughter or a lil sister like Rhioko(pronunced RIO-CO)in some aspects the anime feels like she is the main character and thats a good thing, witchblade makes you feel like evey character is the lead no one really plays second fiddle to Masane(title character)and it all adds to the overall drama, its almost like an episode of eastenders, the focus is on everyone just at different times(not that anyone in eastenders owns anything dubbed "the hand of god").

My only complaint about the series other than some of the fight sences being a lil too breif would be some of the motivations of the antagonists are completly absurd, one guy wants a mother so clones himself multiple times changing the chromosones to create the perfect mother and seeing the withblade as the last piece of his super mum, i mean come on!!! I could could pull a better motive out of my bum.

Other than these small things Witchblade is a VERY underatted anime that will change your opinion of asian cinema for the better
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on 14 February 2013
When production of these epic boxsets surfaces youll be thankfull it keep your interest all the way through, it takes getting used to that everyone is made to look sexy or muscular. Definition of characters become important especially when determining who the bads guys are.

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on 17 May 2014
Although typical Manga and probably brilliant if you are an avid fan of it, I however was a little disappointed as I thougHt it would be based on the Sara Pezzini Witchblade from the Top Cow comics I used to read, actually I still have four episodes left to watch, I will get there eventually.
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on 14 October 2014
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