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3.8 out of 5 stars97
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 December 2010
A beautiful film, nicely set in an intimate atmosphere. It is about the old feelings: love, fears, trusting . . .
It could be played by a man and a woman, two men, . . . it does not matter, the feelings are exactly the same.
As well as artistic, there are also literary references, mostly from classic Shakespeare's "Midsummer's Night Dream".
The action goes through Midsummer's Night (or Saint John's Night), a magical night when our dreams can become true and everything vanishes at dawn . . .
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on 23 March 2011
I found - and still am finding - this an absolutely fascinating film.

To put it superficially, it's a depiction of two women having a one-night-stand and it has lots of nudity. It is quite erotic in places but is also quite beautiful and sumptious and often a joy to look at from an aesthetic point of view.

But what's really fascinated me is the development of the relationship between the two women - it's almost like some sort of chess-game. How much is each prepared to give, emotionally, to the encounter? How much is each lying or telling the truth? What, and how much, does each really want from the other? Is either really falling in love or just play-acting?

When we think, towards the end, that we know the truth about each, how can we really be sure? For instance, consider the importance to one of the women of the ancient Greek character Aspasia. Why her? It only takes a couple of minutes' online research on Aspasia to find that the 'facts' that have been handed down about her are now regarded as debatable - it seems there may have been a bit of lying about her going on in the ancient world - so that now it's pretty much impossible to get at much of the truth of her. As for the other woman, with all due respect to women tennis players, if a director wanted to invent a character who was genuinely straight and without any previous sexual experiences with women, would he really have made her a professional tennis player (I immediately thought of the 'gay as a tennis player' crack in 'Imagine Me and You')? I formed the strong opinion that the director is playing games with us.

I have lots more comments and questions and I could easily write a thousand more words on it, but I'll just say that I've watched this several times and I'm pretty sure that I've yet to get out of it all there is to be got - and I don't often come across new films that I can say that about.
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on 14 October 2010
What on paper would look like it should't work - a Spanish and Russian actress speaking English in Rome, directed by a Spanish man - actually turns out to be a beautifully told intense love story that develops over the course of a night in a hotel room. With little disturbance from other characters, our two protagonists carry the film with honesty and occasional awkwardness.

A real surprise.
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on 5 August 2013
This is a beautiful, complex, emotional movie that drew me in and made me feel I was actually in the hotel room with the characters. It is layered like an onion with a centre of rushing, gushing honest immediacy and a feel for what is truly real in life. I cried, I laughed and it made me feel simply wonderful. I won't ever forget this one. The final scene is genius. It's a little masterpiece.
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on 10 January 2012
Where to start? Before you even put this disc into your dvd player you have to forget everything you know about it. Forget the fact that its about two women, forget the fact that its improbable, and definatley do not focus on the fact that its about sex (although there is no denying that there is sex in it)

This is a film about love, and how fast you can feel it if you meet the right person. It's about identifying some of the most beautiful times in your life, the ones that don't last. I agree with a previous post, its like a chess game between the two women in this film. They are not sure how much information to give away, and if to tell the truth. You never do know if either of them is telling the truth even at the end.

I'm not going to write anymore about the story, because to really apreciate this film you just have to watch it. People that are buying it to watch two women have sex, you may be dissapointed as this is not the aim. If you rated this anything other than a 4 or 5, you just didn't understand what its trying to do.

Plus, if you gave it 1 star, you are a fool.
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on 3 April 2012
.(THE FILM)----Room In Rome------
A hotel room in the heart of Rome. Two young women who have only just met travel together on an intimate, passionate journey that will mark their bodies and souls deeply. Slowly they allow themselves to be borne away, each into the unknown terrain of the other, until both find themselves transfixed before a completely new love. The story unfolds over twelve hours, through the night and into the early morning, before each woman departs, Alba to Spain and Natasha to Russia..
Totally erotic with a very nice soundtrack..
Room In Rome is A wonderful film,exquisitely filmed with great acting and dialogue, brilliant but together , its Beautiful, poetic, profound...and very sensual
well worth spending a little time digesting it
it a kind of art and porn put together(((all in the best possible taste !!!)))
Room In Rome. is highly erotic, but it is never seedy or smutty. Yes, it is romantic, but it is never sickly or sweet.. it is cleverly scripted, and beautifully shot film
one thing left to say that is...they are going to have One night of passion that will change their lives. ......and you are invited to sit and can look but can't touch .
blimey!! this sounds like being at string-fellows
review image
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on 12 March 2011
I was uncertain about this film due to the mixed reviews and was concerned it would be perhaps gratuitous and a little shallow. However, I thought it was a fantastic film, excellently made and thoughtfully produced. It follows the two women and how they get to know each other over a precious single night, with what led them to that point and where they intend/intended to go from there. There are explicit parts but they follow the desires and development of the women's relationship and the film in its entirety is certainly a lot deeper than you might expect. I highly recommend it as a touching and beautiful film.
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on 30 May 2013
Two young women spend the night in an hotel in Rome and try to build a stable relationship above and beyond their intense sexual experience. Former model Natasha Yarovenko and spanish actress Elena Anaya give us access to the intricacies of the female soul, a terra quasi incognita to most men I guess.

I love this film because the naked bodies are simply gorgeous and filmed with exquisite sensivity, without the slightest hint at voyeurism; because both girls have a past - and perhaps a future - that they discover together thanks to elaborate and meaningful exchanges; and because this classical drama ( unity of time and location) unfolds slowly, in incremental steps, which gives us the opportunity to carefully listen to what girls have to say. And that's a lot.
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on 1 January 2011
I saw the cover of this dvd and saw two beautiful women in a bath holding each other. On the strength of that alone, I decided to buy it thinking it would be a bit of fun at the very least.

But what I saw was captivating. A well acted, erotic story of two people meeting up by chance and gradually falling in love with each other over a period of hours. Arguably love would take longer but I didn't want to question it too much. I was engrossed and wasn't concerned that the two main characters were of the same sex. I actually felt their love.

We all want to be in love. However you find it, take it. Don't worry about conformity. Life's too short. A great film and should have been released in the cinemas in the UK.
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on 31 December 2010
I read the various reviews before purchase and as is my wont, decided to buy it and form my own opinion. Thank goodness the Americans didn't make this movie which would surely have wrecked it and I'm not just talking about the dialogue. Without a doubt,this has to be a beautiful developing love story with a difference. Alas, it is many years since I have experienced such a night but the film brought it all back to me. Not an Oscar-winning epic but beautifully and sensitively acted throughout. Whether you be lesbian or straight, the film should be watched for what it is. It is not pretentious, coarse or smutty but beautiful, artistic and touches the soul. 5 stars to the director also.
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