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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Colour: Black Steel Feeders|Size: Large Black Steel Nyger Seed Feeder|Change
Price:£9.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 21 May 2013
Unlike the Blackadder scene, I drew the line at shooting squirrels, but when I found a rat sitting INSIDE the squirrel-proof feeder happily munching the bird food, enough was enough. The squirrels normally take a day or so to hatch a cunning plan to overcome any deterrent,and they are always loitering around my bird feeders, instead of leaping from tree to tree like the free range extreme sports enthusiasts that they should be.

I bought two baffles, attached them to my Gardman deluxe feeders and sat back to observe. Magic, glorious magic, inventor I could kiss you! As long as you position the feeder so that squirrels can't jump from something else onto the top of the feeder, it is impossible for them to climb up - IMPOSSIBLE! They are intelligent enough to know when they are beaten too - there is no more loitering, they have just moved on.

My joy then ran over as a rat shimmied up the pole (just like we used to attempt to do in PE classes up a rope), investigated the underside of the baffle, and them shimmied straight down again. I smiled one huge satisfied smug smile - I do like to feel we are a superior species (although his shimmying was impressive it has to be said .....).

So now I can buy cheap feeders with no cages, the birds are plentiful and plump breasted, and my feeders are completely mammal-free.
1.) You find yourself banging on the window, clapping your hands loudly, and running down the garden waving like a windmill,
2.) You become ever-so-slightly obsessed with googling "squirrels"
3.) You spend too much time on Amazon researching how to deter pesky squirrels
You know it is time to buy a baffle. Go on, you know you want to, just so you can say "what squirrel?".
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on 6 December 2009
Have only ever once (in 5 years) seen a squirrel trying to get into this - hanging down by his back legs to reach past the sliding cover and get to the feed hole - he left with a tap on the window (we are out in the country so have other ways of staving off squirrel attacks, but not suited to built up areas). To avoid water running down the wire through the cover to wet the seed, slide a piece of kitchen foil through the loop just above where the central column joins the suspension wire and shape it to the top of the sliding cover - 100% fix. There are web sites explaining how to make home-made versions of this with plastic bottles (good instructive occupation for children with parent), but squirrels will gnaw at plastic, so this metal-sleeved product is pretty good and has served very well for 5 years now. Must be suspended well away from any adjacent perch points for a squirel to reach across to the feed hole and the bird perches must be at least 1.2 or even 1.5 metres above ground to avoid squirrels jumping up. Not 5 star as (a) needs self-mod for keeping dry, (b) positioning limitations and (c) risk that it could succumb to really persistent and constant squirrel attack hanging from above by back legs.
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I have written a much more humurous account of this device, which was not published.
In essence, this device whilsat clever was worked out by my squirrels within three days. The bottom has been removed, the mesh is broken and it is held together with wire.
Squirrels are not easily put off by clever ideas and this one, whilst sound in principal has proven easy to defeat. Avoid.
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on 31 May 2014
Works well but I had noticed some bad revues which are probable down to a lack of know how. So here are my tips. It needs to be at least 1.5m up the pole to deter squirrels from jumping from the ground onto the top of it. Also install your feeder away from overhanging trees or shrubs, squirrels are very determined and brave and will jump down from quite a height. An added deterrent is to grease the pole as well, it’s amusing to watch the squirrels slide down and hit the ground in a sitting position. It will also stop them from gnawing their way through the centre fixing. Hope this helps.
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on 10 April 2014
Firstly, I'm only giving it 4 stars because it's only been 1 day and I've been disappointed before:
That said, my 2 local nemeses, namely the South London Parakeet Posse and the Sydenham Squirrel Massive, have both had a serious go today and have thus far failed to get their usual free (all you can eat) lunch, breakfast and dinner chez moi.
I'm not doing laps of the garden yet but hopefully this purchase has put an end to:
a) refilling my feeders every day.
b) me running into the garden, shouting and waving my arms about like a demented tic-tac man.
c) the neighbours thinking they live next door to Broadmoor
d) the wife telling me to get a life (debateable).

It's a good, well made and sturdy piece of kit, easy to use/fill/clean etc.
Smaller birds (various tits, robins) are already using it without any problems, although our resident woodpecker seems a bit flummoxed but may well be slightly too large to gain access.

Bottom line: I'd recommend this product and the supplier - Garden Selections Ltd.

I will update in a little while where I'll either continue as above (and add a star) or tell you which calibre rifle I will be ordering...

As promised here's an update:

So it's been approx 5 weeks and after the initial euphoria, it's a little different now.
Whilst the Parakeets have been kept at arms or should I say wings-length and have all but given up trying now, the Squirrel situation is not so good.
Several times the little blighters have managed to launch themselves onto the feeder and rattle / scratch at it hard enough to lever the lid upwards and eventually flip it off completely. This is quite a considerable achievement given the solid construction but the bottom line is it's not Squirrel-proof if it's anywhere near a launch-site.

I'll leave the 4 star rating as it is a good product but just beware it's definitely not foolproof - and these little blighters are no fools!
I'm off to buy a crossbow...
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on 21 May 2008
If I could give this 10 stars I would! You hang this feeder from a tree branch or bird table: it needs to be a certain distance from the ground and from other surfaces (to prevent the squirrel from jumping up or across to it). The metal sleeve slides down over the feeder when the squirrel tries to come down from above it to feed (which is why the feeder has to be positioned right). Hard to describe on paper, but it works superbly in practice. Follow the instructions that come with this and you will never be bothered by squirrels again - guaranteed. The best squirrel proof feeder I've ever tried, and I've had it for many months now. No squirrel has managed to defeat it and the birds love it. The peanut version is just as good as well.

LATER ADDITION TO REVIEW: It is now February 2010 and STILL no squirrel has managed to break into these feeders! I have 6 of them (feeders, not squirrels...Squirrels don't bother coming into the garden much anymore because there's no FOOD for them). But you do have to make sure the feeders are positioned properly and I have noticed that in wet and stormy weather they can get wet inside. But I wouldn't use any other feeder now :-)
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on 6 March 2014
Much larger than expected, no measurements on the listing I did tell the seller
It felt lighter than I expected though so I'll be battoning it down with tent pegs stop animals from tossing it over & wrecking the feeder not to mention keeping the birds safe.
Coating is antibacterial made to work 10 years minimum even if washed in detergent
Refills via top one turn & feeder can be filled easily
A few holes for feed to drop into a moat style dish surround so many birds can feed from all the way around at the same time.
Don't forget to remove the 8 small black ties which hold the labels in place as small legs will get caught in the loops.
Postage is a bit more but it's a large item & I only waited one full day
Cheaper than on ebay
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on 4 August 2010
Having purchased a Gardman feeder and living in an area full of squirrels I decided to get the baffle to complement my feeder. O.K. at around £16 it may seem expensive, but believe me if you do have squirrels the cost can be more without one. Not only do squirrels eat through the bird food so quickly that you are constantly filling the feeders up which can be expensive in it's self but the birds don't get a look in, and that's the reason you bought the feeder in the first place. The other reason is that squirrels damage the feeders themselves, and yes i've hade squirrels in the past eventually bitting through wire feeder cages to get to nuts inside, which i've had then to replace.
This baffle has been designed for the Gardman pole systems, and has three sizes avaliable to fit the Gardman size poles, as for fitting other makes of pole I cannot comment as I have no experiance of this, the size poles it fits are 12mm, 22mm and 25.5mm. The baffle is made from strong plastic with a diameter of 40cm, is easy to fit and is very easily cleaned, and most important of all it's very slippery which stops all types of small furry creatures from getting at the bird food.
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on 3 January 2007
I was given one of these and soon found that it needs to be hung well clear of any place from which a squirrel can jump onto it. Once a squirrel has got onto the nut cage, it will make mincemeat of the wire mesh cage. Dont underestimate the ability of a squirrel to jump amazing distances, and even to rearrance things. I got up one morning to find that they had had managed to free the supporting cable and the feeder was lying on the ground, completely chewed out of shape (and empty). I only got it to work when I carefully hung it by a wire from a tree in such a way that there was no way a squirrel could jump from the side or from below. Since finding this ideal location not one squirrel has defeated it. My dear woodpeckers now visit it every day, despite it's battered appearance from it's previous unsuccessful use. The bad news is that the nearest suitable tree is almost out of sight of my house! Buy it if you can find a location with at least a metre of clearance all around it. Otherwise learn to love squirrels! Grrrr
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on 27 December 2011
Initially when I got this I wasn't expecting it to stay put half as well as it has! Most impressed! :-)
It's very light & doesn't seem overly sturdy but it's managed to stay suckered to the window of my 1st floor flat through the really strong winds that have gone across the South-east this December.
I live in quite an exposed area at the top of a hill too so it's done brilliantly.

It's most frequent visitor is a beautiful Robin which is always lovely to see :-)
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